The Three Books I Keep by My Desk and Why

The Three Books I Keep by My Desk and Why

When I first decided I wanted to redo my desk area this year I knew I wanted a small shelf just above my desk, home to some candles, my stationary and a few books I like to keep by my workstation. I knew exactly which books I wanted close by to where I would be doing the majority of my blogging and working. If you didn't already know I am a big fan of self-help styled books, inspirational books and that is what these books are to me. They are the inspiration I need to have looking over me on a daily basis, it just works out really well that they're all very aesthetically pleasing, which is why you've seen them in multiple blog post photographs of mine. These books are 'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k' by Sarah Knight, 'How to be an Overnight Success' by Maria Hatzistefanis and 'What Would Audrey Do?' by Pamela Keogh. You're probably thinking "what a strange combination of books" but let me tell you why they are so perfect and why it is always a good idea to have some inspiration at your desk.

The Three Books I Keep by My Desk and Why

I got this book a couple of Christmases ago and I absolutely adore it. I'm a people pleaser so it's hard for me to say no and this book taught me that it's okay to say no, and further that it's perfectly normal to put myself before others, something I've always found hard. Before I redone my blog this year I took another little scan of this book to remind myself that I have to put myself before others, write for me, do my blog for and stop trying to live up a standard set by others on what blogging is or should be about. This book reminds me regularly that it's okay to not give a f**k and having it on my shelf makes it easy to pick up and remind myself of that in times when my people pleaser side is about to make a breakthrough. 

I'm not an entrepreneur but this book still helps me especially when it comes to blogging. I like to look to this book for inspiration on how to make my blog a brand, how to push my content out there and treat my corner of the internet like it is a business. Further, I just find the beauty and fashion industries inspiring in themselves as they are fascinating and since I am studying marketing this book is pretty useful in seeing the other side of things, the business side before they come to the marketers and I find that not only interesting but incredibly inspiring. Having this book here inspires me to succeed and reminds me that there is no such thing as an overnight success, in fact, it takes years to become successful. 

I am a massive Audrey fan, seen all her movies, got a few books about her life, her career, her style and so on, I just find her so inspiring. This book is not only a pretty book to have in blog photos, but it reminds me of how I would like to be seen, the way Audrey was, as a classy, lovely and talented person. Whenever I feel like I don't know how to approach a situation I look to this book to inspire me how to treat the situation in a classy manner, the way Audrey would. This book is one I have read a couple of times and I think I will be reading it again soon, having one of my idols teaching me how to approach different situations is the way to go. 

The Three Books I Keep by My Desk and Why

They say never judge a book by its cover, but when the covers are this pretty and pastel then how can you not? Of course it's a major bonus that all three books have very pretty, pink and cohesive spines, it makes them look gorgeous being sat together on my shelf, they fit with the overall style around my desk and of course having them here makes it super easy to lean over and grab them for extra blog photography props. They pull together the look of my desk to give it the perfect girly chic look I am going for, but how they look is definitely not the most important factor when it comes to why they're by my desk. 

The Life-Changing Magic book by Sarah Knight was one of the first self-help style books that I read and actually felt I learned from. It's not a traditional self-help book, in fact, I'd say it's rather unconventional, but that's why it works for me. I am a top tier people pleaser, so for me, saying no to people is something I find hard, as is, not caring what people think of me. If it is one of those days and I'm overthinking a little too much all I have to do is slip this book off my shelf and have a flick through it. How to be an Overnight Success is one that inspires me too, but in a totally different way, this one inspires my work ethic, my blog and my strive for success. Although this book is about making it in business, there is a lot you can take away from it as a blogger, or just someone looking to be successful in any aspect of your life. I like to pull this one out when I am losing sight of myself as a blogger, or feeling unwary of my future. What Would Audrey do is a totally different ball game from the other two, this book inspires me because Audrey Hepburn inspires me. She is an absolute icon and one of two women, my mum included, who I truly aspire to be like. This book gives information on how Audrey would approach any situation from style to business, to relationships, if ever I need a helping hand this book shows me the classy, Audrey way to approach the situation. 

The Three Books I Keep by My Desk and Why

Of course, I love to reread books, I do it all the time, my Devil Wears Prada book is worn away at the spine and corners because of how often I have read it. I think I have read almost every book in my collection twice at the very least, except those new additions, but these three books are books I like to reread. I only got How to be an Overnight Success at Christmas and I have already read it twice, that's how much I enjoy the book. I feel like self-help type books like these are great to reread personally, as I always find myself reading sections in a different way, taking different things from the book and learning new things every time I do so. These three are books that I always seem to learn from, no matter how often I pick them up and flick through them or read them. Plus with all three the chapters teach you different things about different sections of life. With The LIfe-Changing Magic, there are sub-sections like dress code and meetings that help you deal with those situations and it's easy to just flick to whichever section you need help with that day. How to be an Overnight Success is the same with different sections and Maria tells you her experience in dealing with those situations which makes her insight even more trustworthy. What Would Audrey Do is written in the same way, with sub-sections on diet, exercise, home life and so on so I just flick to the section I want inspiration in and bam. 

As a blogger, I like to have my blog photography props easy to access on minutes notice when I am setting up to get the photographs taken. These books have all been featured in quite a few posts of mine on here and having them sat by my desk where I do most of my blogging makes it easy to quickly grab them and use them in my blog photography. 
Have you read these books? Do you have any books you like to keep close to you? Tell me below in the comments. 

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