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Turning The "I'll Be Happy When..." Mindset into The "I am Happy Because..." Mindset.

I always feel myself thinking "I will be happy when..." but the goalpost has a habit of changing when that when becomes a reality I find myself looking for the next when to fill its space. It's not to say I am not happy, I am happy, I am just ambitious and it sometimes leads to me lying in bed at night wondering if I will ever reach the goals I have set myself, which in turn provokes an overthinking session which almost always ends in a pity party for one where I lie there feeling sorry for myself because well obviously I'll never amount to anything in life, right? "I'll be happy when I finish uni", "I'll be happy when I get a job", "I'll be happy when I have more money", "I'll be happy when I have lost 5 pounds", it is always something. I will admit, I am an ambitious person, sometimes referred to as a bit of a dreamer, but, I know myself well enough to know I never stop until I get the result I wanted, it is a blessing and a curse because sometimes things just don't move fast enough for me, I get frustrated and take it out on my self-esteem. 

I know people are constantly telling us the "I'll be happy when..." mindset is terrible and will never do us any good, but I just can't help it and I don't think it will ever not be something I tell myself. Like I said, it's not that I am not happy right now, I just always have a goal in mind and sometimes I get so wrapped up in my goals I forget to look around and smell the roses. I have a lot of reasons to be happy, we all do. Every single person who walks this Earth has at least one reason to be happy, we are here, we are alive and we are in control of our own destiny, so why is it so hard for us to see it? We get wrapped up in education, work, arguments, politics, our troubles, the troubles of the world that we don't leave ourselves enough time to take in the good things going on in our lives. The world is so filled with the bad, the disastrous and the damned that we become wrapped up this version of reality where nothing is good and everything is bad and the world is on fire. Richard Curtis puts it into better terms than I ever could during his interview on Channel 4's Ways to Change The World Podcast  (linked here). Richard said "I sort of see the progress of the world a bit like the tortoise and the hare. The hare is all the bad news, attracting all the attention, all the news, making us feel that things are getting worse and worse. But slowly, coming along, is all the scientific, technological, social progress, that it's hard for [reporters] to report."

We are living in a world that is constantly pushing the bad on us, the news is always filled with the bad, the newspapers are constantly overflowing with articles about wars, crime rates, murders and disease that we forget there is goodness in the world. It fills each and every one of us with a sort of dread, anxiety for many, about the world and not only do we see the world through these doom and gloom spectacles but we begin to see our own lives in this way too. We don't see what is making us happy right now, we only see what is making us unhappy and although focusing on fixing that problem is never a bad thing, it should never be what our lives revolve around. Sometimes things just are and sometimes it takes time to move from A to B and we have to just deal with that, but that doesn't mean we can't be happy while we are working towards our goals, we have so many reasons to be happy and here are just a few of mine.

Turning The "I'll Be Happy When..." Mindset into The "I am Happy Because..." Mindset.

  1. I am alive,
  2. I have a family who I love and who love me back,
  3. I have had the opportunity of an education, 
  4. I am young,
  5. I have completed my masters degree, 
  6. I have friends who support me unconditionally, 
  7. I have a warm, safe home that is my safe haven,
  8. I have access to the internet.
  9. I have a blog that I adore and that is followed by real people who enjoy it too,
  10. I live in a country with free healthcare, without war and where I have the same rights as men do, 
  11. I live in a world that includes pasta and pizza,
  12. I can read as many books as I wish,
  13. I am healthy,
  14. I know that the future is a path of my own making, 
  15. The world is beautiful, 
  16. I have a support system that has my back no matter what,
  17. Music exists,
  18. Old movies exist,
  19. Italian movies exist, 
  20. Every day gives me new reasons to laugh and smile,
  21. My parents and I have a close relationship,
  22. I am getting to watch my niece and most of my nephews grow up,
  23. I got to spend time with my nephew before he passed away,
  24. Medical science is advancing rapidly and new cures and medicines are being created regularly, 
  25. I am able to learn from my mistakes,
  26. I have the ability to be and do what I want in life, 
  27. People post pictures of their pets online especially dogs, 
  28. I am able to give back to the world through charity, blood donations, organ donations and much more, 
  29. I know everything will be okay,
  30. There are so many strong, talented and wonderful female role models out there for me to look up to and for the next generation to look up to. 
Is society giving us this mindset of never being happy? Tell me your thoughts below in the comments or send me a message on social media: 
How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout


