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A Powder Foundation?!

I tend to go through phases with foundation, one minute I am loving a full coverage look, the next I want a natural look and then there are times when I would just rather use an easy going BB cream. With how often I change my mind it totally isn't surprising I have accumulated quite the foundation shelf, I have a bit of everything; high-end, drugstore and luxury. The newest addition to this collection is the Bare Minerals Original powder foundation, I know, I know I am incredibly late with this one, but I've always been very confused by this foundation. To me, powder is what you put on after your foundation, powder is not the foundation, but that all changed when I added this foundation to my collection. 

Bare Minerals have always been a brand I have admired from afar, but never actually tried out myself until last Christmas when I tried out their products on a Christmas night out at The Glasgow Fort. Since trying them last year I have become just slightly obsessed with the brand and am making my way through trying out every product they have to offer. I love that Bare Minerals are quite innovative with their products, they seem to be ahead of the trends and up for trying new products and putting a new spin on everyday products. Which is exactly why I bought into the trend and purchased the famous Bare Minerals Original foundation.

A Powder Foundation?!

I absolutely love the Bare Minerals packaging, from the black lid to the clear tub which the powder is in, it is so sleek, so clean and so convenient, although it holds 8g of product the packaging is extremely travel friendly, can easily be popped into a makeup bag or bag with no problems or spills. I love that there is a little movable sifter lid within the tub so you can close it over and stop excess product spilling around in the lid or spilling out of the tub, it also prevents any product being wasted as you only tap out as much product as you need for each wear.

The best things about the original foundation for me is the fact it is a mineral foundation, which means no clogged pores and how versatile it is; there are so many different ways of wearing this foundation. You can wear it over your primer as a foundation by itself for a light to medium coverage, you can dust it over another foundation for a more full coverage or you can spritz your brush with Fix+ or mineral water before applying the product for a more dewy look. There are so many options and ways of wearing this foundation, no matter what you will find a way to wear it. I was worried that when I'd wear it, it would settle into dry areas around my nose, but it doesn't and my preference is to wear it alone by applying Fix+ to my brush before applying for a dewy finish. Which as the photos below show, givers a much dewier finish to the skin than when the product is used alone using a traditional dry buffing brush.

A Powder Foundation?!

I have tried to wear the foundation in each of the ways I listed above and I do think they all work perfectly, but for an everyday look, I prefer a dewy finish. I have worn my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted cream and my L'Oeal True Match foundation underneath when I have wanted a more full coverage, maybe for an event or night out. I have worn it alone, with only a primer underneath too and I didn't find it settled or separated like I thought it would and it didn't give off as matte a finish as you would think, not quite dewy, but it isn't overly drying or mattifying on the skin when applied alone.

What I have found though that if you are going with the wear alone look it doesn't cover blemishes quite as much as you'd hope so a nice concealer is always a good idea when it comes to this foundation.  As you can see in the photo above, the discolouration around my eyes is still quite noticeable and my undereye bags very visible too. I tend to always wear a primer and upon using my favourite Benefit Matte Rescue Professional with this foundation it has quite a good staying power. I would say when I wore it alone it did separate on my chin but other than that each of these ways of wearing it has ensured at least 10 hours of wear with only little touch ups on my chin which tends to be a little more oily. When applying touch-ups it doesn't look cakey or build up and instead, it continues to feel like you are wearing no makeup at all even if it is your second time applying more to any area.

A Powder Foundation?!

Each time I wear this product I apply such a small amount, but it gives quite a good yet natural coverage so I imagine the 8g tub will last quite a long time, even if used on a daily basis. Although my favourite foundation applicator is my trusty beauty blender, this foundation, of course, needs to be applied with a buffing brush. In order to apply the foundation, you tap out product into the lid, swirl your brush in the powder, tap off any excess product and then buff into the skin. I like to use the Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish brush or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, both work perfectly and give a flawless finish.

To top it all off the foundation has SPF 15 which means that you don't have to worry about applying an SPF before you apply this product. Could it be any more perfect? They have just released a bunch more shades too, which means you probably have a perfect shade waiting for you in your local Bare Minerals, the lovely workers are always willing to colour match and may even give you a little sample if you aren't 100% on whether the foundation is for you.

So what is your favourite foundation? Have you tried this one? What coverage do you prefer a low, natural coverage or a full, flawless coverage? 

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I Interviewed for a Fake Job
As you may or may not know I am currently on the look out for some summer work, I plan on returning to university after summer to undertake my masters degree so over summer I want to get some experience in my field. My field is media specifically PR and marketing so I have been searching high and low to find a summer internship, applying for them all, I got an email inviting me to an interview for a junior marketing assistant and of course I agreed and off I went to the interview. I was a little bit apprehensive about the interview to begin, it wasn't a company I'd ever really heard of, the website was pretty vague and their Glassdoor account had one, maybe two reviews, but I went along anyway thinking I was just being paranoid. 

On the day of the interview all seemed well, I showed up and the office was nice, the people were nice and a bunch of other people were there for interviews too, all seemed well. I was interviewed by a member of their HR department who asked me about my skills, what I wanted from the job and where I saw myself in the future, pretty normal questions if you ask me. He told me how this company was new and they were looking for loads of people, they wanted to expand throughout the entirety of the UK and so on, again all seemed pretty normal. I went home telling my mum I was silly for being paranoid, this company is very real, they're just new and I think I stand a good chance of getting the job, they really seemed to like me, yeah, they really seemed to like everyone that walks through the door apparently. 

I was invited back the following week, not much information was giving out other than it was a "training day", what I assumed would be me possibly shadowing someone, maybe getting introduced to the staff and so on, totally not what it was. I showed up on the day all enthusiastic only to be told I was going out into the street to heckle people into signing up for one of their clients. Was this in the job description? No. Was this the type of job I wanted? No. Was I told this was what the job entailed? Not at all. I was a little confused and massively annoyed I had woken up at 6 am for this, I mean I didn't apply to be a sales representative, so why on Earth would I be going out to do this? 

