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Goodbye 2018: The Year of Grief, Success and Growth

I've tried to keep my private life as private as possible when it comes to what I blog about, I can't really describe why. I don't know if it's because I'm someone who likes to hide my feelings away and play miss sunshine all the time or whether it's because I don't want to bring attention to the bad parts of life or maybe it is because I want my blog to be a happy place. I write a lot of blog posts from the heart, about personal things, grief, unhappiness, you name it, it is most likely in my drafts. I find writing therapeutic, there are two things I do when I become engulfed in my emotion; I write about them or I listen to music that feels what I am feeling, it's my coping mechanism I suppose you could say. I'm not one to share my feelings, I never want to bother people with my feelings, so when my emotions begin to bubble I lock myself away with my laptop and my headphones and I let it out, but lately I've wanted to open up a little more and I guess it is a result of the past year. 

2018, the year of grief, success and growth. So 2018 has been a weird one for me. It was the first year we will begin and end without my beautiful nephew. My nephew, Aaron was born with a terminal illness and passed away at the age of four last May. After he passed, it was hard, very hard, my life, my family, the world changed for me. I wanted to pretend it wasn't happening and so I applied for a masters degree, I threw myself into achieving a distinction, I went to university every single day almost, when I wasn't at university I was doing university work. I never wanted my mind to be empty, if it was empty I'd overthink, I'd realise what was happening in the world, that he wasn't here and I'd break down. I told myself I did it for him, I went out to achieve a masters because I wanted to succeed in life for him because he never got the chance, and yes, it is partly true, I still want to do well in life because he never got to, but I was lying to myself. I did my masters because I couldn't accept the pain, I wanted a distraction, by focusing on university 24/7 my mind never got a minute to think about anything else. 

Goodbye 2018: The Year of Grief, Success and Growth

I finished university in April/May of this year, handed in my dissertation in August. Then came the hunt for a job, my mind continued to stay busy, little did I know, my mind was about to go blank. I got a job, a job I adore with people I adore and from nine until five every evening my brain is buzzing with content plans, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and office jokes, but once I get home at 6pm, suddenly there is nothing to do. There are no essays to write, no work to bring home, I have all of this free time, then I have 48 hours of a weekend where I am free to do whatever I please. A whole year and five months after my nephew's passing suddenly I was smacked in the face with the grief I had been pushing away. That's not to say that I didn't grieve all that time, of course, I did, but not in the way it has hit me recently. Filing away all my grief, my upset, my hurt into that little box for all those months made it explode and suddenly I am a tonne more emotional, not just in the way I grieve but in everything, I cry at everything from adverts to poems to Instagram captions. 

I was suddenly overcome by how short life is, by how important happiness and love are and by how nothing in life is ever guaranteed. I find myself thinking about my nephew a lot and as much as I cry, I am happy because I experienced him, his beautiful presence, his inspiring life and not many people can say that. I cry a lot, probably more than normal, but I guess that's what you get for pushing your feelings away for so long. I am happy to be sad because I am alive and I can feel. I am 22 years old and I hopefully have an entire long-winded future ahead of me, but I also may not and that's bloody scary, but it also means that I should be happy while I can, I should feel while I still can, I don't want to waste my time, I don't want to cry over boys who are too dumb to see how bloody fantastic I am because I want to live, I want to live for Aaron, I want to succeed and travel and fall in love and enjoy my life because I know that every second of it he will be there, maybe up there in that place people call heaven or maybe just in my heart, but he's there and he's going to experience it all with me, every smile, every tear, every scream, every emotion that life can possibly give me because life is so precious and beautiful and I only wish he could have experienced more of it. 

Goodbye 2018: The Year of Grief, Success and Growth

It's been one hell of a year, I have tried to deal with the grief as it comes, but it can be overwhelming at times, I put on my brave face, I cry myself to sleep at night and I let it run its course because I want to grieve forever, I never want there to be a day that goes by when I don't think of Aaron and the love, light and inspiration he brought upon this world. I will carry my grief with me forever, but I will also be happy and succeed because I know it's what he would want because I know he is rooting for me. So, what does 2019 hold for me? I have no clue. Maybe I will fall in love, maybe I will win the lottery, maybe I will be hit by a bus, who knows? I mean let's all hope that last one won't happen, but no matter what happens I want to be happy, I want to be surrounded by people who cheer me on, who believe in me, who I connect with. I don't want to waste my time, I don't want to lose sight of my big picture, I don't want to rush into anything either, I want to always trust my gut and trust that my guardian angel has my back like he has this past year. He was there for me getting my distinction and he was there for me getting my wonderful, wonderful job, so I know he has my back and I trust him to lead me to happiness. 

I've always been an ambitious person, I've always wanted to be successful and do amazing things with my life, it's why I've always worked so hard because I am ambitious and I want to make something of myself. I never want to be someone who relies on others for anything, I am often told I am too stubborn and independent. I want to make my own future, I want to make my own money and buy myself a treat every now and then, so I work hard. Sometimes that hard work pays off and this year I got a job working in a wonderful social media marketing agency. I felt like everything I had been working towards was suddenly beginning to pay off in some way. It's hard for me to describe this year, to talk about it, decide whether it was good or bad because it was both, at different times and at the same time. I feel like I am a completely different person than the one who entered this year. I've grown in so many ways, I have taken control of my emotions in ways I can't even understand myself, I have succeeded in life and made moves towards becoming the person I want to be. I have grown in confidence, I am starting to become happy in just being me, I am learning that yes, I have my bad habits and my flaws, but I am also really quite funny, I'm intelligent and I am so much more than those annoying quirks or the visible flaws that bug me so much.

So, if I could summarise 2018 in one word it would be growth, the year of growth and I am very excited for 2019 and all the wonderful wonderful opportunities it holds. Where will I be this time next year? I don't know, I literally have no plans for what I want to happen in 2019, but I am ready to take on another year. To live my life to the best of my ability to do everything Aaron never had the chance to, for both him and I.

