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Testing Cruelty-Free Brands
Going cruelty-free has become a rather quickly expanding trend and although it leads to a lot of complaints about people "jumping on the bandwagon" and so on, it is a rather amazing thing. At the end of the day, who are we to harm animals for superficial benefits? I hope that one day we live in a world where the beauty and cosmetic world is completely cruelty-free and we talk about animal testing and animal products being used in brushes, eyelashes and so on in a historical context. So if you are cruelty-free or you like to have cruelty-free products in your expanding collection, like me, then keep reading!

Testing Cruelty-Free Brands

Oh Dr Paw Paw, what can I say other than "I am completely and utterly obsessed with your products" because I really am. Dr Paw Paw are famous for their lip balms and they are also branching out into hair care now too. Having just been given their PETA badge, their products are some of the best and most known cruelty-free products on the market and I am beyond obsessed with them. (Does anyone else burst into Mariah Carey whenever they read or say the word obsessed, no? Just me? Oh well!)

I recently got sent the entire lip balm collection and I cannot get enough of these products. I am a big lip balm fan, I have mentioned this a lot on my blog, that I carry one everywhere with me and keep one in every jacket, bag and drawer that I own. The collection consists of four different multi-purpose lip balms. The original is a clear petroleum jelly like consistency which can be used on lips, skin and hair. Along with the original is a pink and a red, both of which can substitute blusher and give your cheeks a slight colour as well as add a tint of colour to your lips. There is also a sparkling red version of the lip balm which has small grains of glitter in it. 

All of the balms are insanely hydrating and smooth, in easy to use packaging and you need the tiniest amount of product to cover your lips, or is that just me with my tiny lips? They are by far my favourite lip balms and I have tried and tested most lip balms on the market. I like to apply a load of lip balm to my lips each night so they don't dry out throughout the night and with the huge amount of product you get in these tubes, they are perfect for it. I have also more recently been applying a little to my eyelashes once I take my makeup off and I have found it works incredibly well as an eyelash conditioner.

I had a cold sore last week and as you may be aware cold sores are some of the ugliest and most sore things to form on your face. I used the clear balm religiously to keep my cold sore moisturised, from hurting and drying up and it worked wonders. The cold sore was gone in no time AND never hurt, not once. I swear it was like black magic, I have never ever loved a product more than I did that morning I woke up with no cold sore. If you suffer from cold sores then I'd definitely say Dr Paw Paw is the way to go!

Testing Cruelty-Free Brands

A new discovery which I am pretty happy about, I was gifted the massive, super soft, beautiful bronzer brush by So Eco. Not only are these brushes cruelty-free but they are incredibly eco-friendly, as implied by the name. Everything from the handle to the packaging to the clue which holds the bristles in place is eco-friendly and cruelty-free and I love that. 

The handle is a soft, beautiful bamboo with easy grip indents halfway up, I don't tend to use these as I hold my brushes very, very close to the bottom. There is then a rose gold plastic section which is beautiful and makes it a lovely brush for sitting out and then there are the massive ombre styled bristles on top which are some of the softest bristles I have ever felt. The brush is for bronzer and for me it just doesn't work as a bronzer brush, it's too big, I'm not one to dust bronzer all over my face so it doesn't work as well for me as a bronzer brush. I do use it for powder, it is the perfect size to dust your powder all over your face and lock in your base. 

There is definite fallout with the brush, not a lot and it doesn't seem to happen with every use, but bristles do slip out here and there. I have washed the brush and there didn't seem to be an increase in bristle fall out during or after I washed them, therefore I don't think it is strictly a problem with the glue. I washed the brush using my Garnier Micellar Water Gel Wash and the brush dried perfectly, it didn't become hard or unsoftened in any way. I would compare both the price and wearability of the product to those of the Real Technique brushes, but it does decrease your carbon footprint more when using the So Eco brushes. I have seen other brushes by this brand in TK Maxx and I plan on picking up a couple more because I do like them. 

Have you tried any of these brands? Which cruelty-free brands do you love? Tell me below in the comments! 

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Trends I am Excited for this Spring

Spring has got to be my favourite season, especially when it comes to fashion. I am obsessed with all the trends that tend to come with spring from pastels to florals and let's not forget the lack of jackets. There are just so many cute outfits and styles for spring, I love it so much and since I am adding some more fashion styled posts to my Instagram, I thought I would start posting some more fashion posts over here too. There are so many trends coming up this season, many of them I can't wait to start wearing!

