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Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market

I love skincare, I have always believed that there is absolutely no use in spending loads of money on expensive makeup if you do not take care of your skin. Afterall your makeup is only as good as the base you put it on, for me, it is a no brainer which I would rather spend more money on giving an ultimatum; makeup or skincare, of course, it would be skincare. Your skin is yours for life, you should treat it right and it will reward you by continuing to look youthful, radiant and hydrated throughout the remainder of your life. I have explored a lot of different skincare hypes from oil cleansers to peel off face masks and overnight masks, but today I want to talk about one that is currently taking over our social media feeds at the moment; cleansing brushes.

You've got your Clarisonic, your Foreo Luna, Shiseido has one and my all time favourite Magnitone brought out their life changing Bare Faced brushes. Cleansing brushes are all over the place, even Clinique brought out their own version of the cleansing brush, but with such a huge hype surrounding the products it brings forth two questions; 1. Do I really need one? and 2. Which one should I buy? Well, lucky for you, I have the answers to both these questions. Yes, you really do need one and you should buy the Magnitone Bare Faced because it is the best cleansing brush on the market, and I am going to tell you why. 

I first started using a Magnitone Bare Faced in June of 2015 and have only ever gone 2 months in those two years without using the cleansing brush on a daily basis and that was from May until the end of last month. I wanted to stop using the brush as a test, I know it sounds incredibly silly, but after almost two years of using the brush religiously, I began to wonder how much of a difference it was making to my skin. I decided that I would continue with my skincare regime as normal, but I would cut out the brush, I gave myself two months exactly of no cleansing brush, I still cleansed, but not using the brush and a lot of things changed. My skin was definitely affected by the change I made and the longer I continues to go without the brush the more problems my skin started to have. 

On the first day without using the brush I found my skin didn't feel as clean, I know that sounds silly, but I just didn't trust my cleanser at all. It didn't seem to leave me with the same clean, supple, soft and plump skin that it did when partnered with the bare faced brush. As the first week rolled around and I still hadn't touched my poor, little lonely Bare Faced I found my pore looked enlarged, something that doesn't usually happen to me, I have always had tiny, almost invisible pores, but they were very visible, at least to me. As another week rolled around my skin began to feel much more texturized and by the end of the two month period I had counted at the least 11 spots had appeared on my face throughout the two months, when normally I get as little as one or two spots a month which usually pop out due to my time of the month. My hypothesis was correct, I did need my Magnitone Bare Faced in my daily routine, it benefited my skin a lot more than I had ever realised over those two years of consistently using it. 

I have begun using my Bare Faced daily once again, upon waking up in the morning I have my coffee, eat some breakfast, brush my teeth and use my Magnitone for a deep cleanse to clean my skin and this has become my go-to routine once again. Upon adding it back into my regime my face feels instantly clean, hydrated and plump each morning and continues to feel that way through the day. On the very first week of adding it back into my routine I got three spots, one on my chin, and two on my forehead, this was due to the Bare Faced but is not a bad thing. I have an extremely oily chin and my t-zone is quite oily, especially in between seasons, so these spots were already lying under the surface and it just took a deep cleanse to bring them to the surface. They disappeared within the week and now I know my pores are clean and no spots are waiting to erupt. On top of this, my skin has begun to feel smooth once again with the added texture fading rapidly and by using the pore perfection head I can see a small change in my pore size, but it is taking a little longer than I had hoped. 

Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market

I haven't tested out any of the other cleansing brushes myself so I can't compare them, although that would make a good blog post, wouldn't it? The reason I love my Bare Faced so much isn't just because of the reasons I wrote above, it is what is offered by the Bare Faced. First of all the brush itself is beautiful, incredibly aesthetically pleasing and Magnitone continue to make them even more gorgeous with limited edition versions every so often. The Bare Faced comes in three gorgeous shades; a pastel pink, a mint green and a sunshine yellow. I gave my sister the yellow and it is such a gorgeous shade, so bright and unique, I also own the mint green (pictured above) and love the shade, it is so pretty and will fit into any flatlay making it look even more gorgeous. I haven't ever seen the pink in real life so cannot comment, but from pictures, it looks stunning, very girly. I also own one of the Christmas limited edition brushes from last year in gold and I love it, it looks gorgeous sat out among my favourite skin care pieces and looks stunning in flatlays and Instagram pictures, I am often asked about it.

Adding to the look of the brushes, they also have different settings which allow you to pick and choose how you use the brush and which way it will work for your skin. It has a normal setting and then a more pulsing setting for toning your face. I use the normal setting Monday to Friday and the pulsing setting on Saturdays and Sundays as I do have youthful skin at the moment I don't need to use it daily. The brush is also waterproof so I regularly use it in the shower and have never had any mechanical issues meaning you don't have to worry about breaking it by getting too much water on it or dropping it in the bath. I took the brush with me earlier this year when I travelled as it charges through USB which makes it easy to charge it anywhere using a computer or Apple plug socket. It also doesn't take up much room in a toiletry bag and is travel-friendly with caps to cover the head of the brush to prevent breakages. 

