The Easiest Way to Take Off Your Makeup

The Easiest Way to Take Off Your Makeup

Have you ever had the world's longest day only to come home, look in the mirror and think "this makeup has to come off and I just don't want to do it!"? Me too, countless times, long days at uni, concerts, blog events, late nights you name it, I've gotten to the end of the day and regretted caring for my skin, I've even contemplated skipping my skincare regime to get a good sleep, but y'know I wouldn't do that. I care too much for my skin, I have put too much time and money into keeping this complexion clear and people who wear a full face to bed do not have a clear complexion, trust me. So isn't it just perfect that I found the best hack for getting that full face off within seconds? Yes, you heard me right, no scrubbing, no rubbing, no full packs of cotton pads being used here and no, it's not a set of face wipes either, it's a soft, fluffy pink cloth.

The absolute geniuses over at Magnitone came up with one of the simplest, easiest and all over just best ways to take your makeup off. They created the Wipe Out, microfibre cleansing cloths that are bought in sets of two and my saviour at the end of a long day. All you have to do is dampen the cloth under warm water and then rub it on your face in small circular motions to wipe off a full face of makeup, including eye makeup. When I first saw these little gems going around on the internet I will be the first to admit, I was apprehensive, I doubted they worked and worse, I feared they would be rough and leave my skin dry and cracked, but guess what? I was wrong. These cloths are so soft, so fluffy and this doesn't fade once they are damp either, they don't drag or leave your skin feeling dry or cracked, they just remove every last bit of your makeup. 

The Easiest Way to Take Off Your Makeup

What I like to do is dampen the entire cloth, put one side on one hand and the other on the other hand and then in circular motions remove the makeup from my cheeks, up to my forehead and down to my chin. Following this, I have a rub at my nose and tackle my eyes last. It takes longer to remove the makeup from your eyes, especially if your mascara is waterproof, but gentle, circular motions remove it with ease. I sometimes go over my face a couple of times just to be extra safe all makeup is gone before I move on to my cleanser. Although these cloths are referred to as cleansing cloths, I have been double cleansing for a couple of years now. So I do still cleanse after using these cloths and I very rarely find any makeup residue on the cotton pad I applied my cleanser with because they are amazing at taking every last bit of product off. 

The cloths are reversible so you can often get two uses out of them before you have to pop them in the washing at 30 degrees. I have washed these little guys a good 20-30 times now and they continue to look brand new after each use as they are definitely long lasting. They are a bright shade of pink and despite washing them so often the colour never fades, nor have I ever stained them with makeup, waterproof or not. I love to use these little wipes on night's where I want to shorten my skincare regime, even if it is only by a few minutes as these are much quicker at taken makeup off than a cleanser and cotton pads, plus they are much softer on the skin than cotton pads, so my skin is always grateful when these little guys are being used.

The Easiest Way to Take Off Your Makeup

The best thing about it is how quickly these little guys remove your makeup, not even 5 minutes after you dampen the cloth is your face completely bare and ready for your skincare regime. I would recommend regularly washing them as just like your clothing and makeup brushes bacteria can build up on these little guys and can lead to breakouts. Although I was super excited to test them I did wash them before I the first use just to be on the safe side, I often give everything a safety wash before using especially when it comes to things I use on my face like cloths, makeup brushes etc. As you never know the packaging technique of these and who has touched them with unwashed hands etc, it is always just the safest option in my personal opinion.

The Easiest Way to Take Off Your Makeup


Have you tried these little guys? What do you think? I would love to know your opinions below in the comments. 

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