How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout

How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout


So, exactly two weeks have passed since the day I handed in my master's dissertation. What I haven't really spoken about on here is how much I struggled over the three months of doing my dissertation. I am someone who hates to admit I am or have struggled, I like people to think "wow, she does it all and didn't stress at all" but it's not true. I found my dissertation time really tough for a whole bunch of personal reasons I don't want to get into, but the moral of the story is that I met all my deadlines and still proceeded to hand-in a piece of work I am incredibly happy and proud of, so snaps for Robyn, as Elle Woods would say. The only thing is this stressful period brought with it a whole load of issues. I am allergic to stress, yes, you did read that correctly, my mum literally laughed when the doctor stood in front of us the week before my school exams begun when I was 15 and told me I had an allergy to stress. This allergy tends to affect my skin a lot and often leads to rashes, flare-ups of severe dry patches or like it did this time around, a face full of very inflamed, red, volcanic looking spots. 

These spots made my face look very close to a pepperoni pizza minus the added grease. My chin was the biggest area to break out, I had big, angry looking spots in a cluster with blackheads taking over the remaining area. My forehead was the second worst area with a couple large, irritated spots in the middle and up towards my hairline and then a load of smaller, less noticeable to other people bumps all around my forehead. I had spots on my cheeks, I had more blackheads on my nose than I care to admit, it honestly the worst breakout I have ever had, I cried looking at myself in the mirror and everything, something I haven't done since I was 14. I had been slacking with my skincare routine for maybe a week beforehand too, I mean, I was barely finding time to sleep between the breakdowns and the work, so I was doing the minimum skincare routine I could, I know, I am a terrible beauty blogger. So it came to it and I was like "No, things have to change, I am through being so stressed, I am through having bad skin, this needs sorting out, now!" 

I began to think about all the things I was lacking, all the areas I forgot to take care of because of the stress, was I taking my makeup just as thoroughly? Had my diet changed drastically? Was I staying hydrated? It was time to become normal me again, take care of my skin and body in the way I always had before and lose this impending dread that came and went every time someone mentioned uni or dissertation. I wanted to make a change and here is how I am doing it. 

How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout

There are two major products which have helped me transform my skin back to, almost being just as it was before the most stressful few weeks of my life. Dermalogica Clear Start range focuses on breakouts and they have two products that just worked so well with my skincare issues. Their Breakout Clearing Booster and their Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask. I used these products a little before my breakout, I would apply the booster in an even layer around my face and found when I was using it that I wasn't getting any breakouts while the fizz mask seemed to decrease my blackheads by about half after just 3 or 4 uses. Knowing how successfully the products seemed to work with my skin before a breakout I assumed they would work just as well after a major breakout to help me beat the breakout and have clearer skin. 

I started by applying the booster to a clean, freshly washed finger and then applying it straight to the affected area. It was a very lovely serum texture to it and when you have angry spots it almost cools them to an extent. I was a little apprehensive about applying it only to the affected areas and on top of spots which were already there, I thought maybe I'd apply too much, it might take a while to dry in or maybe go a little crusty, but I was proven wrong. The product dried in within seconds of being applied and left my skin feeling fine, no grease, no crusty product, just normal skin. I would apply it like this in the morning and again at night, actually multiple times at night because I was so desperate for clear skin. If I had worn makeup during the day I would apply it with my skincare routine, putting it on before anything else so it would be the first to sink into my skin, then I would apply it again over my skincare products before getting into bed. 

The product itself is very small in a tiny 30ml packaging but you barely use any product at all with each use, despite how you're applying it. I particularly like the creative way in which you push the base of the product for the content to come out, I think it is quirky, just like the brightly coloured packaging. After just three days of using the product I could already see changes, they were less red and angry on my chin, the smaller ones on my forehead began to disappear altogether and I started to feel slightly more confident in my skin. What I did notice was in the morning I found the area of the spots were quite dry and since I have a greasy chin area this was quite unusual for me, so I believe the product dries the spot out in the way tea tree does. It has been two weeks of non-stop use and not only is my forehead completely spot free but I only have two of five spots on my chin and I definitely feel that I have this wonderful product to thank. 

I have worn this product with and without makeup and don't really see much of a difference. It doesn't interact with my makeup in ways other spot serums have before. It seems to sink into the skin, do its business and leave your face to do its business. It doesn't nip the spots unless you burst them before applying. I'm not generally a spot bursting person, I like to let it do its thing naturally for fear of spreading, but I wanted to check how it worked with burst spots in case any readers are avid spot bursters. It didn't clear up any faster with burst spots as it did unburst, they tend to just take their own time, but the product, in general, does speed up the process. 