Why Magnitone Bare Faced is the Best Cleansing Brush on the Market
Top left: Pore Perfection. Top right: The Stimulator. Bottom left: Soft and Gentle. Bottom right: Daily Active Cleanse.

Although I have never used any other cleansing brush I don't think any of them come with as many replacement heads as the Magnitone Bare Faced does. Along with the daily use brush head, there are also the soft and gentle ones, the silk bliss ones, pore perfection and the stimulator. I own all but the silk bliss replacement heads and use them all regularly. At the moment I am using pore perfection daily in order to attempt to shrink my pores back down into their normal size. Once my pores have shrunk back down I will be using pore perfection two days a week probably at the weekend and will be using the daily active cleanse head every other day. When my skin becomes dry or sensitive or I perhaps use a product which doesn't settle with me I switch to the soft and gentle and at least twice a month I like to exfoliate with the almighty stimulator. By having so many options you are able to tailor a routine which works perfectly for you which I absolutely adore and I don't think you can get with any other cleansing brush. 

When it comes to Magnitone they go above and beyond to create products that work perfectly with any skin type. From sensitive skin to dry skin to oily skin, they enable anyone a chance to use a cleansing brush. Even if your skin type isn't just one of these you are able to purchase different replacement heads to use when and as you see fit. I don't know another brand which allows you to tailor make your own facial brush to suit your skin type to a tee. That is what makes the Bare Faced the best cleansing brush on the market and you can purchase it here

Have you ever tried the Bare Faced? Do you agree? Tell me in the comments below. 

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My Undergrad Story

If you follow me on any social media or even just read my blog regularly, you would know that I recently graduated from university with a bachelors degree with honours. It is something I am super proud of and I am so happy I got the grades I did. I know a lot of people who follow me are still in university so I thought it would be a great opportunity to tell you all my undergrad story, from how I got into university to how I survived to the dreaded limbo of being a recent graduate looking for a grad job and what options there are for graduates after university. 

I attended university from September 2015 until June 2017, before university I was in college for two years this allowed me to go straight to uni at the third year, which in Scotland is the second last year of a bachelors with honours degree. I left college with an A in Media and Communications but opted to apply for university in the degree Social Science and Media. I have always adored learning, trying new things and pushing myself and while media is the career path I see myself taking into my future career I liked the idea of a split course, allowing me to dabble in another subject that I enjoy learning about while still studying the sector I have a great passion for.

I got into university after leaving high school a year early and going to college for two years. It was back in 2015 that I applied for university, so I can't really remember how I applied or exactly how I managed to get into university all that much. I applied through UCAS for five different universities and got four offers, for me it was easy to narrow down which one I wanted to attend, my university is closest to me in distance, it is close to the city centre, it has a pretty good reputation and it was the course which interested me the most of all five I applied for. When applying for university I recommend you apply for the highest amount, of course, UCAS allows you to, it was five when I did it, but I don't know what it is now. This gives you back up options in case plan A doesn't play out how you had hoped it would. 

Going from school into university is easier than from college, which you might find hard to believe. When you leave high school you are 17/18 and you have been in school 5 days a week 9-4 so universities don't expect you to have a bunch of experience in any field. When you have gone to college you go 2-4 days a week and are barely in full days, you are able to network with people within the sector regularly and they expect you to have experience. This experience can range from volunteer, unpaid work as a runner or make coffees in the office to paid internships and it is important you allow stand up and offer to take on any experience that comes your way which is cohesive with the sector you wish to move forward into as a career. I had a few work experience placements throughout my time at college, but I was advised starting a blog would help bulk my CV and now here we are, 3 years next month and heythererobyn is still going on. 

Being a third-year entrant wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done, although there were a bunch of us we were also dumped into classes with people who had been studying together in first and second year. It was as if we were trying to enter an elite club, no one really liked the newcomers and no one really wanted to interact with them all that much, but we had each other to befriend and rely on so it did become easier to ignore what was going on with the other students. It was even more difficult academically, we were pushed in at the deep-end, in first and second year of university your work isn't as important, you have two full years of figuring out how to work Harvard references, how to structure your essays, how to use the library and so on and so forth. 

Going straight into third year we didn't have that. Third year classes are taken into account when it comes to your final grade, so straight from the outset, we had no choice but to know Harvard referencing, know how to structure essays and know how to use the library etc. There were classes to help us, to teach us before any essays were due, there were chances to meet with a team of lecturers that specifically focused on your learning and helping you go forth with all the knowledge you need and there were chances to meet with librarians and figure out how to use the library. If you are a third year entrant I recommend you do everything you can as quickly as you can, attend all the essay writing classes, meet with learning development workers, meet with librarians and so on and so forth, take all the advantages you can to succeed in university. For someone like me, it was hard to admit that I needed that help, I am very stubborn and don't like to ask for help, but that isn't at all how you should see it. University is super important and it doesn't mean you are weak to ask for help, it means you are smart enough to not let your ego get in the way of your future. 

