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A Visit to Jamie's Italian

Do you know what I love? Food. Do you know what type of food is my favourite? Italian. My love of Italian food is that of Joey's love for food in general. Robyn doesn't share Italian food unless I really like you that is. So when I was invited along to Jamie's Italian I was so excited, it is one of the few restaurants in Glasgow's city centre I was yet to try. 

So last Monday, my mum, my sister and I made our way to Jamie's Italian for a nice day out and some delicious lunch. The restaurant is one I have passed many times while in Glasgow so I knew exactly where it was situated. It's an easy to find restaurant right beside George Square, the perfect destination for lunch in the busy city. Inside the restaurant has a rustic theme to it, with copper accents and dark wood making up most of the decor. It is a rather spacious restaurant, but seemed to fill up rather swiftly, always a good sign of great food, isn't it? 

We each decided on the 2-course super lunch menu option, it only costs £11.95 which is pretty inexpensive for two courses, especially in a city centre chain restaurant. The super lunch menu is a separate menu from the main and runs weekdays Mon-Fri 12pm until 6pm. I got the Gennaro's Chicken Club which is essentially a chargrilled chicken burger with pancetta, spicy'nduja mayo, cheese and salad on brioche and I got it with a side of sweet potato fries, my absolute favourite side besides garlic bread. Both my mum and my sister got the steak and fries dish. For drinks I opted for their homemade lemonade, my mum got their cloudy apple and my sister got a typical cola because she's tragic, but we won't get into that. 

A Visit to Jamie's Italian
Chances are if I go anywhere that has homemade lemonade on the menu I will get the homemade lemonade, it is my absolute favourite drink. I love lemonade in general, fizzy, still, homemade, freshly squeezed etc etc etc, but this lemonade was on a whole other level. It was the perfect middle ground between bitter and sweet, which is great of course because unlike me, most people actually aren't a fan of bitter tastes. I took a sip of my mum's cloudy apple juice and it was also amazing, again it was the perfect middle ground between bitter and sweet. My mum commented that it was also incredibly fresh and since our visit she has been buying cloudy apple juice to try to find one that even resembles the one from Jamie's Italian, so far none have come close. The cola of course tasted like cola, what's new?

At the end along with the desserts, my mum got herself an Americano and she absolutely loved it, it was super strong and amazing. She was pretty excited to get herself a coffee at the end of the meal as she is a big coffee enthusiast, so getting her seal of approval means a lot in my opinion, she loved it. 

A Visit to Jamie's Italian

Our mains were brought over pretty swiftly and we couldn't wait to tuck in, it all smelled absolutely delicious. My chicken burger was incredibly tender and delicious. The chicken was cooked to perfection, but the pancetta was a little chewy so about halfway through my burger I opted to take it off, the burger was just as delicious minus the pancetta however and I absolutely loved the spicy'nduja mayo, it was superb, I even dipped a few of my sweet potato fries into it. I feel like I have tried the sweet potato fries from just about every restaurant in Glasgow and these ones were fantastic, they were pretty thin like french fries and are so tasty. 

Both my mum and my sister got the steak and chips, the steak is a thin skirt of steak so it can either be rare or well done, both of them ordered it well done. It also came with a garlic butter on top, but my mum opted to not get it since she isn't the biggest fan of garlic (we disagree on that hugely, I LOVE garlic). They both absolutely loved the steak, I didn't steal a taste because I rarely eat red meat and am not a fan of steak, but they thought it was incredible. They both thought it was especially flavourful, cooked to perfection and super tender. My sister commented that she would have liked an option of a sauce or a gravy as she thought it was slightly dry, but my mum completely disagreed and said she liked it how it is. They both thought the fries were also cooked perfectly as they were crispy but very soft and fluffy. 

In typical mum manner, my mum was obsessed with the crockery, she loved the oval plates the steak was served on and the little copper dishes the chips were all served in. My burger was served up on a wooden plank, like a very thick chopping board which was pretty cool too as I haven't really seen that before, it fits with the rustic feel of the restaurant. Although the portion sizes were quite medium on the size scale they were super filling and we were about to burst before our desserts had even made an appearance and that's without any starters! 

A Visit to Jamie's Italian

Guess who forgot to take pictures of the desserts? Me, that's who, I suck at this whole food blogging thing, don't I? I don't totally blame myself however as the wait between the main and dessert was quite lengthy and by the time we were served them we had forgotten the purpose of our visit. My sister and I got lemon sorbet and my mum got tiramisu and a coffee, which I spoke about in the drinks section.  

