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The Do's and Don'ts of Dissertation

If you are reading this chances are you went to university, are in university or thinking of going to university. For me, I was at the university less than a year when the dreaded dissertation began to be discussed in lectures. I was a third-year entrant, in Scotland, this means that I went into university in the second last year of a bachelors with honours degree or a BA (Hons). Going to university, I was terrified for my dissertation, people had told me repeatedly how hard it is, how long it takes, how terrifying it was and if I am completely honest, for me, things haven't worked out that way at all. 

I picked my dissertation topic in the January of 2016, in the last semester of third year and I did a little research on it to hand in for a prep class, which really helped me out. It gave me so much more confidence in my abilities, in my subject and I was able to know that this was the subject I wanted to write my 10,000 - 12,000-word dissertation on. My subject was the influence bloggers have over the consumer habits of their readers, of course, I wrote about bloggers. I am one, I love blogging and I find the whole aspect of us as bloggers being able to influence people's lives and thoughts super interesting. 

Fast-forward over a year and my dissertation is done, it was handed in on the 6th of April and it is probably being marked right now or sat on a desk waiting to be marked. It was 11,500+ words minus front matter, bibliography, references, appendices and such. A lot of people say how terrible doing a dissertation is and how hard it is, I didn't really find this, I mean, it has been a stressful few months, but I would say I have definitely completed work way harder than this.

The Do's and Don'ts of Dissertation


Who wants to write a 10,000 to the 12,000-word essay on a subject they don't enjoy? Definitely not me. The most important thing to do is to pick something you want to know more about, something that doesn't bore you or make you want to hit your head against a wall everytime you have to write or research for it. 

A lot of people try to go off on their own, don't contact their advisor/supervisor and I really don't think this is a good idea. I have been meeting with my advisor roughly every two weeks excluding holidays and it is a great way of staying on top of your dissertation. Setting objectives each meeting so you have things to update your advisor on etc. 

The worst possible thing you can do is to leave your chapters until a few days before hand-in, always take your time, I like to give myself a week to a week and a half before hand-in to complete each chapter. Even then, I emailed my advisor my chapters a week in advance, her idea, which was incredibly helpful and reduced last minute stress. 

Just like I said above, I emailed my chapters a week in advance to my advisor and it helped me out a lot to have my chapters finished a week before each hand-in date. Even if you don't agree to this with your advisor, try to have each chapter ready a week in advance, have goals set for when you want primary research completed, set goals for when you want your interviews to be completed or your survey responses analysed, it really helps!

Now, for me to say this is a pretty big deal. I am very independent and incredibly stubborn, I love to do things alone, I mean I work well in groups too, I just prefer to work alone and refuse to let anyone help me. I used all the help I was offered, by my advisor, workshops on how to write the dissertation, advice by writing professionals, help from the librarians on how to research efficiently, allowed people to help me score interviews. Instead of showing weakness and an inability to do it alone, it proved I was dedicated and helped me possibly raise my grade.

The Do's and Don'ts of Dissertation


This is the worst thing you can do. What other people are doing with their dissertation is nothing to do with you. I think it is really sad when you get to this point in your life and still think it is cool to brag about how far behind you are with work, don't give into it. Don't pretend to be further behind than you are or get dragged into being behind everyone. 

This is probably the worst thing you can do when it comes to any piece of work. Leaving things until the last possible minute means rushing, stress, mistakes, lack of attention and is just plain silly especially if the piece of work is as big and important as your dissertation. 

Oh my, do not make this mistake, I may have done this and I want to cry, it is so annoying having to rummage online to find which book I was referencing. Try to keep a list of references for each chapter so it is easy enough just to slot them all together in alphabetical order for your hand-in. Luckily, I bookmarked all my online books so I am good with that, but having returned all the physicals to the library I cannot remember a single one so have to search names and dates online looking for memorable titles, it's not fun at all! 

When it came to my objectives I wanted to do way too much work, it would have taken up so much more of my time and would have conflicted with my word count. Try not to spread yourself too thin, have reasonable objectives and remember the word count is pretty small when it comes down to it. 

No matter what your subject is you shouldn't hold back with the primary research. I contacted a whole bunch of bloggers and companies before I even got a response. Contact as many people for interviews as you can, if you don't get responses then email them again as a follow-up or email, even more, people, use the phone if emails aren't working. Just be careful, there is a difference between following up and being pushy. 