So university wasn't that terrible for me personally, it was stressful at times, it was overwhelming at times, but overall I was able to keep my cool most of the time which is good considering I am a complete stress head. The best way to survive university is to plan ahead, stay organised, do your readings and ask for help when it is needed. A lot of the time people don't email their lecturers simple questions because they are worried about bothering them or looking stupid, but they are paid to help you, they have to answer even the most simple and obvious questions. For me, surviving uni came down to prioritising, if I had an essay to finish, but I was invited to a blogger event or asked to hang out with friends I would put my essay first. If I had 3 essays due within the same week I would start them all early, prioritise the first one to be handed in. If I had an exam work 50% of my grade for one class but a presentation worth 15% of another, I would focus my energy on the exam. University takes up a lot of your time, but you have to prioritise your tasks and make sure you are doing your best when it is needed. If an essay is only worth 20% of a class, you have to decide whether you can let your grade slip if it is going to interfere with the grade of another class. 

For me, I found university a lot easier when I started all my essays early, the best thing I did during university was write in my planner that each essay was due a week earlier than it actually was. This meant that each time I wrote an essay it was finished in advance, I didn't rush around at the last minute and I had a whole week to go back re-read, correct and perfect. I also took all the help I could get when I needed it, especially when it came to dissertation time. Dissertation is a huge part of your degree and you should take all the help you are given because these people are helping you for a reason, to make sure you get the best possible grade and you should take that opportunity. The most important thing for many is that you shouldn't give university the chance to stress you out, approach everything with a calm mind, stay ahead of your assessments, know what it coming up, plan ahead and everything will run so much more smooth. 

When I started uni I was scared to speak up in seminars, to join discussions, to raise questions because I was worried I would look unintelligent, it is something that bothers me a lot, I am working on it. The thing is that this fear was so irrational because how many people in that class were ever going to remember? How many of those people was I going to meet again in the future? It was so silly to worry about what a bunch of people thought of me because, in reality, they didn't actually care about what I said, they'd forget it once I left that seminar room door and further we didn't even know each other's names other than the small friendship groups within each class, no one knew all 200-300 students within their classes, so chances of those strangers knowing who I was, was very slim. So I started to speak up, I faked a confidence that I eventually gained and I gave my opinions, I discussed topics and I asked questions and slowly but surely I began to understand everything even more than I did, to begin with, I learned things I wouldn't have otherwise known. 

So I was very naive when it came to university, I assumed that once I graduated I would know exactly where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and getting there would be incredibly simple, of course, I was wrong. To put it into simple terms, the job market is a mess, I was stuck between getting a grad job and doing a masters and a pyramid scheme wanted to hire me. Even before graduating I knew I wanted to do a masters in marketing, I had realised a passion for all things marketing and I wanted to learn more, to get a job in the sector and to continue my studying. This caused an issue however as I didn't get accepted for at the most two weeks so I was stuck between applying for full-time graduate roles and applying for summer internships. I decided to be positive and apply for summer internships, which was good since I got accepted into the masters degree. This caused another issue, not everywhere wanted to have a summer internship and there were very few roles available in Glasgow. I swear I applied for all intern positions in PR and marketing and I went to at least one interview a week, I was neck and neck for the position at one marketing firm, but my lack of background in marketing specifically resulted in not getting the role. 

This was annoying as it meant my summer was completely wasted, I got no experience in my future sector, I wasn't proactive and getting involved in the field I was going into after university. I was so bummed out and it left me in a limbo of wondering why I'm not good enough, questioning my skills and worrying that it would affect my future after I graduate from my masters if I have no background in marketing specifically. I spoke to some other recent graduates and I wrote a post about all of this (read here) and I found out I wasn't alone. All graduates go through this exact scenario and it calmed my nerves, stopped my worrying and allowed me to feel a little less pathetic, my ego began to be reassured. You will go through this as a graduate and what you need to do is be pro-active, keep trying, do not give up and do not lose faith. It is incredibly hard, trust me, I know, but you are not alone and you are not a loser for not being able to get a job straight out of university, it is the job market's fault, not yours. The job market is a mess and graduates are one of the main groups being affected. 

So was your undergrad situation similar to mine? Would you like me to do more university related posts on here? Tell me in the comments below. 


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Succeeding as a 'Not on Trend' Beauty Blogger

Being a beauty blogger comes with many problems and to be a beauty blogger you have to be pretty good at problem-solving while having a creative edge. For a while beauty blogging mainly consisted of reviews; single product reviews and brand reviews being the most popular of all. This was a pretty straight forward method, you would buy some products, test them out and share your honest opinion online for everyone to see. As time has gone on the blogging world has evolved. Thus it has become a lot more complex to be a beauty blogger, not only do you do product reviews and share your thoughts on products for your readers, but you have to be more creative and find new ways to talk about the products you use without doing the typical product or brand review. You have to be more creative, people aren't always up for reading a blog consisting of just product reviews, you have to do tutorials, favourites, wish lists, what's in my makeup bags and much more, trying to create more unique and interesting content for your readers. So, what does this change mean for the blogging world?