So, exactly two weeks have passed since the day I handed in my master's dissertation. What I haven't really spoken about on here is how much I struggled over the three months of doing my dissertation. I am someone who hates to admit I am or have struggled, I like people to think "wow, she does it all and didn't stress at all" but it's not true. I found my dissertation time really tough for a whole bunch of personal reasons I don't want to get into, but the moral of the story is that I met all my deadlines and still proceeded to hand-in a piece of work I am incredibly happy and proud of, so snaps for Robyn, as Elle Woods would say. The only thing is this stressful period brought with it a whole load of issues. I am allergic to stress, yes, you did read that correctly, my mum literally laughed when the doctor stood in front of us the week before my school exams begun when I was 15 and told me I had an allergy to stress. This allergy tends to affect my skin a lot and often leads to rashes, flare-ups of severe dry patches or like it did this time around, a face full of very inflamed, red, volcanic looking spots. 

These spots made my face look very close to a pepperoni pizza minus the added grease. My chin was the biggest area to break out, I had big, angry looking spots in a cluster with blackheads taking over the remaining area. My forehead was the second worst area with a couple large, irritated spots in the middle and up towards my hairline and then a load of smaller, less noticeable to other people bumps all around my forehead. I had spots on my cheeks, I had more blackheads on my nose than I care to admit, it honestly the worst breakout I have ever had, I cried looking at myself in the mirror and everything, something I haven't done since I was 14. I had been slacking with my skincare routine for maybe a week beforehand too, I mean, I was barely finding time to sleep between the breakdowns and the work, so I was doing the minimum skincare routine I could, I know, I am a terrible beauty blogger. So it came to it and I was like "No, things have to change, I am through being so stressed, I am through having bad skin, this needs sorting out, now!" 

I began to think about all the things I was lacking, all the areas I forgot to take care of because of the stress, was I taking my makeup just as thoroughly? Had my diet changed drastically? Was I staying hydrated? It was time to become normal me again, take care of my skin and body in the way I always had before and lose this impending dread that came and went every time someone mentioned uni or dissertation. I wanted to make a change and here is how I am doing it. 

How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout

There are two major products which have helped me transform my skin back to, almost being just as it was before the most stressful few weeks of my life. Dermalogica Clear Start range focuses on breakouts and they have two products that just worked so well with my skincare issues. Their Breakout Clearing Booster and their Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask. I used these products a little before my breakout, I would apply the booster in an even layer around my face and found when I was using it that I wasn't getting any breakouts while the fizz mask seemed to decrease my blackheads by about half after just 3 or 4 uses. Knowing how successfully the products seemed to work with my skin before a breakout I assumed they would work just as well after a major breakout to help me beat the breakout and have clearer skin. 

I started by applying the booster to a clean, freshly washed finger and then applying it straight to the affected area. It was a very lovely serum texture to it and when you have angry spots it almost cools them to an extent. I was a little apprehensive about applying it only to the affected areas and on top of spots which were already there, I thought maybe I'd apply too much, it might take a while to dry in or maybe go a little crusty, but I was proven wrong. The product dried in within seconds of being applied and left my skin feeling fine, no grease, no crusty product, just normal skin. I would apply it like this in the morning and again at night, actually multiple times at night because I was so desperate for clear skin. If I had worn makeup during the day I would apply it with my skincare routine, putting it on before anything else so it would be the first to sink into my skin, then I would apply it again over my skincare products before getting into bed. 

The product itself is very small in a tiny 30ml packaging but you barely use any product at all with each use, despite how you're applying it. I particularly like the creative way in which you push the base of the product for the content to come out, I think it is quirky, just like the brightly coloured packaging. After just three days of using the product I could already see changes, they were less red and angry on my chin, the smaller ones on my forehead began to disappear altogether and I started to feel slightly more confident in my skin. What I did notice was in the morning I found the area of the spots were quite dry and since I have a greasy chin area this was quite unusual for me, so I believe the product dries the spot out in the way tea tree does. It has been two weeks of non-stop use and not only is my forehead completely spot free but I only have two of five spots on my chin and I definitely feel that I have this wonderful product to thank. 

