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The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

If you know me at all or read here... ever, you may be aware that I LOVE food and if you follow me on Twitter you probably know I love movies. I seem to always be watching and rewatching movies to the point that I actually download movie soundtracks onto my phone very often and listen to them so much I end up hating a good 4 of the songs featured. So combining the two loves of my life together sounds just about perfect, therein spending my Friday night hanging out with my best friend pigging out at one of our favourite restaurants before heading to see a newly released movie is really how I want to spend all my Friday nights from now until forever. Lucky for us, we have just the place to do this up here in Glasgow; The Glasgow Fort so we spent last Friday night there; shopping, getting coffee, pigging out and watching the new Kingsman movie. 

At the Glasgow Fort there are loads of shops from Topshop to H&M, M&S, Boots and The Body Shop, click here to check if your favourite shop has a branch there. There are even more food places from the coffee shops of Costa, Pret and Starbucks to restaurants like Chiquito, Frankie and Benny's and my all time favourite Tony Macaroni. They also have a Vue cinema, so it is definitely the place to spend your days off if you live in the area, there is a shop to suit everyone and a restaurant to serve to every mood. As I am a true Italian cuisine fanatic, of course, I have to say Tony Macs is my absolute favourite and the one in the Glasgow Fort never fails to make me smile from ear to ear. 

Since we both just started back university we needed a little night off to chill, chat, gossip and maybe a little retail therapy while we are at it. So we took a drive to Glasgow Fort where we spent a good two hours schmoozing around the wide array of shops they have. I was super excited to eye up the new Waterstones they just put in place over the summer as I am a huge book fan and couldn't wait to search the books they have on offer. Although the Waterstones is much smaller than either of the two in Glasgow City Centre it seems to hold a large capacity of books which I loved to snoop at. Boots in the fort is also a favourite, it is massive and has everything from L'Oreal to Bare Minerals to Dior. My personal favourite is the humungous NYX Professional Cosmetics stand where we always run into the lovely Alison, who works there and is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. 

After some shopping, we popped into Starbucks for a coffee, my absolutely favourite coffee chain. The Starbucks in the fort is gigantic and always has the most amazing staff on, I tend to always chat away to the baristas in this Starbucks, they can be much more approachable than others I have encountered. After a gossip over my first signature hot chocolate of the season, we did some more shopping aka got lost in Hobby Craft for an hour and then it was time to walk along to our reservation at Tony Macs.

The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

Tony Macaroni is a Scottish based Italian chain which I adore and it is situated towards the right-hand side of the fort, a few doors down from the Vue and close to the new multi-storey car park complex. We were a good 10 minutes early for our reservation but we were still seated straight away by the manager on duty who was so friendly and lovely. What I love almost as much as the food from Tony Macs is the relationship the workers always seem to have. Not only are they always very warm and friendly to each and every customer but when you watch them interact with one another it is as if they are one huge family. Maybe I just watch too much Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and am making comparisons to what he usually deals with, but I always love that about restaurants. 
As we were seated we were given menus and our drink orders were made and delivered within minutes. Although I am a complete and utter sucker for the Tony Macs carbonara I decided that this time I wanted something else, I had to have something else. I opted for the Penne Arrabiata, another favourite pasta of mine with a side of sweet potato fries and I may have stolen a piece of Ashley's garlic bread... I love garlic bread. When in Tony Macs they offer to sprinkle grated parmesan over most pasta dishes and the waiter was so lovely when I asked for two spoonfuls, even offering me a third, which I declined, mostly because I felt cheeky asking for three helpings, let's be honest though, I would have taken it. The arrabiata was absolutely delicious, the spicy tomato sauce was the perfect middle ground of not being overly spiced, but not being too mild and the parmesan was lovely at taking a little bit of the kick from the spice. The sweet potato fries were deliciously crisp but fluffy, just how I love my sweet potato fries and I actually really enjoyed dipping them into the sauce from my arrabiata. The garlic bread was really crisp and toasted, but had so much flavour, of course, I absolutely adored it because I adore garlic bread. 

For dessert instead of going for one of the Tony Mac sundaes which I have posted on my Instagram about 7000 times, I opted for the lemon sorbet. I think all the carbs just filled me up too much for a sundae and now looking back I regret not getting one, not because the sorbet was bad, but because the sundaes are so bloody good. The sorbet was in fact absolutely delicious, very tangy and sweet, it was super smooth and soft, easy to eat opposed to other sorbets I have had elsewhere which has been rock solid. Overall, like all my visits to Tony Macs, I absolutely adored this visit and will definitely be returning to the Glasgow Fort branch in the future as the service is so good and I just adore the atmosphere and the staff were so fun and inviting. 

The Perfect Way to Spend Your Day

After dinner, we made our way over to the Vue to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This was my first ever time in a Vue cinema and it was really pleasant, I would definitely love to return in the future. It is a very small cinema when you compare it to the multi-storey Cineworld complex in the city centre, it is just one floor so the concessions stand queues were pretty lengthy but it went down incredibly fast. We got some ice blasts, which we got in the coolest plastic reusable cups, which I gifted to my niece and we went straight in to see the movie. We were in VIP seating which is situated as a couple of rows in the very centre of the theatre. The theatre it self, was much smaller than any other I have been in, which is nice as it is a much more intimate viewing. 