Well, when it comes to beauty blogging I always want to write content I connect with, I don't want to write a post just for the sake of getting content out or just so I can mention a certain product. I don't want to bore my readers with the same styled reviews every day just changing the product it is based on. I like coming up with creative and helpful posts that also allow me to share some insight with my readers, but that is not always feasible. Sometimes it can seem like no matter how hard I try to create creative and unique beauty content it just seems to fade into the background because I am not constantly talking up the next big item that's popular or just released this month. Sometimes I just don't have an interest in the big items of the moment, other times I can't get my hands on it and mostly I like to stay back and wait for the hype to move past so I can figure out if the product is actually worth it. Apparently, the way I approach makeup, however, can leave me in the dark because my blog posts aren't as interesting as all the reviews of the new Urban Decay palette or the posts centred around the cool new skin care brand on the scene. So, do beauty bloggers have to be on trend to succeed in the blogging world? 

Well, I don't actually think so, although it can be frustrating when I see that the views on a post reviewing the new Too Faced palette are triple the views of any other post by that blogger, and I think to myself, why don't I just buy the palette and review it? My views would go up, my following would rise and for once I would actually be on trend, but is it really worth it to sell out? I mean the way I have approached beauty and makeup has always been the same, I like to pick things up because I want them not because everyone is telling me I want them and I like to try out the product for weeks before a review goes up, so either way I would probably not have my post up on time for it to blow up and make me incredibly successful before the hype dies down. I have done quite okay with my little blog despite my lack of trend following and I enjoy what I do, so isn't that a success in itself? So I wanted to discuss this with my readers, are we only successful when we are super on trend beauty bloggers or can a beauty blogger who doesn't follow all the trends become successful in their own right? Well, whether you are like me and follow your own makeup rules or if you can't afford to follow every trend or if you are just starting to blog here is some of my top tips on being a successful beauty blogger despite not being on trend. Please note that I am not saying I am successful in the conventional definition of the word, but rather I am successful because I enjoy what I do and I have got a following, no matter how tiny and to me that is successful.

Succeeding as a 'Not on Trend' Beauty Blogger

When you are enjoying what you are doing everyone can tell, it becomes so obvious that you have a clear passion for what you are putting out into the world through your blog. When I can tell a blogger has a passion for their content and that their content is coming from a place of love and respect for their own blog I want to follow them and read their posts. I want to support their passion and enjoy their content just as much as they do. If someone is writing content they don't feel enthusiastic about or content which they don't enjoy it becomes incredibly obvious to the readers and can be so off putting so it is best to only post content you enjoy writing and are passionate about. 

The most important way for any blogger to approach their blog is with honesty, without honesty your blog does not stand a chance at being successful. When everything you say is recorded on the internet then it is so easy to trip over your own lies and contradict previous statements, this is off putting. Why would you take recommendations from a blogger that is known to lie? It is obvious that you wouldn't so don't expect it to be any different for yourself. 

When writing and reading blogs I like to look at how the content benefits the reader. Why should readers tune into your blog over the blog reviewing the new cult beauty product? Are you educating them on skincare? Are you sharing your expertise about best before dates on beauty products? Are you sharing something with them which can benefit them in a way that's better than knowing how pigmented the new Naked palette is? The best blog posts are the ones that inform us of things we wouldn't otherwise know, so my tip is to inform your fellow beauty fans about all your beauty knowledge, sharing is caring after all, even by doing reviews you are informing your readers. 

Instead of looking at your lack of being on trend as a negative thing, why not turn it around and make it a positive thing? Make it your unique selling point, the reason why people should tune into your blog. If you are reviewing the new cult favourite then clearly it must be spectacular because you don't do that, you don't follow the trend. I mean, don't be a pompous tool and think you're better than everyone because you're 'too cool to follow trends', but use it to your advantage. Allow your blog to replicate you and use it to your advantage. 

Even if you're not buying every new release by keeping up-to-date with the new beauty releases you are giving yourself an edge, you're knowing the next big trend before it hits, you can plan content around this too. For instance, you didn't like the look of the Naked Heat, by knowing it will be all over the blogosphere in advance you can have a post ready all about the products you would much rather use or that work as dupes or your reasoning for not hopping on the next trend. You can write about the big trend products even if it isn't a review, after all, the new age of beauty blogging isn't all about review after review, we like to mix things up.


So what about you? Do you like to stay on trend or are you more laid back about trends? Tell me below and comment your tips on succeeding as someone beauty blogger who is not on trend. 

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I am Obsessed with Autumn Wishlist

I am obsessed with autumn. I can't quite explain my obsession for autumn, maybe it is the crisp air or the falling leaves or maybe it is the fashion. Actually yes, I think that plays a huge part in my obsession, I love autumn fashion, I love the layers, the colours, the textures, the big cosy jumpers and the ankle boots. Autumn is that period of time before the freezing cold, snowy and hurricane-like winter, it is not so cold that you need to have thigh high boots and thermals, but it is not SO warm, you can leave your house without a jacket. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to work with your style, to find your style, adding layers, wearing hats and scarves as accessories rather than necessities. 

When it comes to autumn I like to wear big cosy knits, jackets that aren't quite thick enough for snowy weather, but not too thin I may as well not be wearing one and most of all I adore the deep moody burgundy shades. Typically I wear a lot of blacks all year round, but I am trying to get out of this habit, I want to add more colour to my wardrobe and play around with different shades, but black is a main colour for autumn. When you think of autumn you see imagery of Halloween, pumpkins, vampy shades, autumn is very much a dark, moody and vampy season and this means black is front and centre in this wishlist. 