I decided to follow through with it, maybe I was just shadowing different members of the team, maybe I'd get to do actual marketing work later in the day. So off I went with some of the workers, who I just want to mention were absolutely lovely people, they truly were, but it's the company they work for that this post is about. They workers told me all about the company how one guy had started it all after he had a really bad low point in his life, y'know, the stuff you read on the internet, but my gut was telling me "this isn't true". They told me how there was a morning ritual where the workers would do group building activities to make them stronger and more trusting, they explained that the full workplace was close and like one big family, but something was just off for me, I couldn't quite describe it, but from the first second I just felt in my gut that this wasn't right. 

They explained the way the job worked to me, that everyone in the business is motivated by money and I must be too, which personally I am not really, money comes second to my happiness for me, but that's a whole other subject. Everyone in the company is motivated by money, they are dedicated to the job and work on commission and as self-employed individuals, hmm, that doesn't seem right now does it? So the way the business works is everyone has a team and you begin at level one, after you make x amount of sales for x amount of days you move up to level two, at level two you can start to grow your team which is basically what this employee was trying to do while attempting to recruit me. Does this seem familiar to you? If you have ever heard of a pyramid scheme your head is probably making pinball machine noises around about now, mine sure was. 

This wasn't what the job description was, how on Earth was this being advertised as a junior marketing assistant role online? I mean this is a pyramid scheme under the guise of sales representatives. At this point I was actually quite annoyed my time was being wasted, I want to work in PR and marketing, I don't want to be a sales representative out in the street getting people to sign up for things while I work my way up a pyramid scheme. I decided I wasn't going to waste my time anymore and I walked away from the job, my whole train ride home I was on the phone to my mum ranting and raving to her; did they think I was going to fall for it? How dare they false advertise their roles online? How do they get away with it? I was so angry that my time was wasted that when I went home I decided to do some research, who else had been through this now? How many people's times have been wasted by this company? 

My research was very very interesting as it turned out many people had been fooled by this "company" only they were under another name at the time, very similar to their current one, but different. At this point, I fell down a bit of a hole as far as my research went, I found myself searching different names this company have used and read about how groups like this work. I went from Glassdoor to Reddit and Reddit to blogs and blogs to articles and before I knew it my anger level had hit an all time high for all the people who had fallen for the absolute drivel this company was telling them. These people believed that they were going to be millionaires and own their own companies, that they are entrepreneurs and giving the middle finger to those climbing the corporate ladder when really they were in a pyramid scheme.

From my research, I found out a great deal about "businesses" like this one and how there are hundreds of them up and down Britain advertising job vacancies that don't exist from marketing intern to events coordinator. Businesses like this one tend to change their names regularly because they get caught out and get bad reviews online so people stop applying for the fake jobs and the group activities they do each morning are said to be cult-like group building, I'm not too sure about that one, but I have read that most businesses like this one do the same activities daily. I have been complaining to everyone about this job interview now for weeks so it only made sense to come on here and complain about it too, plus I think it's important to know that there are places like this one out there taking advantage of people by promising large sums of money and not really telling them the full truth about the position they are applying for.

- Always research the organisation first, this didn't really work so much for me as I didn't think of searching "pyramid scheme" behind the name like I did afterwards, 
- Screenshot job descriptions of jobs you apply for and read them over before the interview, make sure everything adds up and even ask questions, 
- Avoid organisations that have loads of different job vacancies at once and who are consistently popping up on job sites over long periods of time,
- Check their website, I noticed their website was very vague and so I went into the interview suspicious, 
- Check their social media accounts, is there actual information about what they do?

Like me, your pre-interview research may just not be enough, so just be wary of places like this. I am appalled by how many people are going online daily to complain about this place I interviewed for or very similar places and I am shocked they haven't been caught out yet as these companies are illegal. My main reason for wanting to share this post is to help others avoid interviewing or even working for groups like this one, it's not worth it. 

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What happened at your worst interview? Tell me below in the comments, I would love to hear. 

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Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited over to St Enoch Centre in Glasgow for a night of fashion, beauty, food and prosecco and it was as fabulous as it sounds. From the beautiful clothes to the gorgeous makeup and the delicious food, there was nothing not to love. Not only did we get to meet so many amazing bloggers and St Enoch Centre workers, but we got to sample some of the amazing skincare, haircare and beauty for this summer. 

St Enoch has always been one of my favourite places to shop in Glasgow with their Debenhams department to their massive Boots store and a wide array of fashion stores it is hard not to love St Enoch's, but this event just showcased how incredible St Enoch really is. There was so much colour, so many pastel tones, so many vibrant pinks and blues could be seen all around, it was like walking into a rainbow and isn't that just the most gorgeous summer imagery? I don't know about you, but I always try to liven up and brighten up my wardrobe during the summer months and the event gave me so much insight into exactly which trends are in season this summer and which patterns and colours I should be on the look out for when revamping my summer wardrobe. Along with the wonderful fashion, some incredible beauty brands also made an appearance from Benefit to Kat Von D and Guerlain, there was a brand there for everyone or in my case all of my favourite brands. 

We began our night with a glass of prosecco and a taste of some food which was all made fresh by the amazing people at Kimbles, if you haven't tried Kimbles you need to, in my opinion, they made some of the best chocolate ever. The nibbles on offer included brownies, eclairs, chocolates, vol au vent and crostini. I tried a few of the nibbles they had on offer, but my absolute favourite of the night was their Belgian chocolate and avocado brownies. I LOVE avocado and I LOVE brownies, what more could I ask for? I have to pop into Kimbles asap to find out if they actually sell these brownies because they were gorgeous, so soft and chocolatey, you couldn't taste the avocado at all, but they were still delicious! 