The sorbet was served in the cutest little silver martini glass styled bowl. It was a couple of scoops and was super refreshing, not too bitter, but bitter enough for my liking. I always order sorbet as a dessert if it is on the menu and lemon is my favourite flavour since lemon is my favourite fruit. It was the perfect end to the meal and a fantastic palate cleanser. Both my sister and I demolished it rather quickly. My mum has always wanted to try out tiramisu so she thought the best place to try it would be an Italian inspired restaurant. It was served in a little glass bowl and looked delicious, however, my mum wasn't entirely fond of it, she expected it to taste more like coffee, but she found it tasted very like liquor, she couldn't put her finger on which alcoholic drink, but she found it to be less than delicious as she isn't a very big alcohol person. 

We were served by a waiter called Peter who was absolutely lovely, incredibly out-going and friendly. He was very attentive checking back to make sure we enjoyed each course, making sure we had enough drinks and that we were happy with what we ordered. 

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit, the food was delicious, the service was amazing and the restaurant was super welcoming and decorated beautifully. Besides a few hiccups, it really was an amazing restaurant visit and we would all return for sure. 

Have you tried this restaurant? What dish do you recommend or which other Italian restaurant do you recommend? 

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ASOS Summer Wishlist
It is starting to actually feel like summer is on its way up in Scotland, so far we have actually had two
whole days of sunshine. Of course with it being mildly warm my first thought was "I wish I had more summer clothes" because when is anyone actually ever happy with the clothes they already have in their wardrobe? Each season comes around I convince myself I don't have any nice clothes to wear for that season even though I only bought myself a whole new wardrobe for said season a year before.

I feel like the last year, maybe year and a half I have found my style, a style that is not a replicate of the ones I have seen online or in magazines. My style is quite business casual with a lot of blouses and I have a very big love for cigarette trousers, but it is also very feminine with floral prints, floaty dresses and skirts and a lot of frills, ribbons and belts. When it comes to my summer wardrobe at the moment it is filled with a bunch of vest tops and denim shorts, so I thought the best place to look to for a new summer wardrobe would, of course, be ASOS, one of my favourite places to shop online. 

ASOS Summer Wishlist


Can you tell I am desperately trying to minimise the amount of black and white items on this wishlist? Each wishlist I do usually consist of far too many black and white items so in the spirit of summer I tried to pick as many patterned and colourful items as I could which is why there are so few black and white items. I love the thrills on number one, they make the piece much less bland, but I do love myself some stripes which everyone probably knows from how often I wear and feature them on here and my Instagram. Although the playsuit marked number three is black and white I don't think it is quite as boring as normal black and white outfits and the pattern almost makes it summery, especially with the cute detailing around the hem and sleeves. 

I love pink right now, it is such a beautiful colour especially the more pastel shades of the colour which is in this season. I love how the shorts in two and six are pretty normal looking shorts and have nothing quite spectacular about them except their gorgeous colour. I think these shorts would look amazing with a white vest tucked in or at the beach with a bikini top on top and a cover up on top. I have actually seen this shade being referred to as 'millennial pink' and I'm fine with it, if you're going to insult me with 'millennial' then at least associate me with something so bright, cheery and pretty. 

Florals for summer? Groundbreaking, ah if only copyright allowed me to post a fantastic Meryl Streep gif right here, but I will not because I am not a rule breaker. I love florals if they are done right. Sometimes it can look like a florist threw up on some items of clothing to me, but I am obsessed with nine, that beautiful bohemian chic dress is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. It's pretty, it's girly, but it is also unique with the whole backless thing going on, I love it, although tan lines may be weird. 

I have gone all Olivia Pope lately, I love wearing white and find myself adding a lot of white to my wardrobe which is unusual for someone who wears 99% black. I love a good shirt, but sometimes they can look super masculine so I am obsessed with the spin on the classic shirt being made with four. It is just a normal shirt, but it is higher at the back and has a gorgeous little bow making it look super feminine and unique, I am obsessed, plus how good would this shirt look with some good deep blue denim jeans on one of the colder summer days? 

The one thing I am missing from my summer wardrobe is a summer coat. I have blazers, I have leather jackets, I have shirt jackets, but I do not have a lightweight coat for those stormy summer days where it is warm, but raining. I am obsessed with macs and have been for the longest time, I blame my childhood obsession with Inspector Gadget, so when I saw number five I added it to my basket so quickly. Isn't it gorgeous? The perfect length and it definitely look warm, but not winter coat warm. 

So what are your favourites from my wishlist? What items or trends are you adding to your wardrobe this summer? 

