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5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

I've always believed that people can change and have always been an advocate for striving to be the very best version of yourself. I wouldn't say I am always the best version of myself, just as I wouldn't expect you to be on the top of your game 24/7, but there are changes we can make to our everyday life that can bring us closer to being the best version of ourselves. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how my actions affect society and the world around me and how simple changes could make such an incredible change in the world. We often get caught up in the idea that one person cannot save the planet or make a huge difference to the reality of society, but small changes to daily life can be all that is needed to create a domino effect and encourage others to follow suit. 

This is a bandwagon I am very happy to jump on, as an avid coffee drinker I would probably use three to four different to go cups a day, and what a waste that is. With a reusable coffee cup, I won't be throwing these plastic and cardboard cups in the bin daily. Although I would normally chuck my coffee cup in the recycle bin it is not quite as great a move to make as having a reusable cup, after all, most of us have probably heard the rumours surrounding whether recycle bins are actually sent to a recycling plant. Plus, if that didn't sell you on the reusable cup thing then maybe saving some extra cash on your daily coffee will. Most coffee places have always given a discount on your coffee when you use a reusable cup and that discount has been increased due to the latte levy in certain areas. I have also always been a big fan of reusing water bottles, but with the recent news that reusing plastic bottles can actually lead to illnesses, I have to talk myself into carrying my BKR bottle with me. The problem is that my reusable water bottle is a big, bulky, glass bottle and it weighs down my bag, but then again I just have to weigh up the benefits of reusing it and the cons of carrying it around to see it will be worth it to shrink my carbon footprint. 

5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

This one is one I have always been a big advocate for, it is so easy to just be a kindhearted person and more often than not it costs you absolutely nothing. It is simple to just smile at strangers, hold open doors for those walking behind you, say please, thank you and you're welcome. Chances are if you make a nice gesture and go out of your way to be kind to someone not only will it make them happy, but it will encourage them to do the same for someone else they meet that day. Whether you are giving up your seat on public transport for that older women, buying a coffee for that homeless man you walk past daily or opt to cheer on your peers instead of mocking them and belittling them it will cause a domino effect. One thing I have noticed definitely causes an effect is when I pile up the plates in a restaurant to make it easier for the waiters to clear the table, almost every time I do it I spot someone watching me before doing it themselves. It is the simplest and smallest gestures that take up the shortest amount of time that usually has the largest effect on other people. 

Our generation, generation Y or millennials as we are often referred to are thought of as being the most selfish generation of people around. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be very true, we often forget that other people are affected by things just as much as we are. Whether we are forgetting about those in need, we are forgetting other people have feelings or we are forgetting that the world does not revolve around us, we are often guilty of being very self-centred. I'm not saying we are all selfish all the time, of course we are not, much to the dismay of the baby boomer generation, but just like every other generation before us we have flaws and sometimes we are likely to forget about those around us from time to time. Give to charity, volunteer, participate in a fundraiser, clear the snow off the path of the old lady who lives across from you. There are such simple things we can do that can encourage better behaviour and unlike the older generation I totally think you should brag about it all over the web. You gave that homeless man a sandwich and paid for his night in a hostel, tweet it, you gave a random man your all-day train ticket because you no longer needed it, Snapchat it. If we share our good deeds it encourages others to do them too, it's not always because you want praised for it, you might just want other people to do the same. 

5 Simple Ways to Make The World a Better Place

We often get caught up in the trend to buy all the products from the big, famous and popular brands whether we are shopping in Zara, buying from Chanel or find ourselves in Space NK on a daily basis, we often forget that there are smaller brands who need our support. This one is something I have been thinking of since Charlotte from Colours and Carousels did her shop local Christmas gift guides. There are so many smaller and more local stores who are much more reliant on people buying from them than the likes of Too Faced, Topshop and Starbucks. Instead of heading to Paperchase for your mother's day card, why not search through Etsy and make someone's day with your single purchase? Or hop into that new, local coffee shop instead of heading to Starbucks daily? Of course you don't have to only buy from small or local brands and stores, but by shopping with them you are most likely making a huge difference to their day and income and if you then share your purchases with friends or online you can encourage others to do the same. 