Wow, Jim Carey, nice to see you again. The mask was very intriguing to me as it is a fizzing blackhead mask. Just like the booster, I did use this product before my breakout as I do tend to get a few blackheads around my nose when I am on my period. It worked perfectly first time around continuing to decrease the number of blackheads each time I used it, I assumed it would be no different this time around. As I mentioned above I got quite a bit of blackhead on my chin and nose area so these are the areas I applied the mask to. It makes a little noise as it begins to fizz and goes quite puffy which is really quite unusual and unique. It doesn't go hard or stiffens up like a lot of face masks do nowadays, but the fizz deflates and that is usually when I wash it off using tap water and a clean towel to dry my face. You don't really notice the effect right away but I was using this product three times a week, so I used it Sunday, I'd have a good look at the area before applying it again on Tuesday and could see quite a bit of change, then I'd do the same when applying on Thursday and so on. Over the past two weeks, I have gone from having blackhead city to having a few hitchhikers. 

Just like the booster, it has such fun packaging and the pump, of course, makes it super easy to use. The 50ml bottle is quite average sized for face products, but I definitely think it will last a long time due to how little product you actually have to use. All you have to do is wash your face with water, dab it dry, apply the mask, let it fizz, wait a few minutes until it begins to deflate and wash off with clean water. It is so simple compared to all the clay and peel of masks going around, but that is what I love about it. There is no gimmick, it is just a really great product, with really great results at a really great price. 

Both products have worked together to rid my skin of congestion and unblocked my pores. I still have a few spots here and there as I have only been using them religiously for two weeks, which is why I didn't particularly want to talk about them in this post. I like to use products for up to a month when reviewing, but I just had to talk about how fast these products are helping to clear my skin. I have used both products before, so I know my skin has not taken a reaction to either, but I will definitely be keeping you updated on how it is going. 

How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout

Everyone knows that the key to good skin and a good life is to eat healthily. I am quite the healthy eater, but over the past few months, I found it easier to just eat what was the quickest thing to cook. I found myself snacking a lot more out of stress or just full on missing most of the meals in a day because I was too busy trying to get work done. This definitely added to my very bad skin, especially since my caffeine intake went higher than ever before as I was not just drinking four or five coffees a day but I was drinking a lot of Red Bull and a lot more fizzy drinks than I usually do. With more time to dedicate to eating right and making sure my body is getting the right nutrition and vitamins I have found myself not only having clearer skin but feeling better about myself, I am more awake, I rely on coffee a little less (I mean, it's me, I am still drinking coffee), but everything in moderation, right? 

If you've read heythererobyn before you are probably well aware of my love of smoothie making, but due to it being quite time-consuming at times, I found myself not making a single one during my dissertation time. This meant my intake of fruit was a lot lower than usual and fruit do so so many good things for our skin and body. I am now making myself a smoothie every single night and including fruits and vegetables which are packed full of antioxidants and goodness like kale, blueberries, bananas, spinach and pineapple. All I do is buy some fruit, chop it up, add ice or yoghurt as a base and pop it all into my blender, blending it all down to perfection. Using measuring cups really help you get the right amount of berries to classify as one of your five a day too. 

When I was doing my dissertation I found I was living off coffee and Red Bull, which is not a good look at all. By making sure I am drinking more water I am making my skin hydrated thus reducing spots, particularly on my chin and forehead where my problem areas seemed to be. How I do this is by using my reusable water bottle, I try to drink at least 3 of these a day as well as a glass of water when I wake up in the morning while I wait for my coffee machine to start up and one again at night before bed. I find myself peeing a lot more, but at least I know I am hydrated and feeling much more lively and awake while keeping my skin fresh and flawless. 

There are some things we can all try to do every single day to help prevent breakouts or every few days and here are some of the major ones I am incorporating into my daily life to make sure the spots I gained through my stressful day are staying away:
  1. Daily multivitamins, 
  2. Only using a fresh clean muslin or bamboo face cloth to wash my face,
  3. Using a good skincare regime that works and sticking to it, 
  4. Changing my bed pillows regularly, 
  5. Washing my eye mask regularly,
  6. Meditation,
  7. Letting go of the small daily stresses,
  8. Touching my face less during the day, 
  9. Face masks 3 times a week,
  10. Taking my makeup off as soon as I am home especially if I have been on the hot stuffy train. 

What are your tips for clearer skin? Tell me below or head over to social media to catch me and have a chat: 


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