I usually ask a question here, but I don't even know what I would ask, but if you are ever going through a tough time and need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to get in touch. Whether we've spoken before or not, email me or find me on social media: 

Christmas Shopping With St Enoch Centre


I am absolutely obsessed with this time of year. I start listening to Christmas music in November, the trees go up on the first of December every single year, I own an advent calendar and I go above and beyond with Christmas presents all too often. So when I am invited along to Christmas themed events as a blogger it is one of the most exciting times for me. I mean, I even held back on coming back to blogging until it was December just to set off my favourite time of year properly. This year, just like last year I went along to the St Enoch Centre's #ShopStEnoch event to look into all the festive goodies available and once again I am beyond impressed. 

St Enoch Centre has always been one of my favourite places to shop in Glasgow, especially at Christmas time, there is a shop to fit every personality in your life. I wanted to do something a little different with this post, instead of walking you through the wonderful event, I want to let you know all of the amazing places and ways to shop for the people in your life in St Enoch Centre. As regularly as I shop at St Enoch it's not until I see all of the amazing shops showing their festive pieces that I realise... wow, I could do a full on Christmas present shop here without going anywhere else. The wonderful event let me see all the goodies on offer and gave me so many ideas on what I want to buy the amazing people in my life for Christmas this year. 

Christmas Shopping With St Enoch Centre

St Enoch has so many amazing shops offering makeup, skincare and beauty. The first place I always think of it Boots, it's the perfect first stop on any shopping trip. There is haircare, skincare, makeup, perfume, body care... no matter what you are guaranteed to find a gift set that the makeup and beauty guru in your life with adore. I am actually loving Niomi Smart's collection which is available in Boots at the moment, I love what Niomi stands for and I think her brand is so her, plus everything is fruity which I adore. Boots also have a whole bunch of perfume gift sets which are perfect for gifting to mums, grans, aunties or even a friend or colleague if you know their signature scent. The next stop for beauty in St Enochs for me is always The Body Shop, they are doing so many fantastic gift sets for Christmas, I am especially loving their Christmas limited edition sets, it just makes a product slightly more special when it's limited edition, right? Lastly, I tend to go a walk around the beauty counters in Debenhams, some slightly more high-end or luxury beauty, skincare and perfume brands over at Debenhams. I tend to buy my best friend a palette or makeup set for Debenhams every Christmas, so I always like to pop in and check out their sets. Too Faced are killing it with the Christmas sets this year, while Bobbi Brown, once again have me heart eyes for their limited edition Christmas products. 

Christmas Shopping With St Enoch Centre

We all have nieces and nephews or brother and sisters to buy toys for... or maybe you just have a big kid in your life that you like to shop in kids shops for. The first place I always go is Hamleys and I usually find myself getting lost a thousand times. Hamleys caters to everyone from babies to toddlers to school kids and pre-teens. Right now they have an entire corner of the store dedicated to Harry Potter with merchandise even some 30-year-olds will be going mad for. I also love their little Christmas themed teddies, perfect for popping in the top of gift bags for kids. Hamleys kindly gifted each of us our own personalised bears at the event and he is so soft that I won't be rehoming him, he is staying with me. The next stop for me is always Disney, whether I am looking for Moana toys for my nice, Cars toys for my nephew or a new mug for my best friend I think Disney caters to all. They also have some absolutely stunning Christmas decorations in which I want every single one of. For the bigger kids in your life, aka the children in adult bodies Debenhams has a wonderful collection of board games, trivia games, collectables and I found myself walking around for twenty minutes just looking through it all... possibly debating a few games for myself. 

Where to begin with this one. I think St Enoch has such a wide number of clothing shops there is definitely something for everyone's price points. Starting with H&M, I think H&M is perfect for the staples especially jumpers. If you know someone who loves a good fuzzy jumper head to H&M to find the perfect match. If you're looking for a cute bag to add into someone's present I always find Dorothy Perkins has cute small bags at reasonable prices. My favourite place to go is Topshop, there is one out on Argyle Street or one in Debenhams and both stock some of the most beautiful pieces. Whether you're looking for some shoes for your best friend, a jumper or dress for your sister or are just looking for some pieces for yourself Topshop will most likely have exactly what you're after. In Debenhams, there are also a bunch of other clothing shops so if you're ready to spend two hours of your life in there and buy more for yourself than your loved ones then head up to the clothing floor. 

Christmas Shopping With St Enoch Centre

Is it just me or does shopping make everyone absolutely starving?! There are so many places in St Enoch to eat but I have two favourites in particular. Kimbles, Kimbles is perfect for anyone looking for a coffee and to walk away with a bag filled with sweets. They have a whole range of Christmas themed chocolates and I will definitely be popping by again for some little chocolate Santas asap. The other place I adore for a quick lunch on St Enochs is Muffin Break. Muffin Break do absolutely incredible coffees, but on top of that they now have a Christmas menu, so if you want turkey, pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce on your panini to fill that festive belly of yours, they have you covered. Their food is prepared fresh for you and is always so tasty, I am getting hungry even just thinking about it. 

We all have someone in our life who has a perfume collection bigger than our wardrobe. If you are looking for the perfect perfume for someone you have a massive choice of perfume shops to go sniffing around. Debenhams is one I always find I get the best service in, I always feel like sales assistants will stand with me, let me rhyme off the giftees signature scents and they will know exactly what kind of perfume fan they are and will come back with one the person adores. If you like more of a specialist environment when shopping for perfume The Perfume Shop and The Fragrance Shop are the places to be. Overpowering scents give me a headache so sadly for me I can't enter them often, but I always find the staff of both to be so helpful and they always have wonderful sales on leading up to Christmas if you're a savvy shopper. 

Right now St Enochs are currently doing a shop local event where local brands are doing pop up shops in the centre in the lead up to Christmas. Supporting local businesses is an amazing thing that helps small companies grow and continue to do what they love. If you want to buy something that means a little more you should definitely look into what local businesses are on offer. I cannot wait to check them out myself and get my loved ones gifts that are unique and that go a long way to helping people continue to live out their dreams and passions. 

What kind of giftee are you at Christmas? A fashion lover? A beauty guru? A big kid? Let me know in the comments below or catch me on social media: 

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!

