How I've Begun Seeing Regular Instagram Growth Again

How I've Begun Seeing Regular Instagram Growth Again

So in the recent month or so I have begun to really change up my Instagram tactics and it seems to have worked. Despite the monstrosity of the algorithm I have actually started to have a regular and steady increase in followers and likes, which is pretty amazing in my personal opinion. Despite only having just over 1,000 followers over there I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys in on my tactics and how I've gone from gaining 1/2 followers a day to roughly 10 a day. I still have people doing that damn follow/unfollow game on me, but at least now my followers are actually increasing now instead of staying on the same number for 4 months. Now watch me gain zero followers for months after I publish this blog post. 

This is the one that I started to see growth directly after doing. I used to love interacting with the accounts I followed but with how busy I have been and how sucky the algorithm has been I started to just like the odd post here and there. Now I am back to liking as many posts from my favourite accounts as possible and commenting on posts that have a fun and interesting caption or that I just have to compliment for the photographer's style or theme. Not only do I really enjoy doing this and getting to know other Instagrammers but it also encourages others to click on your profile and check out your content, and who knows, maybe they will like it enough to hit that follow button. 

How I've Begun Seeing Regular Instagram Growth Again

This is such a simple one, but people always seem to get it wrong, of course, you should post content you enjoy, but you should also post what your audience enjoys. Find your posts that receive the most likes and post similar content. If your fashion content garners the most likes then post more fashion content, or maybe it's your flatlays or your food photos. If you post what your audience likes they will come back for more, it is as simple as that. Catering to your audience's needs is simple but effective.

I have found a few hashtags I absolutely love searching through to find new accounts to follow such as #discoverunder1k and #slowsundayclub but searching these tags is also useful to gain some followers. I love just scrolling through these tags liking gorgeous photography and finding accounts to follow but through doing so I've also found it increases my following, maybe someone whose photo I have liked stumbled on over to my account and liked my profile so hit the follow button. Be careful doing this though, you want to be authentic, you don't want to start liking everything you see in the hopes you end up gaining a following, you want to like the content you would have liked if it were on your feed and follow the accounts you genuinely enjoy looking at. Otherwise, you start to be disingenuous and it becomes almost like a cheat.  

How I've Begun Seeing Regular Instagram Growth Again

When you are sharing your posts onto Instagram also link them to your Facebook and your Twitter attaching the photo in your tweet so people from your social media channels notice you have amazing content over on Instagram too. A lot of people just share straight from the app, which is perfect for Facebook, but when sharing to Twitter the best way to do is to you copy and paste your caption into a tweet, attach the photo and then add the link once you've published it on Instagram, this way your photo is visible on your Twitter and anyone who likes it can click through the link onto your profile and hit like. Simple as that. 

I have been posting once a day every single day lately and it helps you to stay relevant. People don't start to lose sight of you on their feed, you stay up near the top, easy for them to find and hit like. Posting regularly stops you from losing followers and if you're gaining from these posts by following the other steps you usually start to build a steady following. The only issue is that sometimes you are too busy to take, edit and post photos, so take photos in advance from time to time, just in case. I like my posts to be authentic and most of my photos are taken the same day as they are posted, but sometimes you just don't have the time so always have some back up available to whip out whenever you are low on time. 

How I've Begun Seeing Regular Instagram Growth Again

Instagram stories is such a simple yet effective way to stay relevant. If you're regularly posting Instagram stories you are being seen by your follower regularly and reminding them of your account, doing so can increase your likes. Further, if you have interesting, helpful or fun looking Instagram stories people will want to follow you because you keep them interested in your stories. They want to see your next rant or your next holiday, they want to watch the next tutorial you pop up on there or keep up with the makeup you've been adding to your collection. Insta stories can be less curated than your actual feed and this makes it extra fun, your followers can see the real you and how your life is behind the lens and that is always interesting. I try to post to stories daily even when it's boring. 

What are your tips for regular Instagram growth? Have I missed any? Tell me below in the comments.

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