I am Obsessed with Autumn Wishlist

So I recently rewatched Gossip Girl and I think I may have taken a page out of Queen B's book with 1 and 12. 1 particularly is very Blair, I can imagine she would pair it with a little blouse similar to the one in the photo or a lovely little floral day dress. To me, it definitely looks like one of those coats that you could wear in autumn because it isn't too heavy, yet if you layered correctly it could totally make its way into your winter wardrobe too. For 12 I wanted to add a skirt to the mix, I like wearing skirts in autumn with some tights and this one looked like a lovely thick cotton material, so it is cosy and with some cosy tights underneath it could be wearable in autumn especially with the deep shades incorporated into the checkered pattern. 

Of course, I had to add a lot of woollen jumpers into the mix in an autumn wishlist, aren't woollen jumpers the definition of autumn? 2, 3, 6 and 11 are all gorgeous woolly jumpers I couldn't not add into the mix. I love to layer with woollen jumpers, they are perfect for looking fashionable while still being roasty toasty. 2 is a very unique style, it has quite oversized sleeves which I love, it adds a little more definition to a traditional jumper while 6 and 11 are traditional grampa knit jumpers but the pastel shades add a little more colour to the traditional vampy autumn colour palette. I have been on the lookout for a cosy knit cardigan so I can still wear fancy blouses underneath, so I totally fell in love with 3 as it is a cropped cosy, knit cardigan that would look gorgeous with a blouse underneath. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am totally loving and zoning into the whole Parisian, French theme at the moment. I am a sucker for anything stripy and so I loved 8 as soon as I saw it, it's a pretty basic piece but the three quarter length arms means it can keep you cosy while making you look super stylish. When it comes to 5 I just think a slogan tee is something everyone should own and I thought it was adorable that this one says 'J'adore' on it opposed to a Love Island (my eyes rolled too) quote which is all I seem to be seeing lately. 

Like I said black is a main colour for autumn because it gives off the vampy, dark autumn feel, but it's even better when paired with white. I have never tried culottes myself, I always think they look so chic on others, but I always thought I was too short for them, but I am up for giving them a go this autumn with number 4. I also think they would work perfectly when paired with 9, a lovely little cotton jumper with lace sleeves. It is a very normal piece, but the lace detailing make it stand out from the crowd and look a little more put together, which is exactly why I fell in love with it. Of course, I had to add in a heavier coat just in case the weather got really bad this autumn and that is exactly what 10 is, a gorgeous heavier coat and the black and white checked pattern make it perfect for autumn and winter. 

What pieces are you loving? Are you excited for autumn fashion or holding on to summer? Tell me below in the comments. 

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What's Going On? | Update

So, I took last week of blogging, I needed a breather, a little time away from my blog and some time to recharge. I found myself in this never-ending war with myself over whether I should write up content and post it just to meet the guidelines I had laid out for myself and feeling like a sell out because I only want to post content I am passionate about and happy to share with the world. Thus I decided to just take a week off and allow myself some time away from my blog hoping it would bring with it a fresh mindset and a never-ending list of ideas for future blog posts. Now I am back and I don't just have ideas for future blog posts, I want to completely revamp my blog for the one millionth time. I feel like I have grown out of the theme, grown out of the content and my blog just has to evolve with me, so I have a whole new list of aspirations in mind for my blog's future.

I found that my lack of confidence when it came to my blog was coming from comparing my blog to others which is so unhealthy, after all, I am a fairly new blogger and I don't quite think I should be comparing myself to those who have been blogging for 5 and 6 years. Taking even just a week out put into perspective just how much my blog means to me, it isn't just a little side gig I have going on while I am at university, it is a main passion for my and my main creative outlet. I don't want to stop blogging over some silly comparisons or because I don't have a lot of readers compared to the girl with 11k followers, I have time to grow and besides it's all about quality, not quantity right now. I want to have a high-quality blog where I post high-quality content that I feel proud to share with the world if it leads to more followers and a higher readership then that will just be the cherry on top of the cake. 

I don't have a terribly low readership, the numbers are just less than I hoped they would be, but I'm not going to let it get me down, my blog means far too much to me to give up on. I am dedicated to making this blog bigger and better and one day I hope to look back at this post and think "that was when it all changed" because I truly feel like my mindset has changed when it comes to heythererobyn.com. I no longer want to post content in the hopes of growing, I don't want to be one of those bloggers who posts content in the hopes to gain campaigns with companies, I want to be that hard-working blogger who posts content that people can tell I love and that they love equally as much. This could lead to less frequent posts, it could lead to a slight change in genre, but what it won't change is the fact I will always love my little part of the internet. I am tired of comparing, I am tired of trying to be more like this blogger or that blogger, I just want my blog to be the place I can be creative, where I can share content and if I grow from being my true self then I couldn't ask for more. 

In other news, I return to university soon to undertake my masters degree in international marketing and I am super excited to learn all about a field I have so much interest in. I will be complaining about the essays and be rolling my eyes at that 6am wakeup call in no time, but right now I just can't wait to learn more about the field I hope to work in one day. Is that totally weird? To be excited about going back to university? I have always loved to learn, in fact, I am super tempted to complete knowledge in French and become fluent just because of my adoration for learning and my love of France too, of course. 

