Making Room in Your Makeup Bag

Making Room in Your Makeup Bag
I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22..), no I'm not, but I used to have such a problem with putting makeup in my makeup bag, I wanted to put every single item I owned in there, cramming it all in until things were breaking, getting covered in other products and it couldn't be zipped up without a massive struggle. This isn't how you should pack a makeup bag, a makeup bag should be small enough to slip in your bag and include the necessities. I want to share my tips on packing my makeup bag and saving room.

Making Room in Your Makeup Bag
Do you ever look in your makeup bag and think "Oh for goodness sake, this foundation is just too big!!" I know I have and this is when I came up with this little solution. I take a sample tub, this one being from Lush and held some moisturiser, put a pump or two, depending on where I am going, of my favourite foundation into it and I don't have to carry that pesky foundation bottle with me. You can use a sample tub from any store or from one of those little travel sets in Boots, and I know Kiko does some really nice sized ones too. As long as the cap screws on and stays secure then you are good to go. If I am going out shopping or for food I tend to do a pump of foundation, maybe a pump and a half. The good thing is that you never have to worry about it drying out as long as you keep the lid on tight. 

This tip probably should have gone first and you all probably know it anyway, but it is essential that when you are packing a makeup bag don't cram in everything you own. I mean, do you really need to carry a primer with you if you're not going to be completely taking your makeup off and redoing it? Do you need two highlighter, three mascaras and six concealers? Probably not. Pack your makeup bag everyday after you do your makeup and put exactly what you used and need in, like the one foundation you used (in the sample container), one concealer that will work on spots and undereyes, the mascara you used that morning etc etc. 

Making Room in Your Makeup Bag

This tip I have been doing for a good few years now. Instead of packing a full sized mascara I like to, if I have it, pack the mini travel version instead. This saves room and stops you from possibly ruining the full sized packaging. You can usually get the Benefit Bad Gal one from Boots when they do their Christmas stockings and I think some Boots now do the stockings year round, but with a little bag instead of a stocking. Benefit also do a set in which you get a free mini They're Real with the full size. If you are a fellow blogger you like me, you might get some sample sizes out from PRs too. MAC also usually offer a sample at the checkout online and I tend to always pick the mascara for this reason. Most brands also offer sample sizes at counters. So if I am using the full size of any of the ones I have a sample size of I tend to just pop the sample size in my bag instead. 

This one helps incredibly when you are struggling for space, just do not put any broken items in. I have a few drugstore powders with no lid or a broken lid, but they're pretty great products so I don't want to throw them out, especially since another one would do the same anyway. Instead I just pack everything that's in sturdy, unbroken packaging. Not only does this save a lot of space, but it ensures that your makeup bag won't get dirty and the product won't get ruined. 

Making Room in Your Makeup Bag
This little tip I use anytime I am carrying a bag with a small front pocket. I am forever using the front pockets of bags to carry my lip products, lip balms, lipsticks etc. This is such a good idea because they tend to be the product you reach for most when you are out and putting them in such an easy to access area spares you the time of raiding your bag and makeup bag for a lipstick or lip balm when you are in need. I usually pop my earphones and a lipstick in this pocket as I leave the door because those are my two necessities when I head out for the day. 

Setting sprays are my holy grail, they usually mean I don't have to carry much makeup with me because they prevent makeup from coming off. I have stopped using setting powder as much because I prefer the finish to a setting spray. The Urban Decay All Nighter is my favourite as you can clearly see and by picking up the travel edition if I wanted to it is easier to carry around with you. By using this you probably will have to carry less products and definitely not have to carry setting powder. 

What is the one product you always carry in your makeup bag? Any room saving tips?

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