Dissertations can be hectic, you spend a long time writing it up and you spend even longer stressing over it, but there are ways to make it run smoother for yourself. I know so many people who have left everything last minute and ended up being fine, but I can't be that person. I am a perfectionist and I like to be ahead of the game, I like to know things are going smoothly, I can't just go with the flow when it comes to a lot of work and university related things. I'm not saying my dissertation is perfect or the way I dealt with mine is any better than the way other people do, but this worked for me, a perfectionist stress head. 

I don't want to jinx it and tell you all how amazingly mine went and how perfect my dissertation was because I haven't got my grade back and I definitely think there were still some faults and errors throughout it, I mean no one is perfect. My dissertation just ran a lot smoother and seemed to be a lot easier than the horror stories I have previously heard and read. In saying this I do think my dissertation ran more seamlessly than most because of the above points so I wanted to share my tips and tricks with anyone who will be doing theirs soon or just anyone who will be doing a big essay or thesis in the future.

How do you approach big projects like dissertations? Do you have any tips I haven't mentioned? Tell me them below. 

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Beauty on Trial in April

Last month I started a new segment on my blog where each month I post all about the beauty products I have been using and testing throughout the month and I give you a little run through of what I think of them. I really enjoy this segment as it's a little different from any other monthly beauty post, it isn't a favourites post and I get to try out a bunch of new products each month so I can do this post, which of course is amazing and fun for me.

I popped into Kiko to have a nosey around and found myself looking to their makeup brushes, the brand has quite a nice collection of brushes available and every single one is as soft as the next. I liked that each brush came in a box which is quite cute and prevents any breakages on its travels home. The brush is a typical Kiko brush; smooth, slightly flattened handle with a dark silver metal section before the bristles, the hairs are black with white tips that serve as a throwback to the boys I used to fancy in high school with their blonde tips in their hair. Yes, I just gagged too.

I have been using this brush for around 3 weeks now and it's a pretty good brush for a natural highlight. The brush has very sparse bristles which means that it doesn't pick up as much product as I would like it to. You can definitely build the product with the brush, however, so it can be good for a light highlight look or a heavier look depending on what you prefer for that day. I don't think that the brush can be used for anything else, I have attempted to contour with it, but it just applies far too light for it to be a contour. 

I do like the brush, I think that it is a pretty good highlighting brush especially for the price, I do think there are better fan brushes out there, but this one is perfect for an everyday highlight. A more dramatic or intense look can be built upon with this brush, but if I were to go for a more intense look, I would use my Spectrum fan brush which is much more dense and holds so much more product. I have washed this product twice now, once using the Garnier Micellar Gel and once using my beauty blender liquid cleanser. Both times the brush cleaned up perfectly, there were no bristles falling out and it dried perfectly soft. 

Overall, it is a pretty nice brush and it only cost £12.90 so I can't exactly fault it, however, I do wish it had more bristles and was a little more dense because then it could hold more product and you wouldn't have to build for an intense highlight look. I think the problem is maybe with the white tips of the bristles as the tips of the brush do feel thinner than the base of the bristles, so maybe they thinned the tips out resulting in the brush becoming more sparse, I'm not sure. 


While I was in Kiko, they had a little sale going on and the girl at the till of course sold me on something, I mean I am an absolute sucker for impulse buys by the till. She told me how their Multicolour Glitter Eyeliners were on sale and how incredible they were, showed me the swatches and I fell in love with the gold tone. I can't tell you when I will ever wear it as eyeliner, but it was such a gorgeous shade I just knew that I needed to have it in my collection, it had to be available for me if I decided I wanted gold eyeliner, y'know?

It is this gorgeous yellow gold tone, incredibly reflective and the glitter particles are tiny, which I love. I don't like chunky glitter in my makeup, it reminds me of being a kid and having kid's makeup, I prefer glitter products to have tiny glitter particles. I have actually worn this a few times now despite thinking I wouldn't, it is a really nice product for highlighting your inner corners and it works as an eyeshadow too, it is a super versatile product. You can smudge it in to use it as a highlight or eyeshadow, however, you have to work quickly because when it dries it will not budge, unless you use Fix+, of course. 

I am yet to use it as an actual eyeliner, but I think it's definitely worth the cash to buy it specifically for using as a highlight. It comes in the cutest packaging, a pearlescent yellow pencil with a silver cap and it has a screw bottom so you can retract the actual product, however, it can still be sharpened if you have a small enough eyeliner sharpener, which luckily I do. It has a very small nib which means you can create both a precise thin line or you can create a thicker eyeliner look. It has a very creamy and smooth consistency, it doesn't smudge and you could even use it to highlight your nose if you wanted to. I like to highlight my inner corners and brow bones with this pencil and buff it in with a buffing brush with a little Fix+ on it. 


