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Being Confidence and Spreading Self-Love

If you follow me on Twitter you may have saw I had a rant a few days ago about confidence. It's something that has been playing on my mind the past few weeks and I kind of wanted to have a little rant about it on here too, because I think a lot of you guys will feel the same way I do, if not all of you. 
Liquid Hoola Vs. Powder Hoola

If you know me at all you will know that one of my holy grail products for the past three years has been Hoola by Benefit. Lately, the brand released a new version Hoola, a liquid on (click here for my review) and of course I couldn't help myself, but pick it up. I use both Hoola products reguarly and I love them both, but really... which one should you buy? 
Blogging A to Z

I've been seeing a lot of confusion over how blogging actually works and the ins and outs of it, I've saw a lot of new bloggers confused over how to promote or use social media to their advantage, I've saw a lot of established bloggers getting a little lost in blogging and above all I have been seeing quite a bit of stigma surrounding blogging lately. It's hard to understand totally unless you blog and even being a blogger you can still get confused, so what better way to pull everything there is about blogging together into a Blogging A to Z?

it's okay if...
Over this past week I have been swamped with university work, exam preparation and just a bunch of stress, it's made me feel so down in the dumps. I have felt unconfident in myself, my work ethic, my university work, my blog, my life choices.. it's just not been a good week for me. I'm not really sure how I have gotten myself out of bed this past week because I really have been feeling so horrible, but I don't want to go on and on, I like my blog to be a positive and happy space, I like my blog to make people smile and this is why I want you to know it's okay if...
Picking a primer specific for you
If you know me at all you will know I love to experiment with make up, specifically base products, I am always picking up new primers, foundations and such, I just love to try different formulas, brands, price ranges and ingredients and see which ones suit my skin the best. If I am given a primer or foundation as a sample by a PR or shop the happiness I feel is slightly worrying, for real. So why not use my love to help you guys pick the perfect primer. Picking a primer can be daunting because every makeup brand seems to have one, what's silicon doing in a makeup product? What does pore minimising mean? It's all too much!

What does blogging mean for me?
Blogging is something I love, it's something I have became passionate about, I get defensive when people make nasty comments about bloggers and blogging, I am so happy and excited to tell people about blogging and my blog. I am proud of what I have created over here on heythererobyn.com, it's my own little piece of the internet that I love to show off and promote. It wasn't always like this for me, I was embarrassed to say I blogged for so long, I hid it away from people I knew, but now what blogging is has completely changed for me, it's not just something I do anymore, it's something I want to do.  

Leaving your Comfort Zone in Life and Blogging

If you know me at all you know I’m a very timid person, I am someone who lives within the four walls of my comfort zone, but this year I decided I am done with that. I want to be more fearless, I want to stop living in my comfort zone, and I want to start taking chances and making changes to my life. The only really fearless thing I had done in my life was start my blog, to this day I still look at my blog and wonder where I got the push to actually do it, but it’s became my biggest love and hobby and I am so glad I took the chance. 
What's in my bag (ft. New Look Black contract zip pocket structured bag
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may know I bought this little beautiful structured bag from New Look and I am so in love with it I thought I would feature it in today's post. I am an avid concert goer and I find it so difficult to have a bag small enough that it doesn't get in the way during seated concerts, but big enough to carry my essentials, that is until I found this little gorgeous guy. Not only will he be perfect for concerts, but for shopping trips, dinner and brunches, I am so obsessed. 
Benefit Dew the Hoola

If you know me at all, you will know that Hoola by Benefit is one of my all time favourite products, I have repurchased it numerous times and will continue to for as long as they are making it. I never try other bronzers or contouring products because I just can't seem to let go of my wonderful Hoola (I really need to try some more though, just to get me out my comfort zone). If you are a regular Benefit buyer or you keep updated with all the new lines of products you would know that Benefit recently released a whole new Hoola line, and of course I just had to try it out. 

Tony Macaroni Spaghetti Carbonara
I decided to do a little bit of a different post today on the blog. I have a secret, I am a massive foodie, I love food, British food, American food, Indian food, Chinese food... and especially Italian food. I am a sucker for a good Italian meal. My friends and I like to try new food places regularly and one day we stubbled across the most incredible Italian restaurant to ever exist... Tony Macaroni. 
heythererobyn on ipad, Garner micellar water, Benefit Push Up Liner
I see so many bloggers feeling insecure about their blog and although I do get insecure like them, just yesterday I had a really off day, I feel so bad when I see wonderful bloggers unconfident in their content. Of course it is completely normal for bloggers to feel insecure in their work, everyone gets a little insecure from time to time. Of course it's not a nice way to feel however, and I have some ways to prevent it.

Is social media real?
Since the whole Essena O'Neil shenanigans it seems the idea of social media being 'fake' hasn't left the internet or anyone's minds. I have been looking into social media and bloggers specifically for my university work and I have been so interested in the sheer amount of hatred people have for us because we are 'fake' and for social media because it's all just marketing and 'adding to capitalistic consumer culture' blah blah blah. But really, is social media all fake?

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