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Master the 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

Lately, I have been enjoying going for the 'no makeup' makeup look, I like wearing a little less makeup and not having to get up as early. I feel like I have really mastered the 'no makeup' makeup look over the past few months. It took me a while to get to the point where I actually felt confident to wear less makeup or I realised I didn't actually need a full coverage foundation every day of the week. So, let me tell you how I mastered the 'no makeup' makeup look.

Okay, so I love a good primer, especially ones that hide my pores, I usually start with this, think Professional, Smashbox Photo Finish or The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. Once you have a good primed face I like to apply a foundation that will give me a good glowy finish or rather a BB cream or CC cream with a glowy finish. If your lightweight base doesn't have a glowy finish you can always change that. I love to add the NYX foundation mixer to my BB cream to achieve a natural glow and it works wonders.

Master the 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

For a more natural look, I think it is best not to overdo the brows, have them look like they aren't filled in at all. This is easier for gals like me who have naturally thick, dark brows. I think it is best to fill the sparse spaces between the hairs towards the arch, but when you come in towards the nose it's best to lean lighter with your wrist and follow the hairs, gently drawing more amongst them. It's also important not to make them too rounded or too straight when trying this look, overdoing the shape can give you away. 

I don't know about you, but when I have no makeup on my eyelids are slightly darker than my skin tone. To achieve a more natural, simple look I like to take one eyeshadow shade, one that's slightly darker than my skin tone and I blend this into the lid. This gives the eyes a little definition while maintaining a natural look and it takes seconds to achieve. Some of my favourite palettes are the Naked Ultimate Basics, Naked 2 and NYX Natural palette. 

The best thing to do for your lips is to get a satin finish lipstick that is basically your lip colour. By doing this you are enhancing your lips while still looking very au natural. A top tip would be to not go for anything too matte, I'm looking at liquid mattes, my favourites are NYX soft mattes and MAC satin lipsticks, they are neither matte nor sticky and can look 100% natural as long as you don't do an over the top Kylie Jenner and excessively overline your lips. 

Master the 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

A little rosy cheek can make anyone look fresh and natural as long as you don't pack on too much, we are going for a natural look not a joining the circus look. apply a tiny amount to the apples of your cheeks picking a shade that isn't too deep nor too bright, think of the colour your cheeks go on a crisp morning, not red, just a pale pink or salmon shade. 

Instead of going all out with a false lash, why not try to curl your normal lashes and apply a couple coats of some mascara. One of my favourites at the moment is Better Than Sex by Too Faced and I love Rollerlash by Benefit. Both give a fuller look without looking clumpy and you only need a couple of coats to have your eyelashes looking fuller and longer. I also love how awake I look once my lashes are curled. 

Do you have any tips on how to achieve a natural makeup look? Or do you use any of mine? Tell me below! 

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The Blouse Edit
I am obsessed with blouses, I think they make an outfit, they give whoever is wearing them an air of sophistication. No matter what you pair a blouse with you look put together, like you've mad an effort and very chic. They are also suitable for every event possible; work, university, lunch, shopping, an event... name one place you can't wear a blouse, I bet you can't. 

You see, I leave university in a few months, I have interviews coming up in the next few months for graduate jobs, internships and so on and so forth. What better to wear to an interview than a blouse? Nothing! So I have found myself adding endless amounts of blouses to my online shopping basket, not only will they make me look like I have made an effort, but they are also work appropriate so I can continue to look chic once I get the job. (Being optimistic here, law of attraction and all that jazz) 

While looking through these endless amounts of blouse filled baskets, I just had to create a wishlist and show you all how beautiful they all are. I am totally loving the bell sleeve trend right now which you may see is a regular occurrence within this wishlist, I am also a massive fan of white, so there were a dozen more white blouses I had to exclude from this wishlist because I didn't want to bombard you all with that obsession. 

The Blouse Edit

There are many patterns within the blouses here; lace, bell sleeves, ruffles, white, pink... I seem to have a few trends that appeal to me, don't I? I am also kind of into this whole deep V/ cut out on chest detailing like those in 2, 3, 5 and 10. I have petite boobs to put it nicely and I think that these styles look pretty good on me because of my tiny boobs, others may disagree, but I am a fan. 

I am also obsessed with sheer detailing such as 5, 8, 11 and 12. I thnk being both covered and uncovered is pretty cool and it is also a good way to add style, show a little skin without being too promiscuous which is good for a work environment, although I'm not sure I would be rushing to wear 12 to the office any day soon. 