I have worn this product with and without makeup and don't really see much of a difference. It doesn't interact with my makeup in ways other spot serums have before. It seems to sink into the skin, do its business and leave your face to do its business. It doesn't nip the spots unless you burst them before applying. I'm not generally a spot bursting person, I like to let it do its thing naturally for fear of spreading, but I wanted to check how it worked with burst spots in case any readers are avid spot bursters. It didn't clear up any faster with burst spots as it did unburst, they tend to just take their own time, but the product, in general, does speed up the process. 

Wow, Jim Carey, nice to see you again. The mask was very intriguing to me as it is a fizzing blackhead mask. Just like the booster, I did use this product before my breakout as I do tend to get a few blackheads around my nose when I am on my period. It worked perfectly first time around continuing to decrease the number of blackheads each time I used it, I assumed it would be no different this time around. As I mentioned above I got quite a bit of blackhead on my chin and nose area so these are the areas I applied the mask to. It makes a little noise as it begins to fizz and goes quite puffy which is really quite unusual and unique. It doesn't go hard or stiffens up like a lot of face masks do nowadays, but the fizz deflates and that is usually when I wash it off using tap water and a clean towel to dry my face. You don't really notice the effect right away but I was using this product three times a week, so I used it Sunday, I'd have a good look at the area before applying it again on Tuesday and could see quite a bit of change, then I'd do the same when applying on Thursday and so on. Over the past two weeks, I have gone from having blackhead city to having a few hitchhikers. 

Just like the booster, it has such fun packaging and the pump, of course, makes it super easy to use. The 50ml bottle is quite average sized for face products, but I definitely think it will last a long time due to how little product you actually have to use. All you have to do is wash your face with water, dab it dry, apply the mask, let it fizz, wait a few minutes until it begins to deflate and wash off with clean water. It is so simple compared to all the clay and peel of masks going around, but that is what I love about it. There is no gimmick, it is just a really great product, with really great results at a really great price. 

Both products have worked together to rid my skin of congestion and unblocked my pores. I still have a few spots here and there as I have only been using them religiously for two weeks, which is why I didn't particularly want to talk about them in this post. I like to use products for up to a month when reviewing, but I just had to talk about how fast these products are helping to clear my skin. I have used both products before, so I know my skin has not taken a reaction to either, but I will definitely be keeping you updated on how it is going. 

How I am Taking Control of My Stress Breakout

Everyone knows that the key to good skin and a good life is to eat healthily. I am quite the healthy eater, but over the past few months, I found it easier to just eat what was the quickest thing to cook. I found myself snacking a lot more out of stress or just full on missing most of the meals in a day because I was too busy trying to get work done. This definitely added to my very bad skin, especially since my caffeine intake went higher than ever before as I was not just drinking four or five coffees a day but I was drinking a lot of Red Bull and a lot more fizzy drinks than I usually do. With more time to dedicate to eating right and making sure my body is getting the right nutrition and vitamins I have found myself not only having clearer skin but feeling better about myself, I am more awake, I rely on coffee a little less (I mean, it's me, I am still drinking coffee), but everything in moderation, right? 

If you've read heythererobyn before you are probably well aware of my love of smoothie making, but due to it being quite time-consuming at times, I found myself not making a single one during my dissertation time. This meant my intake of fruit was a lot lower than usual and fruit do so so many good things for our skin and body. I am now making myself a smoothie every single night and including fruits and vegetables which are packed full of antioxidants and goodness like kale, blueberries, bananas, spinach and pineapple. All I do is buy some fruit, chop it up, add ice or yoghurt as a base and pop it all into my blender, blending it all down to perfection. Using measuring cups really help you get the right amount of berries to classify as one of your five a day too. 

When I was doing my dissertation I found I was living off coffee and Red Bull, which is not a good look at all. By making sure I am drinking more water I am making my skin hydrated thus reducing spots, particularly on my chin and forehead where my problem areas seemed to be. How I do this is by using my reusable water bottle, I try to drink at least 3 of these a day as well as a glass of water when I wake up in the morning while I wait for my coffee machine to start up and one again at night before bed. I find myself peeing a lot more, but at least I know I am hydrated and feeling much more lively and awake while keeping my skin fresh and flawless. 