I've not blogged in so long now that I've forgotten how to do it... but I am back! It is December, my favourite time of the year, I am excited, I am happy and I am more than motivated. It's been a pretty busy, quick and exciting few weeks since you last had me rambling away on your screen. As you know I got a job working in social media aka the best job in the world. It's been pretty hectic, I work 9-5 and as I travel 30 minutes each way, most nights I get in just before 6pm, eat dinner and fall into bed because I am exhausted. I've been getting a little more used to the schedule now and can usually keep myself awake until at least 10pm on weeknights and for possibly the last week I have been using that time to plan out blog content, so really, I have been back in the blogging mind frame for a week or so, but I wanted to come back after graduation and in early December, just so I could give it my full attention outside of work hours.

I am so excited to be back in the blogging world, I started posting a little more regularly on Instagram this past week and was especially inspired by the St Enoch Centre #ShopStEnoch event I attended last Tuesday where I got all the Christmas feels tingling. I will be posting all about that wonderful event on Thursday, I was writing up the post yesterday and suddenly realised I haven't blogged in so long and should probably do a little update before I get back into regular posts. I am really excited to blog again, as much as I adore my job, I do miss blogging, it is just trying to find that balance again, but I am slowly getting there. I will probably get used to juggling right before Christmas holidays knowing me. I have two blog posts going live this week however and have two set up for next, so as long as I keep up this motivation and energy I should do okay. 

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!

The motivation I guess came from how fantastic my past week has been, I graduated from a masters of science degree in International Marketing with distinction. It is honestly one of my proudest achievements and after having a pretty tough year leading up to starting my course and being teamed up with a very problematic individual for most of my assessments I am truly proud of myself for achieving distinction. I adored every moment of my masters degree, I truly believe I learned more in those short 12 months than I did my entire undergrad. Not just about marketing but about myself. I was pushed to breaking point by a certain individual multiple times, I cried and thought about dropping about as that individual tried to sabotage my grades. I learned that I can battle on, that I can stand up for myself and that I can confidently present to 14 of the senior members of NHS Scotland and be part of the team they chose as their favourite of the day. It was a whirlwind year, with certain parts I'd love to relive and certain parts I'd definitely not, but overall I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the experience I had.

I'd like to say I'd love to go back and do it all again, but I wouldn't, not because it was hard or stressful, which at times it was, but because I am so happy with the present. Getting a little sentimental right now, but I am so happy to say "Hey, I did a masters degree, I got distinction, my hard work paid off" and I am even happier to say "Hey, I have a job I adore and work with some pretty amazing people, how about you?" So, in the past month, I came to the end of my first month in my first adult job, I went back to high school for the day, I cut off my hair into just slightly longer than a lob, I graduated, I attended a Christmas, fun-packed event and had a ball doing it all and probably a bunch more things I have missed in between. I even started to watch Vlogmas and am making myself keep up with all the shenanigans of my favourite YouTubers, whether it's catching up in the evenings, on my lunch breaks or binging at the weekends, I want to stop being lazy and using "I work 9 to 5 as an excuse for not doing anything but lying in bed drifting in and out of sleep until it's acceptable to actually go to bed.

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!
Oh, and here is my new haircut!

Nothing says I am back quite like a random, half sentimental, half nonsense filled ramble, right?

So, what festive activities have you tried your hand at already this month? I want to know in the comments below or catch me over on social media: 
Let's Talk Cleansing Brushes and Problematic Skin


For me, taking care of my skin is a huge deal. I have very problematic skin, changes to my lifestyle and my routine tend to break me out, stress or a change in environment, basically my skin loves to use any reason it can to break out. I try to keep to a regular skin care regime, swapping out products every so often to try new ones, adjusting my routine to fit the problems I am having at that moment and so on. There is one thing that has stayed consistent within my skincare regime for around 4 years now and that is my Magnitone Bare Faced cleansing brush. I've spoken about my adoration for my Bare Faced brush a lot on my blog and probably my love of the brand even more. So when Magnitone released the Bare Faced 2 I just knew I had to own it.

The most noticeable difference between the original Bare Faced cleansing brush and the Bare Faced 2 is how they look. The Bare Faced 2 has a much more mature style to it, in simple colours with a much more modernised shape. As much as I adore my original brushes, they look like the younger sisters of the BF2 which to me is a classier version. On top of this, the brush head itself is a little smaller making the brush more compact and easier to travel with. This does mean however that the brush heads are not interchangeable with the ones from the original brushes. When it comes to how the actual product works there is one very big difference, the original had just two settings: normal and pulse setting, the BF2, however, has an extra setting, on top of the normal and pulse setting there is a setting for those with more sensitive skin. The last difference is a small one, but one I was very excited for, the BF2 comes with a little white stand meaning you don't have to worry about your cleansing brush not drying out properly after use and so it can be sat out in your bathroom and be shown off. Much of the changes to the brush are aesthetic, but I was due to upgrade my original anyway as I believe it may have hit the end of its road. 

Like I stated before I am a big fan of skincare and I adore using my BF2 every morning and night. I like to use it with a cream cleanser, lately, it has been my Elemis cleanser but I do like to switch it up every now and then. I use this after I have washed my face in the morning and before I use my hot cloth cleansing balm. In the evenings I use my BF2 after I have taken my makeup off and cleansed as a double cleanse. I usually use the more sensitive setting in the morning to wake up my skin and the normal setting in the evenings to really cleanse my pores before bed. After each use, my skin feels smooth, cleansed and plump. I did stop using my original brush on my face for a few weeks before I began using the BF2 as I wanted to get the full effect of using the cleansing brush and I found my skin began looking much more glowy and healthy after I restarted using the brush daily. I think this is purely down to the deep cleanse my face receives daily, or almost daily. I have reduced my use of my BF2 to 4 days a week, just because I felt I was being a little too precautious with using it each and every single day. I began to wonder if I was actually doing my skin damage rather than good. 

I haven't seen much change in my skin since reducing my uses, it is still clean, smooth and glowing, which I am happy to report. I do add in an extra day if I have a little problem area just to try and keep the problem area clean and fresh. Doing this has led to my spots reducing in size a little quicker than if I withhold from using the brush. I definitely think this is due to the deep cleanse the brush is able to give to my skin, it can get to the root of the problem and unclog any pores in a way I find just cleansing doesn't. 