I know what you're thinking; "didn't you just say that there are rumours about recycling?" Well yeah, but it doesn't mean that you should still try to be eco-friendly, plus recycling doesn't necessarily mean putting things in the correct bins, you can recycle old clothes by donating them to charity, you can recycle plastic bags by reusing them, you can recycle cardboard, paper and so on by putting them into art supplies for kids, I mean, who here didn't make something out of a toilet roll tube in school as a kid? A lot of schools take in recycled supplies that can be used in art class. Recycling can mean refilling the glass water bottle with water and putting it in the fridge, recycling could mean buying shop for life bags that you keep in your car for trips to Morrison's. There are many ways you can recycle and decrease your carbon footprint without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of your day. Whether you separate your rubbish, donate to charity or reuse your plastics simple alterations to your daily life can encourage more people to do the same. I mean, we have all felt that guilt when we forget our bag for life and have to buy a plastic one while we are in Tesco or Morrison's, and although it is a terrible feeling, if we encourage the use of bags for life more people will use them, right? 

If you are looking for more ways to save the planet and be eco-friendly I recommend you read this incredible post by Victoria from inthefrow - click here to read it. 

Are there any other ways we can make the world a better place? Tell me below in the comments and lets discuss. 

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The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

If you know me you probably know I have a massive love for skincare, I adore trying new skincare and trying out different brands. I have pretty sensitive skin so I have been on the look for new, more natural skincare brands to use on a daily basis so when a few products from Boot's Botanics Organic range appeared at my doorstep I was beyond excited to crack the products open and get to work. The lovely team sent me over two products from the range, both of which I had never tried before recently and which made great additions to my skincare collection. They sent over the 100% organic with rosehip nourishing facial oil and the 80% organic with rosehip hydrating eye cream. 

You might already be aware that I love a good facial oil, they are my favourite products to use especially in cold, winter weather when my skin is feeling dry and dehydrated. Eye cream has never really been a product I have used actually, probably because before now I've really really understood where you apply the cream or what it does for your undereye area, but this product has slowly become an everyday must have as it has completely changed the way I think of my undereye area. What I love most about these products is that they are both organic and infused with rosehip which is rich in omega and fatty acids which are essential in producing the skin's natural oil barrier. Thus, the rosehip within these products help to hydrate your skin while leaving it to look youthful and plump. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

I received these products on January 31st and have been using them both daily for just over 3 weeks now and can truly see the positive influence they have had on my skin. In the morning after breakfast and coffee, I start on my skincare regime where these products have become main stars; I drop some of the facial oil onto my fingertips, rub it together to heat it up before rubbing it in circular motions all over my face. Doing this after I tone is the perfect time as it allows my skin to completely soak up all the omegas, fatty acids and goodness. Once the oil has sunken into my skin I am then able to apply the eye cream before my moisturiser, I pop a tiny amount on my fingertip and then rub it onto the bone under my eye, going to the corner out almost onto the cheekbone and back a few times just to make sure it is soaked up. I then repeat this in the evening once my makeup has been removed, my face is cleansed and toned I apply both products before my sleeping mask/moisturiser and pop between the sheets letting it sink into my skin throughout the night. 

Both products are pretty good in size, both containing a hefty amount of product while being travel-friendly. When I first applied the oil I applied too much product, a tiny amount of the oil is needed otherwise you will completely drench your face and be waiting a good 15 minutes for the product to soak up. The same could be said for the eye cream, but it really depends on how you apply your eye creams and how much you need to cover the area. I pop a tiny rice sized amount on my fingertip and it tends to do one undereye area before I squeeze out the same amount for the other eye. What I do love is how quickly both products seem to sink into the skin, I have tried facial oils which have been on my face a good 20 minutes before I feel I can apply my moisturiser but this one takes about 1 to 2 minutes before you can apply your moisturiser. This means that no matter how late I am running I always have time to go through my complete skin care regime and won't have to skip out the facial oil and eye cream. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

So, you are probably wondering how these products worked for me, right? I have been using them for just over 3 weeks now and have seen my skin go from looking dry, tired and almost grey to being hydrated, plump and brighter than ever. I wish I had taken some makeup-free photos before I began using these products just to show you the incredible change that has happened during the past 3 weeks, but sadly I am a terrible blogger, who didn't think ahead. For a good one and a half to two months before I began using these products I was stressed, tired, constantly feeling unwell and I actually let go when it came to skincare, I just didn't have products I wanted to use anymore. I would cleanse, tone and moisturise but I wasn't face masking, I wasn't using a facial oil or an eye cream, I had found myself in a skincare slump where my Magnitone was the length of my skincare regime, but Botanics got me out of that slump. 