The VIP seats were leather and very comfortable, we had little brown wooden tables between out seats and sturdier cup holders for our drinks. We also got the best viewing of the screen. I have never been in a cinema quite like it before, but I loved the experience. When the screen turned on for the previews I quickly noticed how loud it was compared to other cinemas I have been in before, this is good because you don't have to miss parts of the movie when other people talk or rustle crisp packets. The movie was absolutely amazing, I love a good action packed movie and getting to watch Taron Egerton in a suit for 90% of the movie made for very easy viewing. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who may be looking forward to watching it but I truly recommend it. It did have me emotional at parts, which is always good if you are that emotionally invested in a character that they make you cry the crew and cast have done a superb job. Leaving the theatre my ears were well and truly ringing from how loud the cinema was, but it did make the experience much more exciting because it allowed you to feel like you were in the movie with the cast. 

It was one of the best days out I have had in a long time and I cannot wait to do it again, I never really noticed how handy it is to have a place that feeds all of my little obsessions the way Glasgow Fort does. 

What would be your perfect day out? Do you love movies? What has been the best movie you have seen recently? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Help Me Improve My Blog

How I feel about my blog is affected by how I feel about my life and what things are going on in my life. Thus my relationship with my blog can be kind of rocky from time to time. I go through stages where I literally tell everyone who will listen "I am done, I am quitting!" Then the next week I am filled with ideas, I am planning content for the next month and I am talking about how proud I am of my content. You're probably either reading this like "She crazy!" or nodding your head in agreement with everything I have just said. I have always put this down to my perfectionist nature if I can't focus on my content and give it my full attention or it doesn't turn out as perfectly as I thought it would, I hate it, not just dislike it, I despise it. So when my mind isn't into writing content and I am disconnected it is hard for me to find pride in what I am putting out there. 

So for a little while now I have been disconnected to my writing, I will admit wholeheartedly that there are some posts I have written over the past few months where I have been passionate and connected and in love with my content, like this one and this one, oh and this one. However, for the most part, I haven't been feeling the sense of joy I usually feel everytime I write a post, take photography or publish my blog posts and it is down to my disconnection with my content. I wondered if maybe my disconnection was proof I should step back and leave the blogging world behind, I wondered if maybe I just wasn't cut out for blogging and I debated whether anyone would even notice if I stopped publishing posts, but then I noticed, I would. Even if most of my blog posts lately aren't filled with passion and joy, I know that they usually are and without my blog, I wouldn't be able to be creative in a way that brings me so much happiness. I don't want my personal feelings and things going on in my personal life to affect how I feel about blogging anymore. 

Things haven't been easy these past few months, but I shouldn't take that out on something I love and hold so dearly. I feel terrible for abandoning my blog and letting my content slide because creating content that people interact with and that I love is what is most important to me when it comes to blogging. So, to my blog and to any readers who like to read here regularly, I want to apologise for allowing my content to go downhill and allowing myself to post even when I am not connecting with the post. From now on I want to feel inspired and passionate about my blog and I am not going to let anything stand in the way of that. 

I start back university, doing my masters, I am getting to attend the first teaching week of the university instead of having to take part in a jury and things are starting to look up and I want it to stay that way. My blog is something I have always been so passionate about and I never want to feel like that passion has fade ever again. I look up to so many bloggers and the way they approach their content and their blogs are inspiring me to find my love all over again.  So here's to a new era for heythererobyn.com. 

Oh, also if you would like to help me with this new era I have created a very short survey for readers to participate in and help me improve my content. You can click here to answer just 5 questions anonymously and leave any comments you wish. 

So what has been going on with you? Tell me five good things which have happened to you within the past few weeks in the comments below. 

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The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

With autumn coming along quickly I love to have a look though my makeup collection and start to think of how I can adjust my everyday look for those autumnal vibes. This year just like every other year I have decided to change up my look back adding some more autumnal lip shades to my collection. My favourite lip shades for autumn are berries, browns and burgundies, but finding the perfect lipstick in the perfect shade can be hard. From drying to bleeding lipsticks, it seems like finding the perfect lipstick formula can be super tricky especially when it comes to the deeper lipsticks that are so perfect for this time of year. 

When you wear a deeper lipstick it magnifies, this can be amazing; your lips look bigger, more plump and they make your teeth appear much whiter, the downside to this is that every mistake is so much more visible, as is every smudge and line on your lips. This means that a dry, bleeding lipstick is just not workable in a deeper shade so it is important to find a hydrating yet pigmented lipstick when you are picking out your autumnal shades. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Berry shades are so beautiful at this time of year, whether you go for a blue toned berry, a pink toned berry or an orange toned berry. The best way to decide which shade will suit you is to judge by your skin's undertones. If your skin's undertones are pink then go for the opposite side of the spectrum for your berry lipsticks and get a blue toned lipstick, if your undertones are blue then go for a pink berry shade and if you have yellow or neutral undertones then all of the above are suitable, as are orange toned berry shades. 