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Starting Anti-Ageing Early

For as long as I have loved beauty I have also loved skincare. It's a major part of my daily routine and finding the perfect products for my skin has always been a priority, after all, what we put on our skin really effects it. I have combination skin which can sometimes lean one way or the other on the spectrum, sometimes it can be oily others dry, so I love trying out products and testing out how products feel and work with my skin. Lately, I have been using a few anti-aging products and although I am only 21 I have read that using these products when young can benefit you in the future.

Chances are if you Google "When should I start using anti-aging products?" the results will differ from source to source, but the most popular response will be in your early twenties. This isn't because your skin begins to age during this time frame, in fact, many believe that if you're living a healthy lifestyle your skin may be in its prime during your early twenties. The reason for using anti-aging products so young is because it slows the process of ageing skin before it even begins. If we are being completely honest if you already have wrinkles no amount of anti-aging products are going to completely remove them from your face, but if you reduce this process before the wrinkles have begun to appear then you can reduce how many you get and slow the process down. 

When it comes to anti-aging products personally I prefer hydrating and plumping products as they work best for my skin type and give the perfect finishing look to my skin both in the present and hopefully the future. I love a hydrating product, our skin needs hydrating to keep the elasticity up, give a glow from within look and it appear much plumper, locking in the youthful look. Firming products give skin that bounce which young skin generates all by itself, while older skin doesn't so it is always important that a good anti-aging product firms the skin. Firming eye creams are good for all ages, however, as I don't know a single person who doesn't suffer from a lack of bounce around the eye area which can age the face.

Starting Anti-Ageing Early

Recently I have added the Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum into my skincare routine and it is working wonders on giving me skin I am loving right now while also keeping my skin young for as long as possible. It's a product that is beneficial both presently and years from now, which is why I love anti-aging products, it is like killing two birds with one stone. Although we do no animal killing or harming over here with Dr Botanicals' strict vegan-friendly promise. 

The product is a typical serum size with a 30ml bottle designed in their typical brown glass with white and black labelling. When I first opened the serum I just could not get over the scent, it has such a strong coconut scent, it could be overwhelming to some, but for me, it is absolutely perfect. I began using this product daily around a month ago and I am very impressed by it. I like to apply it to a freshly cleansed face using clean hands, I drop half of the product from the dropper onto my fingers and rub the product between my hands to heat it up before I rub it all over my face in circular motions. It takes the product around a minute to two minutes to dry in completely, which isn't a terrible waiting time but isn't as quick as other serums I own, however, it does dry to a non-sticky finish. 

I do this each morning and for the past month, I have had incredibly hydrated and glowing skin. The strong scent is one that fades slightly, but a hint of coconuts lingers for a while after the product has dried in. I can't really speak for the long term benefits the product has had to my skin, but at present, it is leaving my skin glowing, hydrated, plump and with a beautiful scent. The product promises firmer and plumper skin with a youthful glow and already I think it has proven it can provide these to both ageing and youthful skin. 

Starting Anti-Ageing Early

Some of my other favourite anti-ageing products are The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Range, especially the bouncing sleeping mask with I featured in this blog post. It is a wonderful overnight sleeping mask with an incredibly innovative and unique texture. I use it every night and wake up with hydrated, plump and glowing skin. Plus it is fun to apply due to its bouncing texture. I find it best to use anti-ageing serums as I feel they really seep into your pores and do the best for your skin, so a lot of my anti-ageing products are serums, so this little guy fits right into the collection. 

Dr Botanicals is one of my favourite brands at the moment with their cruelty-free products, I previously wrote about their Moroccan Rose and Shea Butter Body Repairing Cream (click here to read it) which I have now finished and am onto my second jar of. Both products are absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to add more Dr Botanicals products to my ever growing skincare and body care collections. The most standout thing for me about this brand is their moral, they are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, free of parabens and preservatives, they are everything you could want from a skincare brand in 2017. 

Do you use anti-ageing products? How do you feel about starting them in your 20s? What is your favourite product at the moment?


Edited: This blog post was written and scheduled before the terror attack on Monday the 22nd and I am in no way, shape or form trying to deviate from the incredibly horrendous act that took place. I am posting this blog post as I feel that we have to continue on, we have to do what we love and not take anything for granted, including our freedom to do what makes us happy, mine is blogging. We cannot allow ourselves to be scared into a stand still, that is what they want from us, we have to fight back by showing that love, compassion and positivity will outshine this horrendous attack. RIP to the victims of the attack, my love and thoughts go out to everyone who was affected by the heinous attack which took place. 
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