There are some things we can all try to do every single day to help prevent breakouts or every few days and here are some of the major ones I am incorporating into my daily life to make sure the spots I gained through my stressful day are staying away:
  1. Daily multivitamins, 
  2. Only using a fresh clean muslin or bamboo face cloth to wash my face,
  3. Using a good skincare regime that works and sticking to it, 
  4. Changing my bed pillows regularly, 
  5. Washing my eye mask regularly,
  6. Meditation,
  7. Letting go of the small daily stresses,
  8. Touching my face less during the day, 
  9. Face masks 3 times a week,
  10. Taking my makeup off as soon as I am home especially if I have been on the hot stuffy train. 

What are your tips for clearer skin? Tell me below or head over to social media to catch me and have a chat: 

5 Blogs You Need to Follow for Blog and Life Inspiration

I'll let you in on a secret about us bloggers, we love a good self-help book, blog or blog post. We love anything that gives us the knowledge we can take on in our life, whether it be help with our blog, our career, our lifestyle, our health, really any aspect of our lives. I can't really tell you why we are like this, I can give you my own personal opinion and reasoning: I love being able to improve upon my self, I like learning and using my skills, bettering myself and moving closer to being the person I want to be. Since I enjoy self-improvement I tend to follow and read a lot of blogs who write amazing articles on how to have a better blog, how to have a better lifestyle, how to succeed in my career etc etc etc. So, I decided to share my top 5 blogs for improving your blog and life. 

CGD was one of the first blogs I followed, finding them through Bloglovin I immediately fell in love with their articles and style. Giving top tips on how to succeed in your career, how to change career as well as beauty and fashion articles perfect for anyone who wants to succeed in all elements of their life. I read a bunch of really helpful articles about job interviews over on CGD to prep a few weeks ago and found them so incredibly helpful, putting some of their tips to the test at job interviews and I felt they definitely gave me an edge. For anything career-related I head over to CGD, they do loads of helpful articles on how to succeed in your career and become a success, how to switch careers, how to have the perfect CV, even articles on asking for pay rises and dealing with difficult people in the workplace. 

Favourite post:

Charlotte from Colours and Carousels' side hustle is definitely my new place to look for all things blog related. She writes about all there is to know about succeeding with your blog. Whether your blog is your side hustle, a hobby or you're doing it full-time Blog and Beyond is incredibly helpful with so many useful resources for bloggers of all sizes. Charlotte lets us in on all her best tips and tricks from useful information on the regulations we must abide by as bloggers to how to grow your blog using social media. On top of this, she also features some chattier posts, like one where she chatted with fellow blogger Alice Spake on the blogging community or the article where she defined what success as a blogger is to her. Seriously just click through to her blog above. 

Favourite posts:

5 Blogs You Need to Follow for Blog and Life Inspiration

The Everygirl is exactly what it says on the tin, it's the best blogging platform for providing content for the everygirl. More of a lifestyle blog than anything TEG shares tips and tricks on budgeting, how to get rid of toxic energy, leaving behind old friends, it also provides insightful articles on everything from race to sex to tv, it is really a millennial hotspot with new, relevant, insightful content being posted daily I always find myself reading their articles. Honestly, if you are a millennial female you will definitely enjoy their content. Although some of their content is very Americanised (due to the writers being American), most of their articles are still very relevant to those of us in the UK and across the world because the actual content is relevant to everyone. 

Favourite posts:

Girls in Work is almost like the British Career Girls Daily for me, although much newer to the scene, I feel like it is definitely going to blow up and be a major blog for working girls. GIW is so useful with loads of helpful tip and tricks for working girls, I am talking how to have the perfect CV, how to be assertive at work, email etiquette, you know all the useful things needed for those working or looking to kick-start their career. On top of this, they also have some more fun posts such as their recent post on career lessons from Devil Wears Prada. My favourite posts from them is their series on career stories, I love reading about other people's experience getting into their profession whether it was smooth sailing or had a lot of ups and downs, it is always interesting. 

Favourite posts:

Advice from a Twenty Something is a blog I have recently found and absolutely adore. Just like The Everygirl, it is a hotspot for everything you would ever need to know, but much more advice orientated. Writing by a twenty-something with a lot of advice and a whole load of knowledge on navigating life. From relationship advice to career advice to wellness and fitness tips with a dash of fashion and beauty mixed in for good measure, just think of AFTS as your very own Carrie Bradshaw helping you to navigate the most stressful decade of your life while looking and feeling great.  