I have yellow-y neutral undertones, but I prefer the blue toned berry shades personally. One of my absolute favourites is MAC's Dark Side, back when MAC was one of my biggest obsessions Dark Side was one of the first lipsticks I bought from MAC and I still love it all these years later. It is a gorgeous blue toned berry shade with an amplified finish. This means that it doesn't dry matte, but doesn't stay as shiny as a gloss would, it just has a slight gleam to it. This is great because it doesn't dry out your lips, bleed or leave you with dry, cracked lips, instead it is super hydrating and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for everyday wear and can last up to four hours without having to be reapplied which is great. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Burgundy shades are my favourite for this time of year, they always remind me of autumn with the dark red tones. Burgundy shades are perfect for evenings; events, nights out with friends and parties are the perfect excuse to whip them out. Although burgundy is a distinctive shade in itself there are a lot of different shades of burgundy too. Some shades of burgundy are more red, others are more brown and of course most are more purple. I like the purple-y burgundy shades as they tend to be extremely vivid and very autumnal. 

My favourite burgundy shades from my collection are MAC's Diva, a gorgeous burgundy on the lighter side of the spectrum and a little more pink than purple, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It has a matte finish but it isn't as drying as some matte lipsticks can be. It dries completely matte with absolutely no sheen, but is still hydrating and doesn't bleed like most matte lipsticks do. My other favourite from my collection is NYX liquid Suede Cherry Skies which is a gorgeous, deep, purple toned burgundy that dries completely matte, but again isn't as drying as most mattes are, especially for a liquid lipstick. It does bleed a little, but it isn't too noticeable and can be worked with. I recently wrote a full review on the NYX Liquid Suedes and you can read that here. 

The Perfect Lip Shades for Autumn

Brown lipsticks in Autumn are iconic and most people find the perfect brown to suit them and with brown you can definitely go for a more tame look, or you can go full out with the look. I love a brown nude lipstick throughout the entire year, but a lot of people prefer to stick to brown lips only during the autumn months, so will only bring their brown nudes to the front of their collection now. I love that brown lipsticks can work for day or night depending on how dark the shade is you opt for and I definitely think everyone has a brown lipstick that suits them perfectly. 

Just like with berries you can use your undertones to find your perfect brown shade by going for a shade with the opposite undertones as your skin, or you can mix and match to just find a shade you thinks works for you. With browns I don't think you can ever really go wrong, so I wouldn't worry about undertones with these ones. I have a few in my collection that I absolutely adore, but for a more day time friendly look I love MAC's Spirit, it is a brown toned nude that can definitely be work friendly, but you can build on it to create a higher pigmented shade. It is a satin finish which means that it has a smooth, hydrated finish with a slight glimmer to it. The shade has the ability to blur out the lines on your lips which means absolutely no bleeding with this one. 

For a more intense look I have been loving Kat Von D's Lolita. Again, this one can definitely work for the daytime as it has a slightly pink finish to it, but definitely fits into the brown category too. I love this lipstick so much because it finishes completely matte and is not easy to smudge at all. It does show the lines on your lips more than Spirit, but doesn't bleed as badly as darker lipsticks tend to and this is due to the hydration. Despite it's ultra matte finish this lipstick doesn't feel drying on the lips and feels quite smooth and hydrated. Click here for my review of Kat Von D Lolita. 

Another favourite is NYX's Lip Lingerie in Honeymoon, a super intense teddy bear brown. This one is super similar to MAC's stone with it's cool undertones and deep brown shade, it is definitely not one for the office, but is super wearable for most skin tones. The colour is super intense and dries completely matte, but is a lot more drying than all the lipsticks I have mentioned previously, but it is still super wearable. With it's ultra matte finish this one does bleed a little more than all the others previously mentioned, but I think applying a lip balm underneath can definitely stop this from happening and stop the lipstick from drying out your lips.


So what are your favourite lips shades for autumn time? Do you recommend and specific products? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

So today I start back university and it is the very first day of my masters degree. I graduated from my undergrad course in social sciences and media in July and I knew before I had even graduated that I wanted to return to university. Many reasons factored into my choice to go back to university and I tend to tell people those reasons a lot because I always get "Why would you do that?" and "Another year at university? Are you crazy?" So let me tell you why I decided to go back to university, stay in education for an extra year and do a masters degree. 

For a lot of people, education is something that is necessary and they cannot wait to get it over and done with, but for me, it is something I have always quite enjoyed. I never really enjoyed high school, but I loved college and university, I love learning and trying things I otherwise wouldn't I love to expand my horizons and so for me, education has always been enjoyable. There are tough times, times I cannot be bothered with essays or just don't want to do the work, but everyone has off days, most of the time I really enjoy university and I don't think it is going to change too much with my masters degree. This is another new learning opportunity where I can learn more about something I am passionate. 

When I was looking for graduate jobs I started to wonder why everyone seemed to be struggling, so few jobs are available for the hundreds of students who graduate each year, it got me thinking, how can I make sure I am the most employable? Be more educated and have more experience. Looking into it, there is a better chance of you getting a job you truly want and feel passionate about if you have a high level of education and a great deal of experience, so to me it was a no-brainer, I knew realistically I could go back and do a masters so why not do it and come out the other end feeling more confident and employable? 

