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What makes me follow a blog

I recently decided I would go through all the blogs I follow on Bloglovin and have a little clear out and look for some blogs to follow. While planning this I realised I have a lot more of a guide that I first realised, I tend to look into 5 aspects of a blog before clicking that follow button.
Dos and Don'ts of Highlighter
I am a massive highlighter fan, I love trying out new highlighters, trying out new ways to wear them, I just love the dewy look highlight gives to the face. I am someone who believes that there is no such things as 'too much' highlight, I love the glazed doughnut look, but I also love a natural glisten and gleam, so really it is all up to the person wearing it, but I do think a lot of mistakes can be made with highlight and I am going to tell you how to avoid to them.

Can you tell I really like the Bourjois one? Running low...
If you've read my blog before you probably know I have such a hard time finding foundations that work with my skin type, most of the time it is down to my skintone, but I do have quite sensitive skin on my face and neck, so it can be hard for me to trust a new brand when it comes to foundation. I am not someone who can look at a bottle of foundation online and just be like "okay lets go for it" and order it, I have to see it, touch it, I have a process.

The Blog Journey
Being a blogger can be really hard sometimes, getting caught up in numbers, being judged, feeling left out and not good enough, comparing your blog to other blogs across the web. All in all, blogging consumes a large chunk of your life and you find yourself caught up in it all, but it's nice to take a step back and look at the journey you have taken as a blogger.
35 Blog Post Ideas: Beauty

I recently posted a little blog post giving some idea for blog posts and much to my surprise it was really quite popular, people seemed to love the idea of having some back up options for when their brain was lacking creativity or some basic post ideas that would give them some inspiration to jazz up and make their own. Recently I done a little poll on my Twitter and people seem to be super interested in my beauty blog posts, so here are a few beauty related blog post ideas for anyone running low on inspiration. 

Introducing Kiko Milano
If you follow me on any of my social medias you may know that I recently visited the Kiko Milano store at Glasgow Fort. It is a relatively new store and since I rarely visit The Fort it was my first time in the beautiful store. After picking up and falling in love with a couple of products I was excited to try more.

When You Should Chuck out Your Makeup

Just like food, glorious food, makeup items actually go out of date, but unlike food items they don't tend to make you sick and unwell, they actually just result in a rather messy and unattractive makeup look and for some can lead to spots or dry skin patches. However, cosmetic companies are not under obligation to print the use by date on the product, so when should we be chucking those items out?!

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