All around us were clothing stands with the most gorgeous clothes everywhere and so we decided to go peek around the clothing sections. Everything was laid out into different categories; pastels, frills, embroidery etc, each clothing rack laying out one of the trends of this summer. I fell head-over-heels in love with a pastel blue leather jacket from Quiz and couldn't stop coming back to it the entire night. With a Quiz just downstairs in St Enoch, I even debated nipping away from the event for a few minutes to go purchase it, but I managed to subdue the crazy shopper in me for the remainder of the night. 
Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

After drooling over all of the gorgeous clothes we decided to start at the back of the room and move forward where all of the wonderful makeup, skincare and haircare brands were laid out. Aveda is a brand I have heard a lot about, but I haven't actually tried anything from them, so with one of the amazing Aveda sales reps available, it was the perfect time to find out more about the brand. She ran us through their new additions including their pramsana range, which to me sounds absolutely perfect, she explained the benefits of a scalp cleanser and I was horrified to find that shampoos actually do not benefit your scalp at all. To show us just how badly our scalps were in need of a cleanser she did a scalp test wherein she gave our scalps a little massage with a brush to get the blood flowing and used their scalp camera to take a photo of our scalp extremely. The camera zoomed into our scalps so all we could see was our hair roots and our scalp, it was quite gross actually and my scalp was incredibly dry although it looks and feels fine to me, which was incredibly shocking. She then introduced us to their pramsana purifying scalp cleanser and explained how to use it before sending us away with a sample and their beautifying composition oil for hair, body and face. 

I have used the purifying scalp cleanser and I will say that my hair feels a lot healthier towards the roots and isn't getting oily as easily when played with or needing a wash, which is always good, right? If you would like me to do a full review of this then tell me in the comments because I find it super interesting, personally. I mean our scalp is where our hair grows from and despite always wanting luscious, beautiful and healthy locks we seem to always abandon our poor scalp, I had never even thought of my scalp needing care before I met the lovely lady at Aveda. 

After a little trip to the Aveda area, we went to the Smashbox area to have a scan at all of the gorgeous makeup. I have never tried Smashbox personally, but after swatching all of the gorgeous palettes I now know I have to, they were so incredibly pigmented and the colours are so beautiful. The products I was most in awe of actually was their Be Legendary liquid lipsticks, in this new line they do two different types of liquid lipsticks; their metallic, foiled ones and their more matte pigmented ones. I was actually really drawn to their metallic ones which is super unusual for me, who is a matte girl through and through. I especially loved a shade called Moscow Mulled, a gorgeous burned orange shade. The lovely worker walked us through everything on show explaining that their primers are their most popular products and gave us a feel of them on our hands which was super lovely, I have always been interested in their primers, but I've just always found myself repurchasing other ones instead of taking a chance on theirs. 

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

Next up was the NYX counter, my favourite counter in Boots, I LOVE NYX. They had a lot of new products out on show and a lot of their most popular such as their lip lingeries and lip suedes. What I love about NYX is that everything is such a good price for how incredibly good the quality is, you are mostly always pleasantly surprised when it comes to NYX. The had all their bright eyeliners and lipsticks on show, the perfect colours for summer time, but I explained to the lovely workers that bright colours sometimes scare me a little and I am a nude girl (wow that makes me sound like some sort of stripper... you know what I mean, right?). Well anyway... the girls explained that you don't have to go full out with colour and have a face like a rainbow, adding a little colour to your waterline or a little blue eyeliner instead of black is all you have to do to look summery and step out of your comfort zone and that is something I plan to do. I think my first step will be to pick up some of NYX famous coloured eyeliners and figure out what I am comfortable with trying out. 

The Benefit counter was next and if you know me or read here regularly you know Hoola isn't just my holy grail, Hoola may as well be my first born with how much I love that product. Well, Benefit have two new additions to their Hoola collection; Hoola Lite and their contour stick. I had seen both online, but I was yet to test them out in store, for me, Hoola is the perfect shade bronzer so I wasn't as interested in Hoola Lite, but that contour stick looked insanely good online and I had to see it in person. We got to chat with the lovely Erin from Benefit in Boots at St Enoch and if you are heading in to check out some new products I recommend you go see Erin, she's hilarious and incredibly skilled with makeup. She used the contour stick on me which made me want to purchase it even more as it is so creamy and that Hoola smell, you know what I mean if you're a Hoola fan, She used Hoola Lite on my pale best friend Ashley and it suited her skin perfectly, so if Hoola is a little too dark and muddy on you, Hoola Lite is your guy. We then got to try out Dandelion Twinkle, Benefit's first boxed highlight which is absolutely stunning and gives off the most beautiful, dewy glow, it is perfect!

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

No7 was a little packed when we were at Benefit so we skipped past that stand deciding to go back later for a snoop and opted to go to Kat Von D instead. At Christmas, I was the absolute best friend ever and bought Ashley the Shade and Light palette, but I was yet to get anything from Kat Von D myself, so I was excited about having a snoop. Everything was on show from their palettes to some liquid lipsticks, single eyeshadows, foundation and eyeliners. I think I swatched almost everything on show before falling in love with their liquid lipstick in Lolita and single eyeshadow in Thunderstruck, which doubles as the most beautiful highlight, I definitely have to go back and buy them next time I'm in Debenhams. (Update: I have now purchased both). We also got told some secrets about up-and-coming products and let's just say, they are going to be insane!

Murad was the next counter up to have a chat to the lovely workers. I have never tried Murad, but I hear so many, many people talk about the brand and how incredible the skincare is so I was excited to chat with the workers and figure out what the skincare could do for me. Murad isn't just about using good skincare, they are about being healthy overall, eating healthy and exercising which both benefit your skin. I explained that recently my pores have enlarged a little and the lovely worker told me which products from Murad could help me and invited me down to their counter in Debenhams to try out their YouthCam and figure out which areas I should be focusing on. They sent us away with some goodies and I have been using the Invisiblur daily since to protect my skin from those harsh rays and I LOVE it so far, it feels so soft and smooth and it doesn't have an off-putting scent which is nice. 

