A Beauty Wishlist

A Beauty Wishlist

I was very tempted to call this one a beauty hint list, just sending a little hint out into the atmosphere for anyone planning to buy me any Christmas presents this year. I have been wanting to add some new beautiful pieces to my collection now for a little while, but I always feel terrible splurging on myself so close to Christmas so instead, I thought you might like to have a snoop of what is on my 'buy after Christmas' list. There is a whole mixture of goodies across all price ranges in this wishlist and y'know if you happen to be a friend or family member spying on this for some inspiration, thanks, love you. 
A Beauty Wishlist


Is it really a beauty wishlist if there isn't an abundance of palettes? I originally started out with six different palettes on this post, but I thought I should rain it back in and it took me some time, it really did, but these palettes are all ones I'd love to have in my collection. 4 is the priciest of the picks, a Bobbi Brown Christmas edition, I have never tried the brand, but the shades on this palette are stunning and super wearable. 6 is a Too Faced one and of course, Too Faced are famous for their amazing shadows so I had to add one to the mix. I am obsessed with these pink and orange shades, plus they are all matte which I adore. 7 is the cheapest one of them all and definitely one I could see myself buying in the new year, there is such a diverse selection of colours and you could definitely find an occasion to wear this palette any day of the week. 

Another trend within this hintlist (patent pending) is haircare, recently I have begun really listening to what my hair needs and am trying to keep it as healthy and nourished as possible. 1 is a hairspray by Bumble and Bumble but thickens the hair which I love, I recently tried some thickening products that changed my hair's life and I'd love to see this do the same. 5 is a leave-in treatment for damaged hair which I think my hair could really use just to revive its liveliness. 12 is a gold tangle teaser and for someone with extra tangly hair, I am surprised I haven't gotten my hand on one of these bad boys sooner. 10 is an Ouai shampoo which I  have heard fellow bloggers raving about so of course, I have to take a seat on this bandwagon and check it out.

I didn't add too many lipsticks to this wishlist because I am quite frankly a weirdo when it comes to lipsticks, I just pick the same colours from different brands, but I wanted to flag it up to give blog post spoilers. 9 is the L'Oreal lip paint, which I own in Off White, but this shade is With The Nude and I think it is cute and more girly pink than I usually buy so it could break my habit. 11 is a Stila giftset of 3 which I love the look of, plus they are advertised as sheer which may help me get over my fear of dark lipsticks. I tried not to add to many giftset items because there is a blog post coming soon with gift sets *spoiler* but I couldn't help myself, they are so adorable and tiny. 

Can I publish a wishlist without an abundance of skincare being on it? Well apparently I can since only 2 items of the list are skincare items, but I did roll this back from 6. 2 is a Bare Minerals eye cream, I have been wanting to get a new eye cream for a while and I just haven't found one I love yet, but I have never tried Bare Minerals skincare so I thought it would be a great idea to try this out. 8 is a Soap and Glory radiant boosting serum which I am so intruiged by as I love anything that gives me a radiant glow.  

Are there any pieces here you think you will be picking up? What is at the top of your Christmas hintlist? 

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