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A Little Bit Lost
A Little Bit Lost

Hi, I am Robyn and I am a bit lost. I remember being a kid and thinking "at 25 I want to be married, in an amazing job, earning lots of money, living in a mansion and own 3 cars." Now, I don't really know what I see myself doing at 25, is it that I don't know what the future holds for me or is it simply that I don't know what I want? At 21 I stand here as a recent university graduate, still living with my parents, boyfriendless, graduate job-less and more confused than ever. Was I stupid to think I would have my life sorted out by now or am I failing myself? All too often people ask "where do you see yourself in five years?" but how can I possibly tell them that I have no clue without implying a lack of prospects or dedication? 

The thing is I have prospects and a heck of a load of dedication, but I just don't know where I am in life or what I want and I'm incredibly worried I never will. I am going back to university in September for my masters and that's about all I know is for sure in my five-year plan. I am really big on planning and there is nothing I love more than creating goals for myself, but right now I really have no idea what goals I have other than "get good grades in university." Does this mean I am failing myself? Am I even studying the subject for me if I don't know where I want to be years down the line? I mean everyone knows everything about their sector, right? I mean writers look up to other writers, singers to other singers, but is there some popular marketing God out there for me to mould myself after? I really don't know and nor do I think so. 

I look up to a lot of people for a variety of reasons, but there isn't someone in my field whose footsteps I can follow, rather I look up to a bunch of people from a variety of fields for different reasons, but this doesn't help me in building that five-year plan, does it? I mean where do I even begin, once I have my masters, which jobs am I looking for? Which job role will I be qualified for? How does one climb up the corporate ladder? There are so many things I have to look into and research and I just don't know where to begin or how to do my research. I see people leave university, apply for one job and jump straight into their chosen field, no worries, no troubles, just an easy leap and bam their life seems to flow seamlessly, so why isn't that how things are working for me?

A Little Bit Lost

I applied for job after job after job, I was applying for grad jobs and internships before classes had even stopped and yet here I am with no grad job and no internship. It's so incredibly frustrating to know that you're giving something your everything and getting nothing in return. I was invited along to interviews and for a solid two months I was going to at least two a week, but I'd get that same pitifully response afterwards explaining that they went another way and each time I felt my self-esteem shrink and shrink, I cried and I screamed but each time I sat back down at my laptop and looked for more jobs because I do not give up under any circumstances. It has come to my attention that I must truly suck at interviews, but how on Earth can I be better at interviews? How does one become good at being interviewed? 

I always knew I planned to return for my masters degree, but it didn't make it all suck any less, it didn't take away the fact I felt like I was failing myself because I wasn't succeeding right away and it still doesn't. Inwardly I know that it doesn't mean I am failing and I have now built up a kind of tolerance when it comes to job rejections, so I have a thicker skin and can accept it much easier. For a while I let it affect me too much, but now I try to remind myself that what will be will be and I can't force things to happen, I have to just do my best and let life do the rest for me. It doesn't mean I am any less lost, I have just accepted that I can't control everything in life and all I can do is my best.

I am lost, very lost, I don't quite know what I will be doing when I'm 25. Maybe I will be married and rich and be living a fantastic life with a big house, or maybe I truly will live out my worst nightmare and be alone forever. I really hope the latter isn't true and I do find the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with because I am a true romantic at heart, even if I pretend I'm not for the most part. I think when we are younger we have all of these dreams, but we don't fully understand timing quite as much as we do now because as much as I thought I'd be living in my own place by now, I am really not ready for that and typically most 25-year-olds aren't rich af and living in mansions, so sorry younger me, but your bubble has officially been burst because 21-year-old me cannot see great riches within the next four years. 

A Little Bit LostRight now I am accepting the fact I am lost and confused, but I am trying to find my way and maybe one day I will figure it all out. I know now that I can't be naive and I have to make realistic goals, although short-term and just hope that at some point it all clicks and I figure out where I want to be in five years time.  I think we put far too much pressure on ourselves to be doing this when we are this age and living there while we are that age, life isn't something we can plan out every single detail of, things change, people change and life gets in the way sometimes so we have to just power through and do our best. I have a habit of putting too much pressure on myself and more often than not it just leads to a lot of negative feelings and I usually always leave the situation feeling sorry for myself, but at the end of the day, I am just pushing myself too far. 

I have a lot of goals, some I share on here and my social media channels, some I share with those closest to me and then some I keep to myself. The goals I keep to myself tend to be the ones I am scared to share for fear of not reaching them and disappointing those around me, so for the most part, there are very few of them. I like to share my goals, I am a firm believer that if you share your goals it motivates you further to complete them, so the goals closest to me are usually the ones I tell everyone about. Although I haven't really mentioned my blog in this post a lot, my blog is a very common topic within my goals because it is truly something I am passionate about and I actually feel like I treat it like it is a job even though it's not something I do full-time.

- To do well in university,
- To graduate with a masters next year,
- To only create blog content I am proud to publish,
- To reach 1,000 followers on Instagram,
- To reach 4.000 on Twitter,
- To spend less time on my phone while with family, 
- To figure out the next move after university, 
- To be happy. 

Just a few of the goals I have jotted down in my goals notebook If nothing else I hope to be happy in five years time and still close to my family. I want to be successful and be working in a job I truly adore and am passionate about, but before I get there I have to get through another year at university and figure out what steps to take after graduation next year. I am lost, but aren't we all at times? Graduating can be a really strange and stressful time for a lot of us, we are scared to enter the big bad world and it makes us feel like failures when we don't live up to the same standards as our peers, but each person is different and each person follows a unique path, so I am fine being lost because it has led me to figure out a lot more about myself than I ever could have known before.


Have you ever felt lost? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? What advice would you give to anyone who feels this way? Tell me in the comments. 