Yes, like I said I adore Magnitone and I adore the BF2. If you have the original and are not having any issues with it, I'd say keep your £90 because there isn't too much of a difference in what the brush does for your skin. If you have sensitive skin then the sensitive feature would be perfect for you, however, and they do sensitive brush heads too which I adore on the days when my skin is feeling a little more sensitive. I'd definitely say adjust the uses of it to suit you, I have problematic skin so using mine a lot does help me, but if your skin is sensitive or you have damaged skin I'd say find your own timetable for when you feel it works for you and when you think you could go without using it. Some weeks I find myself only using it in the mornings other times I use it more, it depends how my skin feels and whether I think using it would be a good or a bad choice based on my skin at that moment. I do try to stick to a schedule as it keeps my skin happier, but sometimes it can feel a little rough on my skin if I've just tried a new product or something has disagreed with my skin. 

Have you tried the Bare Faced 2? Let me know in the comments below or catch me on social media: 
Life Update and Why I'm a Terrible Blogger Right Now

Hi, so it's been a while, so long actually that I just opened my blog post by saying hi? I've been away a while, two weeks today to be exact. It is a pretty long time for me. I became pretty much dedicated to my blog in 2016 and over the past two years the longest time I've spent away from my blog was a month due to a death in the family, so I mean... it makes me very anxious knowing it's been two weeks. I have an excuse though, a good excuse in all meanings of the word. I have a job. A full-time marketing job in social media marketing and I am loving it. I mean, not only am I getting to work in a field I adore doing the work I enjoy, but I get to work in an office filled with fantastic people (hi to anyone reading this from the office, I promise I won't be mentioning you guys on here a lot). It's been a lot of fun, but also one of the biggest changes in my life and adapting to it has been pretty hard. 

I am tired all the time, I seem to only ever feel awake in the office, as soon as I am on that train home it is like I am ready to nod off at any moment. It's not like I stay up super late either, it's just strange going from being in university for an hour one day and a couple hours the next to being at work from 9am until 5pm every night. I feel like this week I have been a little bit better than my first week, so I do feel like I am beginning to function a lot better in my new routine than I was, which is always a good sign. There is only one major downside to the situation, I have no motivation or energy for blogging. I just want to sleep and laze around when I get home and my weekends I want to spend with my friends and family or doing the things I am too tired to do during the week and sadly 48 hours just don't seem like enough. This has led to me being one of the worst bloggers you have probably ever come across, but I am okay with it. 

Life Update and Why I'm a Terrible Blogger Right Now

I mean, if I could do it all, I would trust me, I adore blogging, but when it comes to my priorities it isn't right at the top right now. If I were to force myself to write up blog posts at the weekend they'd be terrible, they'd be not worth reading and I'd just be pushing myself too hard. I have to focus on what is right for me and sadly my blog is taking a back seat, I'm not saying I will not be blogging anymore, I just need to find the balance again with a new dynamic and find a routine that works for me. That being said, I am changing my schedule. I will no longer be attempting three posts a week, it is just far too much right now, instead, I'll be posting twice, or well trying to post twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday. 

It's a funny change in dynamics, a change in my routine, but I have to make it and I am happy to do so. Blogging is still something I think of as part of me, I still call myself a blogger, it is a part of my identity, but for the moment it has become a smaller part of my identity and I am okay with that. It is something I started for fun and I am so grateful to have had some of the amazing opportunities I have had from swinging from tree-tops 180ft in the air to getting laser hair removal to working with brands like Benefit, Botanics and Yes To. However, if I want to keep it fun I need to ease the pressure so it doesn't begin to feel like a chore as it has in the past. 

I dabbled with the idea of just stopping, of giving up on heythererobyn.com because it felt like it might be too hard, but I enjoy blogging too much to give it up for good. So long story short, I am a terrible blogger and I am trying, but it's going to take a while before I find the routine that works for me, so please don't forget I exist over here if I disappear again and to any brand I haven't replied to in email, I cannot begin to express how sorry I am. It has been hard, but I am ready to give my juggling act another go and I am excited to love blogging again. So enough with the brain farts and mindless rambling, I am going to go to my bed now because I have work tomorrow and hopefully what will be a fun work night out afterwards. 

So... what are you juggling blogging alongside? How did you find the right balance or are you like me and just trying your best? Let me know in the comments or head on over to social media for a chat: 
October's Autumnal Wishlist

How is it already October? I swear it was April like last week! I cannot quite believe we are already in autumn and nearing the end of the year already. We all love a little change up over autumn, getting ready with our autumn coats, our ankle boots and our berets. For me, October is the start of a new chapter in my life where I will be beginning my first adult job working in social media marketing starting today! I am so excited and to celebrate my employment and embarking upon this new adventure I thought, why not go mad with a new autumn wardrobe? While scouring ASOS I came across some absolutely gorgeous finds from checkered skirts to camel coats and red berets and I thought "Why not share the pieces I am loving for this season over on the blog?" and now here I am. 

October's Autumnal Wishlist


I don't know if it just comes naturally from being Scottish but I seem to have a bit of a weakness when it comes to tartan or checkered patterns. I am loving that check is back in style this autumn and am especially loving it on skirts, it gives me a lot of Rachel Green circa season 3 vibes which, of course, I adore. Number 2 is definitely my absolute favourite of the checked pieces I added to this wishlist. With the big pockets and silver buttons, it almost gives me Chanel vibes. The dress at number 16 is also a winner for me, I love how formal it looks and it looks like something I could see Meghan Markle wearing, it is absolutely stunning with the wrap detailing. 

As I am starting a new job I definitely feel like I have to decide now when I am purchasing things whether it is something I could wear to work and in my spare time or whether it gets put in a designated pile. I definitely think I would wear 1 over my work outfit to keep me cosy on my commute, I love an autumn jacket, it isn't too large and heavy but also not too light. Twelve is also one I could see myself wearing to work tucked into some black trousers, it gives an edge to a normal turtleneck with its thrills. Of course, number 15 is the perfect size for me to carry all my belongings to work, no worrying about my bag overflowing with all the crap I hoard, it almost reminds me of a Zara bag. 

