6 Things I Have Learned in 3 Years of Blogging

6 Things I Have Learned in 3 Years of Blogging

This month marks my third year as a blogger, which is kind of insane to me, like bonkers actually. I didn't begin taking my blog seriously until July of 2015, but heythererobyn.com was officially created in September of 2014 marking this my third year as a blogger. Over the past few years I have learned a lot, not just about blogging but about the media, promoting, marketing and myself, so I wanted to share a few of those with you to mark the third birthday of my little corner of the internet. 

This is a pretty cliche one, but if I am being 100% honest with you, I didn't understand blogging when I first started out. I thought it was all about numbers; followings, how many companies you worked with, how many posts you put out, how many views you got, but I was wrong. Numbers are a big deal when it comes to blogging, especially if you take your blog seriously, but it's not a race. We don't have to race other bloggers to reach a mile stone first, we don't have to try to be better than any other bloggers are, we be ourselves and we grow organically because we have a passion and love what we are doing. That is what blogging is for me, it is a passion, an outlet and something I absolutely adore and numbers aren't so important, I'd rather lose the numbers race than lose sight of what I want and who I am as a blogger. 

If blogging has taught me anything about myself is that I border on psychotic when it comes to how much of a perfectionist I am. People tend to use the 'perfectionist' title as a flaw when applying for jobs because it's not really a flaw, but trust me I really am a perfectionist and it really can be a flaw. I get so annoyed with myself when my posts don't turn out like I hoped they would or when I don't post on days I usually post on. I like things to run smoothly and exactly to my plan, but that isn't how it works, sometimes I am just not motivated to write posts, some days I just don't have the will power to push myself creatively and that is just how it works. When it comes to blogging I only want to post content I am proud of so that means sometimes I don't post and I have the freedom to do that. 

This applies to life in general I guess, but when it comes to blogging it can be hard because you are so desperate for things to go right and for your blog to grow and conquer and that doesn't always happen. Sometimes you will be passionate about a blog post and it won't get many comments, sometimes you will post something and it will get some negativity, sometimes you won't gain a single following in a month long period. Things don't always go perfectly and to the plan you put in place, things can go wrong and things can fall apart. As long as you love what you do and are passionate about your blog then it will always look back up later on. 

Basically this applies to all media. People get bored easily, they aren't interested in 3,000 word blog posts or articles. They want something quick and easy, something they can skim over on the train and don't need to use a lot of brain power for. I am still learning how to put what I want to say into fewer words, but it is all a process, it is a learning experience. Putting subtitles like the ones in this post are a good idea because people don't need to read the paragraphs if they can't be bothered to. 

6 Things I Have Learned in 3 Years of Blogging

Throughout my entire childhood I was incredibly shy, I watched, I observed but I found it hard to vocalise, unless I was singing Venga Boys because then I was putting on a show and god forbid you even opened your mouth to join in. This made for me being a pretty awkward human being, but when i began to blog I soon realised how much I adore sharing my little piece of the internet, I love to communicate with like minded people and share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on here, on my little blog. 

Sometimes I am getting loads of comments, I am growing incredibly fast and I am being amazing feed back, my confidence is through the roof, I feel ready to take on the world and then all of a sudden it drops. I stop getting as many comments, I lose followers or my following slows down and my confidence plummets, like I feel like never posting on the internet again. This is because blogging relies a lot on what other people think of you and your work, when you blog you tend to seek approval from others and this effects your confidence.


So, what are the biggest lessons you have learned from being a blogger? Do you agree with mine? Let me know in the comments below.

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