My skin needed some good TLC and love, it needed these products, products that worked with it in ways no others had for a long time. I think these products were sent out at the perfect time and my skin could not be more grateful. I am not as embarrassed to go outside makeup free as I was for a few weeks. What I have noticed the most is how awake I look, the eye cream has completely hydrated my undereye area, it now looks plump and I can definitely fake a good 8 hours of sleep a lot easier. Before I began using this eye cream I hadn't used one before, I guess I was confused by them, how would they help? Where do I apply them? How can it possibly make me look any better, if I have bags, I have bags? Turns out eye creams are not a gimmick and it fact can completely change how you see your undereye area. Mine are looking plump, hydrated and the skin is feeling smoother, less dry and I feel like I could probably go without concealer on top of my foundation if I wanted to. 

I cannot wait to try out some more Botanics products and thankfully I can, I am officially a Botanics ambassador and will be sharing my experience with the brand and their wonderful products on here and social media. I cannot wait to tell you some more success stories. I never expected to love these products quite as much as I do, they have completely transformed how I see my skin and how I treat it. Botanics is a drugstore brand created by Boots, so just like many, I assumed the small price tag equalled small results, but no, I am happy to say that these amazing results come from products that definitely do not break the bank. 

The Skincare Brand That Transformed My Skin

So what is your favourite skincare brand? Have you tried Botanics? Do you think that only pricey products give good results? Tell me in the comments below.

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Why I'm Not Focusing on Followers Anymore

This past week has been totally hectic for me, if you follow me on social media you would know that my life has been chaotic, to say the least. Because of how busy my week was I didn't post on here on Wednesday and Friday like I usually would and I also found myself abandoning my social media channels; I wasn't posting on Instagram, I wasn't publishing Instagram stories and my tweets were few and far between, which resulted in unfollowers. Maybe it was pure lack of sleep, maybe it was my social media obsession or maybe I just care too much, but I got upset, not crying upset, but I found myself feeling deflated, demotivated by the fact my following was decreasing. Maybe I'm just not that great at the whole social media thing? I began to compare my Instagram to other's pages, I began to compare my blog success to that of bloggers much larger and more popular than I am and I came to the conclusion; maybe I should just give up. 

I began to think maybe I was never really good at Instagram or blogging, I wondered if anyone is interested in what I have to post or maybe I just had followers because I was active. I mean, people unfollowed me for not posting in 24 hours, so they clearly didn't enjoy my content to begin, right? I found myself in such a deflated, negative and unmotivated state of mind and then it suddenly hit me... does it all really matter? I am focusing so much on social media followers but there are more important things out there in the world, it's not like social media followers can give my CV a boost, it's not like having a bunch of social media followers will save my life one day, so why do I let a lack of them get to me so much? There are so many positive aspects of having a large social media following, but there is still no need to let losing a few followers ruin my day, right? 

Why I'm Not Focusing on Followers Anymore

Being a blogger means I have to focus on following numbers, more followers, means I am doing something right and fewer followers mean I am doing something wrong, well it is supposed to anyway. We have become so equipped to this way of thinking that we don't take into account the follow unfollowers, the people trying to grow their followers by fooling us into believing they want to follow us when really they're going to unfollow you as soon as you click that follow back button. So, should we as bloggers take followers so seriously? Should they be the focus of our success? Should we look at follower numbers and determine popularity? With follow unfollows and people playing the bot game it is hard to take numbers seriously. I mean, I have dm from someone last August talking about reaching 200 on Instagram and I went on to their profile yesterday to find out they have over 15k... I mean it's completely crazy to think that we focus so much of our time worrying about follower numbers while others are out there cheating the system right? 