1, 3, 6 and 9 are the more plain blouses, but they still have some style to them, I love the ruffles of 1, it gives it a little extra detail. 3 sort of reminds me of a kimono which is pretty cool, while 6 is patterned and has the cold shoulder style which was a major trend in 2016, I am hoping it stays with us into 2017 because I am loving it at the moment. 9 has that bell sleeve I am obsessed with and again I hope the khaki tones stay with us as a major trend this SS again because it is one of my all-time favourite shades. 

Are you loving any of these blouses? What is one clothing item you just cannot get enough of? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Why I'm Happy to be a 'Small Blogger'

I am a small blogger, tiny, minuscule, I don't even think I am on anyone's radar right now, no brands, no PRs and no fellow bloggers. This isn't me being negative or pessimistic, this is me stating the truth, I'm not a large blogger, I don't have thousands of followers and collaboration deals overflowing my inbox, yes I would love to have loads of followers and be collaborating with all of my favourite brands, but I am happy with where I am right now, I am happy to be a small blogger, it has many perks.

When you are a small blogger no one is relying on your next post, no one is waiting patiently, refreshing your blog waiting for your next blog post to go live. This gives you an opportunity, it gives you freedom to not post, to miss out posting days, it allows you to have bad days, off days, days without blog posts going live on time or at all. I imagine you would have so much more pressure wearing down on you when you have a large audience and readership, it must be difficult to miss days. More people are waiting to read that post you've been talking up on social media, you can't simply put it off because your photography isn't perfect. 

I see a lot of large bloggers being scrutinised for the tiniest, simplest things, I myself have even found myself scrutinising my fellow bloggers over their choices, their lives, when I don't know them from Adam, I have no right to do so. It is how it works though isn't it? Take the Kardashians for example, they are famous, a load of people know them, so we feel like we have a right to talk about their personal lives. It must be hard to have your every word scrutinised, thought over and sometimes even manipulated. When you are smaller, you don't have to worry so much, I mean I have had my fair share of people manipulating my tweets or flat out trying to cause arguments over them, but not half as many as I would if I had a larger following. 

Now, this one I am not 100% sure about, I have never had a manager, nor have I worked with a managing company. What I do know is that I read through my inbox, I decide which collaborations to accept and which to decline, I decide how I will go ahead with this collaboration. I don't know how it works when you are signed to a network or you have a manager, but I imagine for at least some bloggers, they don't get the freedom that us smaller bloggers get. Yes, it would be nice to have someone there to show me the ropes, give advice, but I like being my own boss, it's fun, it gives me creative freedom and provokes me to work harder.

Part of me loves being a small blogger and a part-time blogger because it means I am not under pressure to produce content, I am not under pressure to get sponsorships and ad deals with brands. I have other sources of income, I am studying at university, I am not completely reliant on what income I get from blogging, which is very little may I add. The idea of being a full-time blogger is slightly terrifying to me because there isn't security with it, when it is your only source of income it must be pretty scary, maybe you feel like you have to put up content so you get a pay cheque that month, I don't know the ins and outs, but right now I know I'm not ready to know, which is why I am happy to be a small blogger. 

I have changed my content many, many, many times over the past year or so, I have been solely beauty, I have been solely lifestyle, I have tried to incorporate blog tips, I have swayed towards fashion, I like this. I like that I don't have to know exactly what I want with my blog. I can play around with my content, I can mix it up and not get bashed on or told to 'stick to my lane' I like being able to be me and I'm not sure if people would accept this of a 'big blogger'. Sure, you shouldn't let that stop you if you are a largely known blogger, but it would be harder to do as you wish when people are telling you that you shouldn't or you can't. I like having the freedom to switch up my topics, to play around with the content I produce without having any backlash.

So... you don't want to be a 'big blogger'?
This isn't what I mean by this post, of course, I would love to be a 'big blogger' I would adore having a massive readership, getting featured in articles across the world as an 'influential blogger', but it doesn't mean that is my sole purpose of blogging. I am happy to be a small blogger, I see the positive attributes of having a smaller audience. There are negatives of being a small blogger too of course, just like there are positives of being a big blogger, but I want to focus on the positives of the position I am in right now. 

