Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

If you've been on Twitter or Facebook at all in the last, say ten years you will probably be well aware of how terrible the internet can be at times. We have stalking, bullying, trolls, platforms for hate, basically, the internet completely sucks at times. With all the terrible ways the internet has affected lives recently: from a certain YouTuber taking advantage of his platform to groom teenage girls to people being ridiculed for starting up their own makeup pages online because "they're clearly big headed" the internet can be so toxic and draining, however, I don't want to talk about that. I love the internet, sometimes when I tell people I have a love and a passion for social media and the digital world they are like "girl, you crazy", but, I choose to see the goodness in everything and the internet has so many wonderful reasons to exist that I choose to see them and while I want to continue to fight against the bad, get the hate accounts blocked, get the creeps arrested, I also want to spread the positives while I am at it. So, here are all the reasons to love the internet.

The internet allows people from all over the world to come together and chat, share and express themselves. It allows people to befriend people they would never otherwise know or meet, creating lifelong friendships and sometimes relationships. People in high school who feel they are different from the other kids because they're unique in some way who don't fit in can come online and meet people like them, people going through what they are going through when they feel most alone, people can meet online and save one another. 

The internet educates us all in a way that the educational system could only dream of. I log onto Twitter and within seconds I know the biggest news story, I know the Loch Ness monster has been spotted for the first time in 5 years after a couple minutes, a couple more I am reading about cultural appropriation and learning, another five minutes pass and I know 6 different ways I can change how I live to be more environmentally friendly. Not only are we always on top of current affairs, the news, politics, pop culture but people are sharing their knowledge with one another on social media, on blogs, on podcasts and Instagram comments. We are learning about everything from the ice caps to who won the best newcomer award at the VMAs and who the Kardashian's are arguing with this week. 

Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

I'm not talking about the phoney GoFundMe pages that people make to make Kylie Jenner a billionaire, I am talking real charities that create better lives for real people in need. There are so many charities I didn't even know existed until someone posted about them on Facebook or Twitter, so many easy ways to donate I wasn't aware of until someone on Instagram showed a screenshot of their text to The Dogs Trust. Now it is even easier to be part of the change, whether it is online registrations for blood runs, organ donations, charity 10ks, charity 5ks, charity car washes, charity bingos, you can go online and sign up to be part of a thousand different charity events or donations now that wasn't feasible twenty years ago. 

People are so quick to see crowd mentality as a negative, but what about when it isn't? I mean have you seen the recent increase in people caring about their carbon footprint or the ecosystem? All it takes is for a group of people to post online about the positive changes that are making to their lives and suddenly the entire population care about their carbon footprint and the ecosystem? Online crowd mentality is huge, no one wants to be the only person still using plastic straws, no one wants to be that person not donating to charity, it is still peer pressure but when it is a good cause it is worth it because people are being better versions of themselves. 

If you, like me, are terrified of the day machine takes over you probably are also very happy that humans are using machines to create jobs instead of having the machines take the jobs from them. There are so many jobs available that weren't in existence even just 10 years ago: bloggers, vloggers, social media managers, digital media, SEO executives, PPC managers. So many people have jobs because the internet has allowed them to do so, so many people are self-employed and have more freedom than they ever probably dreamed of because of the internet. 

Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

Maybe it is the marketer in me talking, but I honestly love the fact that the internet and social media make it so much easier for a brand to communicate with their consumers and build relationships. It allows brands to have better insight into the wants and needs of their consumers that they would probably otherwise never know. This leads to consumers being much more pleased as their recommendations are being taken into consideration and they are able to take part in the creation of products and services in a way that wasn't even a thought to consumers just five years ago. 

Without the internet we wouldn't be able to blog the way we do, to share our creativity, to have somewhere to share our passions, our hobbies and our interests. The internet makes it so easy for people to share their love of writing, their love of drawing, their love of singing and so on. The internet allows us all to share what we love and what we are talented at in a way we never could have before. Sure, I used to write in notebooks when I was young, but no one would read it but me, my friends and my family, but now I can share this love with people from all over the world who share my interests and passions. Not only that but it can connect us to people who can help us turn those passions, talents and loves into careers. 

Without the internet, I don't think I would have discovered a love for beauty, it would have taken me a much longer time to discover what my favourite genre of books are and I wouldn't have known about half as many tv shows, books, movies, places to eat, places to visit as I do because of the internet. People say we have too much information at our fingertips because of the internet, I think we have just enough. Just because the internet can teach us everything about everything doesn't mean we have to know everything about everything. We find what we are interested in and zone in on it in ways we weren't able to before. Multiple days in the library would have told me exactly what I found out within minutes on the internet. 

I never really noticed it until recently but without the internet, people would have less room to grow. I noticed it because I found out that a lot of people from Scotland use a very racist slur as a colloquialism for Chinese takeout and they were so wrapped up in it just being a word for food that they were blinded to the blatant racism behind it. Since they all seem to come from the same or similar areas of certain towns it could be understood that without the internet they would never have learned that it was a racial slur because everyone around them sees it as just a word they use for takeout, but the introduction of other people from different cities with different understandings of the word were able to tell them "no, it's racist" and they were able to grow as people. Yeah, they probably would have said it to someone well aware of the racism behind it eventually and they would have been educated at one point, but it could have taken much longer without the internet. We push one another to grow as people on the internet in ways we don't in real life. 

What ways do you love the internet? Do you look to the positives too or do you hate the internet and think the benefits just do not outway the cons? Tell me below in the comments or message me over on social media: 

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