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5 Multi-Purpose Beauty
5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

Like most makeup fans and beauty bloggers, my makeup collection is ever expanding, in fact, some may say my collection is excessive and unnecessary, actually... I may be quoting my parents right now. The problem with having such a large collection of makeup is that it is incredibly difficult to pick out which items are worthy of popping in your makeup bag for nights out, day trips, weekends away and holidays. You're not going to be able to take 5 eyeshadow palettes, 6 lipsticks and 4 brow products, makeup bags are quite small and therefore it is important to only take the essentials. For me, essentials are always multi-purpose products, products that serve more than one purpose result in fewer products being stuffed into your makeup bag. 

There are many products on the market which are advertised as multi-purpose, but there are also products which aren't promoted as multi-purpose and definitely serve more than one purpose. Some products duo-purpose has come to my attention by accident, like that time I forgot to apply mascara so used my Gimme Brow to add a bit of length to my lashes, while others have come to me by pure epiphany or as some call it, common sense. Since you and I have become friends in our time as writer and reader I decided I would share some of my favourite multi-purpose products with you so you can use my tricks and keep that makeup bag half full instead of over flowing, because you know what that means? You have room to buy other products, duh! I mean you can't get that whole "You don't need another MAC lipstick, look, you can't even fit anything else into your makeup bag" because it will no longer be overflowing. Just call me genius Robyn because I swear I am one. 

This is one I do a lot and by a lot, I mean it is my everyday look for a neutral smokey eye and no one would ever know the difference. I use my Hoola bronzer as a shadow for my crease and blend it out with other shadows. You can do this with many bronzers it doesn't have to be Hoola, any matte contour shade should be easy enough to blend out with a good blending eyeshadow brush in your crease and if it is a shimmering bronzer it can be used for a more glamorous smokey look. Bronzers and contour products have to be easy to blend otherwise they would look muddy on your cheeks, so the formula is perfect for use as an eyeshadow and since bronzers tend to be a lovely golden brown, they always work perfectly in the crease. Since it is a wonderful everyday shade for using in the crease it is a product you can use day after day in your crease which means you can pop this in your makeup bag for a week and not have to lug around multiple eyeshadow palettes.

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

This isn't a new one, everyone knows of the duo-purpose of shimmer shadows, in fact, it was probably your first thought upon seeing the title of this blog post. Shimmer shadows are not only for adding definition and highlight to your lids but also be applied to your cheekbones, nose, eyebrows and upper lip for a beautiful dewy look. The problem is that not every single shimmer shadow can be used as a highlight for an everyday look, some shadows are not pigmented enough, some have large chunks of glitter which will just highlight your pores, others won't suit your skin tone. There are a lot of things that must be assessed when finding the perfect shimmer shadows that work as a highlight on you specifically. My favourite single shimmer shadow which I can use as a highlight is Kat Von D's Thunderstruck and my favourite shimmer palette which has many usable shadows for highlight is Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. 

Kat Von D's Thunderstruck is a gorgeous white champagne toned eyeshadow packaged in a petite black, round 2.8g tub therein it is super easy to pop in your makeup bag and it doesn't take much space, however, it serves two different purposes. Naked 2, on the other hand, consists of 12 different shadows, 7 of which are shimmer and range from a white, beige-y toned shimmer right to a deep copper shimmer shadow. This means that the palette can cater as a highlight duo product for many skin tones, but it is a much larger product to store in your makeup bag. This is evened out by the fact it can cater a full week's wear of eyeshadow looks while Thunderstruck would have to be paired with other eyeshadows for intense makeup looks. 

Have you ever forgot to take your brow products with you and freaked out because your brows are a staple part of your makeup look? I have and I was able to solve my problem with a small eyeshadow brush and a deep brown matte shadow thus I found out eyeshadows have many many purposes and with an eyeshadow palette in your bag, you can conquer anything... well you can do a bunch of your makeup only using eyeshadows anyway. Although every person has a different shade, so it just comes down to whether you have a shadow available to you which can match in with your brows. The way I figured this out was to swatch a few shades on my arm and pick the one I found would work with my eyebrows aka the darkest brown I had available to me.

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

Another normal one, but I am one of those people who loves lip products from lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, I own a wide range of lip products and in a thousand different shades, but I tend to wear the same nude shades over and over again. This means I tend to pack about a dozen different lip products whenever I go anywhere, but this also means I have to pack a bunch of lip pencils too, which is so unnecessary. I am a massive fan of lip crayons, I feel they are so versatile, easy to apply and don't dry too much nor are they ever sticky. So I found the best thing to do is pick a few lip products and include a very neutral, versatile lip crayon alongside them. This way I can use the lip crayon as both an all over colour and as a lip pencil under my other lip products, they work especially well under liquid lipsticks. 

I have become slightly obsessed with the no7 lip crayons lately since I was gifted one and they don't dry out like some lip pencils so can be worn alone, but definitely, help lengthen the longevity of any lipstick. My favourite and most used one Raspberry Wine looks amazing under a bunch of lipsticks, especially Kat Von D Lolita and MAC Fastplay. You may be wondering, why not just pack a versatile, nude lip liner like MAC's Spice, my personal opinion is lip liners dry out and bleed a lot more than lip crayons do, this is because lip pencils have a much drier formula than lip crayons. 

Now, this is another one I figured out completely by accident, I had forgotten to pack an eyeliner in my bag, so when the one I had been testing out started to fade on one eye I had two choices; improvise or take off all eye makeup and start from scratch. I opted for an improvisation, opened my mascara and using an angled eyeliner brush I had in the bottom of my makeup bag took some product off the brush and reapplied my winged liner. It worked perfectly and stayed in place incredibly well, with no fading and no smudging. My favourite mascara at the moment is Too Faced Better than Sex and I find it also works perfectly as an eyeliner, the deep black shade is perfect and the staying power means I don't have to reapply it countless times. The perfect substitute if you forget your eyeliner, just make sure you have an angled brush available and it applies just like a gel liner. 

Products being multi-purpose definitely helps when you have to pick just a few items to take with you or if you are rushing somewhere and don't have time to fix a full makeup bag you can grab these items. My favourite part of having multi-purpose products at hand is how easy it is to create different looks constantly by using such versatile products and no one would ever know you had bronzer on your eyelids or eyeshadow in your brows.