Okay, so this trend I didn't really think I would love, but I totally do! I have never been a pink girl, but I am obsessed with blush tone pinks and pale, pastel pinks, they are so beautiful and the perfect shade for spring. Pastels are always a big trend for the spring and summer, but this year pink seems to be the most popular shade of them all. Whether it is a pastel pink, a blush pink or a mauve pink adding a little pink will seriously make you look so much more on trend. It doesn't have to be a lot, a pair of shoes or some detailing on a bag will do, but here are some of my favourite pink pieces for this season:

Trends I am Excited for this Spring


This one I am totally obsessed with like I just cannot get enough of it. I didn't know if the sleeves would be irritating, so I picked up just one last week and fell head over heels in love! I cannot wait to add a bunch more to my wardrobe. They are a huge trend for spring and will be featured on shirts, blouses, jumpers, dresses and playsuits and I cannot wait to dabble in them all. I think they just make any plain old outfit look so much more put together and give off that you really tried with your outfit even if you didn't. Here are some bell sleeve items I have my eyes on: 

Trends I am Excited for this Spring

I am totally on board with the ruffles trend this year, it seems to be a marmite trend for spring, you are either totally into the ruffles trend or totally opposed to it.  I am totally into it, I think it is the perfect way to liven up any piece of clothing, especially blouses. I recently did a little wishlist featuring all the blouses I am loving and ruffles were definitely a big trend across them all. Ruffles are a simple trend that livens up an outfit and can look both business chic and be played down to look more casual. Here are the ruffled items I am hearted eyed over:

Trends I am Excited for this Spring

Stripes are always on trend, but I think they are super fun for spring and summer, giving a nod to the nautical theme. I think stripes are such a fantastic look especially when they are black and white or navy and white, they are such a classic style. The best ways to wear them is to wear vertical stripes to elongate your figure, I think it is gorgeous on a blouse especially if you tuck it into a nice pair of jeans. I would love to branch out into some coloured stripes and away from my monotonal style, check out the pieces I have my eyes on:

Trends I am Excited for this Spring

I am obsessed with the whole coloured shoe trend I see going around, a pair of brightly coloured shoes or pastel toned heels really bring together any outfit. I am loving how a little pair of coloured shoes can brighten the most boring of monotone outfits. Whether you opt for a pair of heels or a pair of flats coloured shoes can transform an outfit and when styled correctly can still look incredibly business savvy and safe for work, depending on your field. Check out the gorgeous ones I am lusting after:

Trends I am Excited for this Spring

Do you like any of these trends? What trend are you excited for going into Spring? Would you like more fashion based posts on heythererobyn.com? Tell me below in the comments. 

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Beauty On Trial This Month

If you know me at all you know I am obsessed with trying new products. I love to test out new releases and even older, more established products by my favourite brands, I love to test new brands too of course. So I have decided to start a new feature on heythererobyn; On Trial This Month. Each month I will be posting all about the products I am adding to my collection/routine this month. I'm not a massive fan of first impressions so they will be products I have been using a few weeks at the least so the heading might be a tiny bit misleading, but I thought it was a playful play on words. So let's get into March's products on trial. 

I loved the L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks, I wrote all about my favourite one on here before and you can read all about it by clicking here. So when L'Oreal brought out the accompanying face wash I had to grab them, so I opted to pick up the Detox one first. I have been using it daily for a good few weeks now and I am really happy with how my skin has benefited from the use of it. I thought with a name like 'detox' it would be much rougher on my skin than it actually is. 

The consistency is quite thick like the masks, but not quite as thick, it comes out a dark grey just as the mask does making it very visible on the skin, however it isn't messy at all like other charcoal products I have used before. After the first use, my face felt so smooth and silky, it gives a good thorough cleanse and is perfect to wash your face with after a long day of wearing makeup. I like to leave it sat on my face for a few minutes before I wash it off with lukewarm water, I feel like letting it sink into my pores may help give a tougher clean, but of course, I don't know if it does.  After a few weeks of using this product I definitely feel like I have had fewer breakouts, my skin feels smoother, silkier and cleaner. 