I was gifted this product before Christmas, but I just popped it in beside my other skincare products and forgot about it for a while. I recently decided to clean out my skincare collection and I found it again earlier this month. I started to use it around the first week of April and have been using it every day since, popping it on after my face is cleansed every morning. 

It is a very lightweight moisturiser which I like, I don't like heavy moisturisers because more often than not I do apply makeup on top of them and it just starts to feel cakey. This one seems to just sink right into your skin leaving your face perfectly hydrated and smooth all day and not greasy or heavy like some other moisturisers I have used in the past. It says it can work for up to 48hrs, but I apply it each morning and use a different night cream at night and I do like it, I do think it keeps my skin hydrated and radiant throughout the day and it has a lovely scent to it too. 

It can be used by all skin types and it's specific to any single skin type, but I would say that people with dry skin should definitely give this one a shot. I got a really horrible cold last week and all around my nose the skin got dry and cracked, which was absolutely horrible. I used this product, packed some cream onto the skin one to three times a day for two days and my dry skin cleared up, it worked perfectly in hydrating the dry skin and now around my nose, the skin is smooth and silky with not a crack or dry area in sight. 

The scent is almost rosy and floral-like, I suck at describing scents, but it definitely gives me floral vibes which isn't my favourite scent usually, but I really like this one. It ks perfumed, which usually my skin doesn't agree with, but it has absolutely fine with this one. If your skin reacts badly to perfumed skincare I would pop into The Body Shop and get a sample or even talk to a skincare specialist there if you can. Along with vitamin E, it also has shea butter, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in it, all of which are really good ingredients for your skin. Shea butter is proven to heal skin problems like eczema, aloe vera also has healing agents and is an anti-inflammatory which means it can bring down redness. Lastly hyaluronic acid is very moisturising to the skin.


I have had this mascara for a long time and I use it almost every single time I do my makeup, but I am yet to talk about it here on Hey There Robyn, so what better opportunity than now? This is my holy grail mascara, I have never said that about a mascara before, I have so many issues with mascaras, but this one is the best one I have ever tried.

We have to chat about the packaging first, it is a very heavy weight, metal, pink tube which can be off-putting to many people, I mean it does weigh quite a bit for a mascara, but I love it. I think the packaging is very unique and very Too Faced, if I were to have no clue who released this mascara, I would look at the packaging and be like "Ah, Too Faced" it's just very their aesthetic. It is a very fat brush with very dense bristles which get smaller and shorter towards the middle which is apparently an ode to the silver screen bombshells and their hourglass figures. 

The number one ingredient is collagen which is said to lengthen, curl and leave your lashes carbon black. I agree with two of the three factors, I wouldn't say the mascara technically curls my lashes, I have to use my eyelash curler while using this product. If I were to go for a curl enhancing mascara I would opt for my Benefit Roller Lash mascara, but I don't think it separates, lengthens and darkens my lashes quite like this one does, so I don't mind the extra step of curling my lashes before I apply the mascara in this case. 

I think it can work as an everyday mascara or can be built upon for a more dramatic look if you wanted to, but I do think it can go clumpy, which most mascaras can cause if you apply seven coats so I wouldn't say it affects me really, I only ever apply two coats and my lashes look fantastic afterwards. I have the non-waterproof version, which I love, I do want to pick myself up the waterproof version, but for now, I do love this one and it is easier to remove it with some makeup remover. 


I have tried this product before, I don't know if there might be an ancient post on here about trying it the last, time but I tried this product out again because I am desperate to add some volume to my horribly flat hair. This shampoo is supposed to give you big hair, as the name says, so of course, I was like "gimme gimme gimme". It is a very unusual shampoo that is for sure, it is sea salt shampoo and it actually has like sea salt crystals in the shampoo which give it a very unusual texture like no other shampoo I have ever tried before. It has seaweed in it too, which I think you can smell hints of in the shampoo, but for some reason, I absolutely adore the scent of this shampoo, it is a very clean and fresh scent, which of course you want for something you're washing your hair with. 