Are there any products I have forgotten? Have you ever used a product for something else which isn't the main purpose of it? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear all about it. 

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The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers
The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers
Think of a hair dryer, what are you imagining? Probably the traditional hair dryer that has been around since the 1920s. Thick lightweight handle with a heavy unbalanced nozzle, super loud, gets too heavy to hold up, y'know a hair dryer. We have all had our fair share of hair dryer disasters from burning our scalp to getting our hair caught in the fan, it's something we can all bond over, but no more. There is a new hair dryer in town, which has completely taken the hair care world by storm, it has transformed everything you know about hair dryers and you're probably going to want to buy it, luckily for me, I got to test it out. 

I was invited down to the amazing Rainbow Room International to test run the amazing new Dyson hair dryers which have just been added to all their salons across Glasgow and the outer areas. When I first heard that Dyson was creating a hair dryer I was completely baffled, Dyson make hoovers, how can they make a hair dryer? But when you think of it, it isn't that big a jump, hoovers suck in air while hair dryers release it, so it actually makes a lot more sense than it appears to. Plus, Dyson make hand dryers for public toilets and incredible fans which both also release air, so it makes a lot of sense that branching into hair dryers was their next move. In fact, a little birdy told me that they eventually hope that their hair care range will be larger than their homeware range and they will be known for their hair care instead. Which also brings forth the question, what other hair care items will they be releasing? Straighteners? Curling irons? curling wands? I can't wait to see it all. 

The event began with us all getting sat down in comfy seats in front of gorgeous mirrors with some champagne and cupcakes, off topic but, how do they clean their mirrors at salons? Mine never stays that clean, I am incredibly jealous. We were then introduced to stylists who asked us all about our hair, what products do we use, how often we wash it, how do we style it etc etc etc. This gave us more confidence in the stylists if they knew everything about our hair there was definitely less chance of any major mishaps. Whether you are at a salon for a simple wash and blow dry or a major hair colour change you should always trust your stylist and have confidence in their abilities to protect your hair and treat it as they would their own. I think my stylist's name was Becky, I may be completely wrong, I am horrific with names like I swear I would forget mine if it wasn't imprinted in my brain for 21 years.

The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers

After an insane head massage, we each got the most luxurious wash and blow-dry with the incredible Dyson hair dryer. The hair dryer is incredibly quiet compared to other hair dryers I have used, even when it is up full, which meant that even with 50 of them in the one room we could all still talk without too much trouble. I got to hold the hair dryer and unlike normal dryers, the motor is in the bottom of the handle resulting in the majority of the weight being in the handle. So unlike traditional hair dryers, it is not too top heavy, this means that I definitely wouldn't struggle to hold my arm up while blow drying my hair like I do now with my current hair dryer. I usually have to take a rest halfway through because my arm is so sore, especially since my blow dry usually takes about 45 minutes with my current dryer, even when it is up full and burning my scalp. 

With the Dyson, it took a lot less time to dry my hair and this was with each section being separated and straightened carefully using the dryer. This is because the motor inside the dryer works faster, but the actual heat of the hairdryer is lower resulting in less heat damage to the hair. I mean what more could you want? After my wash and blow-dry, my hair felt softer than ever, it was so sleek and smooth, I can never get it to look that way, it constantly looks frizzy and static whenever I have blow dried it. I have extremely static hair and because of this it tangles super easily, but after this blow-dry, it didn't tangle at all, even after a few days my hair was still tangle free and I definitely think it was down to this hairdryer. 

The lovely stylist offered to curl my hair as it is my usual style and afterwards gave it a little curl which was absolutely gorgeous, think big, bouncy curls a la Victoria's Secret fashion show. Since my graduation was two days later I decided to attempt at maintaining the curls until then and it was not hard at all. My hair was done on Monday night and all I had to do on both Tuesday and Wednesday was to brush it and it didn't affect the curls at all, my hair stayed smooth, soft, static free and super curly and bouncy which you may have seen in my graduation post. 

The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers

I have to say it was an event I really enjoyed, not only is The Rainbow Room International a fantastic salon with amazing and highly talented staff, but the Dyson hair dryer has changed my life when it comes to how I think of my hair. I really have to get my hands on one of these for home as I definitely think it is worth the price tag. £300 is a lot for a hair dryer, but this one is unlike any other, it creates beautiful hair in such a short time and you definitely won't suffer from any hair dryer disasters with this gorgeous and sleek dryer. Due to the motor being in the base of the handle there is no chance of hair getting caught in it and the lower heat prevents heat damage, which to me places it above all other hair dryers on the market right now. 

Have you checked out this hair dryer? Are you as obsessed as me? How do you feel about Dyson expanding into hair care?

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Why I Blog
Whether you're a blogger or a blog reader, you have probably asked or been asked the same question 110 times "Why do you blog?" An open question with a thousand and one responses, no two replies could ever be the same, whether you get the back story to how a blogger's story began or you get the short bullet point list of the main reasons said blogger loves blogging, chances are each response is just as interesting as the one before. Blogging is a lot of effort, a lot of hard work and a takes a heck load of dedication especially when you're posting regularly, so it is natural for people to question the motives behind it. 

We can say that the question comes from a place of hostility or distaste, it could be accompanied by an eye roll too, but why? A lot of people assume bloggers are all in the blogging game for 'freebies'; free makeup, free holidays, free access to events and I will be the absolute first person to say yes these so called freebies are absolutely fantastic, I love working with brands, receiving little gifts and getting invited to amazing events, but I would never spend as much time on blogging as I do if all I was getting out of it was a free mascara every so often or the odd bottle of perfume. No, I am not talking about money I am talking about how blogging makes me feel. The most rewarding things about blogging are not physical, I can't hand them to you and let you feel them, I can't lend you them for your night out in the town.