I always knew I wanted to work in the creative industry for as long as I can remember, but I never knew which field I had my eye on, I recently narrow it down to PR. So PR was what I wanted to do, but then I began speaking to people in the marketing field and I realised. I loved the idea of working in marketing, it sounds exactly like the type of job I would be great at. The only problem was I had no experience in marketing and I didn't even nowhere to begin looking, so I searched for courses in marketing and I realised everything in the course is exactly what I want to be learning about and doing in my future career, I want to work in marketing so doing a degree in it makes complete sense, this way I can be properly qualified for the job role and not just slightly while learning on the job, I will be more confident in my abilities. 

Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

Initially, I began to wonder, was I really making all these reasons up to talk myself into believing I needed to do another year at university simply because I am not ready to go into the big bad world yet? The thing is that I am only 21 so really I shouldn't be graduating until next year, but I left high school early and therefore are a year ahead, so I did have that extra year where I should still be in education, so it could be true. I know now that all my other reasons are valid, but maybe part of me is a little scared to leave education, after all, it has been my security blanket for the past 16 years so it would make sense, but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing either. I am going at my own pace and not pushing myself to do something I may not be ready for. 

Okay, okay this one is probably the bottom of the list and incredibly narcissistic, but when I graduate next year I am going to be a master of science, which is incredibly cool, isn't it? I mean technically I could use that as a title (I think don't hold me to this) I am sure I could technically put 'MSc' behind my name, and that's awesome. I won't do it because it is quite pretentious, but having the opportunity to do so is quite cool to me. Plus a lot of people think you are more respected academically and professionally if you do a masters degree, which is never a bad thing. 

By taking the next year to do my masters degree I am also giving myself a year to adapt to the field before I jump in and this will benefit me a lot. I can do work experience, I can find places to do internships and I can network with people already in the field. By doing so I can get to know the field I want as a career much more deeply and I can figure out where I want to go, which companies I would like to work with, where I would avoid and it gives me time to plan for after graduation instead of jumping straight in. 

Why I Decided to do a Masters Degree

So there are the six main reasons I am continuing my education and opted to do a masters degree in international marketing. I am so excited to get back into education, into a routine and get to work on bettering my career prospects and learning new things. I have always loved the feeling of a new academic year and this one just feels special to me, maybe because I know it is definitely my last, but I want to share my experience over the next year with you, so I hope you enjoy my university based posts.


Have you done a masters degree? Would you ever do one? Tell me what your favourite thing about education is in the comments below. 

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The Mon Guerlain Collection

Scent has always been a funny one for me. I can tell you straight away if I like or dislike a scent, I can smell things a good 5 minutes before anyone else in the room can, but ask me what something smells like and I go blank. I suck at describing scents, which is why I don't tend to talk about them a lot on here; perfumes, candles and such, it is hard for me to describe why I like different scents. That all changes today because I am absolutely obsessed with this one perfume and you all need to know about it. This will probably be the least descriptive perfume review you will ever come across on the inter web, but I am obsessed with this perfume and the range of items that are paired with it. 

That perfume is Mon Guerlain. This scent has fast become one of my all-time favourite summer scents. The scent inspired by Angelina Jolie is stunning with hints of lavender and jasmine the scent has some strong floral, feminine undertones, but that's not all there is to it. It is a bold, sensual and powerful scent created as a tribute to today's femininity. The pink toned perfume is the perfect summer scent, a fresh, floral and beautiful perfume, but it can totally be taken into autumn too. It is a very strong feminine scent, perfect for the girl bosses out there. Although it has some floral undertones with the Sambac jasmine and Carla Lavender, it is not an overpowering scent that sticks in your nose for hours or reminds you of the childish perfumes you bought from Claire's as a pre-teen, it is a mature and empowering scent.

The bottle first off is absolutely stunning, it looks perfectly luxurious and feminine and I like to have mine sat out on my shelf in view for everyone to see and the bottle is just as complimented as the perfume it holds. I own the 50ml bottle and it is the perfect size for popping into your handbag, although with the bottle being glass you, of course, don't want to be throwing your bag around anytime soon. I have had my bottle for months now and even though I use it daily it continues to look almost full and that is with me spraying it once or twice a day. I usually have to top up around 3-4 hours after applying as the scent does begin to fade after a few hours but I would still say it lasts much longer than most of my other perfumes.  

The Mon Guerlain Collection

When I wear Mon Guerlain I feel like a boss, I feel empowered, I feel confident and I feel feminine. It's the perfect perfume to wear as you head back to university or if you're going to the office, it isn't overpowering, but it lingers for hours and each time you turn you get a whiff of the beautiful scent. I have been asked in a Starbucks queue which perfume I am wearing, I have been asked in Topshop which perfume I am wearing and I have been asked by countless family members if they can have a spray, it's a scent for every woman. When applying it I spray some on my neck and rub my wrist against this spot as a lot of product comes from each spray and I have felt slightly overdone if I use more than one spray. This perfume has become my signature summer scent and I know that autumn won't be very much different. 

