Blogger Misconceptions

Blogger Misconceptions.

So this post is really quite different for me, I'm not really one to whine online and complain about my life problems over the internet, but since this one is blog related I definitely thought giving it a mention on here was a good idea. I think a lot of you bloggers out there may agree with some of what I have to say and what I think non-bloggers have completely wrong when it comes to what they think bloggers do and what bloggers represent.

A lot of people seem to believe that blogging is just writing some stuff down and posting it online, you automatically get loads of views and you obviously only spend about 20 minutes on each blog post, I mean what's so hard about that, right? No, blogging is hard work and it takes a lot of time, time some of us haven't always got to spare.

For me anyway blogging includes trying out products, planning posts, taking photos, editing photos, writing up posts, proof-reading posts, promoting posts, interacting with other bloggers, keeping all social medias alive, replying to comments, writing comments, staying up-to-date with other bloggers... it's a lot of work, it isn't just a post here, a post there, we work hard to keep our blogs alive and running.

For some like me we also have to work our blogs around other aspects of our lives, I am a full-time university student and sometimes balancing the two parts of my life can be hard because they both take up hours of my week.

Yes, I am not going to lie it feels good when a company sends me some things or when I get to have a fantastic opportunity I would otherwise spend loads of money on or whatnot, but I don't blog because I get these opportunities and items. I do it because I love it, I love the community, I love to write, I love to share things with people online and I love having my own little part of the internet where I can express myself.

Also, can we just make it clear that these things are not 'freebies'? We work hard for these companies, we try to give the best reviews possible, extensive reviews with loads of details and as much information as you need on the product, reviews are some of my favourite posts to write, but they also take the most time from the trial process to the writing of the post, I take a lot of care and attention when doing review style posts.

I don't know why non-bloggers seem to believe that you start a blog and suddenly every company available wants to give you things... that's so not true. Some bloggers do start to get things sent to them after a couple of months, some take up to a year and others even longer. You have to be blogging before companies want to work with you or PR teams get in contact, it's not an automatic thing.

Your blog has to already be up and running and have a following, with great content and awesome visuals. So would bloggers really take all that time and energy to create something so great if they weren't interested in it for more than the 'freebies'? No, if all you want is some 'free stuff' you aren't going to continue the blog long enough to actually receive them because it takes time.

When I tell people I blog I almost always asked if it is my job and although I respect bloggers who are full-time I'm not. I go to university and I want to have my blog and an other career and that's perfectly fine. That doesn't mean my blog isn't as good as full-time bloggers, nor does it mean I don't work as hard as them, it also doesn't mean I am not as dedicated, it just means that I want to have a career out with my blog which is perfectly acceptable.

I don't view other bloggers as my competition and every other blogger I have spoken to is the same. It's not a competition for who can have the best blog, more followers or highest viewer stats. We actually like and support one another and most of the time 90% of our views actually come from other bloggers. It's not a cut-throat industry. I mean we don't all love each other and it's not rainbows and butterflies, it can be harsh, there is drama, but we don't all hate one another.

This one tends to be more within the blogging community. It is believed that we all must like each other and there must be no tension because "girl power" and "we are a community", but I do dislike quite a few bloggers, I don't tell them, I don't start arguments, I just don't socialise with them or read there blog. It's perfectly normal.

I feel like there is so much more I could add to this post, but overall I got the jist of some of the most annoying stereotypes of bloggers. Look out, there may be a part two in the near future.

Do you agree with any of this? Disagree wit any of these points? Have anything to add?

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