Being a full-time blogger isn't something I feel like I will ever do, at the moment I see myself having a career while blogging part-time because I love it so much, so really followers shouldn't be that big a deal to me, so why do I always stress myself out over them? It makes no sense. I know there is much more to life than social media, I know that everything else in life should technically come before social media but I spend more time stressing over it than most other stuff in my life, but why? It is like I have been pulled into this belief that in order to be successful in life I have to have this perfect online life where I post perfect pictures with pink skies and non-dripping ice cream in order to be successful, but that's not my life. I don't need to have 10k on Instagram to know that my life is good, but I somehow worry that without 10k I am not successful? I am a 21-year-old with a bachelors degree, studying for my masters degree, of course my life isn't going to be filled with jet-setting holidays, of course my Instagram isn't going to filled with London Fashion Week and my Twitter rolling in tweets about what new brunch place I have tried this week, because I barely have time to make myself a smoothie in the morning without going out for brunch and eating avocado on toast 6 days a week. 

Why I'm Not Focusing on Followers Anymore

I feel like our entire generation has been sucked into this belief system that in order to be successful you have to have this perfect online life with thousands upon thousands of followers and over-edited Instagram snaps. What happened to just being happy with the life you have? Sure, there are people who live this lifestyle and I am happy for them and I am glad they are happy, but I also feel like we all think that is what we have to be like online when it is not. Sure, we all use Instagram as a highlights reel, we tend to only post those things we are happy with, those moments we want to remember or the moments we want others to remember, but does that mean we all have to be posting the same things? The same places, the same foods, the same memories? Do we all have to be carbon copies of one another in order to feel successful? Should we all have the same Instagram theme, post the same photos? Wouldn't that be so incredibly boring? 

So, I have decided that gone are the days of getting upset because I lose a follower, gone are the days of trying to make my Instagram and blog and social media feeds fulfil the standards of other people. I want to live my life and be happy, there is more to life than what we post on Instagram, there is more to life than how perfect our lives look online and there is more to life than followers. So whenever I feel l down because my Instagram isn't like other people's, whenever I lose some followers and get frustrated I am going to remind myself that at least my following is natural. Whenever I worry about whether I fit in online I am going to close the laptop and go for a walk, take care of the important things in life. We put so much emphasis on our online lives, but what really matters is the one we have off the internet; our jobs, our university and college courses, our families, our health, our pets, the world, those in need and so on and so forth. One day Instagram may disappear, one day blogging may no longer be the thing that brings me joy and so I should focus less time worrying about follower numbers and more time just enjoying life.
Why I'm Not Focusing on Followers Anymore

Are you social media obsessed? Do you focus on numbers or are you all about just having fun and enjoying what you do? 

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7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

So, you may have seen on my Instagram and Twitter that one of my absolute favourite brands Benefit Cosmetics sent me a PR package with their new release, the Bad Gal BANG! mascara. First of all, let's think of how big a deal this is to a tiny little blogger like me, I'm still grinning away. Anyway, I know this mascara is a hugely anticipated release with almost every makeup fan in the world wanting to try it out, test it and read dozens of reviews to see if it might be their new holy grail, so I wanted to do just that. I wanted to test out the mascara and write the one review you'd have to read to prevent you from having to look through another dozen more. I am a little tired myself, of reading review after review of products, the same structure, the same sub-titles and so on, so I wanted to approach this review from a whole new angle, so here is my week with Bad Gal BANG!

The product itself is very Benefit, a sleek black packaging with gorgeous, bright pink and grey text with a rubber studded lid. The product itself feels very rubbery, so I definitely think it could be stained in a makeup bag if products leak or explode. The packaging itself is quite clunky and thick, definitely not the best mascara for carrying in a makeup bag daily, but if you're used to the likes of Benefit's They're Real or Too Faced's Better Than Sex, then you're fine as it is around the same size as them. Once you open the product you can see the extremely flexible, sleek, tapered wand. The wand itself may be very sleek, but the bristles are quite thick which usually makes lashes very dense, but does this one? Let's try it.

As soon as I applied the product it was clear that an eyelash curler was needed when using this mascara, but this doesn't bother me, barely any mascaras can be used without an eyelash curler. What I did notice was how wet the product appears to be, it definitely has the potential to give that spider look that mascaras can cause if you apply to many coats, but very little coats are needed, I brush it through my lashes 2-3 times and my lashes looked dark, elongated and dense. If you prefer a more spread out look for your lashes I don't think this is the guy for you, he likes to keep his lashes close and touching. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today I decided I wanted to try out this product all day long and check how long it lasts. Today, I opted to put my mascara on after I had curled my lashes, thus giving my lashes a curlier edge for when I could apply the mascara. The mascara applied much less goopy than it had yesterday which implied that the first use may have a sort of "wear in" period to it. I like how the brush is bendy because I don't have to get my arms in weird positions to get those little lashes in the corner of my eye, the brush does the bending for me, these little eyelashes were also grateful for the tapered wand as the smaller side of the brush could apply mascara to the lashes without getting it all over my face. 