They also do a body lotion and a shower gel, the body lotion is used by me almost every day and my family have joked that the fragrance is slowly becoming my signature scent. Although I use it almost daily the 200ml bottle doesn't seem to be going quickly, a small amount of the lotion goes a long way and it definitely has a luxurious feeling to it. Lathering on a thick but smooth coat after each shower and each morning when I wake up has left me with smooth, supple and hydrated skin and has seen the demise of any dry or rough patches of skin. The scent of the lotion is not overwhelming so you can definitely lather thick layers on without worrying you will smell too strongly and once the lotion dries into the skin it just leaves a lingering smell just like the perfume does. Applying this lotion daily can leave people with the impression that your natural scent is that of the gorgeous Mon Guerlain perfume. I have yet to pick up the shower gel, but I am sure I will be picking it up asap.

I also have a lovely little Mon Guerlain candle which smells exactly like the perfume and leaves a lingering scent for hours, again it is not an overpowering burst of scent, instead it is very tame and just sitting in the air. The candle isn't too large so it will definitely only last one or two turns, but the little glass jar can definitely be used at your vanity unit for anything from makeup brushes to bobby pins. I have only lit my candle once and it took it to about halfway down the jar over the space of a few hours. I think it is the perfect scent for those nights when you are feeling overworked and tired, sitting watching a movie with a big tub of ice cream this candle will relax you and make you feel energised and empowered no matter how sleepy you are feeling.


So what is your favourite scent of the moment? Have you tried this gorgeous perfume? What do you recommend from Guerlain? Tell me below in the comments. 

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6 Things I Have Learned in 3 Years of Blogging

This month marks my third year as a blogger, which is kind of insane to me, like bonkers actually. I didn't begin taking my blog seriously until July of 2015, but heythererobyn.com was officially created in September of 2014 marking this my third year as a blogger. Over the past few years I have learned a lot, not just about blogging but about the media, promoting, marketing and myself, so I wanted to share a few of those with you to mark the third birthday of my little corner of the internet. 

This is a pretty cliche one, but if I am being 100% honest with you, I didn't understand blogging when I first started out. I thought it was all about numbers; followings, how many companies you worked with, how many posts you put out, how many views you got, but I was wrong. Numbers are a big deal when it comes to blogging, especially if you take your blog seriously, but it's not a race. We don't have to race other bloggers to reach a mile stone first, we don't have to try to be better than any other bloggers are, we be ourselves and we grow organically because we have a passion and love what we are doing. That is what blogging is for me, it is a passion, an outlet and something I absolutely adore and numbers aren't so important, I'd rather lose the numbers race than lose sight of what I want and who I am as a blogger. 

If blogging has taught me anything about myself is that I border on psychotic when it comes to how much of a perfectionist I am. People tend to use the 'perfectionist' title as a flaw when applying for jobs because it's not really a flaw, but trust me I really am a perfectionist and it really can be a flaw. I get so annoyed with myself when my posts don't turn out like I hoped they would or when I don't post on days I usually post on. I like things to run smoothly and exactly to my plan, but that isn't how it works, sometimes I am just not motivated to write posts, some days I just don't have the will power to push myself creatively and that is just how it works. When it comes to blogging I only want to post content I am proud of so that means sometimes I don't post and I have the freedom to do that. 

This applies to life in general I guess, but when it comes to blogging it can be hard because you are so desperate for things to go right and for your blog to grow and conquer and that doesn't always happen. Sometimes you will be passionate about a blog post and it won't get many comments, sometimes you will post something and it will get some negativity, sometimes you won't gain a single following in a month long period. Things don't always go perfectly and to the plan you put in place, things can go wrong and things can fall apart. As long as you love what you do and are passionate about your blog then it will always look back up later on. 

Basically this applies to all media. People get bored easily, they aren't interested in 3,000 word blog posts or articles. They want something quick and easy, something they can skim over on the train and don't need to use a lot of brain power for. I am still learning how to put what I want to say into fewer words, but it is all a process, it is a learning experience. Putting subtitles like the ones in this post are a good idea because people don't need to read the paragraphs if they can't be bothered to. 

6 Things I Have Learned in 3 Years of Blogging

Throughout my entire childhood I was incredibly shy, I watched, I observed but I found it hard to vocalise, unless I was singing Venga Boys because then I was putting on a show and god forbid you even opened your mouth to join in. This made for me being a pretty awkward human being, but when i began to blog I soon realised how much I adore sharing my little piece of the internet, I love to communicate with like minded people and share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on here, on my little blog. 

Sometimes I am getting loads of comments, I am growing incredibly fast and I am being amazing feed back, my confidence is through the roof, I feel ready to take on the world and then all of a sudden it drops. I stop getting as many comments, I lose followers or my following slows down and my confidence plummets, like I feel like never posting on the internet again. This is because blogging relies a lot on what other people think of you and your work, when you blog you tend to seek approval from others and this effects your confidence.


So, what are the biggest lessons you have learned from being a blogger? Do you agree with mine? Let me know in the comments below.