I have been wanting to try this foundation for a while now, I tend to go between high-end and high-street foundations a lot. Foundation is something where I haven't found my holy grail yet so I tend to buy every single foundation with a buzz around it and hope for the best. When it came to true match I was a little unsure on whether to dive in and give it a shot as another L'Oreal foundation had given me skin problems in the past. I tried to match myself in the store, which I hate about Boots, why isn't there anyone there to match me?! I went with 3.N which is the closest shade to my natural skin tone. 

I have been using it for the past 3-4 weeks now and I quite like it so far. According to the website, it has 3 new shade enhancers for shade matching precision and I do think this foundation matches my skin tone pretty well. It is a very fine formula and you don't need a lot to cover your face, it seems to glide on and once it is on your face still feels pretty naked. It has a low to medium, as you can see in the photo below, dark circles are still visible, but it is a buildable coverage, I still have to apply concealer under my eyes and to any blemishes, but I have become in love with low coverage foundation lately. 

The 30ml bottle gives enough product for any beauty fan to take at least a few weeks to work their way through, especially if like me you're switching between foundations and BB creams and don't stick to the one constantly. The packaging is nice and sleek, fits perfectly inside a makeup bag and is travel-friendly due to the sturdy glass, but the lid is a flimsy, plastic cap like most drug store foundations. I say this about every drug store foundation, but I don't care about the unattractive caps, at £9.99 I'd rather a brand skimped on the packaging than the product and at that price, something has to lack in quality, so I am glad it's the cap. 


Beauty On Trial This Month

This one I picked up a few weeks ago and I was hoping it would work to great a wide-eyed, more awake look by applying it to my inner corners and waterline. When you use such a sharp colour like white to do this you have to blend it out, otherwise, you look absolutely ridiculous. So when I saw this had a blending ball on the other side of it I thought it would be perfect for the job. I thought I would see how the white one went and if I liked it maybe pick up some more to do some fun eye looks with. 

I used this about three times before the blending ball side popped out and my cat ran off with it, so that was kind of a bust, but I just used a blending brush to blend out the product and it worked just as well, however, I am pretty disappointed the entire blending ball side of the product fell out! I have been using this product now for a few weeks, I apply a little to my waterline and blend it along so that it is more of a faded white than a crisp white and then I apply some to my inner corners and blend it there too. It is very easy to blend and doesn't dry straight away, but once it is on it seems to stick really well. I haven't used it as an actual eyeliner, but I swatched a few lines of the product onto my arm when I got it and they were still in tact hours later, so it is a very long wearing product and it is waterproof, but not soap proof. 

 I am liking this product and want to pick up some of the coloured shades for some eye looks, particularly the black and mink shades. Personally, I think it would have been better to review had I bought another shade which I could try out as actual eyeliner so I may get back to you with this one once I have done so. I am a little gutted it fell apart, though, as I have always been a fan of Too Faced packaging. 


Sadly, I haven't been able to completely test this product, due to the fact the day I bought it, I woke up with a very unappealing, unwanted cold sore. I have however previously tested out the product in the shade Child Star and I can definitely say that the products are very high quality, they have a very soft and creamy consistency, they dry to a matte finish, but the added vitamin E and avocado oil adds moisture meaning that the matte finish doesn't drain moisture from your lips and still leaves you with hydrated, soft lips. 

I am in love with the innovative packaging, it is unlike any liquid lipstick packaging I have seen before, but Too Faced always serve well with their gorgeous packaging, don't they? The formula of the product is a little on the thin side, but this doesn't really affect the pigmentation in any way, they are very highly pigmented and have an incredible colour payoff. Just as promised they are very long wearing, I'd estimate a good 12-14 hours could get worn out of these gorgeous lipsticks without smudging or the colour intensity fading. They don't transfer and even stick around while eating, but I do like to take my lipstick off before eating and reapply after. 

This shade is a lot more pink toned than I would usually go for, but if you have following me on my social medias you may have read how I have found a new long pinker lately. It's definitely in the nude range, however more pink toned than brown. I would give you a little peak of the shade on my lips, but I don't want to infect the brush with my cold sore, nor do I want to irritate it now it is fading, so I have accompanied a hand swatch. 