Lastly, we made a stop at the Guerlain counter where the lovely Harriet had Instagram messaged me asking me to stop by and see them. She told us the background of the company and how they work, who picks the ingredients for the perfumes and so on. They were at the event to promote their summer scent Mon Guerlain which is definitely going to be my summer scent, it is such a beautiful perfume consisting of carla lavender, sambac jasmine, vanilla tahitensis and Australian sandalwood. Harriet explained to us that the only two brands in the world who can use Australian sandalwood at this moment in time are Guerlain and Chanel, which is pretty amazing, isn't it? Makes each of their perfumes which include it, that much more unique. Harriet was so passionate about the brand, which is so lovely to see and makes me trust a worker that much more if you can tell how much they adore the brand they work for. She was lovely enough to send us away with a 50ml bottle of Mon Guerlain, the lotion and a candle, all of which I am in love with. The scent is stunning, so vibrant and fresh and is described by them as bold, luminous and sensual. 

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

We didn't get time to pop back over to No7, but we were asked to pose for the photographer a few times which was fun, felt like I was a model for five minutes. We also got to chat with the lovely PR team, one of my favourite PRs to work with on the blog, so it was amazing to put faces to the names I regularly see in my email inbox. We were then given a massive goodie bag by the lovely PR team which were all slightly different from one another which was super fun, my favourite goodie from the bag was definitely the Topshop sunnies, which sadly need to get fixed as the very next day my nephew made the leg very slack and flimsy, but I still adore them nonetheless. 

What is your favourite trend this summer? Which makeup brand do you love the most from those I mentioned? 

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is fast approaching and I bet some of you haven't even thought of what to buy your wonderful dads, I know I totally thought it was still two weeks away, but nope, it is Sunday, this Sunday. I love my dad, I really do, but holy crap is he hard to buy presents for, which is why I always end up running around like a headless chicken at the last minute piecing together the perfect present for him. In an attempt to help anyone in the same situation as me I opted to piece together this gift guide.

Father's Day Gift Guide


As I wrote that title I thought of Phil Dunphy, he's silly, he's clumsy, but he is the coolest dad. His kids totally think he is a loser, but he is so carefree, he knows who he is and s 100%comfortablee in himself and of course, he has the most amazing one-liners to hit daytime tv. He reminds me a lot of my dad and when I looked at gift ideas 1, 8, 9 and 12 I definitely thought of how cool my dad is, in fact, I just bought him similar sunglasses recently for when he's in the car. 

I am so glad men are being so much more open about grooming especially with the rise in popularity of male grooming blogs lately. So when I saw present ideas 3 and 7 I thought of the dads who are groomed and owning it. My sister actually got my dad a little facial hair trimmer very similar to 7 for Christmas and he uses it religiously, it's pretty gross to see him trim them nose hairs, but as long as he doesn't ask anyone to help, I am happy to have him looking groomed and fresh. 

If your dad is anything like mine he loves a good hot mug of coffee, I mean the coffee addict in me had to come from somewhere. Which is why gift idea 13 is perfect for a coffee addict dad, especially a busy coffee addict dad. A Tassimo machine makes coffee making quick, easy and seamless, we have one at home and we use it daily, it is the perfect gift, although one of the pricier picks from this gift guide. 

My relationship with my dad is very comical, we like to make jokes at each other's expense, we poke fun and we annoy each other to no end. This usually means no gift to my dad is complete without a little comical touch whether it be the card or a present, I like to express my love for my dad through showing him I got his comedic edge. Picks 4, 10 and 11 are exactly the type of gift I would add in to express this humorous side of our relationship. 

Y'know when you ask your dad what he wants for Father's Day and he responds "Oh nothing" so you end up feeling lost and searching for days? Your best bet is to get him something such as 2, 5 or 6. A nice little grooming kit whether it be a shaving set, a cologne or a body wash, these are the perfect gifts when you can't think of anything to buy because no one can have enough of these bathroom essentials, they're perfect!

If you are still at a loss for what to buy your dad this father's day the best option is definitely a gift card,  I haven't put one on the gift guide, but one for your dad's favourite shop is always a good option. After all who better to buy a present than the person receiving it? 

What have you bought your dad this father's day? Do you like any of the ideas mentioned above? Tell me in the comments. 

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Meet The New Burger Joint in Town
Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

Do you like burgers? Do you normally have to say "I'll have the chicken classic but without a, b and c and can I and x,y and z instead?" Trust me, I know how you feel, as a terribly picky eater I must infuriate the staff of 90% of the restaurants I visit, I am forever asking for menu items to be altered beyond recognition. That is why I will be visiting The Counter every single time I want a burger, you get to build your own burger, from the type of bun to the toppings, you choose everything, where else do you get that? 

The Counter is a brand new burger joint in Glasgow, but it is definitely nothing like the burger places of the burger corner of St Vincent Street and West Nile Street. In fact, it is over at The Quay, so is a little walk from the city centre, but a taxi can get you there in under 10 minutes and let me tell you, it is well worth the journey for such wonderful food. When you arrive and are seated you are presented with both a menu and a check sheet, the check sheet is how you create your own burger, there are 8 sections: protein, size, style (type of bread or option of on fresh greens), cheese, sauce/dressing, toppings, premium toppings and sides. So you literally get to create your own burger, I would have chicken breast on brioche with American cheese, buttermilk ranch, fried onion strings, turkey bacon and chillies with a side of sweet potato fries.
Meet The New Burger Joint in TownMeet The New Burger Joint in Town

I was invited down to the VIP opening last week and I was thoroughly impressed. Upon arrival, we were offered some drinks, a mix of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and milkshakes were being passed around by the waitresses as well as the bar being open to orders. I picked gin and tonic and my best friend Ashley who also attended picked a counter mule. They were both delicious and we enjoyed them as we sat at our table. We then got some milkshakes to try; banana split and butterscotch coffee were the two we tried and they were phenomenal. If I were to order one again, I would definitely order the butterscotch coffee, as a coffee enthusiast, it was the perfect middle ground between coffee and butterscotch.