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Five AW17 Trends and How to Add Them to Your Wardrobe

So we are in that period of time between summer and autumn, otherwise known as the transitional period. Although it feels like Scotland has skipped the transitional period and jumped straight into full on autumn, I still feel like I need to add a few transitional pieces to my wardrobe. There are so many trends coming up for A/W17 and I really want to add some transitional pieces to my wardrobe that fit into the trends I love from this up-and-coming fashion season. Of course, like the meticulous woman I am, I like to weigh up my options when it comes to following trends. Not only do I like to pick and choose the trends I follow, but I weigh up all my options including the shops and price range I will choose for each trend. I decided that this season I would let you guys in on my strategy and let you look at a broken down version of my mood board, so let's get going. 

Each season designers take to the runway to showcase the biggest, best and most wearable trends for the season and each year millions of fashion fans, journalists and bloggers interpret these shows in any way they see fit. This means that different people notice different trends within the shows resulting in a long list of trends each season. Although I am a massive fan of fashion and usually look through photos of the shows myself (sadly I will never be relevant enough to go along), I wanted to do some research for this blog post. I decided to sift through a bunch of articles, youtube videos and blog posts on the up-and-coming trends, create lists and pick and choose which ones I would love to wear this autumn. I have picked the top five trends I would definitely love to add to my autumn wardrobe and I am going to share them with you along with some pieces from each trend that I am lusting after and I will be covering all price ranges so you can find items which suit your budget.

The accentuated waist trend is making a comeback, I remember it being a huge trend back when I was in high school around 2008 and now it's back. The trend can go in any of two ways brands such as Mui Mui and Louis Vuitton used large buckled waist belts to draw baggy items in and give them more structure while Max Mara and Roksanda were among the brands to use non-traditional tie belts to tie up jackets and accentuate the waist. I love a good jacket with a belt so I have included some gorgeous jackets in this little wishlist, but a waist belt can definitely make any outfit look instantly more stylish and expensive even if the belt itself is under £10.

On the more affordable side of the spectrum is this gorgeous River Island mac with a tie belt to bring the slouchy material in towards the waist and accentuate it. You could also take the belt off and add another, more fashionable belt if you see fit. I couldn't not add this gorgeous belt by Boohoo, definitely has a more night out feel to it than other pieces in this wishlist, but the gold creates a more expensive look. You could pair these items together or wear them separately, but both are on trend and definitely look more expensive than they are. 

OVER £50
For the premium high-street section I opted for a gorgeous ASOS mac in a beautiful deep grey tone that looks autumnal but thick enough to do you well into winter. Not only does the mac come with a gorgeous tier belt to tie into a bow and accentuate the waist, but you could also remove it and replace it with another belt if you see fit. The gorgeous Karen Millen belt is very corset-like, very in style this season and similar to the ones Hermes and Roksanda styled on the runway. It would look gorgeous over coats, over dresses and over t-shirts.

For the designer section I opted for this stunning belted trench coat by Mui Mui, I have been desperate for a new trench coat and this one is definitely on the wishlist, although way out of my price range. The belt can be buckled or wrapped up to accentuate the waist and draw attention to the area. This beautiful Alexander McQueen belt is very unique and definitely big enough to draw attention to the waist. Unlike the Karen Millen belt, this one isn't corset-like and instead looks like three belts piled on top of each other making it super easy to dupe. This beautiful belt would look gorgeous both during the day and for a night out and can be both dressed up and dressed down. 

Vogue coined this trend 'Forties Blues' as a lot of the big designers stayed within the dusky blue realm such as Celine and Mui Mui, but the envelope was pushed to navy shades of blue by Dior and Agnona among other incredible designers. To mimic this I decided to add both dusky blue and navy items into my post. I think blue is such an easy colour to wear and by adding more navy shades it just makes it much easier to pull off the blue trend and not just rely on your jeans to make you trendy in shades of blue.

For the more affordable side of the spectrum, I thought I would incorporate some of the summer's trends in with the blue trend for autumn. The gorgeous dusky blue ASOS blouse has frills, cold shoulder and fluted sleeves which were all major trends throughout SS17. The gorgeous M&S ankle boots are perfect for autumn while the Topshop jumpsuit can be dressed up or down during autumn and winter making it a super versatile piece. If you pair this jumpsuit with a waist belt to accentuate the waist it will tick yet another autumn post as waists are in this season.

OVER £50
The premium section of this trend sticks to the dusky blues side of the spectrum, but are very wearable pieces. The Tommy Hilfiger blouse is definitely being added to my wishlist, I think it is such a gorgeous shade and will look fabulous dressed down for a day out shopping but also be super business friendly. The dress from French Connection is perfect for any event you have coming up. While the Dorateymur boots touch on the 70s trend which is also massive this autumn and will look incredible with some rolled up jeans for a casual look.

The designer section consists of just one item for blue because this bag is all you need. The Dolce and Gabanna Rosalia bags are stunning and this shade is the perfect dusky blue shade that is perfectly on trend throughout autumn. This bag is also easy to dupe by the likes of New Look, Primark and River Island, therefore, you can get this look for much less. 

One of the big trends this year on the runway was textures, particularly fluffy, fuzzy and fun textures. We saw everything from teddy bear fluffy bags at Marni to feathered skirts at Prada. Personally, I am a fan of the fuzz, the fluff and the (faux) fur, but not the feathers, so I apologise for the lack of feathers included. When it comes to this trend you can go full on for a head-to-toe look a la Balenciaga or you can be more subtle like the other designers with fluffy trimming on your sleeves, a feather trim on your pencil skirt of you can just pair your casual outfit with a big teddy bear styled fluffy cardigan.