While wearing the product I happened to get an itchy eye and trying to strategically rub my eye while not rubbing the product all over my face was quite hard. The product seems to move very easily, it is almost like it doesn't want to stay put, I'm not really someone to touch my eyes a lot unless my contact is sitting weird or I get an itchy eye, but for anyone who touches their eyelashes regularly you will have trouble with this product, it smudges quite easily. This does, however, mean it is incredibly easy to take off at the end of the day. Today I used my Magnitone Wipe Out makeup remover wipes with water and it completely clears my lashes of any product, thus it can be a bonus. 

I don't normally wear makeup on a Sunday, but I thought, to hell with it, let's apply some mascara and continue test riding this little guy. I did, however, opt to test the mascara out again today, after a little nourishment was given to my lashes. On days where I haven't got any makeup on I like to apply a little vaseline to my lashes, get some nourishment back into them, I usually only do this at night but since it was a no makeup day I opted to do it for the whole day too. Since many people like to use Vaseline as a mascara primer I thought it wouldn't really make a difference but oh how I was wrong, it made a lot of difference when using this mascara. 

The Bad Gal BANG! does not work well with Vaseline underneath, the product just refuses to dry at all and continues to be quite wet and smudges even easier, I mean, putting on my glasses managed to make it smudge? About four hours after I had applied it to my lashes I looked back in the mirror and I had some black dots under my eyes where the product had actually had fall out? I definitely think this was due to the Vaseline as I hadn't experienced this both other days I had worn the mascara, but it was not pretty. I haven't tried the product out with a proper eyelash primer, but if you use Vaseline as a lash primer, I definitely recommend you do not use this mascara or do not prim your lashes with Vaseline when you do use this mascara. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today, I opted back to my usual regime, I had applied Vaseline to my lashes last night, so it washed off while washing my face and my lashes were bare and ready to be curled before applying Bad Gal BANG! This seemed to work out best as my lashes took to the mascara best today of all four days I had used it. I felt like I had finally found my way around the brush, I hadn't applied too much, but I wasn't applying too little, plus applying a coat to the right eye, then a coat to the left and rotating back was a much better system than slapping 2-3 coats on one eye at a time. It allowed the coats to dry a little before the next was applied and this definitely helped with the wet feel, which many bloggers have mentioned in their posts about this mascara. 

Today I probably wore the mascara the longest, I applied it around 11am and took my makeup off again around 9pm, so 10 hours approx. Today my lashes weren't feeling wet like they were on Sunday, nor did I have any fallout. Not only did the mascara stay in place perfectly all day, but they also stayed curled all day long, which is surprising since the mascara has quite a thick consistency. 

Today I have awoken with a cold, which means watery eyes and since I am in university until 6pm, wearing Bad Gal BANG! is a bold move, but it's a bold move I am willing to take on the behalf of this test. I already know the formula is not a waterproof one and in fact is pretty bad with water of the touching of eyes so it was a risky move, but it worked out okay in the end as the product didn't run or smudge despite my watery eyes and frequent tissue use. The only problem I found throughout the day was the fall out was pretty bad again and I had little black specks under my eyes. This probably happened as the tissues rub the product off the lashes and they fell, but brushing my cheek with my hand sent the fallout on its way without leaving black smudges around my face, so it all worked out in the end.

I wasn't able to take my makeup off until it had already gone 11pm today and my lashes were still intact, despite the fallout and over 12 hours of wear, however, the curl had drooped a little, but I don't think that was anything to do with the mascara. Today I took my makeup off with my trusty L'Oreal Micellar Water and some cotton pads to test how well the mascara can be removed using them. It took a few little gentle rubs and it was all gone, which I was very pleased with as I hate spending ages faffing about taking my makeup off at night, I just want to get into bed. 