Favourite posts:
  1. Why and How You Should Choose Gratefulness over Greed
  2. A Simple Way to Build Self-Confidence
  3. Five Life Hacks to Help You Stay Productive and On Track

Are there any blogs you are loving lately? Let me know in the comments section or catch me over on social media:
Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

If you've been on Twitter or Facebook at all in the last, say ten years you will probably be well aware of how terrible the internet can be at times. We have stalking, bullying, trolls, platforms for hate, basically, the internet completely sucks at times. With all the terrible ways the internet has affected lives recently: from a certain YouTuber taking advantage of his platform to groom teenage girls to people being ridiculed for starting up their own makeup pages online because "they're clearly big headed" the internet can be so toxic and draining, however, I don't want to talk about that. I love the internet, sometimes when I tell people I have a love and a passion for social media and the digital world they are like "girl, you crazy", but, I choose to see the goodness in everything and the internet has so many wonderful reasons to exist that I choose to see them and while I want to continue to fight against the bad, get the hate accounts blocked, get the creeps arrested, I also want to spread the positives while I am at it. So, here are all the reasons to love the internet.

The internet allows people from all over the world to come together and chat, share and express themselves. It allows people to befriend people they would never otherwise know or meet, creating lifelong friendships and sometimes relationships. People in high school who feel they are different from the other kids because they're unique in some way who don't fit in can come online and meet people like them, people going through what they are going through when they feel most alone, people can meet online and save one another. 

The internet educates us all in a way that the educational system could only dream of. I log onto Twitter and within seconds I know the biggest news story, I know the Loch Ness monster has been spotted for the first time in 5 years after a couple minutes, a couple more I am reading about cultural appropriation and learning, another five minutes pass and I know 6 different ways I can change how I live to be more environmentally friendly. Not only are we always on top of current affairs, the news, politics, pop culture but people are sharing their knowledge with one another on social media, on blogs, on podcasts and Instagram comments. We are learning about everything from the ice caps to who won the best newcomer award at the VMAs and who the Kardashian's are arguing with this week. 

Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

I'm not talking about the phoney GoFundMe pages that people make to make Kylie Jenner a billionaire, I am talking real charities that create better lives for real people in need. There are so many charities I didn't even know existed until someone posted about them on Facebook or Twitter, so many easy ways to donate I wasn't aware of until someone on Instagram showed a screenshot of their text to The Dogs Trust. Now it is even easier to be part of the change, whether it is online registrations for blood runs, organ donations, charity 10ks, charity 5ks, charity car washes, charity bingos, you can go online and sign up to be part of a thousand different charity events or donations now that wasn't feasible twenty years ago. 

People are so quick to see crowd mentality as a negative, but what about when it isn't? I mean have you seen the recent increase in people caring about their carbon footprint or the ecosystem? All it takes is for a group of people to post online about the positive changes that are making to their lives and suddenly the entire population care about their carbon footprint and the ecosystem? Online crowd mentality is huge, no one wants to be the only person still using plastic straws, no one wants to be that person not donating to charity, it is still peer pressure but when it is a good cause it is worth it because people are being better versions of themselves. 

If you, like me, are terrified of the day machine takes over you probably are also very happy that humans are using machines to create jobs instead of having the machines take the jobs from them. There are so many jobs available that weren't in existence even just 10 years ago: bloggers, vloggers, social media managers, digital media, SEO executives, PPC managers. So many people have jobs because the internet has allowed them to do so, so many people are self-employed and have more freedom than they ever probably dreamed of because of the internet. 

Reasons The Internet Doesn't Always Suck

Maybe it is the marketer in me talking, but I honestly love the fact that the internet and social media make it so much easier for a brand to communicate with their consumers and build relationships. It allows brands to have better insight into the wants and needs of their consumers that they would probably otherwise never know. This leads to consumers being much more pleased as their recommendations are being taken into consideration and they are able to take part in the creation of products and services in a way that wasn't even a thought to consumers just five years ago. 

Without the internet we wouldn't be able to blog the way we do, to share our creativity, to have somewhere to share our passions, our hobbies and our interests. The internet makes it so easy for people to share their love of writing, their love of drawing, their love of singing and so on. The internet allows us all to share what we love and what we are talented at in a way we never could have before. Sure, I used to write in notebooks when I was young, but no one would read it but me, my friends and my family, but now I can share this love with people from all over the world who share my interests and passions. Not only that but it can connect us to people who can help us turn those passions, talents and loves into careers. 