For the affordable section, there are a few items that integrate more than one trend of the season, for a start, the gorgeous fluffy ASOS cardigan is a gorgeous vibrant red shade as is the faux fur Missguided scarf. Both of these items can be added to a casual outfit to add a pop of colour and texture as can the Topshop fluffy millennial pink bag. I have been obsessed with this bag ever since Fashion Mumblr hauled it in her Topshop haul. It is the perfect slouchy piece that will look cool with any outfit and can be used to finish off any outfit and make it incredibly stylish for the up-and-coming season.

OVER £50
For the premium high street section, there are a few more fluffy items that can be used to finish off an outfit or that your outfit can be based around. The Missguided jacket is absolutely adorable and is a new take on the teddy bear trend from AW16, which leaves you stylish and cosy all the way through until winter. The John Lewis faux fur gilet is absolutely gorgeous, it can make any outfit look more stylish and put together and can be the focal piece of any outfit if paired with a waist belt it can also be used as part of the accentuated waist trend.

For the designer section, I picked out one of the more wearable skirts from Prada's fathered collection, although you probably wouldn't wear it to work on an average day, it is still more wearable than the rest. The tweed pattern gives it a more business friendly look, but the feathers show a fun side of fashion. The fluffy and furry Mui Mui coat was one of very few faux fur designer jackets, but I still adore how gorgeous and cosy it looks while still allowing you to look stylish and ready to take on the chilly air of autumn and winter.

Autumn is the season of knit jumpers, layering with cosy jumpers and cardigans and more or less resembling your grandparents, but we love it nonetheless. Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane and Prada among others showcased this look on the runway this year and proved granny chic is in. I am a massive fan of jumpers and I don't think you have to pay a lot to be on trend with this one, if you take good care of your knitwear then they can last a long time no matter the price, but still, I have split this one into sections one again.

My favourite of them all is this Miss Selfridge jumper from the affordable section. At just £35 it is the perfect granny knit, cosy, oversized and a turtle neck, what more could you want? All of the knits from this section are turtle necks because I think a turtle neck looks more expensive than it really is and it adds a more stylish look to any typical jumper. You can tuck these into jeans, skirts, trousers or even wear them over stylish autumn dresses like a la Balenciaga and Dior.

OVER £50
When it comes to the more premium picks they look extremely similar to the affordable ones, but for a higher price tag, of course, these jumpers may last through until next autumn and keep you cosy again a year from now. It totally up to you whether you spend that extra money on these jumpers, but personally, I think they are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite of the three is the abstract print jumper from ASOS, it is different from the rest of the jumpers and looks a little more high-end and stylish and would add definition to any outfit.

Personally, I found it hard to find designer jumpers which were actually wearable for any normal person, they were all a bit cooky and strange, but these two are gorgeous. The Altuzarra jumper fits into the waist trend with a cinched in waist as well as the blue trend with a navy tone to it and of course it is a chunky granny knit, so you'll be super stylish. This Protagonist jumper also looks very grampa chic and the cool malenial pink tone makes it on trend this season.

This trend was massive on the catwalk, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Fendi were just some of the brands showcasing this AW17 trend. At the shows, the models strutted down the runways in head to toe red a la the name for the trend; red-to-toe, but don't worry you don't have to do this. You can wear a much more casual version of this trend by adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe with just a red blouse or accessorising with a red bag or a pair of killer red boots. For a lot of people, the fashion shows are just inspiration and you don't have to follow every trend to a tee. Instead, you can take that trend and fit it into your own personal style, so don't worry, you don't have to wear all red to take part in this trend.

For the lower price end of the spectrum, I opted for some more vibrant reds thus adding a bright pop of colour to any outfit. I would picture any of these pieces with a normal, maybe black orientated outfit and use the bright shades to split the darkness of the outfit up. Although these pieces are lower in price than the rest they have an expensive look to them, especially the gorgeous bag, so wearing them would not only make you on trend but extremely fashion forward.

OVER £50
The higher end of the spectrum is much more premium pieces where you are investing in a clothing item that will not only last a long time but that you can wear season after season. In the shows, a lot of the designers stuck to bright, vibrant shades of red, whereas Max Mara touched on more deep burgundy shades of red. When I spotted this Dune bag it reminded me of the shades from Max Mara's show, it's a deeper and more wearable shade of red. The Isabel Marant scarf, I adore, it looks tartan and as a Scottish person, of course, I love a bit of wearable tartan. This scarf touches on another trend for this season; 'New Tartan' styled by the likes of Mugler and Chanel.

When it came to the designer pieces I thought it would be better to post fewer items, after all, I don't think many, if any, of my readers, have wardrobes packed with designer items. I decided to pick some cheaper designer items which can also be easily duped. This Oscar De La Renta blouse is perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn, it embodies as many summer trends as it does autumn. The ruffled sleeves were big during summer and are said to be sticking around during the colder months too while the vibrant red shade is one of autumns biggest trends. While the Givenchy boots could have been mistaken for the Chloe Susanna boots with their twinkly effect and embroidered buckles and there are many dupes on the high street already. 