This post was written with good intention, the intention of reminding my fellow small bloggers or 'micro-influencers' that we aren't in a bad position. Yes, I will continue to grow my following and maybe one day I will experience the positives of being a 'big blogger' and maybe also experience the opposite sides of the situations laid out above, but I know that for now, I am happy. I'm not upset that my readership is small, I'm not writing content in the hopes my blog grows, I am being me, writing what I want to write and happily plodding along at my own speed, and I hope you are happy to be plodding along at your own speed too. Being a small blogger isn't bad, just like being a big blogger isn't all good, both have benefits, both have cons, but most importantly, both are good positions to be in. 

Have I missed anything? Why do you like being a smaller blogger or why do you like being a big blogger? Tell me in the comments, what makes you happy to be in the position you are in right now with your blog. 

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How to do Valentines Day Single

Have you ever seen that meme of President Snow from The Hunger Games saying "They're holding hands, I want them dead."? That is me come Tuesday, just like a lot of ladies and men out there, I am spending this Valentines Day alone, or rather with my dog and/or cat. You may be spending your Valentines Day alone too, but it's okay because it is just a corporate holiday created by Hallmark to get more money from consumers, and us single people like to voice that fact every time February 14th rolls around. 

But, the thing is that being alone isn't a bad thing, I am 20 years old, it isn't a bad thing I am single, I haven't met someone yet and that's okay because I have a loving family, amazing friends and a great life with a bright future. Just because I haven't got a boyfriend doesn't mean I should be unhappy, watching The Notebook and crying into a Ben and Jerry's tub on Tuesday. I am perfectly fine with having not met the perfect guy yet, because I believe there is someone out there for everyone and I will meet him one day, just not today. 

Side note: I wrote this post in advance, wouldn't it be the most ironic thing if I met someone in the time between writing this post and posting it? Updated side note: I didn't, Dave Franco is still with Alison Brie sadly. 

So instead of being sad come Tuesday, I am going to go out of my way to be happy, to spread love and above all love myself. I am not going to stand in the mirror and stare at myself saying "No one likes you because of your fat thighs Robyn" or "Your standards are too high for such an ugly person, jeez!" Instead, I am going to go out of my way to make Tuesday most enjoyable for me and here is how you can make Valentines Day a great day if your single or away from your partner on the day.

How to do Valentines Day Single

What a better way to be happy and have fun on Valentines Day than spend it with your other single friends? There is nothing better than hanging out with your friends and having fun, the best friends are the ones who don't let you be sad, keep you laughing and totally look out for you when creeps try to hit on you. Whether you go out for a meal, go for drinks, just go see the most unromantic comedy movie or stay in and rewatch chick flicks and gossip, hanging out with your friends will make you forget what the date is and why you ever thought you'd be crying over that tub of Ben and Jerry's and not trying your best not to spit it all over the place at a hilarious joke. 

The best way for most of us gals to clear our mind is to shop, I love to shop, whether it be for makeup, clothes or even bloody food, I love to shop. I hate looking in my bank account post-shop, but while shopping I am having a ball. It is a good way to treat yourself, you don't need no man to buy you expensive makeup or new underwear, you have your own pay cheque for that and you deserve a treat for being you. Whether you shop alone or with friends it will take your mind of everything and you can even have a little fashion show for yourself once you get home. 

As a wise Rihanna once said "work, work, work, work, work," Valentines Day is on a weekday this year and some of us (ahem, me) don't have the choice, but to get up and get on with the day. Stop hiding under your duvet and do what you normally would on a Tuesday. There is no need to change your day because Hallmark said so, you shouldn't feel bad that you're working while couples are on dates, because you'll get that promotion over Susan who's boyfriend is taking her to Paris for the weekend, suck it, Susan.

How to do Valentines Day Single

Even Justin Bieber said you should love yourself, I mean, I think he meant it in a totally unrelated way to me, original lyrics were probably not PG, but still. You should love yourself and the best way to do so is to show yourself some love. Take a bath, paint your nails, order pizza or some Chinese food, binge watch your favourite TV show, lather yourself in your favourite lotion, put on a face mask and just show yourself some love. No counting calories, no crying, no pointing out your flaws, just a good old pamper session.

This Valentines Day I will be getting up, going to university, I might pop into Topshop on my way home and treat myself to a present or two before I head home. I will have to do some dissertation work, obviously because it consumes my life and then I will have the pamper session of dreams using the most incredible body lotion I have ever tried. It comes from Dr Botanicals, a London-based vegan skincare brand that I have recently discovered. 

