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NYX HD Concealer
I recently got the worst case of spots around my chin and nose due to a mixture of hormones, stress, change of diet and God only knows what else. Since I hardly every get spots I was on the hunt for a heavy duty concealer, I was willing to pay up for a great one, but little did I know I really didn't have to, but now you will know my little secret too.

Recently Boots got a little NYX counter in it and I picked up a bunch of products because A) I am me, B) I am a blogger *flicks hair over shoulder* and of course C) I am a sucker for anything being hyped up. In my little haul I picked up the NYX HD concealer and holy moly am I pleased that I did. 

Upon buying it I tried it out over a little primer with no foundation (backwards from my usual routine, but it gives a better idea of the coverage). I popped it onto my chin and I was in shock, the spots, the redness... it was gone, completely gone, what is this dark magic?!

NYX HD Concealer
The packaging is super cute obviously, I love tubed concealers, I find them easier to use and I usually find the formula easy to work with compared to a potted concealer ala Benefit Boi-ing, which I do love, but honestly this one gives it a run for it's money. It has a doe-foot applicator, which I adore, I love concealers with these, they are so easy to apply and it is simple to get the perfect amount of product on it without packing on too much or having to stick it back in the tube every 5 seconds. 

NYX HD Concealer
So as you can see my chin was looking pretty red on this day, the spots definitely made me very self-conscious, but I was able to disguise this and return to my confident self with this beauty. 

First of all it is basically unscented, which I like, if I am applying something to a spot or blemish I don't want to irritate it with a lot of chemicals and fragrance. It blended well, I used my beauty blender to dab it onto the skin with no problems, no drying, no excess oil and it looked super natural. 

NYX HD Concealer
As you can see, I didn't have to pack on loads of the product, it spread quite well and super evenly, no parts looked clumpy. It is a super smooth formula and you could blend it with a beauty blender, sponge, brush or even your fingers, very buildable and easy to move around your skin. 

NYX HD Concealer
Now look at that and tell me you aren't incredible impressed for £5.50!! As you can see it gives a very even, high coverage and you could definitely wear this out alone with no foundation. I picked mine up in CW 04 - Beige, but I think I might pick up a shade darker as in person it does seem a little light for my skin, but you could definitely wear it as an eye brightener if you buy a shade lighter. You can also buy these beauties in orange, purple, green and yellow for colour correcting.

The day I wore this the first time I didn't apply foundation on top, I was just trying it out while I was at home and it lasted right through until I was showering like 8 hours later. I have also worn it under foundation with setting spray on top and this time it for sure lasted a good 12 to 16 hours.

What concealer are you loving? Have you tried this little guy out? What did you think? 

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