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heythererobyn laser hair removal

As you may know I have been getting laser hair removal done on my armpits since summer of last year with Transform on a trial and review basis. In two weeks I will be going in for my second last round of treatment and I thought it was well overdue that I post an FAQ for you all. I am forever getting asked questions in person, on Twitter, Facebook, emails and I thought it would be easier to answer them all in the one easy to access place. Hopefully if you are thinking of getting laser hair removal treatment yourself this post gives you some much needed information on the procedure.
Bloglovin on ipad and Makeup Revolution flawless matte palette

So at the end of last month I done a post all about the blogs I had loved throughout February, I loved sharing the love and these blogs so much that I thought I might make it a monthly occurrence. I don't change my make up much from month to month so I don't really like doing make up favourites posts on a monthly basis, but I do like to try reading new blogs from month to month and more often than not I fall in love with said blogs. Therefore I thought it would be best my monthly favourites be all about my favourite blogs over that past month. (How many times did I write the word 'blogs' in this paragraph...?)
Candle, Breakfast at Tiffany's and white rabbit ring holder.

As a blogger it is very normal to sometimes lose some confidence in your blog. You look at other bloggers gaining more views, getting more followers and working with more companies and you worry that maybe your not as good. It is not always the case however, we all work at different paces, but it is important that you unlock your blog's full potential. Working hard on your blog is not just satisfying, but it opens opportunities for you and here are some tips for unlocking that potential.

Mary Loumanizer, MAC lipstick in Spirit and Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

I have a confession, I really love highlighter, like really love it. I could wear so much I look like a "glazed doughnut" and love it, or like I do on the day to day wear it lightly so I look like I have a natural glow and my face just naturally reflects the sunlight. My new favourite product for achieving either of these looks is the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm.

heythererobyn..com - Regis Designline volumizing foam, Urban Decay setting spray and Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue.

I think one of the hardest things in blogging is finding your voice, being unique from the crowd, while still staying true to who you are and portraying your personality thoroughly. Being unique as a blogger is of course extremely difficult since there are so many of us, but you don't have to be different from everyone else to stand out from the crowd. You just have to find your voice as a blogger and decide who you want to be. Do you want to be that super smart know-it-all that makes everyone's eyes roll so far back they split a cornea or do you want to be that 'ditzy', fake dumb girl/guy who thinks being stupid is cute? Or you can be yourself, y'know that funny, smart werido everyone loves.

Here are a few of my personal favourite tips on how to find your voice in blogging and stand out from the crowd naturally.

Flowers and Missguided boots.
I am such a sucker for quotes, I love reading them, I save them to my phone, I pin them on Pinterest, I like them on Instagram, I am an absolute sucker for a cute, inspiring quote. I truly believe that a quote can make you feel happier, more inspired and encourage you in so many ways. I have seen so many of these posts I can't even begin to link them to you, but I always read posts of inspiring quotes so I decided I definitely have to tell you some of my own favourite inspirational quotes.

Recently I came home from university to a lovely pink package from Benefit waiting for me, as with anyone who gets a package from Benefit I was super excited to open it and see what the lovely bunch had sent me. When I saw it was the new POREfessional Matte Rescue I was very happy, I was planning to pick this little guy up for myself anyway so I knew getting the chance to sample it before I buy was a good idea.

I am not dumb.

I have been very hesitant on doing this post because it's very different and almost a rant, like I have previously said isn't very me, but it is something I have experienced recently in all aspects of my life. Being a girl can be quite hard (just like being a guy, I'm sure), it's a world filled with judgements and harsh whispered rumours, it can be difficult to be confidence in yourself, in a world so set on making you feel small. As a blogger it can be harder, but let me lay out what I want to say in this post: I am not dumb.

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