Beauty on Trial This Month
Left side: Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick in Sell Out, L'Oreal True Match foundation in N.3 and Too Faced Bulletproof eyeliner in White line, applied to the waterline, inner corner and brow bone. Right side: makeup free

Okay, so you ought to know my love for the Garnier Micellar Water, it is a product I repurchase time and time again, a staple in anyone's collection. That being said, when Garnier brought out the micellar cleansing gel wash I just had to get my hands on it. It has more of a scent to it than the unperfumed micellar water (this product is also unperfumed), but I am not a fan of it, to me, it smells like the hand gel you get in a hospital, not good. Aside from that fact I am loving the product. 

It is a very thin, runny consistency, which I quite like, you don't have to use a lot to wash your face and it foams up easily as it heats up and is rubbed into your skin. I have used it each time I have worn makeup since I purchased it and I am very pleased, it does take off your makeup, just not eye makeup, but I wouldn't expect it to take off eye makeup anyway, I use a makeup remover for that before I use this product. It has a very cooling and soothing aspect to it which is nice on the skin after a long day of wearing makeup. Just like with the micellar water I would double cleanse and use another cleanser on your skin afterwards if you have used it to remove your makeup. 

I will say it is much easier to use the micellar water instead, but this is perfect for if you forget to take your makeup off before a shower, just use eye makeup remover when you're out the shower and finish your skin care routine. Victoria from In The Frow also commented that this product is great for cleaning your makeup brushes and I totally agree, I have now used it to clean some of mine twice and my beauty blender, it makes the process very easy. 


This one was a little step outside my comfort zone I am not the biggest fan of using face masks in this sort of packaging, the one use only face masks, I like to use a product a few times before I post about it. These little sachets gave me two face masks each, I'm sure you're only supposed to get one use from each, but I have a very small face. I picked up the Volcano mask for pore minimising and the Juicy mask for radiance. Two problems I am having with my skin lately. My pores are looking rather big and my skin very dull. This may be down to stress I am under with dissertation and university, but it is bumming me out. 

I wouldn't say my pores look any smaller than they did before, but my face definitely looked smoother, fresher, less shiny and felt so much cleaner after the use of the volcano mask. After the juicy mask, my face felt smoother, looked more radiant and had a healthier glow to it without makeup, exactly what I was looking for. The volcano mask reminds me a lot of the glow mask from L'Oreal's pure clay range in colour and texture, however, this mask is self-heating and heats up as you massage it into your skin. The juicy mask is more of a jelly texture and is unlike any mask I have used before. 

I don't think I will be buying the volcano mask again as it is very similar to the L'Oreal Clay masks which I own in full size with the texture of the Glow and the effects of the detox, I think I could just use either of these masks. Although the result of the juicy mask is similar to that of the L'Oreal Glow I think I may buy a few more simply because the results were a little more instant and the smell. I would advise Garnier to make a full size of this product as it is one I am loving. I will also be picking up the rest of the range so you may get a full range review too. 


Beauty On Trial This Month

Are you trying or have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below. 

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Why I am okay with Being Boring
I was scrolling down Instagram the other morning, lying in bed, the sun was shining through my curtains and I knew I had to tear myself away from the duvet, but all I could think about what was how utterly boring I am. This isn't even a joke, I was laying in bed, 10:30 am having some sort of breakdown about how boring I am. Let me put this into perspective for you, I was off uni last week, it was reading week which meant I didn't have to be in and you know what I did? I done dissertation work, I wrote up essays, I scheduled blog posts. No wait, that's wrong I also went to Ikea and into town with my friend, but this covered two of the 9 straight days I had off. 

I know what you're thinking, "yeah, but a reading week means you read, it means you study" who are you trying to kid? Who actually reads and studies when they have a week off university, me that's who. It's not that I don't want to do exciting things, I want to go out, I want to travel, I want to experience the world and try new things, eat new food, meet new people, but the timing is wrong. For me, I've always been one of those people who plan out their lives "I'll go to high school for six years, I'll get into this uni and study this course and take this long then get into this job". Yes, I did actually believe at one point that the world worked like that, that if we planned enough everything would just fall into place. 