We then tried a few of the virgin cocktails; Sparkling peach which seemed to be their virgin Bellini and the safe on the beach, obviously a virgin sex on the beach. Both were beautiful and I would definitely order them both again. While the cocktails were doing their round so were little samples of the fries and sweet potato fries. We tried their fries with hickory BBQ sauce and some with Honeymilk ranch and their sweet potato fries with their apricot sauce. All of which were mouthwateringly good, I am a skinny/french fry kind of gal, I like my chips to be thin and crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside and that is exactly what these fries were, plus the sauces were insanely good. The sweet potato fries were also pretty thin and extremely fluffy inside, plus the apricot sauce was the ideal sweet taste to pair with them.

Once we had sampled some drink and fries everyone in the restaurant went over to the area to the left where two massive tables were set out with delicious food, everything from burgers to salads, kebabs, chicken bites, coleslaw and alcohol were laid out on one table and all of the ingredients from the check sheet were laid out on the other (as you can see from all these pictures). We got to have a peak at all of the appetising food before we sat in out seats and were introduced to the CEO Jeff Weinstein. It was super interesting listening to Jeff's story and how he created the concept of the store as well as some anecdotes about his journey to where he is now with the international brand
Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

- Founded in 2003 by CEO Jeff Weinstein,
- The first restaurant was Santa Monica, California,
- Set out to modernise the burger joint,
- Now has over 40 restaurant locations both in US and International,
- These include Tokyo, Mexico and UK,
- Glasgow restaurant is the first within the UK,
- Part of Daniel John's group with Khalid Iqbal picking the Glasgow location, 
- Meats are halal, with vegan, gluten-free and kid options available,
- Glasgow restaurant seats up to 100 and designed to reflect LA,
- There are over one million possible burger combinations. 

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

After Jeff made a burger for himself and two for two of the guests at the event we went back to our table and the food began circulating. The first thing we got to try out was the burger in a bowl, which is a cool concept and an adaption to the idea of a naked burger wherein the burger and all of the toppings which you want with it are placed in a salad bowl instead of on bread. The one which we got to try was a beef burger with American cheese, kale and what I believe may have been red onions, although my memory may be fooling me. It was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection, I am not a huge red meat eater, but I thought the beef was perfect, it was tender and juicy and not at all under nor overcooked. 

Second up was southern fried chicken burger which, as you can imagine, was absolutely exquisite. I am a huge southern fried chicken fan so I was excited to taste this one and it did not disappoint at all; a burger straight from the menu it has southern fried chicken with chilli red devil cheese, coleslaw, fresh chillies (aka jalapenos) and honey dijon sauce. It was so good I even got a second, I mean they were sample sizes, don't worry! In fact, I have been dreaming of the chilli red devil cheese since last Monday. We then got a mini version of what I believe is their old school beef burger which was essentially the burger in a bowl from earlier on a bun, again I was thoroughly impressed by how well the beef was cooked and I actually think there is a chance I would order a beef burger from The Counter despite the fact I hardly ever eat beef as you have an option of how you want it cooked; most diners pick medium-rare.

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

The last mini burger we got to taste was the turkey chipotle which I am obsessed with. Now, I have never really heard of a turkey burger before so I was a little apprehensive about this, but I need it again, like soon. I am obsessed and of all the burgers I got to sample it was my favourite. It consisted of turkey, chilli red devil cheese, spring onions, dried cranberries and chipotle aioli. I took the cranberries off as I am not a massive fan of them, but left everything else on and devoured this burger, I actually think I may have eaten a full tray of them if it was on offer, it was spectacular. While eating these little minis I also got a virgin strawberry mojito and as you can imagine it was also beautiful, so fresh and fruity plus it was served in a little mason jar with a handle, what more could you ask for? 

If all of that wasn't enough as we were about to leave we were given some goody bags which I was thoroughly impressed by. I mean, I now own a The Counter t-shirt which I have worn to bed twice now as well as salt and pepper shakers which my parents were ecstatic to discover because apparently, they have an obsession with salt and pepper? I honestly don't know. I recommend that everyone who has the chance to should head on over to The Counter for some food, it's a good walk away from the city centre, but a quick taxi will get you there in no time, plus the food is so worth it, I think it's going to be a new regular place for myself and my friends. 

Have you tried The Counter yet? What is your dream burger combination? Have you got any food place recommendations? 

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6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the things I do repeatedly every day and I have begun to realise how little daily routines have the ability to completely alter your perspectives and health, in fact, they alter your life in general. Whether you use the same mug every day or eat the same thing for breakfast daily, little things slip into our daily routine and we begin to do them instinctively. Take for example the process of brushing your teeth and washing your face, each morning I do this and I don't have to think about it, I just go to the bathroom and do it. 

I decided that my daily routine was just not making me happy nor was it beneficial to my health or well-being, simple things from what I eat and drink to the skincare I use were put to the test and changed. I want the little daily things to be beneficial to me whether it be mentally, physically, health related or completely narcissistic reasons. Changing little everyday things can come with many benefits and when they become routine you are able to reap these benefits for the rest of your life, or well, the rest of the time the routine is kept intact. 

I usually start my day with a scroll down Instagram, a read of my emails and a big mug coffee. I still do all of these things, but lately, it has been after a big glass of cold water. There are so many benefits of drinking water throughout the day, but it also the best way to start your day. It kick starts your digestive system speeding up your metabolism, it gives you a boost of energy and hydrates you after a long night's sleep wherein you've probably begun to dehydrate. Since I began drinking a glass of water each morning I have become more energised, less sluggish and feel ready to begin my day the minute the glass is empty. I no longer feel like I have to have a mug of coffee, although I still enjoy coffee each day. 