Blogging is not just a past-time for a lot of us, it is something we love to do, something we are passionate about and something we find a lot of happiness in. When I write my posts I'm not thinking "oh I wonder how many brands will want to collaborate with me after this." I am thinking about how much I love to write, how much I adore sharing things online and having my little piece of the internet to express myself creatively, to help people, to write about things I love and to share with a community of people who share my interests. Sure, I may write about materialistic things or mundane things that to most don't really matter, but that doesn't negate from the process that I have to go through just to produce and promote one single post or the feeling of pride that rushes over me whenever I receive a compliment about my blog or hit a new milestone. 

Speaking of milestones, it can get extremely easy to get caught up in the number game when you're a blogger, you want to gain more followers and have more readers, this is definitely not a bad thing. A lot of people think bloggers want loads of followers because they want to be internet famous, but for me, and for a hell of a load of other bloggers, it is about watching something you work incredibly hard at grow and your hard work be rewarded and recognised. It's nice to have a large following and be seen as "influential" but we see numbers as milestones, as goals because growing a readership shows that what we are doing is being enjoyed by more people and that our hard work and effort is not going unrecognised. We may write for our own enjoyment, but we put our content out there into the online realm, we want to see other people enjoying it, so of course gaining followers makes us happy, we aren't trying to get internet stardom if we wanted that we'd go on Love Island. 

Why I Blog

I love to write content that can help others. I love to write insightful posts whether it be a beauty review or something about health, fitness or maybe even university and studying. I love to think people can read my posts and go away with something, whether it be a better understanding of how to use skin care or a new recommendation on shampoo or something more meaningful and deeper like is university for them or what they should have on their CV. I don't think being a beauty blogger means that I am stupid and shouldn't be heard, I like to write about beauty because it is something I love and if you love beauty too then we can learn from one another and sure it may be materialistic and mundane to some, but it makes us happy and that doesn't mean we aren't learning and advancing, it's just in a subject not everyone is interested in. 

I am constantly learning as a blogger, whether that be through other bloggers and their insightful blog posts or through being a blogger myself. I love to jump into the deep end and give things a go myself, so when I began blogging I honestly had no idea what I was doing and I think as a self-taught blogger I have come pretty far. I am by far not the best blogger out there, but I definitely think that I have learned a heck of a lot about writing, promoting, marketing, photography, photoshop and a dozen other things that I can add to my CV and use in the future. I learn something every day when it comes to blogging and isn't the best kind of learning when you don't even realise you are learning because you are having so much fun? 

One of the most fun parts about blogging is meeting people who have similar interests and goals as you and becoming friends with them. I think of so many bloggers as my friends, yet if I never began blogging I wouldn't even know they exist, I mean how cool is that? Some bloggers start out their blog from a place of loneliness, and they meet friends for life, people who become their bridesmaids, their other halves, their child's god parents. Blogging and the internet, in general, has made it so easy to make friends for life that you can relate to more than you relate to people already in your life. 

(who do I think I am? Freaking Batman?)
(Haha no I am Robyn... at least I think I am funny)
When I first started my blog I had been reading blogs for about two years prior, I loved to read blogs, I loved to watch Youtube and I had always wanted to do both, but it all came down to a lack of self-esteem. I assumed no one would read my content, that I would look stupid and fail at it, but who is to say who has succeeded in blogging and who has failed? I am happy with my blog and blogging makes me happy so I think blogging has been a success for me. I was pushed in to finally taking the step and starting my blog when I was applying for university, I was told it would give me a better application form and I got four offers so I mean, it must have worked, right? I started writing about fashion then switched to lifestyle then beauty and now I am a mixture of them all with some added sub-categories. 

I thought one of two things would happen: I would give up once I got into university or I would gain some followers and I'd continue. Neither happened, I mean I did continue, but I had no followers for at least two whole months, I didn't know how to promote my posts so I was getting like 2 views a day, one of which was me and the other, my mum. I loved to write, it is something I have always loved and I have even spoken about how I'd love to write a book one day if the opportunity were to ever come up, and with blogging I was writing with freedom, I picked the topics, I picked my standing point and I picked my schedule. From that point on I learned more and more about blogging and fell more and more in love with it and now two years on I am here, still blogging even though I have now graduated university.

So many people think blogging is easy and sure it isn't rocket science, but it definitely isn't as easy as it looks, it takes hard work, dedication, organisational skills and a hell of a lot of time to keep a blog running. It isn't about receiving freebies, taking an hour out of your day to write a post, publishing it and then rushing off to a press event. It comes with a lot of perks such as freebies and press events, but it can also come with some very low points, blogging can really affect your confidence and self-worth. It can be very catty and competitive and you have to have a thick skin because putting things on the internet means anyone can see it and anyone can voice their opinions on it whether they are nice or not. 

So why do you blog? Are you surprised by any of these reasons? Can you relate to them? Tell me below in the comments. 

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More Than Just Bath & Body Care
More Than Just Bath & Body Care

If you're into health and beauty there is a good chance you have a skin care routine you follow religiously every morning and every evening. Having a skin care routine is important in maintaining healthy and hydrated skin, we buy an abundance of products targeted at different skin care issues and promoting healthier skin, but how often do we buy specific body care products? How do you decide which lotions and potions to buy for your body? Scent? Pretty bottles? Brands? How often do our body care products actually benefit our skin? 

There are so many body care products out there on the market that are created specifically to benefit our skin, but we don't tend to go looking for them because we want pretty packaging, scrumptious scents and brilliant brands. What if I told you that you can have all of the above while using products that truly work to help your skin? Crabtree and Evelyn are a renowned brand, they create products with many beneficial ingredients creating delicious scents which are perfectly packaged and I recently discovered how perfect some of their products are for me. 

Upon the release of their new Heritage Collection, I found products which are everything I need and am looking for when it comes to bath and body care; their Venetian Violet bath and shower wash and body lotion. The luxurious products smell so beautiful I wish they could make a perfume version, in fact, I am 100% sure it smells identical to one of the Hollister sprays I was obsessed with as a 16-year-old, I just can't put my finger on which one. The packaging is absolutely stunning and definitely the ones you'd have on display in your bathroom and not hidden away in your skincare cupboard, very classic and chic.