So how have you been? Are you ready for a blog revamp yourself? How often do you like to revamp your website? 

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The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

If you are a makeup fan there is a big chance you love a good liquid lipstick and an even bigger chance that you have read all about the most popular ones online. Bloggers love a good liquid lipstick and every so often a new one seems to take centre stage as the big liquid lipstick of the moment, we have had everything Colorpop, Too Faced, NYX, Kylie Cosmetics and Kat Von D. Brands just love to please us with the ever growing list of liquid lipsticks available, but I don't like to jump in feet first when it comes to liquid lipsticks, they can be super tricky for me which is why it has taken me so long to talk about this one, the Kat Von D liquid lipstick and mine is in the shade Lolita. 

Kat Von D Beauty Brand blew up a while ago and I watched from a far, although I am a major beauty fan, I am also a horrible sceptic. If something is getting a lot of attention I tend not to be first to jump on the bandwagon, I like to wait for some reviews and then I take a shot if I feel it is worth it, but that can cause problems. When it came to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks it did cause a few problems, there appeared to be just as many bad reviews online as there were good, but the good reviews were incredible while the bad reviews seemed tame. I have bought enough products from positive online reviews that turned out to be the total opposite to know I just had to try it for myself, but because of the mixture of reviews, of course, I just had to give my readers my honest thoughts on the liquid lipsticks that divided a nation of beauty bloggers. 

What attracts a lot of people to the KVD line is the packaging, unlike other makeup lines, KVD's packaging is dark, gothic and the total opposite to say Benefit's or The Balm's packaging. It matches Kat's own personal style which I really love, she has stayed true to herself, even with her makeup collection. Each and every item is designed by her with her own hand drawn designs and I am well and truly impressed because the design of the liquid lipsticks is stunning. They are unlike all other liquid lipstick I have tried, the packaging is very sleek, skinny and tall holding 6.6ml of product which is the average size of a non-drug store liquid lipstick, for example, Too Faced melted mattes come in at 7ml. Not only do these liquid lipsticks fit perfectly in a makeup bag, but they take up hardly any room, much less than the chunky NYX suedes or Too Faced melted mattes. 

The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

When it comes to the range, there are around 41 different shades available making it one of the larger collections in UK stores and within this, there is a wide range of shades available. Not only is there a large number of nudes, but KVD also has a bunch of unique shades, think aquatic blues and pastel purples, not the typical shades. Among the more pricey liquid lipsticks, KVD appears to stand out as trendsetters by releasing the more daring shades, the only competition being Kylie Cosmetics, but NYX do a whole load of dupes for this collection with their liquid suede range and they're much cheaper. This makes the range a little less appealing since the selling point is the unique shades which are easily duped by a much less pricey brand. The shade I purchased was Lolita, one of the most popular nude shades named after the book by Vladimir Nabokov which you should totally read, by the way, I have read my copy four times. 

The colour is a gorgeous warm pinky plum shade with a matte finish and it appears to be a colour that looks different on absolutely everyone and on top of different lip liner shades. On my bare lips, this shade is a deep shade while on other it looks a lot lighter, it is slightly darker than the nudes I usually wear, but definitely falls into the nude category, but with a darker lip liner could be perfect for autumn and winter as a much vamp-ier, plum shade. The lipstick takes under a minute to dry to completely matte, but it doesn't feel overly drying on the lips like say the Kylie Cosmetics line, but not quite as balmy and hydrated as the soft matte lip creams by NYX. They actually feel very similar to the Too Faced melted mattes and don't bleed at all which is definitely something you have to watch with liquid lipsticks specifically mattes ones. 

The Liquid Lipstick With the Big Reputation

I have worn this gorgeous lip shade many times with many different makeup looks, it is the perfect shade for adding some depth to a natural look and it also compliments a much more dramatic smokey eye too. Each time I have worn it, it has only lasted around four to six hours and it is more often than not my eating habits that leads to its demise. It doesn't really live up to its name sake as being an 'everlasting' liquid lipstick, but it definitely lasts long enough for me to want to buy some more. After some fading in the middle of my bottom lip, I decided to layer up on the lipstick which was rather successful. It didn't bleed or become cracked and cakey, it blended perfectly with the other layer and stayed just as hydrating as the first coat did. What I would recommend however is that you wear a thick coat of lip balm to bed the night after you have worn this liquid lipstick or any liquid lipstick for that matter, even the most hydrating ones can do some long lasting damage to your lips. 

I would definitely recommend these liquid lipsticks to anyone who is a fan of the Too Faced melted mattes, they have a very similar formula and wear to them and are just a few pounds less. I would recommend that you don't get wrapped up in the unique shades however as they are a little gimmicky to me personally, especially when NYX do most of the exact same shades for less than half the price. I don't think the lipsticks personally deserve the massive fuss that surrounds them as there really is nothing too special about them in my opinion. I will continue to buy them because I do like them, there are some gorgeous nude shades I cannot wait to pick up, but other than that they are pretty average. 

