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University can be super intense, including the weeks leading up to going back. The most fun part and the best way to let off steam from all the stress is to go shopping for university supplies. Whether it's a trip for notebooks and stationary or a trip for some new wardrobe pieces and makeup items for going back. Thanks to St Enoch Centre my shopping trip was made even more fun.

60 Blog Post Ideas

My last blog post idea went down a treat with you lovely folks so I thought I'd write up another. This one is a big list. I have separated 60 different blog post ideas up into three categories; beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. So whichever your niche may be, you'll find a whole bunch of ideas here for yourself. 
Taking the Step to Fix An Insecurity

I have a problem, I have had it my whole life, I am hairy. Yes, you read that right, I am hairy. My arms, my legs, my back, oh God, my back. I have dealt with the issue my whole life, my dark hair mixed with my sallow skin means I have dark, noticeable hairs on my body, so I decided I was going to start getting rid of this insecurity as fast as I could. 
Products That I Will Always Repurchase

Early morning, you finally get yourself out bed, you've scoffed down the quickest breakfast you've ever made and rush to your mirror to sort your face, I mean it's okay if you're late as long as you look good right? One problem: you've used up all your favourites.

Dealing with Lack of Motivation
I am a very motivated person, for as long as I can remember I have always been motivated to do well, from school to college to uni, blogging, exercising, etc. Although, even with my motivation I can still sometimes get stuck in a slump or wake up feeling like I just want to do nothing all day, but there are ways to push through and find your motivation on those days.

Being Transported to Paradise

So it's August, which in Scotland means summer is over, literally, today it has not stopped raining, we have gale force wind and it's back down to 10 degrees, how wonderful for us Scots? A day at home with a duvet wrapped around me while I binge watch Gilmore Girls was for sure on the cards all week and thanks to Nailbox's July box I was able to be transported to paradise with sun, sea, and sand to keep me from accepting the fact summer is truly coming to an end already.
Life as a Beauty Blogger

Ever wondered what it's like to be a beauty blogger? What our thought process is or how long it takes us to get ready in the morning? Well here is an insight into our lovely little brains with thoughts we all have throughout the day.

Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

Blogging can be hard at times, it takes up a hell of a lot of our time and a whole lot of effort goes into it. From writing posts to taking photos, editing photos, promoting... it's a lot of work, but I love it because I love to blog, I love to write and I love being part of the blogging community. Throughout my time as a blogger, I have learned that we can, however, make these tasks so much easier for ourselves with some amazing programs. 
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