So how exactly are these products better for my skin than any other old body care products you can pick up in Boots? Well for a start they include a trio oil blend of moringa, evening primrose and rosehip, three very beneficial oils which work wonders for your skin. When looking for skin care and body care seeing any of these oils in the ingredients means that your skin is going to completely transform at the hands of the product.

More Than Just Bath & Body Care

Moringa oil has many benefits from reducing wrinkles, preventing sagging and overall just slowing down the ageing process of your skin with its anti-aging properties to creating a natural looking glow from within by purifying the skin, this again can add a youthful look to the skin. Lastly, moringa fights bad skin by creating a healthy environment for skin cells this prevents acne, blackheads and those raging spots we all hate. 

Evening primrose is something women can use to tame their period pains and PMS, but that isn't all it does, it is hugely beneficial for your skin. Just like moringa oil, evening primrose oil fights skin problems such as acne. As well as this evening primrose oil is also incredible at hydrating skin and creating supple, fresh and youthful skin while keeping dry, cracked and unsightly skin at bay

Just like evening primrose oil, rosehip oil is intensely nourishing and is perfect for keeping dry skin at bay while hydrating skin to perfection locking in the moisture to prevent future dry skin outbreaks. When it comes to using rosehip in body care products it has the ability to nourish and heal scars including stretch marks, burns and accidental falls, as well as this rosehip can be used as an after sun, so if you have a body lotion packed with rosehip slather it on after you've been in the sun and cool down your burning hot skin. 

More Than Just Bath & Body Care

I have been using these products for around a month now and I can definitely say my skin has benefited exceptionally from using them. I like to apply the body lotion to my loofah and exfoliate with it, it doesn't irritate the skin like some products may and instead, it cleanses the skin leaving it supple, soft and incredibly hydrated. After each shower and each morning, I apply the extremely nourishing body lotion and it gives my skin such a natural glow from within, it almost looks like I have applied some highlighter to my legs even hours after the product has dried in my legs still look glossy and glowing. 

I have found my skin has been lacking any dry patches since I began using both products regularly, I don't experience dry elbow and dry knees like I used to, instead my skin is supple, plump and hydrated af. Further, my skin is feeling so much more fresh and healthy, I haven't seen a massive change when it comes to stretch marks, the small ones I have haven't shrunken or faded, but maybe over a prolonged period of time, they might. A small scar I have on my shin from a dog bite, however, has stopped flaming up like it used to every so often, which I think might be down to the cooling aspect of the body lotion. 

I think it is super important to pick products because of the benefits they can have to your skin and not just because it smells nice or is by a popular brand that everyone loves. When it comes to body washes especially we tend to just assume every single body wash out there does the same job and they should, of course, all have the number one job of cleansing your body, but they should also have other purposes especially if you have skin problems; body acne or spots on your body, dry patches, stretch marks, oily etc. The skin on our body should be held to the same standards as the skin on our face, so treat it with just as much respect. 

So which products do you love for your bath and body care? Do you care for your body care to the same extent that you care for your face skincare? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Summer Fashion Wishlist

Whenever it gets to summer I always find it difficult with fashion, I am an autumn/winter gal when it comes to fashion. I just prefer the layers, the deeper shades and above all the boots that come with autumn fashion. So looking for summer clothes is always pretty difficult for me, I never know what I want to wear and considering my wardrobe consists of a lot of black, I find it difficult to create looks during summer, which is why I have decided to scour ASOS for some summer pieces I am itching to add to my wardrobe this summer. 
Summer Fashion Wishlist


I am so proud of myself when I look at this wishlist because it is the least amount of black I could possibly ever have in a wishlist. I am trying to branch away from colours I feel comfortable in and am trying to widen my horizon when it comes to fashion. A lot of these items are actually floral, I know groundbreaking, but for me, it is a big deal, I have barely any floral in my wardrobe right now so adding some floral playsuits and dresses definitely takes me out with my comfort zone. Numbers 8 and 15 are a huge step from my comfort zone, 8 because it is such a busy and lively print and 15 because yellow is a shade I adore but avoid due to my yellow undertoned skin.

Another theme I seem to have within this wishlist as pastels, especially with the two pairs of almost identical pink trousers, I have no idea why I am so attracted to these trousers, but I really am. I think they would both look absolutely amazing with a nice pair of heels and a blouse for daytime or a crop for night time. The pale blue dress marked number 6 is also a favourite of mine and a little step out with my comfort zone, as a small boobed girl, bardot styled dresses and crops really scare me, a lot of boob tape would be used with this one. 

I find it incredibly difficult to find shorts I like, I think it is relly hard to come by a good pair of shorts and because of this every single summer I overwear my trusty American Apparel sunflower shorts, not this year. I have decided that playsuits are the way to go and have fallen in love with number 13. Since denim shorts are a no for me this summer I really want to try out an oversized denim jacket, everyone looks so cool in denim jackets and I just don't think I would, number 3 is exactly what I am looking for and with a smaller price tag it is an item I can definitely test out without breaking the bank. 

Since I am a total autumn/winter fashion fangirl I definitely think I was thinking of next season with number 4, it is definitely a jacket that can be taken into the next season and layered up. I have been after a suede biker jacket for a while, but can never seem to pick a shade I like well enough to pick up, but burgundy is one of my all-time favourite colours. Number 11 can also be used to transition into autumn as little ankle boots are perfect when the weather starts to cool down and these cool blue ones would add a pop of colour to any rainy day. 

So which pieces are your favourite? Which season do you most like the fashion for? Tell me below in the comments. 

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I know, I know, it's all I seem to have been talking about these past few days, but you can understand why I might be excited about it. I rarely do life updates on here anymore, but I want to get back into sharing with you all, after all update posts are some of my absolute favourites to read. So on the 5th of July 2017 I graduated from university with a bachelors with honours 2:1, in social sciences and media and I could not be happier. Not only did I get the grade I hoped for, study a subject I love, but I also thoroughly enjoyed my time at university, while in hind site anyway.