I love when a simple, everyday outfit has just a little added something to make it pop, for me number eight is perfect for this. I have been loving the see-through look bags and things they are gorgeous especially with a brightly coloured dust bag inside to actually keep your belongings in. It is exciting and different as are number 11, I am a strictly black boots girl, myself, but I recently saw Lindsey from Lindsey Lou wearing a pair of faux snakeskin boots and decided I also need a pair in my life to jazz up my wardrobe. Number 13 is a little less daring but will still add a little something to a monochrome look with its bright firetruck red shade. 

Are you changing up your wardrobe for autumn? What are some trends you cannot wait to add to your wardrobe? Let me know below or catch me over on social media: 
I'm Tired of The Stigma Around Sharing Good News

I've had a pretty good month this month, a lot of great things have happened and while I wanted to share the news of my achievements I was also scared of judgement. I don't know if it is a pitfall of the internet and our belief that we all know the ins and outs of one another's lives or if it linked to the way in which we seem to compare ourselves to everyone online, but there is such a stigma around being proud of yourself lately. It is like sharing good news is somehow made to be a negative thing. I just don't get it? Like shouldn't we be happy that in the negative and destructive state our world is in people are still doing things each day that make them happy? That makes them proud of themselves? I am tired of feeling like I shouldn't be proud of myself because someone else may look at me and think "oh what a brag" because I happened to share some good news on my social media platforms.

I recently got my grades in from university and I got a distinction, I was and am so so proud of myself for achieving what I wanted, I sobbed so bad that when I phoned my mum to share the news she thought our cat had died. I didn't share that I had a tough time this past year in my masters degree, although it was one of the best experiences of my life because it allowed me to find a subject I am truly passionate about, it was tough on me and I cried a lot. I always feel terrible writing about experiences I have had on my blog because I never know how people who experienced these situations with me felt, but on this occasion, I am going to. I had no choice but to work with someone who was extremely difficult to work with, on more than one occasion I felt like dropping out of my course purely because of this individual as we had an even number of student in my course and there was extensive group work, we were forced to work together on multiple occasions. I don't want to say much more as I feel that it would be unfair for me to rant and rave when I don't know the reasoning behind this individual's hatred for me nor how they felt, but looking back I just feel so extremely proud that despite all the tension and worry, I got my distinction. It makes the tough year feel so much more worthwhile because even though on many occasions I worked 10x harder than I could have been if I was not working with the individual it paid off in all the right ways. 

I'm Tired of The Stigma Around Sharing Good News

So is it so bad for me to want to shout my achievements from the rooftop? Is it bad for me to be proud? I don't think so. I think a lot of the time we have a habit of projecting our own insecurities onto others, so when someone out their achieves something we don't think we can we find it easier to call them a brag and moan about them boasting than it is to look inwards on ourselves and think "hey, y'know I'm not there yet but maybe I will be if I continue to work hard." I used to do it a lot and sometimes I still find myself doing it but it always comes back to the comparing ourselves to others thing social media has a habit of provoking us to do. I wrote about how I am trying to stop this and I still am, it's a journey, I still find myself disliking someone on social media and saying to my friends "it's because she boasts all the time" and then realising, no Robyn, she doesn't boast all the time, she's working hard, achieving things and you're jealous of her. Recently, I found myself disliking a rather popular blogger and it wasn't until I found myself inwardly complaining about how she constantly has some exciting news to boast about that I realised I was doing it again. I decided to turn the situation on its head and actually now I follow this blogger because I feel inspired by her hard work and dedication. 

I mean, there definitely are boasters out there in a world, people who purposely try to make others feel less successful than them or who have to keep talking about their achievements even a year down the line over and over, but they are few and far between. I mean no matter what you've achieved or how you achieved it if your first thought upon sharing an achievement is "this will definitely make such and such feel terrible" or "blah blah will read this and realise I am so much more successful than her" then you're not humblebragging, you're nasty and boasting. I think everyone should just be a lot more thoughtful of what they're putting out into the atmosphere. I mean having a little moan to your friends because you dislike someone and are unhappy or whatever, sure go for it but try to be a bit more thoughtful, like is that person really bragging or are they excited to share some good news? Are you just projecting your own unhappiness onto them or are they really the devil incarnate? It is a hard situation because the line can be blurred at times and sometimes it is both. I just wish we weren't so judgemental all the time because it does make others (like me) apprehensive about sharing our good news online and I mean I want to know the good news, share it with me, don't be scared to humblebrag. 

I mean personally, I love seeing people share their exciting news online whether it's there first paid blog post or they've graduated, got a house, whatever. I love a humblebrag, I love a brag brag, I love good news. I mean on the odd occasion it makes me feel crappy to see others do things I wish I was or whatever, but most of the time I am genuinely everyone's hype guy (well girl). I love hyping people up and making them feel like they just achieved world peace even if their achievement is tiny in the bigger view of the world. 

With that being said tell me a piece of good news you have to share in the comments or hop over and brag in my mentions on social media: 
5 Tips for a Better CV

Your CV is a really important element of searching for a job. It is the first thing future employers see and it can make or break a decision on whether to give you an interview for the job you applied for. It is important to have a CV that not only stands out but has all the right information on it necessary for the employer to know whether you're a perfect fit for the role. I have been to many a job interview where one of the first comments I have received is a compliment on my CV, but trust me, it took me a while to get to the point where I feel confident handing over my CV to a potential employer. I spoke to CV specialists, HR managers, recruitment agencies etc etc to finally find the perfect CV format and now I want to share a bunch of their tips on my blog, because I know how hard it is to figure out what is right for the CV, what needs to go and where to get creative. 

We have all read the horror stories about an HR manager receiving 50 applications and just dumping 25 of them straight into the bin without a second glance. No one knows if this is true or not, some say definitely not, others say they woulsn' be surprised. So you want to make sure someone would feel they missed out if they were to chuck your CV in the bin pile. Make it eye-catching and make sure people will want to read more. There are so many ways you can do this, I edited my layout on photoshop before turning it to PDF and editing in my text. Doing this allowed me to make it unique, add some colour, make it easier to read and it is one of the first things people comment on when we chat about my CV, People always mention how it caught their eye and was unique because mine has a little pink section down the side with all my contact info and main skills. Here is a link to a CGD article where you can see places to buy unique and colourful templates for your CV. 