Without the internet, I don't think I would have discovered a love for beauty, it would have taken me a much longer time to discover what my favourite genre of books are and I wouldn't have known about half as many tv shows, books, movies, places to eat, places to visit as I do because of the internet. People say we have too much information at our fingertips because of the internet, I think we have just enough. Just because the internet can teach us everything about everything doesn't mean we have to know everything about everything. We find what we are interested in and zone in on it in ways we weren't able to before. Multiple days in the library would have told me exactly what I found out within minutes on the internet. 

I never really noticed it until recently but without the internet, people would have less room to grow. I noticed it because I found out that a lot of people from Scotland use a very racist slur as a colloquialism for Chinese takeout and they were so wrapped up in it just being a word for food that they were blinded to the blatant racism behind it. Since they all seem to come from the same or similar areas of certain towns it could be understood that without the internet they would never have learned that it was a racial slur because everyone around them sees it as just a word they use for takeout, but the introduction of other people from different cities with different understandings of the word were able to tell them "no, it's racist" and they were able to grow as people. Yeah, they probably would have said it to someone well aware of the racism behind it eventually and they would have been educated at one point, but it could have taken much longer without the internet. We push one another to grow as people on the internet in ways we don't in real life. 

What ways do you love the internet? Do you look to the positives too or do you hate the internet and think the benefits just do not outway the cons? Tell me below in the comments or message me over on social media: 

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Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

For most makeup fans, like myself, foundation is important. Foundation is the base for the rest of your look, if your foundation doesn't look good you can't disguise it with a good eye look or a red lip, a bad foundation is a bad look. Whether it oxidises, goes patchy, isn't the right shade, looks thick, doesn't blend, whatever, foundation covers your face and when it goes bad your entire face looks bad. That is why it is so important we find the perfect foundation, one that you know is a go-to for any occasion, works well over different skincare and under different product to provide an all-around perfect daily base to any makeup look. So, is Too Faced's Peach Perfect foundation that perfect foundation or is it another dud waiting to sit in your makeup collection for the next year before you build up the courage to chuck that £30 in the bin once and for all? 

It's not hard to see that Too Faced have some of the most gorgeous packaging around. Not only are they always so beautifully photogenic, but they are so convenient, this foundation is no different. A gorgeous pale pink and white tube with gold accents, perfect for sitting with the rest of your makeup on your makeup stand. The 48ml bottle has a gorgeous golden pump at the bottom making it super convenient to get the product out and ready for application. The pump itself releases a pretty good amount of product, pictured below which usually gives good coverage over two-thirds of the face with an extra half a pump needed to provide good, smooth and even coverage all over the face. It is quite a bulky packaging so not one to carry in the makeup bag but 48ml for £27 is something you cannot say no to. The easy to use pump does make it extremely easy to put some product in a carry tub if you felt you had to take some with you in your makeup bag. 

Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

As mentioned above, I use roughly a pump and a half in order to get a good, even coverage across my entire face. I have used this foundation with both a damp beauty blender and my Magnitone BlendUp electronic makeup brush and both times it has given an even, smooth and medium coverage. The foundation is very easy to work with giving a soft subtle peachy scent as it sinks into the skin. It has a traditional foundation feel to it, nothing special and doesn't dry too quickly or look cakey. Instead, it provides a semi-matte finish, I say semi instead of entirely matte as it does have a slight sheen to it, more of a natural glow than a greasy look, however, so if you aren't into an entirely matte finish this foundation shouldn't be a problem. I don't necessarily feel like I have to use powder, but I also don't feel like I would have to add definition to my face with highlight. It covers small blemishes, however more red toned spots could do with concealer well light purple toned eye bags cover pretty well. 

I have tried some foundations (Urban Decay All Nighter) that after a couple of hours wear oxidise and leave me looking like an orange, I have tried other foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) that have gone very patchy after an hour or so wear. This foundation, however, has none of these issues. After a few hours wear, I feel like it still looks exactly as it did when I first put it on, a sign of a good foundation. I have worn this foundation on countless occasions and it always seems to stay put whether I have added my All Nighter setting spray on top or not. With All Nighter, it has lasted perfect four around 8 hours, without it lasts around 6 before my chin starts to look a little bare. My chin is my telltale sign for a good foundation, it is a problem area for me and holds a lot of grease despite a good diet and skincare regime. It is the area I look to straight away while testing products. 