I have gone through this entire 330g tub of product in about two months, maybe two and a half, which for me is a big deal because I swap my shampoos around like nobody's business. Like I said it is a very odd texture to wash your hair with, but it definitely does what it says on the tin and adds volume, it doesn't give you a crap tonne of volume, but it definitely gives your roots a bit of a boost which is what I want, I don't want my hair to look like it's been backcombed for three hours beforehand, I just want a natural volume to it. Alongside the added volume it is also a lot smoother and softer which is great because who doesn't want soft and smooth hair? 

The clean and fresh scent lingers in your hair for a good few hours after you have washed it which is a major plus, I love when you like swish your hair and let off a scent of your shampoo, it just makes you feel good. I will definitely be repurchasing this product it gives such a natural look to the hair and doesn't look too volumised or overdone and of course, it is Lush so it is vegan and all natural which I have been loving switching my products for some vegan, natural products. 


Have you tried any of these products? Will you be trying out any of these products? Tell me below in the comments and recommend me some products you think I would love. 

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The Everyday Bag Essentials

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of bags and I regularly switch which one I am using, but no matter which bag I am using I tend to keep a selection of essentials in it. Whenever I decide which bag I am using, I like to pop a few items inside it that I feel every single girl should carry in their everyday bag. Whether it's a trip shopping, out for lunch, a day at university or just a day at work, these items are essential to making your day run smoothly.

You have to have hand gel inside your everyday bag, no matter what you are up to there is always a chance of you needing to clean your hands. Even shopping benefits from a hand gel, I mean have you ever actually gotten all the swatches off your hands from those dried up makeup wipes laid out around shops? Hand gel is a saviour no matter what the occasion. My favourite is the little hand sized ones from The Body Shop.

Of course, hand gel comes with its partner hand cream, hand gel can dry out your hands, as can the harsh soaps from public toilets and of course the dry weather. I like to carry a small travel sized hand cream in my everyday bag in case my hands are feeling dried out, especially important during the winter months when the weather is dry and cold. I love to carry around Soap and Glory's Hand Food.

The Everyday Bag Essentials

I talk about lip balms all the time, I mean it's probably become one of the most-mentioned phrases on my blog. No matter what the weather is like outside lip balm is always super important to carry with you especially if you are wearing liquid lipstick because they can be incredibly drying. A travel-friendly lip balm like the Nivea ones are easy to carry around, but the most nourishing ones are the Dr Paw Paw lip balms. 

For someone like me who has very sensitive eyes wearing sunglasses is super important, which means I like to carry a pair with me constantly. Of course, they come out my bag when I know for sure the sun won't be making any appearances today, normally traded in for an umbrella instead. When you are carrying sunnies with you though make sure to have a case to prevent the glass from being scratched. 

We live in 2017, did you really think I wasn't going to list a gadget of some sort? For a lot of us, our phones are out diaries, out notebooks, our way to find out the news, our books and of course our contact devices. It is super important to make sure your phone is always charged so you never have to miss a thing, I love the concept of a charger case and you can get them on Amazon for under £20, perfect! 

Of course, we need out keys, phones, cards and/or purse, but these are just a few essentials I feel like I benefit from having in my everyday bag. It's super easy to store them all in any size bag because they are petite items that can slip into a pocket of the bag and travel sized items are great for taking on the go.

The Everyday Bag Essentials

Have I missed any everyday essentials or is there anything you have in your everyday bag that I have missed? Tell me below in the comments. 

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Social Media Detox

Last week I was reading down my Facebook, reading articles that popped up, liking pictures of people's new puppies or statuses about people passing their driving tests when I came across a status by somebody that I used to know, did you sing Gotye too? The status wasn't necessarily something I didn't like, but my stomach started to turn, feelings of how miserable this person once made me feel began to bubble up within me and I realised I didn't have to have said person on my Facebook and I no longer wanted to. So I deleted them and then I went on my Friends list and I deleted a whole bunch of other people who I no longer wanted to see regularly on my Facebook. 

My Facebook app isn't one I use regularly, but for some reason deleting people who once made me feel terrible about myself made me feel so freeing. I wasn't ever bullied, it's an experience I am glad to say I have never had, but like everyone, there were people in high school I didn't like for many different reasons and why have people on your social media who you don't like? It wasn't just people from high school, it was people I once knew, who I no longer had any interest in, who at one point or another in my life I had let affect my self-esteem. Now when I log on Facebook, I have less Facebook friends, but I don't feel uncomfortable to post what I like to post, I don't feel those mean girl vibes anymore, wondering if people I used to know are talking about that photo I just shared, I am no longer filled with the emotions I experienced frequently throughout my teenage years and it's made me feel so much freer. 