Okay, this one is an extremely narcissistic one, but I care about my appearance and that is perfectly acceptable of me. For the longest time I only ever applied body lotion every second day or whenever I could remember, luckily I have always had very soft skin. I decided I would apply body lotion whenever I get ready in the morning before I put on my fresh clothes because I want to have super smooth, hydrated skin, I moisturise my face twice a day, so making my body moisturising daily makes sense! Doing so not only makes my skin more hydrated, but it makes me feel more confident. 

6 Things to Add to Your EverydayDRINK A HOMEMADE SMOOTHIE
I am an avid smoothie drinker, mostly always homemade smoothies or smoothies made in smoothie cafes such as The Juice Garden. This is because a lot of store bought, already made smoothies include loads of additives and sugars that homemade ones do not, but I won't get into that. Having a homemade smoothie each day allows me to pack a few of my 5 a day into one simple drink making it much easier and quicker to make sure I get my 5 a day and because they increase my health, plus they're delicious.

Now, I say attempt because not every day can I do something outside my comfort zone, but I have begun trying to. This could really be anything when people say "do something outside your comfort zone" people always think big, but it could be anything. Today, my move out of my comfort zone was making a phone call about a job, which I was nervous about making, but I did it and that was me leaving my comfort zone. It could be a phone call, it could be emailing a brand you want to work with or it could be skydiving, it could be whatever you want to do that allows you to take a leap from what makes you comfortable. 

I don't do this daily of course, but I like to wake up a little earlier than needs be almost every day because it allows me to get an earlier start on the day. I have never been one for having a great sleeping schedule, throughout college and university I would get around 3-5 hours a night and head off to college/uni each morning. This meant I would nap a lot, was sluggish, felt run down, stressed out extremely easily and so on. Now I have tricked myself into having a better sleeping schedule, this makes me feel more energised, my mind is much more alert and less likely to stress out and I don't get sick as easy as I used to. 

I feel like this is one of the most important things for anyone to do. Too often we focus on our futures, our jobs, our ambitions and our goals and of course, all of this is incredibly important, but we have to also think of the now and our happiness. Do something that makes you happy in that moment just because you should be happy whether that be watching a movie you like, going out for dinner with friends or simply just painting your nails. Each and every day should contribute to your happiness as well as your future and ambitions. Today, I simply just spent time with my family for a while, the people who make me the happiest person alive. 

6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

I haven't added a whole bunch of new things to my everyday life because trying to pack too much in can make it seem like a chore and would result in slacking off and forgetting things. Instead, I have tried to add some stuff in that I 1) enjoy and 2) can slip into my schedule at any time during the day. I am also not incredibly strict with them, I allow myself days off and don't get too annoyed when I forget to make myself a smoothie one day or make my coffee before I have a glass of water. Creating too strict a routine makes it all boring and restrictive. 

Instead I have decided to add some things to my everyday life that benefit me and if they become routine and I do them without thinking then that's amazing, but for now, I am testing the water. I think it is important to try to better yourself, whether it be by applying body lotion daily or drinking less coffee or just being a better person it is completely your choice to change or not change which parts of your life you feel you want to. For me, I want to focus more on my health and well-being and by applying most of these daily tasks to my lifestyle I am becoming healthier and happier so it all works out how I want it to. 

Overall, I try not to make my daily routine too restrictive, I am a pretty easy going person and I don't want to be one of those people that stick to a 50-page list of things they do every day. If one day I want to sleep in and I have the opportunity to, then I will, if I don't have time for a smoothie then I don't have one that day, for me, it isn't about planning every waking second of my life. These are just a few things I think benefit my everyday life and would like to do each day.

So what is one of your everyday essential tasks? Do you have anything you wish you done every day, but don't?
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Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Warning for feet phobics: A photo of a foot appears in this post. 

Summer is on its way and you know what that means? Naked feet. Yes, you heard me correctly, the barefoot season is upon us and I am guessing your feet aren't a part of your body that you are proud of. We spend so much money on makeup, skincare, body care and hair care to keep ourselves looking our best, but we always seem to neglect those little guys that we put so much pressure on each and every day, literally speaking that is. if you are anything like me you wear heels, you buy new shoes constantly and you just about torture your feet on the daily, well I have the perfect way of apologising to your tootsies and giving them the loving they well and truly deserve just in time for the barefoot season. 

Whether you wear heels, flats, trainers or no shoes at all, you will have hard skin on your feet as long as you put pressure on them regularly by walking or running. The hard skin on my feet is something that has always bothered me, not only does it make you feel self-conscious about going barefoot or wearing sandals, but it also feels horrible. There is a solution to this horrendous foot problem; an at home pedi system. Sure, you can go to the salon and get a pedi anytime you wish, but 1) they can be expensive and 2) who actually has time to sit down and get a pedi everytime they overwork their feet? Definitely not me. 

Having an at home pedi system is so convenient, you can get rid of that hard, dry or cracked skin whenever you feel like it or can fit it into your schedule and you can do it how many times that your little tootsies need it without being well and truly out of pocket. I'll give you the perfect scenario, you're off on holiday tomorrow, but you left everything to the last minute so, after hours of packing, organising and stressing you finally sit down, but oh no! You missed your pedicure appointment in all the excitement. Not a problem just whip out your at home pedi system and do it yourself, easy as pie. My favourite at home pedi system is the Magnitone London Well Heeled system. Now if you read heythererobyn regularly, you know I am obsessed with my Magnitone Bare Faced, read all about it here, and now I am just as obsessed with the pedi system they have in stock in perfect time for summer. 