7 Days of Bad Gal BANG!

Today I woke up feeling ridiculously bad, so I took the day off university, but not off this test run and so I still applied the mascara to my lashes to make sure no new issues could appear today. Since the watery eye situation had settled down today I didn't have the fall out issue I had yesterday. I actually found today's trial run to be one of the most smooth running ones of the week, the product applied with easy, it left my lashes looking dark, long and beautiful and they stayed that way the entire 8-10 hours I had the product on them. Today I even went for a nap with the product on since I was feeling very run down and I woke up with my pillow clean, no fall out, no black smudges and it was the same with my face, the product stayed put the whole time.

Despite still being absolutely loaded with the cold and fighting a major allergic reaction I decided to go to university and not miss the lecture that was scheduled for today. Thus, I applied my mascara and got on with the day. Today my lashes received a compliment for possibly the first time ever all thanks to Bad Gal BANG!, a lovely girl I go to university with commented that I had lovely, long lashes and asked which mascara I was using and where she could buy it, which of course I answered. Today was a really terrible day for me after an allergic reaction which made my nose double in size started to cause me severe pain for hours, because of this reaction and the gross blisters which came with it I had to remove my makeup earlier, but because I am a team player I took off all my makeup except my mascara which I continued to wear until 10pm. 

The mascara once again stayed in place and kept my lashes looking long and dark all day long. It's definitely not a product you have to reapply, actually, I think reapplying it could make your lashes look clumped and spider-like which no one wants. I also find the formula to be slightly heavier than other mascaras I have used, but I have quite sturdy lashes and a lot of them at that so my curl stays in place most of the time, but if your lashes are less dense and can't take a heavy mascara then this one is definitely not for you. If I were to think of a dupe or a similar mascara the first one that comes to mind is the L'Oreal Manga mascara.

So have you tried this mascara? Are you going to? What do you look for in a mascara?

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The 5 Biggest Blogger Misconceptions

I've been blogging for a while now, so long that I can't quite remember a time when I didn't have my little corner of the internet. Technically I started in 2014, but I usually tell people it was 2015 as I really had no idea what I was doing for the first 6 months and all those blog posts are not available in my archive, trust me, it's a good thing you don't have to endure them. I wouldn't say I've mastered blogging, not even close, but I've been here long enough to have received every insult in the book, I have endured the eye roll, the scoff, the "I want to start a blog to receive freebies like you do" messages on Facebook, I know all the insults, I can tell the look of a blogger hater before they've even opened their mouth, but why do so many people dislike us? Personally, I think it's a lack of understanding, a lack of wanting to understand, too caught in their ways of thinking everything new and shiny is bad and that us "millennials just don't work as hard" as they had to when they were our age, cue the eye roll. So, I thought I'd list some crazy misconceptions people have about bloggers and explain that yes, it can be a full-time job, not mine, but still. 

Now, this is the stupidest one I've seen, but it tends to be the overarching belief among people who have decided that blogging cannot and should not be a full-time career. As someone who has worked outside of my blog in PR, journalism, marketing, advertising, social media and so on, I can definitely tell you blogging is just as hard a job prospect as those fields, because a blogger takes on all of those titles for themselves. When I am blogging I am writing up pieces that range from 600-2,000 words regularly, what does that remind you of? Journalism. Not only am I writing those pieces but I am also editing them, coming up with the idea for the post, rearranging layout, doing the SEO of those posts, using keywords. I then take the photos for my blog posts, just like many bloggers out there and edit them myself, just as a photographer would have to, following this I then promote them on social media, control all my social media accounts myself and just like me a lot of bloggers are also self-taught in coding and CSS to advance their blog. Blogging isn't just sitting at a laptop, writing a bunch of paragraphs, pressing publish and you're done for the day, it takes hard work and dedication, for me, it can take up to two weeks to write a single blog post and get it from draft to published and promoted on my blog. Alongside that I am also doing a masters degree, just like many other bloggers out, there who are at college, university, working full-time jobs or sometimes having two to three different jobs on the go. It's not an easy as it looks and I'd love to see anyone throwing this insult out way trying to do it. 