If you are on the lookout for a job always make sure you're making little edits to your CV based on the role you are on the lookout for and applying to. Many places including recruitment agencies are using software to sift through their application and pinpoint ones suitable for the role based on buzzwords. If you are applying for roles that are of a similar nature such as social media and digital marketing you don't have to do this. If you are looking for a bit of a mixture of roles then you should have a different CV for each role you're looking for and use buzzwords that relate back to that role. This makes sure that your CV isn't deleted from the process just because it isn't specific enough. Always be specific with the skills you provide. If you want a role in social media, show that you have an interest and skills in social media by including the words 'social media marketing' it isn't enough to describe it is marketing and hope they understand you mean specifics too. 

5 Tips for a Better CV

The thing with the length of your CV is it has to be perfect. It cannot be too long nor too short, it has to have enough information on it that the company feels confident in giving you the role, but it also has to have just relevant information so they don't get bored of you describing the past 20 years of work leading right back to your high school results. Everyone I have spoken to has told me that two A4 pages are the perfect length, not only does it give enough room for relevant information, but also enough space for you to get creative and provide your main skills and experiences without droning on forever. 

When you go for an interview most people will talk through your CV going from your most recent experience into your first experiences in the industry. If you know the run through of your CV perfectly from beginning to end you can talk through these points seamlessly without um'ing and ah'ing. Try to focus on your most recent experiences and explain the things you haven't included on your CV. Don't just say exactly what is on your CV tell them the roles and responsibilities you have had previously that you don't highlight in your CV. Try to give examples of when you were given responsibility when you were able to build upon skills, put yourself out there etc etc. Don't just assume a short few sentence summary on your CV is enough, they want more grit, more explanations and information about your experience not just "I worked here for this time and did this". 

Make sure your CV portrays you in the most effective light. CVs are the deciding factor in your interview, so you haven't had the chance yet to let your personality shine in an interview. You can, however, give your potential employers a feel for your personality in your CV. This can be done through your exciting, creative layout showing a bit of personality, or the colours you choose, remember the connotations for colours are important. If your CV is red, red is a colour most often associated with things like anger and fire, so not exactly how you want to come across. Mine has a little bit of a light, millennial pink showing my young, bubbly and feminine personality. You can give the interviewer a taster of your personality before the interview through your CV. 

Do you have any tips for a better CV? Tell me them in the comments or catch me over on social media: 
What Gives Me the Right?

I recently sat down with a list of blog ideas, all with 'how to' in the title or with a focus on me sharing insight about topics I am interested in or passionate about. I started the first post and halfway through I stopped, mid-sentence actually, I suddenly began to question my ability to share tips, trick or insight into the subject, I mean, what gives me the right? What gives me the right to share tips and tricks on growing a blog? What gives me the right to tell you why you need to add your blog to your CV? What gives me the right to share how you should be treating your skin or what fruits you should be adding to your smoothies or diet for healthcare reasons. I am not a professional in any of these fields, so what gives me the right to think I can share insight? What if my tips and tricks aren't 100% factual? What if it is a fluke that they worked for me? What if someone takes my advice and don't get the same results? 

I began to question everything about my blog posts, I questioned whether I was taken seriously, I questioned if I had the reason or ability to share insights into topics on my blog. Is my entire blog based on lies? Am I lying to everyone? Do people think I am specialised in the fields of blogging, beauty or whatever else? Maybe they all think I think I am talented in all these areas and they laugh because I am too big for my boots. I found myself overthinking the entire situation until it hit me, is this imposter syndrome? But even now, even while I am writing my posts I am thinking "is it or am I just a nobody who thinks I am knowledgeable enough to share bad advice on the internet?" I don't really know because, on one hand, I am just a 22-year-old girl writing a blog and giving advice when I have hardly lived enough to share anything of substance or knowledge, but on the other hand, I never pretend to be all knowing, I never try to have people believe I hold all the knowledge of the areas I speak about on here. I share advice that I have learned along the way, I share insight into the experiences I have had and never make promises alongside my advice. 

What Gives Me the Right?

I don't know, am I sharing advice when I shouldn't be or am I struggling with imposter syndrome? I really can't figure it out. I like coming on here and writing posts, I want my blog to be a place where people can come if they ever need advice or someone to relate to, but can I really provide that at 22? I never promise to be the place of contact for anyone looking for advice and I never try to pretend I am specialised in the fields of beauty or blogging or so on, so maybe people are aware I am sharing amateur advice based on my life and my experiences, but what if they're not? I began to read other blogs searching to see if other bloggers were struggling with this thought process and it seems to be rather popular among bloggers to question our abilities to share advice, hell, I even shared a blog post touching upon the subject not too long ago, but still I find myself questioning whether I should be publishing these types of blog posts and writing in the style of providing advice to others. Maybe, it is something we all struggle with, maybe we all giggle to ourselves about out advice posts trying to hide the fact we are nervous we will be called out for sharing bogus advice because it only worked for us and our luck interfered. 

The weird thing is, I am the first to put my hands up and argue that bloggers have every right to share advice and write 'how to' blog posts because we are learning day by day like everyone else but have a place to share this and educate or help others in a way non-bloggers don't, so why does it feel so wrong for me to do it? I mean even the thought of sharing advice based on intensive research, my degree and so on and so forth still lead me to question my own authenticity, it's pretty strange. I mean we laugh constantly about the people on Twitter who feel like they have to get their nose into everything and think they are so intelligent in every field because they have Google, so what makes bloggers different? What is so different about me sharing tips on spicing up your CV to someone on Twitter telling you why you're wrong and childhood vaccinations are terrible because she read this article on Google that says so? Do we need to start disclosing that we are not trained in the field we are talking about or should readers know? 

What do you think? Is it imposter syndrome or are bloggers sharing advice when we know nothing?

When Does Blogging Stop Being 'Just for Fun'?

I remember when I first started my blog, I had been reading blogs in my spare time for like two, maybe three years. I loved to read their thoughts, opinions, reviews, tips and tricks and life stories and I would always think to myself "I could do that". Then came along the dreaded UCAS personal statement, what did I have to show off? What were the skills that showed off my abilities? What exciting innovative hobbies did I have? Well, blogging was just taking off at this point, becoming mainstream and more popular online, I mean Instagram models and the word 'influencer' weren't even thoughts in people's minds at this point so I was advised to maybe start a blog, show my creativity and initiative. It gave me the kick to start my blog and begin my process into being a blogger, I fell in love immediately. It was and still is wonderful to know I have a little corner on the internet where I can share my thoughts, express myself and write to my heart's content. It was fun, plain and simple. 