Following this, I opened up my Twitter app and I went to my 'muted' list and unmuted everyone.  didn't unfollow anyone straight away, but I let the tweets of these people fill my timeline and whenever I would read a tweet that made me start to doubt myself, or that made me feel uncomfortable I would unfollow, I am still doing this, I no longer care about being unfollowed back or subtweeted, I just want to enjoy my time on social media. We live in the age of internet and social media, I, like most people nowadays spend quite a few hours of my day on social media, probably more so than the normal person because I am a blogger, why do I want somewhere I spend a lot of time to be filled with negativity, anger and unhappiness? 

I am a very positive, ambitious and driven person so for me it didn't sit right to have pessimistic, negative and horribly rude individuals and tweets clogging up my feed. I want to follow people who inspire me, people who I enjoy interacting with, who's tweets make me smile or laugh, not people who make me doubt my knowledge, self-worth or happiness. I don't mean to offend anyone by unfollowing, but sometimes you have to cut your losses for your own piece of mind. I am not talking about people who post one negative tweet or are going through something personally, please do not get me wrong. I am talking about people who project their negativity upon others, who degrade and belittle other people for their own little ego boost.

Social Media Detox

I like to follow like-minded people who are also positive, ambitious and driven because it encourages me to be myself and give me a kick up the bum whenever I am having a down day or feeling unmotivated for a while. I also like to follow honest people who have no problem calling people out or admitting they have no interest in the latest trends, these people are who inspire me to be myself and be honest and unafraid. Instagram, on the other hand, is somewhere where I have always been picky about who I follow, so I haven't detoxed my Instagram, but maybe one day I'll have a peak and find I follow someone who I find I'm not happy following. 

Having a social media detox, or cleanse as some say, has allowed me to create a place online where I am consistently interacting with like minded people. You would never befriend someone who makes you feel bad about yourself so why would you follow someone on social media who does? Everytime I pop onto social media I feel inspired, positive and happy and that's exactly what I want from it, I don't want social media, something I love to become something I despise because it is taking a toll on my self-esteem.

Do they make you feel bad about yourself? Unfollow.
Do they make you feel stupid? Unfollow.
Are they constantly bringing others down? Unfollow.
Are they forever starting arguments? Unfollow.
Do they demotivate you? Unfollow. 
Are they fake or pretending to be something they are not? Unfollow.
Have they changed and you have no interest in them? Unfollow. 
Do they only interact with people of a certain following? Unfollow. 
Do you feel like they are phoney? Unfollow.

Do they inspire you? Follow.
Do you enjoy their content/tweets? Follow.
Do you like to interact with them? Follow.
Do they motivate you? Follow.
Are they a nice person? Follow. 
Is their content uplifting? Follow. 
Do they seem real and down-to-earth? Follow.
Do you have things in common with them? Follow. 
Are they funny? Follow. 

Have I missed anything? Have you had a social media detox? What kind of people do you like to follow? Tell me below in the comments. 

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Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

I am back, how exciting! After taking two weeks off to focus on completing my dissertation and graduating university, I am back! During my little blogger break, I was invited along to the blogger event to celebrate the opening of the brand new Optical Express in Glasgow on St. Vincent Street. As someone who has been wearing glasses since I was 3, this was an event I didn't want to miss out on. Although I opt for my contacts a lot, I am proud to be a glasses wearer and I think it is so so important for people to keep on top of their eye care. 

This event was to celebrate the opening of the new store, not only were there awesome doughnuts by Tantrum Doughnuts, but there was prosecco, live illustrations by Badly Drawn Models, makeup artists sharing tutorials on how to do makeup with glasses, designer sunglasses to try on and some of the Optical Express staff were there to chat to all about their work and laser eye surgery. Now, laser eye surgery has always been something that has both intrigued and terrified me, but after talking to the staff, I now know that it's not actually that terrifying. In fact, it sounds pretty painless and easy going, if you go to the right place, and this place sounds pretty perfect. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

Upon arrival we were greeted by Sophie from Label PR, a PR company I worked with in the past when I got laser hair removal, check out all my posts on that here. I am thinking of doing another post on it soon, I feel like my writing has improved rapidly since I posted all of the ones currently available and cringe whenever I see them. I suppose that's a good thing though, as my blog is growing with me, both in skill and topics. Once we were shown where to go we met Shami, from Label PR, who is one of the loveliest people I have ever met, she told us she kept up with our blogs and asked about our studies, which I think just shows how much they care about the bloggers they work with and is really nice to see. We were given some Prosecco and told all about the evening and where to find what. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