So just like me, you're probably a little bit apprehensive about touching your skin with something that looks like sandpaper and moves around 30mph, but trust me it doesn't hurt at all. When it comes to the Magnitone London system I have and love it comes with the body, two different head systems; a softer one and a rougher one, a little brush to clean it, a cap to protect the head when travelling and some batteries, yes they actually send batteries with the product, how convenient is that? 

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

I have used this product a couple of times since it popped through my door and I actually find it works amazingly. I found the rougher head was perfect for that first use, since the last time I got a pedi was over a year ago now my skin was super rough and so this head worked wonders on getting rid of the dry and rough skin at lightening speed. I have since used it a second time and I opted to go for the softer head as I felt the skin of my feet was nowhere near as hard and rough as it once was. Both heads worked absolute wonders, left my feet softer than ever and did not hurt whatsoever. 

The best way to use an at home pedi system is on dry, clean feet, preferably in a bathroom or somewhere that it's okay to get a little messy, I like to sit a towel down and sit on the floor while I use mine. I usually start with the roughest part of my foot which tends to be the heel where all my weight deviates when I walk. I switch on my pedi set and get to work moving it around my heel around the back and base. You have to continue to move the pedi system around the skin otherwise a burning sensation will start and you can damage your skin. From there I move onto the ball of my foot making sure to get the crook between the ball of my foot and my toe, this part tends to be a little more sensitive, so I'd say move the pedi quite speedily and try not to hold it against your skin for too long. Then I use the pedi on my big toe which tends to get some hard skin on the side of it, this is the quickest part of whole treatment. 

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

After I have finished I like to paint my nails and then I like to apply a lotion all over my feet and slide on a pair of socks to help lock in all the moisture. My favourite polishes are either Barry M or Essie and for summer I am loving pastel, when it comes to the lotion I love Soap and Glory Heel Genius or one of The Body Shop's famous sorbets. Following this, I slide the head off of the pedi set and use the little brush to clean out all the skin which has stuck to it, it's the grossest part of the treatment, but is worth it to keep your pedi set working.

I never thought I would be someone to regularly use a pedi set, but since this one came in the post I cannot stop using it. Not only does it save you time and money, but it gives you feet of your dreams, the skin is soft, no cracked skin, no dry skin, just beautifully smooth, soft and fabulous feet and in perfect time for summer. It is really quick and easy to use, oddly fascinating to watch and easy to clean. With disconnecting heads you can also buy new ones when your current ones wear down and no longer give you soft, supple skin. 

Have you used a pedi? Do you think they are worth it? Do feet freak you out? Tell me below. 

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The Blogosphere is not Over Saturated

I have worked myself too hard and now I have no idea what to blog about. It's not that I have no ideas, I have many, many ideas, I just have no idea how I want to execute them, my problem is that I put too much pressure on myself. I know that I'm not a popular blogger, nor is my blog read by anyone of great importance, but I like my little piece of the internet to be perfect, the problem is that perfect does not exist. I am a perfectionist and this means that it is hard to put out content I am not 1000% happy with, sometimes I look at old posts and wonder how I ever felt confident enough to post such monstrosities, but I have come to realise that those monstrosities show my learning curve, they exhibit my journey as a blogger. 

Being a blogger is an extremely brave thing to do, opening yourself up to be criticised, to be ridiculed, but it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time. No, I am not talking about the freebies or the money, I am not talking about the opportunities it opens up for you to become "internet famous" I am talking about the creativity. I have always been an incredibly creative person, I always loved to write, I could draw for hours on end without stopping and furthermore, I always came up with the funniest, craziest and most fun games for myself, my cousins and friends to play. From a young age, I have always loved to create, whether that be a new game, a fun way to learn the answers to a pop quiz at school or to make a new house for my Sims, creativity has always got my blood pumping and my heart racing with excitement. 

I truly enjoy blogging because I get to continue to be a creative person into my young adult life, people say our imaginations are only with us when we are young, but I don't think this is true at all. Every idea I get for my blog, every layout I create in my head, every flatlay I perfectly place together comes from my imagination. People like to make derogatory comments about bloggers, they usually consist of the word lazy or revolve around the idea that each and every blogger in the world is a blogger for the freebies and the so-called 'easy' money, personally, I am a blogger because it makes me happy, it allows me to be creative and write, when I am writing my blog posts or taking my blog photos I feel at ease and I feel happy.

The Blogosphere is not Over Saturated

There are people who will say that the blogging world is saturated or that there is no room for new bloggers to make an entrance and I could not disagree with this more. How can there be no room left for people to let their creative juices flow? How can there be no room for people to do something that makes them happy? How can there be no room left for people to live out their passions? I understand where the assumption comes from. There are 152 million blogs in the world at the moment I am writing this blog post, so yes, it is hard to stand out among the mass amount of bloggers who write about your niche or come from the same area you do, but should that really matter? 

Every blogger is unique, every blog is unique and every imagination generates unique scenarios and ideas. We may write about the same topics, we may write about the same products or clothing items and own the same camera, but my blog is different from yours because it is written by me. When people say "the blogging community is too full" what it translates to for me is "I am scared I am not unique enough to stand out", to me what it indicates is a lack in their self-belief and I feel dearly sorry for these people, because you should always be confident in what you put out into the world. 

What is that I hear? Oh, but what if you don't stand out and companies don't offer to work with you? If the only reason you want to blog is for the 'freebies' or the internet fame that apparently comes hand-in-hand with your blog then you shouldn't be blogging. That is not what writing a blog is about, writing a blog is about doing something you truly enjoy because let me tell you, these so-called freebies don't come easily, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of effort before companies have you on their radar. company collaborations should be the cherry on the cake, they should be the little extra rewards that come with doing something that makes you smile. 