It's not plain and simple now, four years have passed as of today and I'm being paid for writing blog posts and publishing Instagram photos. Brands have sent me hundreds of pounds worth of incredible products. I have had laser hair removal, I have had skincare and beauty products sent my way, I have been a brand ambassador, I have eaten meals in exchange for posts, I have even bloody ziplined 140ft in the air in exchange for a few lines and an Instagram. It's crazy, isn't it? My little area of the internet gets hundreds of thousands of views and I have an overall following of about 5,000 - 6,000 across all my channels, so it's more than just a hobby now? Is it a job? Is it a 'side hustle'? Is it a hobby with a couple hundred cherries on top? I don't really know, but it's definitely not 'just for fun' anymore. 

When Does Blogging Stop Being 'Just for Fun'?

I guess it stopped being just for fun when it started to become something I thought of almost every spare minute of my day. If I have a spare minute between tasks chances are I'll nip on over to check my analytics for the day or check my blog schedule to make sure I am keeping on top of my scheduled posts for the next few weeks. Sometimes blogging can really stress me out, like last week when I skipped a blogging day because I messed up, I beat myself up about it wondering if people were going to think of me as unprofessional and unorganised for making a human error that most people wouldn't even notice. Sometimes I look at my analytics data and start to overthink why I didn't get the views I was aiming for that week or I sit hunched over my laptop looking at what scheduled tweets are most popular and the times they're posted to see what times are most effective. It is honestly crazy to think of the effort I put into my blog now compared to four years ago when I began. I would write a post, take a single photo, publish it and write a tweet, done finito, that's all that went into it. Now, I have a schedule, I try to stay at least a week ahead of posts and have them ready to go live, I have a theme I stick to with my photos taking up to five for each post I publish, I share my new post across all my social media profiles and schedule tweets to keep traffic coming through. I could list another thousand things I do for each and every single blog post that goes live, but that's all for another post.

The point is, blogging isn't simple for me anymore, it is complex, it's my side hustle I guess is the lingo everyone is using now. It isn't just the blog, I almost have a brand that flows through all my social media profiles, I have a theme on my Instagram, I have to keep on top of posts over there too and replying to comments, my email inbox never seems to be empty, it is so much more now, although I love it and I am incredibly grateful for everything I have the opportunity to do through blogging, it isn't just for fun anymore and sometimes it just plain out isn't fun anymore. I have spoken previously about my feelings about how blogging can sometimes feel robust or like a chore, it can and that's proof right there that it is no longer something I do just for fun. Most of the time it is fun, but the majority of the time I spend working on my blog isn't just fun, but it gives me an income, it increases my skills, it gives me opportunities I would never have had before, it has built my knowledge on a whole range of subjects I wouldn't know anything about if I didn't start. Blogging is no longer just for fun, it is so much more than that and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow it in such a way.

When Does Blogging Stop Being 'Just for Fun'?

I am a tiny blogger in a sea of a hundred thousand million bloggers that have their own little place on the internet set up from all across the world, but it doesn't take away the fact that I started heythererobyn for fun, well partly, and I have built something that has become a much more important part of my daily life. So, happy birthday heythererobyn.com, you changed my life and I cannot thank you enough my little side hustle. 

Do you blog just for fun or has it become more for you too? Where is the line between just for fun and side hustle? Did you notice when you crossed it? Tell me in the comments or catch me on social media for a quick chat. 

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

Autumn is almost upon us, the leaves are beginning to change colour, the weather is cooling down, it is becoming more acceptable to wear layers and jumpers. Everyone is getting their wardrobe autumn ready by buying jackets, jumpers, boots and hats, but what about our makeup bags? We also need to get our makeup bags ready for autumn by adding our autumn shades into our bag. We all love to change it up in autumn, some of us love berry shades, others plumps, some of us will be rocking a red right through until December, others play it safe with a deeper brown then we have the daring divas rocking a burned orange throughout autumn. We all love different shades and we all have different colours that suit us based on our skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Some people just grab a shade they think it pretty and hope it works well for them, but if you like to play it a little more safe with your autumnal lipsticks you're in the right place. It is so important to make sure we are picking up shades that are going to work for us and a lot of people forget the factors that we must think of when buying lipsticks. 

Are you cool, neutral or warm toned? This is super important when figuring out the right lipstick shade for your skin tone. We don't want to buy a lipstick and have it make us look unwell and that is exactly what picking the wrong undertoned lipstick can do to you. The easiest way to figure out your undertones is to check the veins on your wrist. Are your veins green and purple? Congrats, you're neutral toned. If they are more of a green then you have warm undertones and if they are bluey purple then you are cool toned. If you are cool toned you should try to go for cool toned lipsticks with blue or purple undertones as they compliment your skin tone the best. If you are warm toned you should be picking out the warmer shades, think red and pink undertones, even brown undertones work well with your skin type. Finally, if you are a lucky neutral skin tone individual then you suit anything and should be very grateful for your skin.   

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

Your skin tone although often defined by your undertones can also be taken into account especially when looking for your favourite autumnal shade. If you have a cool undertone with pale skin try going a little vampy with a blue toned red or a burned orange shade, even a plum would look incredible on you, but try to avoid the warmer shaded red burgundies. If you are cool toned but with a deeper skin tone then a beautiful blue toned brown would be an amazing daytime look for you while a beautiful deep purple toned red lipstick will show your features off perfectly. If you're warm toned but paler skinned maybe a beauty pinkish brown would be perfect for your daytime look while a bright firetruck red would make you look incredibly for nights out. If you are warm toned with a deeper skin tone you should definitely try a brighter or muted pink for during the day as it will make you look perfect while a red or pink toned berry for night will leave you looking like an autumnal princess. Our neutral guys, gals and non-binary pals look good in anything most of the time but brown shades always work great for neutral undertones whether you're on the paler or deeper side of the spectrum a natural brown for day and a deep even grey toned brown for night will have you look fabulous. 