Everyone seems to be obsessed with what they should wear to their graduation, but there is no need to obsess over it, after all, your gown covers everything from your shoulders right down to just below your knees. I decided to wear a simple vintage floral dress to my graduation, the brown-ish olive tone of the dress works perfectly with my skin tone and complexion. The dress was a simple day dress so no cleavage was on show, it wasn't too puffy and it went to just above my knees, any lower and it might have looked silly with my gown. When it came to shoes I didn't want to embarrass myself by falling or tripping, but I also didn't want to look plump once my gown was on so I opted for some wedged black booties. Since the dress was mostly hidden under the massive gown the black heels worked perfectly and opting for non stilettos meant no trips. 

When it came to hair and makeup I opted to go for a much more natural look. I did a simple neutral smokey eye using my Urban Decay Ultimate Basic palette, I used a medium coverage foundation aka the Bare Minerals Original foundation (click here for my review of this product), sculpted my cheekbones with Benefit Hoola and finished my look with Thunderstruck by Kat Von D applied to my cheeks for a nice glow from within look and Kat Von D Lolita on my lips to add a bit more colour to my face. My hair was simple in loose curls and pulled to the one side, a look I wear a lot so felt comfortable and confident in. 

So now that I have a diploma what is next for me? Well I am returning to university, I know, you think I am absolutely nuts don't you? I mean I worked so hard to do all of this and graduate, why am I putting myself through it all again? Well for a few reasons actually, I always saw myself in PR, but recently I have become super interested in the whole marketing aspect of it all, so while looking into it I have come to realise I would quite like to pursue marketing as a career option. Thus I will be returning this September to study international marketing at a masters level. Secondly, I love to learn and once I find out one little thing I want to know it all, so know I have found an interest in marketing I want to know it all, meaning that furthering my education in that field is obviously the best option for me. 

I still want to blog alongside university again, I have been doing it for two years now and can't imagine not having my blog, not running it, attending blog events and stressing over my little piece of the internet. Graduating has actually just proven to me how much I love to blog, I love to blog so much that I managed to get a 2:1 while posting constantly on here and without allowing either to slip off my radar too much. I love blogging so much I made sure I could fit it into my schedule alongside university and instead of allowing myself to fall back on either university or my blog I worked life around my two main priorities (although university was first, of course). 

After I complete my masters I want to jump start a career in marketing, I would love to work for a company I see passion in and that I support wholeheartedly. I am someone who prefers to take things as they come, but I always set out goals, I just don't always force myself to stay within them as things change, goals change and what you want won't stay the same for years. Instead of having a five year plan, I have goals I hope to achieve within the next five years. In five years time I hope to have a great job within the marketing sector hopefully at a major beauty or fashion brand that I adore and am proud to work for. 


I juggled blogging and university for two years and although sometimes I would miss blog posts every now and then I think I managed it pretty well. I wouldn't say my blog is the absolute best, but I definitely think I have created quite a nice little piece of the internet over here. It can be quite easy to juggle both if you're an organised person, I like to do everything in advance and it allows me to keep up with both blogging and university and produce the best work I can for both. For university I would start my work as early as I could and with my dissertation I gave myself fake hand-in dates a week early to make sure everything was done without any last minute stress. When it came to blogging I would also do everything super early, planning posts at least a week to two weeks early, this meant I would miss as little amount of blog posts as possible. 

Organisation and time-keeping is super important when juggling university and blogging, but there were times when I had to pick one over the other and as much as I love blogging, university of course had to come first. This makes the most sense for me as I want to continue down the path my education takes me and not into full time blogging, but others may opt to take a different path. My biggest tip for anyone wanting to juggle a blog and their university course would be to do things straight away, don't put off your uni work because then you end up rushing it and having to put off blog posts and everything becomes incredibly stressful and jumbled. When you are stressing over university and your blog it brings down your confidence and self-esteem, well it did for me, as both are so very important to me whenever I would fall behind on either or both I would turn into a massive stress machine and stopped believing in myself and my abilities. 

For me, it really was, I mean I am even going back to do some more, that must mean something, right? it was a wonderful experience, I met so many people who I hope will stay in my life for a long time and I got to study a course I enjoyed. For some people it is not worth it, it tends to differ for each person and I can't tell you if university would be worth it for you, some people it just isn't for them and I completely understand that. I enjoyed university, I work well under pressure, I enjoy the process and I am someone who likes being in an educational environment, so for me it worked out amazingly. A year or so ago I wrote a blog post on whether university is for you, read it here, if you are struggling with figuring things out.  

So how was your graduation experience? Did you go to university? Was it worth it? Tell me your stories below. 

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The Makeover Experience with Kiko

Have you ever been heading out and wanted a nice makeup look but you don't have time to get home, do your makeup and get to your event on time? Or are you new to makeup and don't know what looks best on you? Or maybe your way behind the new makeup trend? Kiko has you sorted. They now offer makeovers in their stores and more than this, they have specific ones for whatever you need, from wow brows to contour and conquer, they have got everything covered. I had the chance to stop by the Kiko store at Glasgow Fort for a makeover of my choice and to learn more about what they have to offer to their customers. 

The makeovers can last anytime between 10 minutes and 45 minutes. There are three 45 minute makeovers available across every Kiko store. These ones are the much more advanced makeovers, think a full face of makeup. The three options are; wake up makeup, into the trend and party all night makeup, which are all very self-explanatory, so I won't bore you with the details. There are six 10/15 minute makeovers available only in certain stores, click here to find out if your local store is one of them. These sessions are; touch up and go, complexion perfection, unstoppable lips, all eyes on you, wow brows and contour and conquer. These makeovers are much more focused and specific, focusing only on one aspect of a makeover which maybe you want to work on, or you want to test the Kiko products for. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