I have been using their luxurious Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repair Cream recently and I will definitely be using it during my Valentines Day pamper session. From the beautifully sweet scent to the soft smooth, glowing skin I have after each use, I have fallen head over heels in love. The scent has me feeling nostalgic as it smells almost identical to Parmaviolets, sweets I used to adore as a kid, it lingers on my skin and around my room for hours after I use the product, making me feel fresh, clean and peaceful. While the product soaks into my skin, smoothing over my usually dry, cracked elbows and leaving my skin feeling replenished, smooth and soft.

How to do Valentines Day Single

The product is actually on a promotional offer right now £89.99 to £19.99, but you can use my code 'ROBYNBLOG' at checkout for a further 20% off, available until the end of February.  Whether you use it during a Valentines Day pamper session or daily after a shower like I do, I am sure you will fall head over heels. 

How are you spending Valentines Day? Do you have any tips for spending the day alone? Do you have any traditions? Tell me in the comments. 

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I'm not Perfect

"THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION" I hear you shout in Pheobe Buffay's voice, no I'm kidding, I really am, of course, I'm not perfect, you know it, I know it, we all know it. I mean who is actually perfect? Well, it would appear that bloggers are perfect wouldn't it? From their perfectly manicured nails to their never altered gym schedule and their precisely planned meal plans, everything is so perfect, isn't it? But, that life just isn't for me, sorry, nope. 

I recently read an article that had some crazy statistics about how those who try to have a perfect lifestyle are almost always less happy than those who try to live a perfect, planned out, precise lifestyle. It made me think about my own perfectionist mind and how since I have tried to let it affect my life less how much happier I have become, it's been a hard journey, but I finally feel like I am not letting it effect me negatively anymore.  You see we don't have to be perfect, we just have to be happy. Often we live in the Instagram photos, we live for the perception people have of us if I add a video of me in the gym to my Snapchat every morning people will see I am working out and see how perfect my lifestyle is. 

I'm not bagging on people and bloggers who go to the gym every day or who meal plan every week, I promise I'm not. I'm not saying that they do it for their Instagram or so people think they are perfect, some people just want to be healthy, being healthy makes them happy, so who am I to judge? For me a 6am wake-up call into the gym isn't for me, that's okay, though, maybe it will be one day, who knows? But for now, I am not game. 

I think the most important message is that, we don't have to pretend to be perfect just for others, I love pizza, I do, carbs are my best friend, I live off Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, I love to eat from restaurants, I don't count my calories and I don't ever look for the healthiest meal on the menu. I mean I am pretty lucky I have a fast metabolism, I am a size 6 and weigh about 105 - 110 pounds, but I'm not going to cut out fatty foods and eat lettuce with every meal to look perfect on Instagram. If I decided to change my diet, it would be for me, because I want to be more healthy or because I want to change up my routine, not for anyone else because no one else matters. It is my life, my diet and my eating habits, so I'm not letting anyone force my hand.

If I wanted to start working out every day at 6am before I head off to work I would, but quite literally I don't want to. I'm not saying I don't workout, of course, I am just saying I like to sleep and if I can stay in bed an extra hour I will. If I felt that my diet was borderline unhealthy, I would change it for me, but in fact, yes I love pizza, pasta and all things carbs, but I eat a good amount of fruit and veg, I eat whole grain, I use soya milk, because I am healthy, I just don't let my love of carbs be affected because I'd rather look unhealthy when I post my pizza on Snapchat than eat something I don't like just so I can Instagram it and look like 'health goals' y'know? 

I don't care about looking 'perfect' because I'd rather be happy above all. Sometimes I can't be bothered painting my nails or even brushing my hair, but I'm not going to force myself to do something I don't want to do just so people will look at me like 'god she is always so perfect polished'. I look polished when I need to be; events, interviews, work, going out with friends and so on, but if I am going a trip to buy some bananas from Tesco I'm going bare faced and probably with chipped nail polish, but that's okay because I'd rather get there quickly than waste my time getting perfect done up and polished so that others will perceive me a certain way. 

It's true, no one is perfect, so why should you pretend to be? Supermodels look perfect, but even they have their flaws, their off days and they still leave the house without makeup, getting photographed with spots or mismatched outfits. Scrolling down Instagram is it important to remember you are only seeing what the person wants you to see, they probably feel the same pressure you do to look, feel and act perfect every day. 

If you are constantly chasing an idea of perfect, changing every aspect of your life so that you live this make believe perfect lifestyle you will never be happy. You will spend your life living a life that bores you or you feel forced to do, it will be harder and harder to do it because inside you really don't want to do it, you really want to eat that pizza and you want a long-lie instead of that 6am wake-up call. Unless you are changing your life because you personally want to be healthier or because you personally want to look polished every second of every day and so on, you will never be happy. The perception people have on you, this perfect view of you won't be enough to make you happy. 