The 5 Biggest Blogger Misconceptions

I hate the term freebies and how it tends to be used when talking about bloggers because the items we get gifted or are sent by companies are almost always never a freebie. Sometimes we are gifted items that have no strings attached, no promises are made to write a blog post, no social media posts are spoken about, but it's still there that expectation that we will write about the product or share it on our social media channels. Further, no one ever receives gifted items or sponsored items when they first start a blog, to get to the stage when you're on PR lists and receiving products from brands you have already been slaving away at your blog long enough to have a substantial following and have made yourself and your blog current enough that working with you benefits the brand to some extent. Brands don't see a blogger with two blog posts and think "work with her because she's a blogger", no, brands find bloggers they think are worthwhile, this could be a large following, a unique writing style, in-depth reviews or any other factor that is important to the brand. So, no, bloggers do not start out with the intent of receiving freebies, doing so puts you at a large disadvantage and you get bored before you get the chance to be known by brands because your heart isn't in it. There has to be a love or a passion for blogging, for the writing, the sharing, the creativity, otherwise we'd never stick at it long enough.

One thing I have noticed, especially when undertaking my dissertation last year, wherein I researched the trust consumers hold over bloggers, is that a lot of people think ads, sponsored or paid for posts are lies. A lot of people believe that if a brand pays you for a review or a social media post or even if you just post about a gifted item then you must be lying to stay in a brand's good graces. This is so wrong. There are some bloggers who like to keep their reviews positive and not point out any issues surrounding a product because they want the brand to share it or to get on/stay on a PR list but these kind of bloggers are few and far between. What is more important to us as bloggers is our readership and those who look to our blogs for reviews or recommendations, those people who keep our blogs relevant, they deserve the truth and if we don't think they should waste their money on a product, most bloggers, including myself will tell them because trust comes before everything else. Plus, wouldn't it make us look silly to praise a product over and over again only to have other people write all over the internet otherwise? It doesn't matter whether we are receiving payment for a blog post, most of us will continue to be truthful and honest. 

The 5 Biggest Blogger Misconceptions

I get this one, trust me, I completely understand where this misconception comes from, I'm not a blogger with 3 Chanel bags, 5 pairs of Dior shoes and 6 Givenchy blazers, I am not whisked away on holidays across the globe with luxury brands, so I know how it feels to see all of this one social media. That isn't every single blogger's lifestyle, nor do all bloggers have those luxury, easy, carefree lives. We still have bills to pay, things to worry about, real-life issues, I mean you can use me as an example of a blogger that does not live that fancy, private jet, Instagram goals lifestyle if you want. It is also important to remember that people only tend to show the good on social media and their blog, they don't want to show you them paying their bills or crying because a family member is unwell or stressing out over deadlines, you only see the highlights reel of many people's lives and yes it can give off the idea that once bloggers get big they suddenly live the life of luxury, but no one does except maybe Beyonce but even then she has been through troubling times too. 

I swear I see this one daily, a blogger posts a photo of her new favourite perfume on Instagram, I like it before heading to Twitter and there she is replying to 10 different tweets accusing her of not disclosing the ad on Instagram. No matter how many times she explains it's not an ad, she just loves the perfume people just aren't having it, because everything bloggers do must be an ad, right? I haven't personally experienced this one, but I almost feel like everyone outside of the blogging world thinks bloggers are walking ads, everything we wear, everything we like and everything we do is provided by companies, that's not always how it works. Sometimes we just like items and want to share them with people on the internet, even if we spent our hard earned money on it because not everything in our lives are gifted to us, especially us smaller bloggers, we buy a good 80% of what we post about online, so to see people being accused of being walking adverts is just so discouraging.


Are there any other misconceptions you're tired of hearing? Or did any of these surprise you? Tell me in the comments below! 

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Learning What Being "The Best Version of Me" Means

I've always been a big believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason, that everything we go through in life can be a lesson. I also believe that we evolve daily into newer versions of ourselves based on our mindset, what we go through and what we see as our future goal. As you probably already know, goals are a big deal to me, I love the aspect of goals and want to be forever evolving, learning and changing. As I get older my mindset evolves and I start to see things differently, so it only makes sense that my goals and the aspects I see as successes also change as time goes on, but one of my goals that has stayed consistent as long as I can possibly remember, is that I want to be the best version of myself that I can be, but what does that mean? 

It's a concept that you hear often "be the best version of yourself", it's been spoken about on blogs, in magazines and in TED talks, it's everywhere, but what does it mean? I think it is unique to all of us, to every single person, the best version of them self is not what the person next to them sees as the best version of them, it's very individual. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what it means for me to be the best version of myself and the characteristics I think are most important to me. Do I have to be successful to be the best version of myself? Do I have to be hard working? Do I have to be in a good mood at all times? Being anything 24/7 is draining and takes a lot of hard work, so that last one is definitely not going to work for me, but if not, what makes me the best version of myself and do I have to act in a specific way all day, every day to be it or should it just be instinct? 