Then my last year of school came and I was miserable, I'm not going to lie to you if you're currently going through high school, it's the worst, it is not "the best years of your life" it sucks. I was so miserable, I hated this routine I was in with myself, I hated myself and how all these people knew everything about me, I felt like I had nothing to help me grow, I was trapped, so I left. I left 3 weeks into my last year of high school and I went to college, that's when I realised that no amount of planning can give you a perfect life. If someone had to ask me when was there a moment that completely changed my life, it would be that moment.

Although I now know the world doesn't work out perfectly for you and you can't just say things will happen and they will, I still plan. The only difference is that now I know that you have to work in order to have things go to plan, you can't plan on getting a job but never apply anywhere. So instead of planning everything and hoping for the best I have allowed myself to become boring af as long as in the end, I get to graduate with the degree I want, get the job I want because then I can have the life I want and do the fun, adventurous things I want and not only will I be financially stable, I'll be happy. 

For a lot of people this is bizarre, but to me, it's how I function, I am a perfectionist and above that, I am ambitious af like I'm serious don't step in my way or I will run you over. When I have a goal in mind I don't stop until I get it, I recognise that things don't always go right and the way you want them to, I realise that life can throw you curveballs and I understand that there will be times when my hard work and dedication just won't be enough, but it doesn't stop me from giving everything my all. I give everything I want to my all and then I can say that when it doesn't work out it wasn't my fault, it just wasn't meant to be. 

Don't get me wrong, I do actually do exciting things, I go to concerts often, which are my favourite thing in the entire planet to do, I go on adventures, I like to see new places and I have fun, but for the past three weeks I have been cooped up inside my bedroom, sat at my desk working on my dissertation and my essays and my blog. At this moment I am entirely 100% one of, if not the, most boring 20-year-olds on the planet I am perfectly happy to be. When I graduate in June and I get the grades I want, if I get the job I've dreamed of, then it will all be worth it to me. 

So, tell me are you okay being boring? What was the last exciting thing you did? Are you an adventurous person? 

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The Big No-Nos All New Bloggers Should Know

When you're new to the blogging world it can be a bit of a scary place, there are all of these bloggers with thousands of followers, what is a Twitter chat? What does SEO stand for again? I buy a domain from who now? It can be a complicated few weeks, maybe months when you start blogging and you're trying to figure everything out, but there are certain things you shouldn't do no matter what, but don't worry, may of us have made the same mistakes and this is why I am here to help you not make the mistakes I and other bloggers have made. 

I don't necessarily know if 'F4F?' is still around, but I do know that asking people for follows is still a thing and it shouldn't be. You don't want to be on the sending or receiving side of a follow request. Whether you are asking on Twitter, sending your Bloglovin links to people or commenting on Instagrams, you should never ask someone for a follow. Let your audience grow organically because who wouldn't want to follow you? You're cool as hell. If you are on the receiving end of this request you do not need to follow them, in fact, I advise you don't unless you actually like what they post. 

This is a big no-no when working with a company it is important that you have no-follow links and not follow links. It is actually in the Google guidelines and your DA and SEO can be seriously affected if you don't abide by this rule. I had no idea this was a thing at first and had to go back and change a load of links about 6 months into blogging. Not only did it effect my DA, but it was a pain to do, learn quickly and do no-follow links straight off the bat. 

It is so important that when you are writing your blog you are doing it because you enjoy it, otherwise, what is the point in doing it at all? The first step to achieving this is to write about things you enjoy writing about whether it be makeup, fashion, politics, lifestyle, parenting or student life, it should be something you feel happy and confident while writing about. 

Now, a lot of people, myself included prefer to just use our own images all the time, for me it is easy and I avoid being a criminal at all costs. Other bloggers use stock images, images from Pinterest, images from Instagram etc on their blogs, this is okay, if you are crediting the source of the image and not just "from Pinterest", it is important for your blog and for legal reasons to verify and credit the owner of the image.

The Big No-Nos All New Bloggers Should Know

This one is probably going to be something a few people disagree with, but I think it is important to not take every single opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes companies approach you that just do not fit with your blog subject and by working with them it could potentially come across as selling out because people can see this one off random beauty post on a fashion blog is sponsored and they start to question if you actually like the company and they may begin to trust you less. Be cautious of who you work with, work with companies that fit with your blog, excite you and make you feel comfortable. 