During my visit to Kiko in the Glasgow Fort, I opted for the complexion perfection session which is all about achieving the perfect complexion from skincare to foundation and my friend opted for the Wow Brows session which is all about filling your brows and figuring out how to shape your brows for your face shape. We were greeted by the lovely makeup artist and Kiko worker Morgan, who is so lovely and I definitely recommend you chat with if you pop by Kiko at Glasgow Fort. Morgan began my makeover by taking off the makeup I already had on, she asked what I used to take my makeup off with; micellar water or makeup remover. I like that she asked this as it allowed me to test out the micellar water which would be the one of the two I would purchase. She used their Pure Clean micellar water to remove my makeup, which is a soft, gentle and lightweight remover, only using one cotton pad and two pumps of product to remove my foundation. I really liked this micellar water and have to add it to my collection asap, it is very unique using a little pump to get the product onto the cotton pad thus you don't lose any excess product when taking off your makeup. Next up was the primer, she asked which type of finish I prefer for my skin, this is because Kiko offers both a matte primer and a radiant finish primer. I opted for the radiant finish primer and was in awe of how radiant and glowing my skin was, it gave such a natural gleam to the skin even after the foundation was put on top. The primer seemed to sink into my skin fairly quickly and didn't leave a tacky residue as some primers have a habit of doing.

She proceeded to ask what kind of coverage I liked when it came to my foundation and as you may know, lately I have been dabbling with light to medium coverage so she decided on their Skin Tone foundation. The Skin Tone foundation is described as a medium, yet buildable base which leaves the skin radiant and flawless. She picked out a few shades and matched me to mine before using their foundation brush to blend out the foundation around the entirety of my face. I really liked how this foundation felt on the skin, very smooth and supple and it left my skin feeling bare and fresh, but it had good coverage, especially on my under eye bags. On top of all of this, the packaging was beautiful and it has SPF 15, such an all round fantastic product. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

Morgan finished the makeover by giving me a little contour and blush just to add some definition to my face, preventing me from looking like an egg. The name of the bronzer has totally slipped my mind, but I think it was one of their gorgeous baked bronzers. It blended extremely well and gave me sculpted cheekbones of my dreams. Due to my yellow undertones, I don't suit pink toned blushes as well as most so she opted for the baked blusher in coral bay to dust over my cheeks adding a little peach toned colour to my face. The colour went extremely well with the contour and my yellow undertones, giving me an effortless 'I woke up like this' look. 

The session only lasted around 15 minutes and Morgan was very insightful chatting to us about each product she was putting on, continuing to ask what we preferred with our products so we didn't leave unhappy with our makeovers. I always find workers at Kiko to be extremely friendly and good at makeup application, in fact, I am pretty sure the only workers allowed to do the makeovers are those with makeup experience meaning you are not getting a makeover from an amateur and won't have any viral bad makeover pictures anytime soon. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

What I adore above all about Kiko is the quality of product you seem to get for a lower price. I have tried a whole bunch of Kiko products yet could only find fault in one or two, despite their drugstore price range. I also cannot get over how gorgeous everything looks, their sleek and elegant packaging just makes me want to shop there more and more.

So are you going to check out Kiko's new makeover section? Which of the makeover do you think you would love? Tell me below. 

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Battle of the Micellar Waters

Around the time I started my blog micellar water was a massive trend with Bioderma taking centre stage as the one to beat, but then Garnier took the market by storm. All the benefits of micellar water, but at a drug store price, so it is no surprise at all that within the last few years every skincare brand on the planet has released their own version of micellar water nowadays. Upon a visit to Boots I found myself trolling the skincare aisles, as always and by my surprise one of my favourite brands has their very own micellar water sat right on that shelf; L'Oreal, how did I not know this? I picked the bottle up so quickly I actually knocked another off the shelf, I'm not even lying. So naturally, as soon as I popped that L'Oreal micellar water on the shelf beside my Garnier micellar water I had an epiphany, I had to compare them for you all. 

The first thing I did when I realised this, was pick both bottles up and compare the ingredients. They both include the same seven ingredients, but they appear to be in two very different orders, which can, in fact, make a difference. With skincare ingredients, they are almost always labelled starting with the largest amount in the product. Thankfully, both begin with water which makes sense considering they are micellar waters. The first three ingredients including water are in the same order and then the next four are different meaning different measurements are used in each of the waters, this can affect how each feels on the skin, how the skin reacts to the product and how the product cleanses and removes makeup. 

The biggest noticeable difference for me is that the L'Oreal micellar water bubbles a lot more than the Garnier one when shaken or moved around. The next difference for me is how the waters feel, both when applied to the skin and right after application; the L'Oreal one feels exactly like water, whereas the Garnier one is a little lighter, but the L'Oreal one dries quicker, while the Garnier one leaves a tacky feeling on the skin after it is used. The design of the lid means that less product spills out of the Garnier water than the L'Oreal one thus less product is wasted when using that one and cotton pads aren't soaked right through, however, the L'oreal one is easy to get used to in order to prevent this from happening. 

I usually take my makeup off with micellar water doing a double cleanse and both of these products do the job perfectly. Depending on how much makeup I have on, I use one or two cotton pads to take off a full face of makeup, usually one for eye makeup, if it a heavy look and one for the rest of the face and this same routine works with both products. I have not had any problems with either product when it comes to irritation, spots or stinging eyes which are exactly why I switched from makeup remover to micellar water. Makeup remover tends to have much harsher ingredients in them which tend to do more harm to my skin than good while micellar waters are very natural and soothing.

Battle of the Micellar Waters

When it comes to the packaging of the products both are 400ml which is roughly around 200 uses although Garnier also have a 125ml available and a 700ml available. The L'Oreal bottle is taller than the Garnier one and more round and it seems to have a blueish purple tint to the plastic. The Garnier packaging is wider and more of an oval shape with a clear plastic bottle. Both products have pink accents and are from the normal to sensitive ranges.

Garnier have a much wider range of micellar waters with different ones available for different skin types as well as different sizes. As well as their normal to sensitive water they also do one for oily and combination skin and another for dry and sensitive skin. On top of this, they also have gel micellar waters available, one of which I reviewed (click here to read it). 

Well, I do find them to be rather similar I much prefer the look of the L'Oreal bottle. I love that Garnier have paved the way for micellar waters and have created such a large collection of waters available for all skin types in all sizes and I think the 125ml is the perfect size for travelling or for taking with you if you know you'll be having a long day as it is so tiny and compact.