For many people their best version of them self only comes in the future tense, the best version of them self comes from success, it comes from getting their dream job or graduating university or running their own business. Personally, I want to be able to be the best version of myself now, I want to continuously be the best version of myself and as the world evolves and as I grow that version of myself does too. I want the best version of myself to be something I am, not something I aspire to be. So what does it mean to me to be that version of myself? Who am I and am I that version of myself instinctively or do I have to work to become the better alternative to who I am now? 

Learning What Being "The Best Version of Me" Means

I've always been very sympathetic, I can't see someone cry or I cry, people I know, characters on tv, strangers on the train, I am very empathetic. Being a good person, being able to place myself in other people's shoes, understanding situations from all angles and being able to channel other emotions are all skills that I think are important in being the best version of myself. To me, it is important to think of others, it is important to see every other person as a human being and never a means to an end. I am sarcastic, I am witty and sometimes my dry humour can rub people the wrong way, but I'd like to think that I've never done anyone wrong purely because I wanted to, I don't think I have ever wanted to do others wrong and to me that's the way I always want it to be, that is what makes me the best version of myself. 

To me, to be hardworking is to be successful, I don't need to be the best, I don't need to be the most successful I just have to know that I am doing my best. To me, being hardworking and working for the things I want in life is good enough to mark me down as the best version of myself, whether I manage to get the outcome I was hoping for or if I manage to outdo other people is not as important to me, what is important is how much effort and work I put in. I can only ever see myself as being the best version of myself if I am working hard and letting my work ethic do the talking. I am working on this right now and mentioned it in my January changes post (read here) wherein I note that I try to do something each and every day that will affect my future in a positive way, thus being the best version of myself through my hard work. 

I think during high school, and sometimes afterwards for some people, we go through a stage of changing who we are to please other people. We pretend we like the same music as them, we pretend to have the same beliefs and feelings as them and we can sometimes try to morph into other people by dressing and talking like them. The problem continues long after we become our own person because although we start to find ourselves and realise we are our own person, we still worry about what others may think of us. "Oh I can't wear that, what if people don't like it", "No, I couldn't possibly post that, what if people laugh?" and even now I'll be taking notes in university and wonder "Do people think I am a loser for taking so many notes?" We focus our attention on others and allow them to dictate how we dress, our interests, our habits, our beliefs and how we carry ourselves. For me, being the best version of myself would to never question myself because I am worried about how others see me, to be the best me, is to just be me. 

Learning What Being "The Best Version of Me" Means

I have always been creative, I'd be the kid who came up with the new game ideas, I was the one with 4 different notebooks filled with stories I had written, it's always been something that comes naturally to me. Sometimes, however, I let that side of me slip, I get too involved with uni work, I become too obsessed with being perfect and getting things right that I forget to add a creative flair. I  definitely feel my creative side was not well expressed on my blog last year, but to be creative is to be me and the best version of me is creative, is unique and has bounds of ideas just waiting to find a cause. 

I love to learn, I love learning new things, I watch documentaries all the time, I seek out TED talks, I went for my masters degree, I love learning. I don't think we have ever hit capacity on learning and I truly believe that each and every day we learn at least one new thing. So I never want to stop learning, I never want to stop seeking opportunities to learn whether it's documentaries on bitcoin or articles about skincare, I always want to be expanding my knowledge and learning. For me, the best version of me is someone who seeks out learning opportunities at every chance.

From reading this post and many other posts I've published here you could probably tell that I am a dreamer, I am ambitious and I very often write how mediocracy isn't what I want, not that it's a bad thing, I just want my big dreams to come true. If I were to ever settle for less than those dreams, then I definitely don't think I would be being the best version of myself, in fact, I think to settle would be to go completely against who I am a person altogether. However, it is very important that I note this section of the post is not intended to insult anyone like I've said above, we are all individuals and I believe we all have different ideas of what mediocracy is and what it is to live our dreams. Just because your dreams don't align with mine does not mean you are living a mediocre life, you're just living a life opposite to mine and that's okay, I hope it is your dream life and I hope you are loving every second of it.


I would love to know what it means to be the best version of you! Tell me in the comments below and let's see if our characteristics align! 

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