So what liquid lipsticks do you recommend? Are you a fan of the KVD ones? Which lipstick shades are your favourite? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Social Media: Do We Care Too Much?

I have been taking a little time away from the internet each Saturday for the past few weeks, it's not something I planned, in fact, or something I force myself to do. Each Saturday I just find myself focusing less on the internet, well except my blog when it comes to my blog I still write posts, promote and plan on Saturdays. When it comes to social media I post less, I stalk less and I care less, but it wasn't until I read Aziz Ansari's GQ interview, which showed up on one of my social media channels ironically, that I started to notice my new routine and the way in which it was affecting how I saw the internet and how I act when it comes to the internet, specifically social media. 

You can read Aziz's interview here, but unless you love him as much as I do, then I'm guessing you really don't care too much, so I'll narrow down why I'm referencing it. In the interview, Aziz talks all about how he has cut ties with the internet; he has no social media accounts, he doesn't read emails, he doesn't even have a browser app on his phone, upon reading this I was baffled 'how does he keep up with the world?', 'he must secretly check the internet, right?' These were just some of the thoughts that went through my head, but when he spoke of how he's still happy and successful despite his disconnect from the internet, it got me thinking; do we care too much? 

I have always been the first person to counter-argue the whole 'millennials are so addicted to the internet' and the 'the internet is such a terrible place' arguments that are used against us of the internet generation. I never expected myself to ever look at the internet in a negative light, but I find myself wondering recently; do I take social media way too seriously? I mean as a blogger I have to take the internet seriously, blogging is an incredible passion of mine and I like to take my blog seriously, almost as if it were my job, but in doing so am I putting unneeded pressure on myself? Am I allowing social media, following numbers and likes on a photo to engulf me and take over my life? Afterall, each time a photo of mine doesn't get over 100 likes on Instagram I question my photography, my captions and it may even affect my self-esteem. 

Not only does it affect my self-esteem, but I have actually found myself thinking about how I can strategically make people follow my social media accounts, yes I did just say 'make'. As a blogger I have always believed organic traffic is the best traffic, I don't want to trick people into following me with a new competition every week or fake a following by spending money on bots, I want my followers to follow me simply because they want to. So why has this suddenly changed? Why am I so insistent on growing my social media numbers that I am willing to strategically draw people into following me with content that I'm not passionate about or photos I'm not even proud of? It's not me and it is not how I want my social media following to grow, I would rather have few followers who love and engage with my content than loads of followers who don't really care for it and don't ever communicate with it or me. 

I completely understand that this cannot work for some people, for some, blogging and social media is their career. It is how they make a living and they do not have the freedom I do to just not tweet for a few days or take a week off blogging because they can't connect with their content. For me blogging is a passion, it is a hobby, I may like to treat it like it is my job, but it's not, I have other ways of making money and I don't have to focus as deeply on my following as they do, so why don't I use this freedom to my advantage? Instead of fretting because I can't reach 1000 followers on Instagram, why don't I focus my energy else where? On University? Or beefing up my CV? Or on spending time with the people I love? I don't need 1000 followers on Instagram, as much as I like to tell myself that I do, I will live if I don't reach the next milestone so I am not going to allow myself to be consumed by this need to gain followers and post content every single day, even when I don't like the photograph, just to reach that milestone. Instead, I want to post content I am proud of and if I gain a following from it then I gain a following from it, what does it matter? I love it either way. 

As a blogger I need to think of the numbers, if I don't then I am not being a very good blogger, but what is good numbers if your content is bland, uncreative and the same old content that's been recycled 1000 times by 1000 different bloggers? I want to grow my following across my social media channels and especially around my blog readership, but I don't want it to stress me out and make me become someone who cares only for the demographics, I am a creative person and to create is what I do best and it is how I want to be known in the blogging world, not as that boring girl with 10,000 followers. I want my following to come from people who relate to me, who want to read more of my blog posts, keep up with my tweets or see my life in pictures over on Instagram. I don't want to have followers because my life appears to be perfect and like I am living some sort of fantasy lifestyle with pink skies and pet monkies. Maybe one day I will have a perfect life with pink skies and a pet monkey, but right now, I don't and I am perfectly happy with that and with being 100% transparent and honest with those who follow me. 

In no way, shape or form am I accusing anyone of lying or contriving a fake lifestyle for social media, I mean we all want to only show the good parts of our lifestyles, don't we? I mean, trust me, I hardly ever talk about the bad moments of my life online even when I should because I hate to be pitied by people, but that doesn't mean my life is perfect, I just keep private about certain aspects. I just give up worrying about whether my Instagram feed is cohesive or whether or not my third day without an Instagram post will result in unfollowers because it is a waste of time. People are going to follow you, people are going to unfollow you and that's just how the internet works, we cannot stop these people from doing it and we cannot coax them into staying, what we can do is post engaging, creative content that we believe in and adore and hopefully our positive attitudes will encourage others to feel positive about our content too thus gaining a wonderful following that you know followed you for all the right reasons. 