I think I will personally be using both in the future, rotating between both has served no problems for my skin, therein I will be buying the 400ml L'Oreal micellar water for at home, the 125ml Garnier for when I'm on the move and I love to use the Garnier gel micellar water both as an easy cleansing face wash and as a makeup brush wash. 

Today, Wednesday the 5th of July when this goes live I will be graduating university and I can't quite believe it is happening. I just wanted to add a little to the bottom of this post just to say that blogging has become such a passion of mine and I don't think I would have been able to juggle the two if it weren't for how many people comment, like, tweet and follow me and my blog daily to keep me motivated, I hope you're all having a fabulous day and I DID IT, I am a graduate!! 

So which of these two are you a fan of? Do you like any other micellar waters? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

One of my favourite perks of being a blogger is that I get to go to incredible events regularly, last week I was invited to the most fun event I have been to in my two years as a blogger. The new Swatch store on Glasgow's Buchanan Street invited a bunch of us down to check out their new Swatch Skin collection and get involved in the #YourMove campaign. I love a good watch, but I have never quite found one that I love enough to wear daily, but when I saw the Skin collection my mind was well and truly changed, and I fell in love with Swatch as a brand.

The event was held in their extremely convenient store on Buchanan Street, if you're from Glasgow, it was an EE store beforehand if that helps you locate it. It was my first visit to the store and I have to say, I am in love with the interior, I love a good white, sleek and modern interior and that is exactly how this gorgeous store is decorated. Although it is a rather petite store it is incredibly roomy with most of the displays on the wall and just a small glass cabinet showcasing some of their gorgeous jewellery in the middle. They set up a little table by the window with some delicious nibbles and tasty smoothies. I opted for a mouth-watering banana smoothie and had a browse around the shop with some fellow bloggers. 

We decided to have a look at the Skin watches and one of the lovely workers told us all about them, they do three different sizes, with the largest size being the most popular of the three. He explained that larger watches are actually a lot more popular than smaller ones recently and smaller watches are more popular for presents to females despite females opting to buy themselves larger watches. My friend was a little torn between two silver watches so the friendly worker helped her try them both on so she could decide which she preferred on. For me, I was obsessed with the gorgeous peachy, pink toned watch from the promotions, or the skinskin as they have named it, from the moment I saw it, however, due to it being one of the larger watches, I was worried it would look silly on my tiny, childlike wrists. The worker helped me try it on and I fell in love straight away, the tone of the watch looked even better against my olive skin, if I do say so myself, it actually looks a little more nude toned when against the yellow undertones of my skin.

Leaving My Comfort Zone with SwatchLeaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

After we all picked our watches the workers went to the back and collected them, made any alterations which were needed and popped them in their boxes, freshly polished and brought them out to us with our goodie bags. They explained that each watch has a two-year guarantee therefore if you break it, it can be replaced as long as it is within this two-year time limit. They also explained that they do any freshening up in store for free including polishes, free battery changing for life, yes, for life and adjusting the strap for you. 

The Swatch Skin range is incredibly cool for many reasons, to begin it is the thinnest model of watch I have ever seen, this means that you never really feel it on your wrist and so you can wear it while exercising, while working or just in your day-to-day life, it is totally up to you. Secondly, it is waterproof for up to 30m, but let's be real if you're immersed in 30m water, are you wanting to check the time? Thirdly, the most amazing part for someone like myself who is totally indecisive is that all of the straps are interchangeable, well each size is interchangeable with the others in that size bracket. This means that you can pop down to Swatch and purchase different coloured straps and switch them around so you can have multiple watches in the one. This is something I am definitely going to be doing in the future. 

To test out just how unnoticed these thin, gorgeous and lightweight watches are Swatch took us all to a local dance studio where we changed into our #YourMove t-shirts and learned a cool dance which was filmed, but I am saving your poor eyes by not including it in this post. The whole concept behind #YourMove is to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new, which they really allowed us to do. Talking to the other bloggers there none of us felt comfortable dancing, but we did it anyway, we left our comfort zones and although some of us, definitely me, were terrible at the dancing, we all had a load of fun and it showed us just how fun it can be to do something new and frightening. We were being taught a 3ish minute dance routine by a lovely worker at the gym and it was so easy to just get caught up in dancing that we forgot each other were there, we were so worried other people would see how terrible we each were, but you only focus on yourself and that's exactly what everyone else is doing in that moment. Going to the dance lesson got me thinking maybe I will start doing more classes in the gym or maybe even dance, after all, it's fun and it's active.

Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

During the hour and a half dance lesson we all completely forgot we had the watches on our wrists, they are so easy to forget about, even when you are getting active and sweaty. For people who are always on the go, whether they have a busy career or run after their kids, maybe they are constantly going from one place to the other these watches are perfect. Since the event I have barely taken mine off, I forget it is on until I need to check the time and it is yet to irritate me or get caught on anything. With everyone loving a big, chunky watch it can be difficult to find one that doesn't weigh you down or get caught in your clothes, but even the biggest size watches in the Skin collection are as thin as the small size ones meaning they weigh nothing and have a very slim chance of causing any problems. 

The event reminded me of when I first started to blog, how it was such a huge step outside of my comfort zone. Looking back now it feels almost over dramatic how much it scared me to blog or how terrified I was to share my first post onto my private Facebook. It has quickly become my biggest passion and something I find so much joy in. When I think of how far my little blog has come from those days where I'd shake as I clicked the publish button I am so glad I took the chance, so relieved my fear of leaving my comfort zone didn't stop me because without that leap, I wouldn't be getting to do something I love, meeting incredible people and I definitely wouldn't have had so many wonderful opportunities to flourish and grow. So if you're wondering if blogging is for you, I say make #YourMove because it will be so worth it. 

So what has been your most recent move from your comfort zone? Have you seen the amazing new Swatch collection? Which Swatch watch do you own? Tell me below in the comments. 

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