If you genuinely are enjoying writing your blog, you find pride in the content you publish and you jump for joy each time you finish a blog post you are proud of then continue what you are doing. Be proud of your little part of the internet and collaborations will come when you're ready. If you are a blogger who is currently determined the blogosphere is too full and worried you'll miss out on opportunities because of the new flock of creative individuals in the room then figure out why you are unconfident in your content, make changes to your content that makes it more eye-catching and interesting, make it so brands wouldn't want to work with anyone but you, but don't discourage people from becoming bloggers. There is more than enough room for everyone on this creative train if it truly makes them happy.

The Blogosphere is not Over Saturated

If you are being yourself, creating content that makes you happy and using your creativity then you are a completely unique blogger with a completely unique blog no matter what people may say. Blogging has become incredibly popular in recent years and we should look at this as a positive aspect instead of a negative. With 152 million blogs floating around the internet there are 152 million individuals sharing their opinions on everything from cooking to beauty to fashion and babies, there is a blog out there talking about everything you can think of and isn't that incredibly cool? So we can tell the world that blogging is saturated, we can discourage newcomers from continuing down the path, but isn't it so much cooler to encourage people to write about whatever the heck they want to? I mean what if you wrote specifically about banana bread and you found a fellow banana bread blogger and you became friends, not only are you writing about something that makes you happy, but you have also found a friend for life because you had the courage to ignore the comments about blogging being over capacitated.

You do you, do what makes you happy and you won't even care about whether the blogosphere is oversaturated or not.

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with a certain article which has floated around recently, it was writing weeks before the article surfaced. 

So, do you think the blogging world is over saturated? Tell me below why you think what you do!

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Getting Rid of my Hair Hang Up

My hair has always been something that has been a big problem for me, I have just never loved my hair and while other girls could do amazing hairstyles, I have never really been able to. The problem is that I suffer from thin hair, it's not the thinnest hair I have ever seen, however, it just isn't as luminous and voluminous as I'd like nor as most girls out there. Due to my thin hair, my hair just hangs a lot of the time, it doesn't have bounce to it nor does it hold a style very well, but I have found some products that have completely transformed my hair and have given me thicker more voluminous and luminous hair than I ever could have imagined. 

There was a point in time where I tried every volumizing product on the market, every thickening treatment you could think of, I finally gave up, I was done trying to find something that could save my hair, I was going to have to just move on and deal with it, it wasn't the end of the world. A visit to Boots recently changed my mind completely, I have heard so much about the L'Oreal Elvive line lately everyone is talking about them so I decided I obviously had to check them out and surprise surprise they have a thickening line, or as the bottle says the fibrology line, so obviously I had to buy it all.

Getting Rid of my Hair Hang Up

Getting Rid of my Hair Hang Up
The line consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, a booster, a mask and an elixir. I purchased everything minus the elixir because it was completely out of stock in my local Boots. 

The line is specially developed with filloxine which is said to penetrate the hair fibres and expand them giving a thicker, fuller and much more luminous look. This happens each time you use the products and the conditioner promises that the substance locks into the fibres and expands the hair with each wash. It promises that by thickening the hair it does not make it heavy or weigh it down which of course is the last thing I want, I was thick, voluminous hair.  

When washing your hair you, of course, use the shampoo and you can follow this with either the booster and the conditioner or the booster and the masque. I rotate between the products trying to give each product a chance to thicken my hair. I usually squeeze the conditioner into my hand and then drop a few drops of the booster onto it before rubbing it all together and applying to my hair, likewise, I drop the booster into the masque once I have scooped out enough to use on my hair. Whether I use the conditioner or the mask I keep the product on my hair for 5 minutes while I wash and then I rinse it out with lukewarm water, a trick I have always done when rinsing out conditioner for extra shine. 
Getting Rid of my Hair Hang Up

My first impression of the product was "Holy crap, this smells phenomenal" I cannot begin to describe how much I love the scent of these products, it is such a sweet fruity scent and I love to swish my hair around and smell it throughout the day. After the first use, I cannot say I saw much of a difference, my hair was shiny, bouncy and smooth, but I didn't think the product changed the body of my hair at all, but I knew it was the first use so I had to be patient with the products give them a few more tries before I judged them.

I have now been using these products every two days for a month and a half and I can definitely say I have seen a difference with my hair. Not only is it feeling and looking thicker, but it is more voluminous, it is holding a style better and overall it has just started to become my dream hair. It is definitely not as thick and luminous as I would want it to be, but I think I would need a whole new head of hair for that to happen. I have been using less heat on my hair and I trimmed all the dead-ends off just before I purchased these products so I definitely feel like my hair is the healthiest it has been in a long time and this has allowed the products to truly work wonders for my hair and do its job. 
Getting Rid of my Hair Hang Up

I wish I took some before pictures of my hair because you would be shocked by how it is now looking, even when I put it in a high ponytail it looks like I have a lot more hair and the ponytail isn't too thin and straggly looking, I am finally not embarrassed to wear my hair up. I definitely feel like the roots of my hair have made the biggest improvement towards being thicker and fuller, the ends have been the least improvements, but I do think this is completely down to how I apply my shampoo and conditioner. I focus the shampoo on the top of my head and my roots due to reading that this is what you should do and I think I should be applying more to my ends, although I am worried as I have heard this can damage your hair. Instead of risking damaging the ends of my hair I have decided to instead apply the conditioner straight to the ends of my hair and make sure they completely lather up the product before I rinse them out. 

I will for sure be continuing my use of these products and I think I may even buy the larger size of the shampoo and conditioner as I will be draining the smaller ones rather quickly. I would prefer if the booster was available in a larger size as I find the small size of the product is impractical considering you have to use it each time you wash your hair with both the conditioner and the masque. I finally have thick and voluminous hair and it is all thanks to L'Oreal and considering I have used every single product on the market for thickening hair I think they have really created a product that does what it says on the tin and I am incredibly impressed. 

What is your hair hang up? Which shampoo and conditioner are your holy grail? Have you used any of the L'Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioners?

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