We all have different opinions on what shades suit which people, but in my personal opinion your eye colour can make all the difference for what shades suit your lips. Our lips and our eyes tend to be the two main features of our face where most peoples eyes are drawn to when we converse so trying to find a lip shade that makes our eyes pop is perfect. For me, I have always loved how an orange or red plays against brown eyes well hazel eyes and green eyes look fantastic with a brown or nude lip. My best friend has the brightest blue eyes and although she doesn't like pink lipsticks I think a gorgeous pink would really make her eyes pop as does the more deep plum shades. For me, I think if you have a muted eye colour such as brown then it is always fun to go bright on the lips, bright eye colours like blue and green always work well with deeper shaded lips as the brightness is complemented by a darker and moodier lip. Maybe you're not so sure, but these are just my opinions. 

How to Find The Perfect Autumnal Lipstick

We always feel quite pressured to go out of our comfort zones in the autumn time by throwing on a moody and dark lipstick because everyone else is doing it but don't do what you don't feel comfortable with (and that goes for all walks of life). If you are much more confident in a muted berry go for a lighter shade or apply your moody plum shades with a brush and control how much is applied. You can tiptoe your way into any trend so don't worry if you're not going to go all out and have the darkest lipstick of your collection on every day of autumn, makeup is fun because it is experimental and you can try anything you want. If you don't feel confident, you don't look confident, so don't push yourself too hard. 

Like I said, makeup is fun, it is a way of expressing yourself and when you experiment you get to find shades that work for you. There are so many rules and restrictions of what is supposed to suit different skin tones, eye colours and undertones, but sometimes we just like what we try and it may not be within the rule book, but if you are happy then who cares? So many brands in House of Fraser or Debenhams will allow you to try out the lipsticks and experiment in store using cotton buds or throw away brushes to test the lipsticks. Talk to a girl in the store and try out different shades, find what you enjoy and own it no matter what the rule book says. 

So what is your favourite autumnal lipstick look? Tell me below or find me on social media for a chat: 

Is There a Blogger Mould and Should I Try to Fit It?

So, I took a day off posting on Wednesday, I wasn't feeling the post I had set to go up, I love it and want to get it up, but it just didn't feel ready yet. Deciding not to post sent me into a frenzy, my stomach cramped, I over thought the idea for about an hour: do I post it when it's not exactly what I want it to be and leave it at that or do I take a day off and continue to only post content that makes me proud and feels perfect to me? I questioned if I would lose followers if my blog would begin to go downhill again, if people would take me seriously as a blogger, since Wednesdays are usually my days for beauty content, I wondered if missing a beauty post would put people off my blog. It wasn't until later that night when I sat down and looked at my stats only to see them still at the same traffic levels as they always have been that I realised, does it really matter if I miss days? Should I be in that state of panic anytime I miss a posting day? I mean, do schedules even matter? 

It all got me thinking about this mould that the blogging community has somewhat created of what a blogger looks like and what a blogger does and how blogs look etc and I began to think, "jeez, I really don't fit the mould, do I?" That then got me worrying some more, maybe that is why I'm finding it hard to get past my current follower figures on Twitter, Instagram etc, maybe that's why I don't get the opportunities other bloggers get, maybe my lack of mould fitting means I don't look like a real blogger, maybe it makes me look like a bad blogger... maybe I am a bad blogger. Can you tell I get a little dramatic from time to time? Sometimes I question why I'm not an actress with my ability to create drama from nothing. It's a valid question though... should I try to fit the mould? Will it bring me new found blog popularity? Will it result in a boost in followers and readers? Will all the brands want to work with me? 

Is There a Blogger Mould and Should I Try to Fit It?

The thing is I don't actually know if I want to fit the so-called blogger mould. My mum always told me to embrace my unique characteristics and be happy to be me even if I am a pear in a world full of apples. I mean, should my content look exactly like the next bloggers? Should I pay £40+ for my template like everyone else does just so I am like everyone else instead of sticking to my love of £10 Etsy templates that I actually prefer? Should I force myself into doing street style photographs when I'm not 100% comfortable with it just yet because everyone else is doing it? Should I buy the 'it' bag I don't like just so I can post it on my Instagram, do the Instagram feed theme everyone is doing even though it makes my skin look like I have jaundice just because everyone else is doing it? My parents would always say to us as kids "would you jump off a cliff if everyone else was doing it?" and it is something I remind myself of when I fall into these frenzies. I shouldn't do things I am not comfortable with, ready for, or just don't like because everyone else is doing it, I should embrace being me and maybe one day it will become my USP. 

I mean, I am not saying I am unique as a blogger, but for the most part, I try not to compare myself to others, I do my own thing, post content I am proud of, post on my scheduled days because they are my best traffic days and just do what suits me. I mean, each and every single blogger out there has their own USP, their own characteristic allowing them to stand out from the crowd, some have found it, some are yet to discover it and many use it to propel their blog into the mainstream. It's something I truly admire, but when I am sat here in Scotland, not doing street style posts, sticking to the content I enjoy, not buying new luxury bags or having a never-ending PR basket, sometimes I wonder, is there a mould and would it be easier if I just fit it? If I lived in London, did street style posts, had 10 Chanel bags, bought everything the minute it was released, would I be more popular? I have to remind myself that this mould probably doesn't even exist and I am making it up myself based on my insecurities about my blog. I am sure living in London probably does give bloggers an edge, all the cool events are there, they are close to a billion other bloggers who they can befriend and swap photography duties with, but maybe everything else is just things I have decided equal a good blogger, myself. What if the blogger mould only exists within my own mind? 

I have written a lot about comparisons on here lately and my journey to stop comparing myself to others, so what if I've created this idea of a blogger mould to compare myself to other bloggers without admitting it? I want to write my blog because I love the content I am publishing because I am passionate about writing and all things lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Since I came back from my blogger break I have found a love and a passion for blogging that I never had before, I have found that I enjoy writing the content more than I have before, my views have gone up, my comments have increased, my followers, although feel a little dormant right now are slowly rising, so doesn't this give me enough proof I am doing something right? I am happy with my journey and whether there is a blogger mould or not really doesn't matter because I am happy, right? 

Do you think there is a blogger mould or do you think our insecurities create an unreachable version that only we see? Tell me in the comments or message me on social media: 
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