Instead of worrying about how I will reach my next 1000 followers on Twitter or fretting over why my Instagram numbers won't seem to budge I am going to ride out the waves. I am going to continue to tweet, Instagram, Facebook, blog and so on, but I am going to put less pressure on myself to grow and focus more on what I put out there and how I engage because I didn't start blogging to gain popularity. I started it as a creative outlet and that's how I want to continue my journey. I completely understand a lot of people see this whole situation differently, a lot of people for a lot of different reasons believe numbers should be the main focus and I don't see anything wrong with that at all, it's just not for me. The purpose of this blog post wasn't to insult anyone or to dampen the mood on the wonderful creation of the internet but to start a discussion with others on whether we take social media too seriously. 

So sorry Aziz, who will never read my blog because he doesn't use the internet, but I will not be deleting social media or my internet browser anytime soon. The internet is a big part of me, I grew up on here and it can't get rid of me that easy, but you have made me think a lot about how I use the internet and how I let it affect me, so thank you. Thank you for showing me that I was allowing one of my favourite things in the entire world become something negative. We are so lucky to have the internet, we have the world at our fingertips, but if we don't use it right it can become a dark place and I don't want it to be one for me. I don't want to hate social media or get frustrated at my fellow bloggers because they have more followers than me, I just want to enjoy what I have and maybe I'll grow while I'm at it, who knows? 

So what do you think of Aziz Ansari's internet boycott? Could you give up the internet? How do you feel about social media, do we take it too seriously? Discuss with me in the comments. 

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(Oh the irony ;))
50 Thing I am Grateful For

I read a post recently that truly resonated with me, I agreed with every single thing that was written, this rarely ever happens. Therefore I just had to share it with you, this post was by Sophie Rosie\ and you can read it here, in this post she lists 100 things that she is thankful for and I sat nodding at everything on her list, but I wanted to create my own list and continue to spread this grateful mindset with my readers too. So here is a list of things I am truly grateful for in life because after all, we should all be a little more thankful for the small things, shouldn't we?

1. Coffee - I LOVE coffee.
2. Family - We may not always get along, but we are always there for one another.
3. Music - Music will always be something I love more than I could ever put into words.
4. Friends - The family we actually got to pick.
5. The internet - Without which I probably wouldn't have figured out a passion of mine.
6. Italian food - Oh those giving Italian people who brought us pizza AND pasta.
7. Free higher education - Scotland may not have good weather, but it saved me from a lot of debt.
8. Flowers - Something so simple yet so beautiful. 
9. Animals - Do I have to explain this one?
10. The past - It made me the person I am today.
11. Old movies - Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Montgomery Cliff... 
12. The NHS - Without which my nephew might not have made it the 4 years we had him.
13. Changing seasons - Because I love each season as it comes.
14. Home - Some people don't have one, but I do.
15. Motivational quotes - I'm a sucker for a motivational quote.
16. Puppies - Who doesn't love puppies?
17. Netflix - Otherwise I'd never procrastinate.
18. Shoes - My slight obsession.
19. Freedom - I can do whatever I want, which is quite scary actually.
20. Makeup - Without which I look like I am unwell.
21. Good health - Something I never want to live without. 
22. Books - Because it is wonderful getting lost in another world.
23. TedTalks - Again, I am a sucker for anything motivational.
24. Cosy jumpers - The perfect way to take on a cold Scottish day.
25. Laughing - If it were a hobby it would be my favourite one.
26. My phone - I have the world at my finger tips each and every day.
27. My parents - Without them, I wouldn't even exist.
28. Long car rides - The best place to get lost in your own thoughts.
29. Opportunities to learn - My favourite hobby, yes, I am a massive geek.
30. My blog - One of the best things to ever happen to me.
31. Kind people - The best people on Earth.
32. Breakfast - My favourite meal of the day.
33. Student discount - Because everyone loves a good bargain.
34. Elle Woods - Because Legally Blonde is the movie to get me through any rough patch in my life.
35. Long, warm showers - Sometimes all you need is a good long shower to rid you of a hard day.
37. High-waisted jeans - Because my hips do not fit my body.
38. Goals - The best way to stay motivated.
39. Dog walks - A simplistic, soothing moment of peace and quiet.
40. Fruit - Life's sweetest treat.
41. Lip balm - The handbag necessity.
42. The future - Because anything is possible and that is really truly wonderful.
43. Skincare - Saving me from any early ageing issues.
44. Moments you're so caught up in you forget to look at your phone - they're the best.
45. Self-confidence - Everyone should love themselves.
46. Hot water bottles - Scotland gets cold.
47. Trees, nature and wildlife - The world is being taken over by too many cities, we need wildlife.
48. Sleep - My one true love.
49. Seeing people you love smile - Creates a warm feeling from within.

I tried to keep my post a little different from Sophie's as to not copy her completely, but there you have it a list of fifty things I am super grateful for. Of course, there are many more things I am super grateful for, but I decided to stick with fifty or I would probably have never stopped and you'd be reading a '254 Things I am Grateful For' post right now. I think it is so important that we always think about the little things that we are so lucky to experience and have in our lives, especially when the world seems like such a dark and cold place as it has done in 2017.

So what are the top five things you are grateful for? Are we grateful for any of the same things? Tell me below in the comments. 

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