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Tony Macaroni Spaghetti Carbonara
I decided to do a little bit of a different post today on the blog. I have a secret, I am a massive foodie, I love food, British food, American food, Indian food, Chinese food... and especially Italian food. I am a sucker for a good Italian meal. My friends and I like to try new food places regularly and one day we stubbled across the most incredible Italian restaurant to ever exist... Tony Macaroni. 
Tony Macaroni is a Scottish based Italian food chain and I love it so much it makes me want to cry. The one I regularly visit is in Glasgow City Centre on West George Street, if you are from Scotland I 100% recommend you try your nearest Tony Macs and if you're not from Scotland if you ever visit then you have to go to Tony Macs it's like the rule of feminism Glasgow.

Of course I have to get into the food first don't I? That's what we are all here for. So an Italian restaurant with mostly Italian workers, this food is legit, it is as real Italian as you can get in Scotland. With a huge selection of pastas, from tomato based to cheese based to pesto based, there is something for everyone! Their pizzas are all tomato puree based, but the toppings are beautiful, they even serve one with chips on top, what a creation! They also do burgers served with a side of chips, chicken breasts served with a selection of toppings and sides, salmon, seabass and prawns. Overall whatever your looking for, they will have it. 

I have tried a few different dishes from Tony Macs; pizzas, pastas, chicken, salads, desserts. My favourite of them all is their Spaghetti Carbonara (photographed above) made with egg yolk, parmesan, pancetta, garlic and bacon, what is not to love? I am forever rebuying this beauty and as the waiter brings it to your table they come back with a block of parmesan to sprinkle on top if you are wanting it extra cheesy. Which as a cheese fanatic, I love. 

Of course as a restaurant dedicated to serving up massive bowls and plates of carbs the food here is super filling and in massive portions, too big or my little stomach, I often leave a good few spoonfuls in the bowl or a slice or two still on the plate. 

Tony Macaroni salad
The workers are so lovely at the Tony Macs in Glasgow City Centre. They always have massive smiles on their faces, are cracking jokes for the customers. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a worker who escorts you to your table, at busy times the wait for a table is usually a few minutes and I haven't had to wait longer than 5 minutes tops. 

Once you are at your table you order drinks which are brought to your table almost instantly and the waiter stands back, talking to other customers to allow you time to look at the menu, no hovering like there can sometimes be at restaurants. 

Once food is order it is at your table within 15 minutes and after a few minutes a waiter comes back around to make sure everything is okay for you. You are then left to eat, no hovering around your table or butting into your conversations like I have had before, you are left to enjoy your meal unless your glass is looking empty then you are offered a quick refill which takes seconds. 

I can't lave Tony Macs without giving a tip to the worker who served me because the service is just so incredible there, I haven't had a restaurant so quick despite being a very full and popular place in the city centre. It is somewhere my friends and I regularly go before concerts because we know we don't have to worry about waiting too long. 

Tony Macaroni Tablet Sundae
The desserts here need a section all to themselves. Holy moly, do I love a Tony Macs ice cream sundae, I think I have tried about 5 of them since the beginning of the year. They are massive and jam packed with proper Italian ice cream, different sauces, whipped cream, toppings, wavers and decorations. My favourite is definitely the tablet sundae, if you are not Scottish you are probably wondering why I put medication on a sundae, but really it's like toffee/fudge and delicious. (pictured above).

The price of Tony Macs is about £15-£25 per head. There is a little menu handed to you along with the main menu if you are there before 6pm which allows you to get your main at a discounted price for their lunch time deal. The prices are definitely worth what you are buying with the massive portions, incredible quality and quick service. 

Tony Macaroni Toffee Sundae

Have you ever had a Tony Mac's what did you think? Where is your favourite restaurant? 

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