Everything's Peachy: Too Faced Foundation Review

On top of this, the foundation doesn't separate or sink into lines. My go-to drugstore foundation will always be L'Oreal's True Match but after a few hours, it begins to sink into lines whereas this product doesn't even after a full days wear. It seems to stay smooth and soft all day while I sometimes forget I have foundation on because of how light it feels on the skin, in fact, my skin feels very close to naked with this foundation on despite its medium coverage. I wear natural beige and it seems to suit my post-summer tanned skin perfectly making me look perfectly natural and sunkissed even after a few hours wear. I don't feel like I have to top up my foundation at all throughout the day unless it is an extremely long day and my chin has decided to get slippy and ruin my makeup. 

The only problem I have with this product is the online store, the shades do not match the shades pictured in the slightest. I am shade natural beige and if you looked at the shade pictured you would not think it suited someone with olive skin. I would definitely recommend you pop to your local counter and get colour matched before you buy. Plus, I do think they could do with a wide range of shades, there seem to be a lot of pale, pasty white shades available. 

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think? Also, let me know if you like this categorised style review, I want to try out a new way of reviewing products. Comment below or catch me on social media: 

Why I am No Longer Comparing Myself to Others

-Theodore Roosevelt-

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself "am I doing this for me, or am I doing this because I want to be as good as them?" because I have. Recently I took some time off blogging in order to focus fully on my dissertation, but it also gave me time to think about my blog, where I want to go, what I want to do and who I want to be like. I have come to the conclusion that, I don't want to be like anyone. Yes, there are a handful of bloggers who inspire me: inthefrow, Lydia Elise Millen, Fashion Mumblr, Vix Meldrew to name a few, but I don't want to be like them, because I am me and I am different from them. When I first started to blog I spent a lot of time thinking about the content I wanted to post, the content I enjoyed writing and over time it became the content everyone was posting and the content everyone else enjoyed writing instead of focusing on me I got lost in a world of bloggers who were doing better than me and I began merging into them because wouldn't that make me popular? 

The thing is it worked for a while, but I know people could tell my post weren't coming from the heart, they weren't coming from me. I was writing them up hours before they went live, I was reusing photos, I was uninspired and had a severe lack of motivation for something I once loved doing. So, during my break I had a revelation, I am me, I am not Victoria or Lydia or Josie or the other bloggers who I read regularly like Colours and Carousels, Sophie Rosie, Pinja K or From Roses. They are their own individual beings with their own individual thought process and time schedule and so on, I no longer want to compare myself to my peers, to other bloggers, to anyone because I am an individual just as they are. "Oh, but she's been blogging for the same amount of time as I have and she has double the followers I have" SO WHAT ROBYN! So what if someone has more followers or someone else is working with the brands I want to, we all have our own individual paths and mine just isn't at that point yet, doesn't mean it won't be, just means it isn't right now.

Why I am No Longer Comparing Myself to Others

I used to scroll down Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin and feel terrible because I had fewer followers than all these other girls, I had less bland collaborations, I had less motivation but then I looked at my personal life. I was doing a masters degree, I had some personal things going on in my life and within the last year I've had to take more blogger breaks than I have ever had before, so of course I am not where these other ladies and gents are at with their blogs because I had to put other aspects of my life before my blog. If it's not my peers and those who have been blogging just as long as I have I am comparing myself to it is those who have been at it much much longer, which is just silly and I know that, but it's hard to just stop, isn't it? It's a bit of a battle trying to convince myself that I shouldn't compare myself to people who do blogging full-time because I could barely do it part-time over the past year. I have my own story just as each of these bloggers who inspire me has their own too, and what is the point in comparing when it's just going to make me feel terrible and unmotivated? 

I am coming back to the blog and back to my regular schedule and I am no longer comparing myself to others. It goes for in real life too, no more thinking "yeah but she got better grades" or "oh but she's prettier" or "I haven't achieved as much as he has". It's a journey to becoming someone who just does not compare themselves to others but it is one I am dedicating myself to. If I feel those thoughts creeping in I am going to remind myself of the reasons I shouldn't compare, I am going to remind myself of all the ways I am a fantastic person, blogger, student, individual too and how we can be successful and fantastic in our own ways without it taking away from each other. 