Sometimes in life people aren't going to like you, I mean I love you, but other people might not, so the best way to deal with this is to not. Just be you, do what you do, write what you enjoy writing and stop caring about those people. If you try to be liked by everyone and impress everyone your blog will become unlikable because people will pick up on your need to please everyone and you will seem unauthentic. Just do you. 

This is a big one, maybe the biggest mistake newbie bloggers tend to make. It is not okay to copy people, whether you admire their blog or not doesn't mean you can copy them. Taking inspiration from someone, maybe having a similar layout to someone you admire or being inspired by their posts is okay, but if you copy their entire blog and/or content not only is it wrong, but it's also illegal. Being you is the best thing you can do as a blogger, everyone will love you, trust me. 

It may have happened to a few people, but chances are you're not going to start blogging one day and have thousands of followers the next. Blogging takes time and a whole lot of patience, blog because you enjoy it not because you hope to get famous from it. Most bloggers don't ever get 'famous', most of us blog because we love blogging, so you're in the majority with this one. 

Have I missed any? What do you wish someone had told you when you were a new blogger? Tell me in the comments. 

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Where Have I Been?!

I haven't been away long, a week or so maybe, but I always hate taking time away from the blog. Blogging is something I really enjoy doing, I love to write a blog, I love to read blogs, I love to participate in the blogging community, but sometimes life gets in the way. My life has been in the way lately, I have been so busy I have barely even tweeted nevermind sat dow to write a blog post or snap some photos. It's all for a good reason, though, or rather, a few good reasons. 

First reason: my sister got married. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post photos of a castle or add to my Instagram story about being up in the north of Scotland, my Snapchat was also full of photos like those. I am yet to post any photos of myself as a bridesmaid anywhere because the photographer hasn't given us any photos back just yet. Last Friday my family packed up our cars and headed 4/5 hours up north to Kyle of Lochalsh for my sister's beautiful wedding. 

On the way up we saw such incredible scenery, we drove through mountains or hills, I'm not entirely sure what criteria identifies them as one or the other. We drove past Loch Lomond and I got to see just how beautiful my own country is. Once we got there we stayed right by the loch in little cottages and by 'right on the loch' I really do mean we were right on the loch. The living room and dining room had windows right along the one wall to show off the beautiful view. At the other side of the cottage was more mountains or hills. Can you guess what this meant? SIGNAL SUCKED. I had no phone signal most of the weekend and the wifi wasn't the best.

Where Have I Been?!

On the Saturday my sister got married at a beautiful castle with a gorgeous ceremony, I don't want to get too into the ceremony as I feel like it was such an intimate wedding she wouldn't want me posting about it on my little piece of the internet for everyone to read. On the Sunday afternoon, we headed home again, and as excited as I was to get back home, to my bed, my phone signal and my pets, I was a little upset that I had seen so little of my beautiful country while there. I definitely want to explore more of Scotland, it is such a beautiful country and I have seen so little of it. 

Besides the wedding, my life has also been overtaken by essays, dissertation and job searching. In the next few weeks, I have two essays due in, the biggest dissertation chapter of all of them due and a job interview. I have one essay finished and half a dissertation chapter down, but with trying to keep up with university readings, go to university, keeping up a social life, keeping up with life, trying to find a graduate job, gosh I am ready to just crash out on my bed. Don't get me wrong I am totally aware I am doing well and some other people have far worse lives than me and are under a lot more stress than me, but it's keeping me busy right now and blogging has come second for a little.

Where Have I Been?!

I hate when I have to take time off blogging, though, I really enjoy blogging and I have become so proud of my blog so when I can't blog I feel like I have failed. Sometimes you just have to put other things in your life first and let blogging take the backseat for a while even if you don't want to. 

So I have been back since Monday and I am doing well with my essays, so why hasn't any posts gone up this week you make ask. Well, on the way home from my sister's wedding we stopped in at a little cafe where I got some tuna which was off because I got food poisoning. So all Monday I was in bed, asleep, puking and feeling like crap, I started to feel a little better by Wednesday and made a return to university yesterday for a lecture, so here I am back on the blog today. 

I don't know when I'll be making a return to blog chats, or commenting on blog posts, but I am back at the blogging game and will be posting three times next week, hopefully. I am excited to be back at it and cannot wait to post some of the amazing ideas I have come up with during my time off. 

So how have you been? I feel like we haven't chatted in forever! What is the longest time you have taken away from blogging? 

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