So which trends are you most excited for this season? Are you excited to try out all the dupes that make an appearance on the market? Tell me in the comments below. 

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My Five Blogging Principles

I recently realised that it has been over two whole years since I started to take my blog seriously and although I may not be the biggest blogger on the scene, I am really proud of how far I have come. From my photography to my writing and even just the content I focus on, my blog has started to take shape as my little piece of the internet. As time has gone on I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with not only blogging but my blog, I have found a passion for creating content that specifically speaks to me and that I enjoy writing and it seems to also attract an audience. Maybe a smaller audience that many bloggers out there, but an audience nonetheless and I am so incredibly proud of how far heythererobyn has come.

When I first started to blog I had no idea what I was doing, looking back I am surprised I even got any readers. I don't think I promoted posts properly, I don't think I connected with my content and writing and above all, I think I was writing by everyone else's rules. I followed the crowd, copied the bloggers I knew were popular and well respected within the community and I don't really think I was unique at all. As time has gone on I have begun blogging by my own rules, or my principles or whatever you would like to call them. I have taken my little piece of the internet and have begun making it my own, actually within the last week of blogging I have felt more inspired, happy and content in my blog than I ever have before and I think it all comes down to sticking by my blogging principles.

When it comes to blogging I want to be a step above honest, I want to be completely transparent with my readers. I want them to know that everything I tell them is my truth. Whether it be my opinions on a beauty product or the disclosing of an ad, I never way to lie on my blog or come across in a way in which it may be interpreted that I am lying. Being a blogger no matter how big or how small comes with a certain responsibility; bloggers are often viewed as vindictive, sly and liars within mainstream media and by lying to your readers you are feeding this stereotype, even if your readership consists of one single person. I will always be 100% honest on my blog and tell the truth to the best of my ability. 

At the moment the word 'trump(s)' sits very oddly within my vocabulary, I know it holds no correlation to a certain man, but it still makes me feel quite off whenever I use it, anyone else feel this way? Anyway, as I was saying, I will always believe few high-quality posts are much better than many low-quality posts. Something that my perfectionist nature likes to debate a lot. While I want all my posts to be of high-quality and up to a certain standard, there is always that nit picky characteristic that feels nervous about missing a post day. I have to push myself through however because posting content just for the sake of getting something up on the blog is not what I want to do, people will know you have no interest in the content you're producing and worse, you are portraying a lazy, uncaring side to you. For me, my blog means a lot to me and I don't want to be lazy with it or throw out any old post, I want to care for it, nurture it. 

My Five Blogging Principles

I tripped over this one for a long time, I wasn't quite sure who I was supposed to be aiming my content at, was it for me or was it for potential readers? To begin I dipped my toes into both pools, I tried my hand at writing content that I wanted to write and then for a while I attempted to write content purely for readers, or in the hopes of gaining readers. What I didn't know is that swirling my toes to create one big pond was exactly what I needed. Creating content I connect with makes my blog appear much more real and trusting while being more fun and inspiring for myself. While making sure the content I am producing will still interest an audience and possibly attract more viewers results in a long lasting readership, a larger reach and some new internet friends. When I was only writing content for myself I was closing myself off to readers, other people weren't able to connect with my content quite like I did, this didn't work. Nor did writing purely for viewers, it felt fake, robotic and unpassionate, it left me feeling disheartened by blogging and uninspired. Since I began creating content both for the audience and me, I have been able to connect with my blog and it shows. 

Of course, stats mean a lot as a blogger, but when you are a blogger you often feel disheartened by your stats, but they aren't the deciding factor in your success. A lot of people would disagree with me in saying this, but I don't believe that higher page views necessarily means that you are more successful, it just means you get more page views. I often look at my page views and compare them to others, I look at my following numbers and compare them to others and suddenly I start to question why I blog. Lately, my blog views have been doubling and maybe next week they will fall back down or even go lower than they once were, but all this proves is that different content attracts different groups of people. I am a big believer in fate and I believe that if I am supposed to be a larger blogger than I am then one day it will happen, I also trust that my hard work will not go unnoticed and will be recognised. It is all about patience and straying away from comparisons, comparisons in the blogging world can ruin your self-esteem. 

Of course, some blogs which are run by a group of people, others have people working for them and then there are blogs who allow guest posts, for me none of this is feasible. I am a complete and utter control freak and I will continue to do all the work for my self, but this principle goes beyond the process of writing the blog and working on the blog. Doing all the work for me, includes the idea accumulating, I don't copy post ideas, I can be, and often am, inspired by fellow bloggers, but I would never purposely copy someone's hard work and effort. Further, I believe in only using images I have taken or others have taken for me, of course when it comes to posts such as wishlists this is totally different, but blog photography is never stolen from anyone else. I would never take credit for something which I have no right taken the credit for whether that be photographs, writing content or the idea behind a blog post and if I were to ever use someone else's photos, writing or blog idea I would give credit where it is due. 

What are your blogging principles? Do you believe bloggers should stick to principles or do as they damn well please? Tell me below in the comments. 

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