Of course, we couldn't help, but rush over to the designer sunglasses table where we tried on glasses from the likes of Police. I felt like I was in heaven, I am a massive sunglasses fan, whenever I wake up during the spring and summer months to overcast skies my mood decreases because I won't be able to complete my outfit with a gorgeous pair of sunnies. I fell in love specifically with the gorgeous pastel pink pair by Furla (you can see them above; 3rd row from the left, second pair down). Along with the gorgeous range of sunnies, which I swear I tried on 90% of, they had a massive ring light, the perfect lighten for selfies. I've personally never had prescription sunglasses before, I always just opt to pop my contacts in under my normal sunglasses, but I think it is such a great idea, especially if like me your eyes tend to get a little drier in the warmer months or like me sometimes you cannot get your contacts in because your hayfever is so bad. I definitely think it would be worth it buy a gorgeous pair of sunnies with prescription lenses and I may have to. 

We decided to let some other bloggers noisy at the glasses since we were definitely hogging them and went down to the doughnuts. Okay, please don't hate me, but I don't like doughnuts, I don't like cake actually, I just don't like sponge, but I did try one of the doughnuts from Tantrum Doughnuts because they did look really tasty, despite my lack of love for doughnuts in general. Now, coming from me, these doughnuts were good, coming from my best friend Ashley, who loves doughnuts, these doughnuts were good. Have I said doughnuts enough times in this paragraph? I'm not too sure. I tried one which I think I have found on their Instagram if it is the one from their Instagram it is called the Vanilla, Earl Grey and Bergamot Ring and it was pretty damn tasty. I definitely would check them out if you're ever in the Kelvingrove area, they're on Dumbarton Street. 

After stuffing our faces with doughnuts we spoke to two lovely workers from Optical Express, telling them the horror stories we have heard surrounding laser eye surgery and being told they are false. You, like me, may have read all about people going blind after laser eye surgery, but in fact, it has never happened, I know, I am just as shocked, I mean people do say not to believe everything you read online, so I should have been more wary of the horror stories to begin, but... It was so lovely chatting to the girls from laser eye surgery to holiday destinations to our own opticians and eye problems to our studies and career prospects. The workers were so welcoming and lovely, it was like I was just chatting with some old friends, such a chilled environment. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

We then went down the hall to see the laser eye surgery room and although I didn't take any pictures, it probably looks just like you are picturing it in your head, white, clean, clinical with big beds and machines. Although this can be very intimidating, I like that it looked like a hospital, I mean if it didn't you wouldn't trust it. We spoke to who I believe it the surgery manager and he told us that each person comes in for a consultation beforehand and they assess whether said person can have the surgery and all boxes have to be ticked before someone can go ahead, if there is a chance of problem then they won't go ahead with it. If you are able to have the surgery you come in, get the surgery within 30 minutes and then you are asked to come back the very next day for a check up on how the surgery went. 

The opticians seem very hands on and caring when it comes to their patients which is what I want from the people who are caring for my eyes. They make sure the surgery is going to work for you, that there won't be any complications and then check up with you the very next day! I always wanted laser eye surgery, wearing glasses for 17 years can take its toll on you, but I was always far too intimidated and scared to ever even look into the surgery, but after this event, I feel like I was being so silly and if I am ever to let go of my fears fully and go ahead with it, I will for sure be using this surgery, they have totally cemented my trust in them. 

We spent the last half hour to forty-five minutes chatting to the surgery manager and another worker and it was so much fun again to just chat and joke around with them, they weren't intimidating or trying to rush away from us. It felt like they genuinely enjoyed our company and chatting to us. In fact, the surgery manager told us the funniest story about a patient of theirs, which I won't tell you, just in case you're the patient, but I have proceeded to tell this story to everyone I know and they all find it just as hilarious as I do. 

We never got round to chatting to Badly Drawn Models, which I hate, because I really wanted to, but he was so popular, he never seemed to be alone. So I didn't want to intrude on anyone's chats with him. Hopefully, he appears at another event, but until then I'll have to stick to stalking his Instagram post. 

Have you ever thought of laser eye surgery? Would you ever get it? Tell me below. 

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This post is in collaboration with Optical Express and Label PR. 
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