You want to get healthy, get a gym membership, plan out your meals. You want to read more, order a bunch of books. Want to learn French, find classes. You want to have polished fingers all the time, find the time to paint them or have them done. You want to look perfect, give it up. Make changes to your life because you want to, not because people will see you differently because of the changes you make. 

Do you think trying to be perfect is dangerous? Tell me below in the comments and tell me one thing you have changed this year, for your own happiness. 

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Let's Chat Bloggers and Politics

'But Robyn, you're a lifestyle and beauty blog, you can't chat politics' I hear you proclaim and my response is simply, then don't read this post. Just as you'd skip any other post that doesn't please you, just as you'd skip a blog post reviewing a product you've had on your shelf for 6 months, just skip past this post. I feel like I have to vocalise the monstrosity of things running through my brain in the aftermath of all things Trump, women's march, Brexit and Theresa May's silence.

I'm not a politician, I'm not an intellect and I don't follow politics as closely as I'd like to believe I do, so yes, some things I say may not completely add up 100%, I may misunderstand things or I may make a silly remark that would have any politics student rolling their eyes back so far they strain their cornea. However, I do like to know what is going on in the world, I have a tendency to read news stories on The Huffington Post or the Independent if I didn't leave high school a year early I myself would have a qualification in politics, I am not dumb, as much as a lot of people would like to believe.

You see I am a blogger, a female blogger who writes about beauty and lifestyle, more than that I am what the older generation like to call 'a millennial' so as you may be aware yourself I am not allowed to have an opinion on politics. I've to sit in the corner and look pretty, but I have a brain, I have the capacity to understand what is going on in the world and further I have opinions, some may even say I have too many opinions, but I know what is going on in the world and that is in fact, a good thing whether our political beliefs correlate or not, the fact that I, a 20-year-old girl have researched, have built up my own system of belief and decided I want to voice them is a good thing.

You see, us millennials, we aren't allowed to have any political interests, we have to sit quietly and let the big boys play, I say big boys, but I am merely using that as a saying, this rant isn't about gender as I feel both males and females from my generation are being silenced by this phrase millennials. If we go on with our lives ignore the world, ignore the political disasters the eyes are rolled, we are told to care more about the world, about our future, but if we speak out, we give our opinions we are denounced by sarcastic remarks like 'special snowflake' and told we have no idea what we are talking about even by those who hold the same opinion as us.

Let's Chat Bloggers and Politics

So what have we to do? My answer is to do whatever you want to do. I specifically believe that we should be researching, we should be learning and trying to understand the political makeup of the world, that we should be making up our own opinions and belief system and sharing those opinions and beliefs. After all the future is ours, it is our generation who will have to live with what happens next, so we should do our best to create a future we want to live in. Do what you feel is right, take part in protests, voice your opinion on social media, stand up for what you believe in and ignore anyone who tries to tell you that you have no right to do so.

I especially think bloggers, big and small should speak up about what they believe in, I am not asking you to write a blog post telling us all you're anti-Trump or have a 1000 word essay written up about the political makeup of your country, but I think it is important for anyone with a following to speak out about what they believe in. Whether you RT a tweet stating that you are against legislation that was passed or you have a 500 tweet rant or if you do write a blog post, it is important that you use your platform to educate, to bring attention to what you believe in.

I myself won't be writing a blog post stating my specific opinions on everything that is going on in the world, I'm not even incorporating them into this one, I am instead using my Twitter to RT tweets I agree with, to make statements because even though I have a small following I want to be part of it all, to state my opinion to help educate to draw a spotlight to issues within the world.

Although, well I am doing so, well I am keeping my eye on the ball, I am staying educated and reading the news I am also not going to stop blogging about what makes me happy. I will continue to tweet, blog and Instagram about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between and so should you. You don't have to take a stand and talk politics, but you also don't have to stop talking about what it is important to you or what makes you happy. Life doesn't stop because people are unhappy, so continue to grow your blog, continue to blog about your life or style or your favourite beauty products while you're engaging in the political ordeal elsewhere or not. Although I feel it is important to use your platform, big or small for good I also don't think you should stop blogging or talking about your passions, your hobbies and your life just because of what is going on in the world. You should continue to do what makes you happy and you shouldn't feel bad about it at all.

So what do you think? Is it okay for millennials to share their opinions? Should bloggers and influencers use their platforms? 

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