Are you ready to stop comparing yourself? How do you stop it? Do you have any tips for those trying to put an end to this destructive habit? Comment below or catch me over on social media:

August Aspirations

It's August. It is official. I can be excited about the colder months coming their way. I can talk about autumn and winter, I can even maybe, just maybe, bring up the C word without getting the side eye. If you know me, you know that from August until February is my time. I am someone who enjoys each season as it comes, but I do have a soft spot for the colder months. N-O-T-H-I-N-G in this world beats December and the months that lead to December are wonderful too. August to me, always means a time for goal setting, a time for a change, a time for aspirations and finding new inspirations. I think it is because as a child it's ingrained into you that August and September are the starting back school months. This year actually is the first year in 17 years where I won't be going back to education and it feels both terrifying and wonderful all at once. I feel like an adult, but also like a toddler who is learning to walk.

It's like all my life I have been following this straight and narrow path and now it's not opened up onto a cross-road but actually, a motorway, straight onto a motorway with cars driving full speed ahead and I have to figure out where to go from here. I can continue across the motorway, risk being knocked down, risk having some setbacks, or I can continue down the grass at the side of the motorway waiting around for someone to offer me a ride to where I want to go or wait about by the grassy side until I become comfortable enough to just set up camp and stay on this side of the road forever. For me, two of these options are not for me, I am way too ambitious for my own good, trust me, when I put my mind to something, it happens. So, the option I am left with is to cross the road, to take my future into my hands and see what's across the road. Yes, I will have setbacks, yes, I may cry, throw tantrums, I may even regret stepping my foot into the road, but I'll never know unless I try. Since I am taking this step, I want to put some goals down on the table for myself, goals I want to complete by the end of August. 

GOAL ONE: Own My Skills
I find it hard to be like "Hi, I am Robyn and I am good at..." I don't know if it's from growing up with three older sisters where I always felt intimidated so say I was good at anything because one of them was always better, or maybe it's because I have a fear of coming across overconfident and cocky. I struggle when it comes to being my own hype man and I want to change this, I want to be able to turn to someone and say "Yeah, I am skilled at running social media accounts" or "I adore writing, I am really quite skilled in the area". I even struggle to tell people that I'm ambitious and hard-working because it sounds too cliche even though I am both those things. This month I want to be able to network with people and say "Well my skills in that area are quite extensive" without cringing into my hand. 

August Aspirations

GOAL TWO: Compare Less
Lately, I have been finding it rather difficult to not compare myself to others. I don't know what has gotten into me as I'm usually not so quick to compare, but lately, I do it all the time. It could be my blog, my looks, my skillset, my goals, my aspirations, even silly things like my favourite things I am suddenly comparing to others and wondering if I am smart enough, pretty enough, sensible enough, ambitious enough, good enough. It is such a silly thing to do because every single person is different. No two people are the same and so our stories will be different, our likes, dislikes, our careers, our faces, everything will be different and we can co-exist without one of us feeling bad about it. 

GOAL THREE: More weekend movies
I majorly struggle with turning it off. I am always on, always thinking, working, blogging, doing something and I find it hard to actually switch it off. The best way I have found myself being able to switch off, even for a couple of hours is through watching a movie. Last weekend I watched You've Got Mail and Pretty Women, the weekend before it was Notting Hill and When Harry Met Sally. Each Saturday I want to switch off for a couple hours and watch a movie then repeat with a different movie on Sunday. Even just a couple of stress-free hours where I don't think about anything but the movie will help my overly anxious brain. 

GOAL FOUR: Stress less
I recently wrote a blog post all about my learning process when it comes to accepting everything cannot be perfect. It's been going well but sometimes I do still find myself on the floor crying and stressed over something that either 1) I have no control over or 2) that does not deserve the stress. I am trying to accept that my best is good enough and stop myself from stressing constantly about the smallest and most unremarkable things in life. Throughout August I want my stress levels to reduce even further and for me to just be happy and accepting of my best.

GOAL FIVE: Say Yes More
I definitely think I say no to new opportunities far too often. Especially over the past year, I seem to have become a little hermit who stays home all too often. It began around the time my nephew passed away. I seem to be uninterested in being sociable and trying new things, but I know it is something I have to power through. I want to try new things and be open to new opportunities, expand my horizons a little more because doesn't that make life a thousand times more interesting? 

So, what are your aspirations for August? Do you have any goals for the month that motivates us the most? Tell me below or chat with me over on social media

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