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MAC Mocha lipstick, white fluffy Ikea rug and Marilyn Monroe book
I have always had a bit of a problem when it came to lipsticks. I could never find the perfect nude that complimented my olive skintone. Everyone was obsessing over how perfect MAC's Velvet Teddy was and how the nude tone suited everyone, but I felt the colour was too pink for my yellow undertones, but then I seen Mocha and I found my match, a dark nude tone. 

A question I am frequently asked as a blogger is "why?", "why do you blog?" the answer for each blogger is a completely different one. My answer may be similar to someone else's, but for me, it's a very complex answer. You see the reason I actually started to blog is a completely different one from why I continue, my blogging story is a rather odd one.

I am a huge fan of eyeliner, it is a product I use every time I do my full face of make up and I have been doing a signature cat eye since I was around 15. This being said I have accumulated a rather large amount of eyeliners and knowledge on the subject. So let me tell you the best eyeliner types, brands and tricks of the trade which I have discovered along the way.

As a beauty blogger people will always have misconceptions of who I am and what I stand for.  The biggest is that I am egotistical and all I care about is how I look and how others look. This isn’t true. Yes I like wearing make-up and having nice skin and I adore helping others to achieve a nice complexion and find products that they will love just as much as I do, but that isn’t all there is to me, or any other beauty blogger or vlogger for that matter.
Last Sunday I attended a personal training session at AGFitnessTraining with my friend Ashley. We were invited along by the owner and trainer Andy and had such a great time. We done a half hour session and weren't worked too hard, but trust me, I felt the burn!

How is it already July? I swear it was only new year like yesterday! I have to admit though, I have a soft spot for the month of July, the weather, the food, the atmosphere, I really do love summer. I also love to test myself and improve upon myself as a person, this is why I decided I would create a few goals of thing I would like to achieve by the end of July.
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