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Something I truly adore about the new year is the chance for new starts, the fresh chapter of your life. Although you can start to do things at any point of the year, whether it be starting to eat healthy, starting to exercise and so on, the new year definitely gives you more motivation. So this year I have a few goals set in mind of what I want to achieve or do through 2016.

I was quite nervous to write this post if I am 100% positive, but it seemed quite a good few people adore these posts and I have enjoyed reading them myself these past few days. Low and behold, this is what I got for Christmas, or some of what I got for Christmas, in no way, shape or form am I trying to brag, I just wanted to share a handful of my favourite presents which I received this year.

One thing I love about the new year is the opportunity to start fresh, I'm not a fan of resolutions, but I do love to think of each January first as a fresh page to start writing a new story. With the end of each year I also think it is important to look back on the year, all it's ups and downs and see what you have learned over the past 365 days.

One thing I am regularly complimented on are my eyebrows. They are definitely one of my most complimented features and also one of my favourite features. If you know me or follow me on any social media you know I have quite large, bushy eyebrows in the very on trend shape with the sophisticated, structured arch. I do my eyebrows myself and would love to do a post on how I shape them, but since my arch is almost entirely natural I thought a better post would be on how I enhance them by filling them in.

Recently in a blogger chat there was a talk of confidence and being confident in yourself both as a person and as a blogger. I explained that faking it until you make it is the best way to become more confident in yourself, to which many people agreed and/or began to converse about the concept. Since it was a very popular statement I decided to write a little post on it. 

I love trying out new products, I love mixing and matching my products and using a mixture of high-end products and drug store and I have been loving playing around with different primers, trying to find one that I love just as much as my MAC Prep+Prim. Upon looking online at reviews I came across Baby Skin by Maybelline which seemed to be famous in the blogesphere, so I decided to give it a shot.

Is university for you?

In September I started university with third year entry into social science and media course and since beginning I have had so many people ask me about uni; the pros and cons of attending, the jump into third year, if I would have liked to have taken a gap year and so on and so forth, so I decided to pop them all on here and help out anyone questioning whether university is where they should be going.

I was recently contacted by the wonderful Magnitone about their new advertisement and upon giving feedback they were super lovely and offered to send me out some of their new brush heads for my Magnitone Lucid. I picked the Silk Bliss brush heads and The Stimulator brush head and here is how I got on with them.

Autumn Tag - Snow Fairy, Essie nail polish, Yankee Candle.

I adore everything about autumn and winter, they are my favourite months from the lead up to Christmas to the cold weather making us layer up and the berry lipstick that makes us look more alive. So when I was tagged by the lovely Hannah to do the autumn tag I was super excited.

Something I and probably every other blogger is obsessed with is Instagram. I love stalking accounts, I love liking photos, I love posting photos. Now my Instagram isn't the best out there, but I sure have picked up a lot of tips and tricks on how to achieve a beautiful looking feed. The best thing to happen to my Instagram is Afterlight.

Transform Cosmetics Tote.

Since my last update on the laser hair removal front I have had two more sessions with the lovely people over at Transform. I am so happy, so excited and so pleased with how everything is going, but let me tell you all the nitty gritty details of my sessions. 
Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray.

If you haven’t heard of the Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray where have you been? Recently I have seen this spray everywhere and everyone has been talking about it and how brilliant it is, so I decided that I had to give it a shot, because I am all for anything that helps my make up stay in place all day. 
Real Techniques face brush and beauty blender

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and pick myself up a Beauty Blender. This product has been raved about for months, but I always thought "hmm, it's a sponge, it can't be that great, can it?" I decided I would first try the Real Techniques' version as it is much cheaper than the brand name, Real Techniques' brushes are always incredible and I mean, how different can it be from the brand version? It's a sponge.

So I love creating a clean, clear and finished face. On those days where I don’t want to wear a full face of make up, yet I want to look like I made an effort I like to do a “no make up look” using well… make up. 

So I turn 20 in 9 months, this is definitely one of the weirdest feelings to me that in 9 months I am no longer a teen. I decided to do a mini bucketlist of things I would like to achieve in these 9 months, 20 things I want to do before I turn 20.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about blogging is the fact I am forever growing, leaning new things, changing habits, bettering myself mentally and physically. Looking back at when I first started to blog almost a year ago I have come to realise just how much I have grown. There are a few thing I wish I had known when I first started to blog.
Audrey Hepburn book, 10 of the best feelings.

I tend to find myself just sailing through life blissfully unaware of how lucky I am, compared to some people I have a really incredible life, I have a house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, people who care about me, an education and so much more. Materialistic things make us forget so easily about the little things, the things that matter. So I thought I would write a list of 10 of the best feelings in the world, 10 simple things that can completely lift my mood that I take for granted.

Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash, Balance Me face wash, Chanel advert and The Great Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald
As you may know I use my cleansing brush on a daily basis with my Korres Gel Cleanser to give my pores a good scrub and my skin a nice exfoliation, but it is super important to use a face wash on a daily basis to rid your skin of impurities for the day ahead. These two are some of my favourite, and here is why.
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Garnier Micellar Water, MAC Prep + Prim, Rimmel BB Cream, Benefit Fake Up, Sleek Concealer Palette.

As I was cleaning out my make up I came to realise I have a lot of empties and by a lot I mean an excessive amount of them. Instead of throwing them out of course I thought “hey let’s keep ‘em and write a blog post about them!” Instead of posting about roughly 20/25 products at once I decided I would pick the empties I would definitely restock. 
Transform business cards, laser hair removal guide and Fendi advertisment.
If you follow me over on Twitter you may know that I recently went to a Transform clinic to have laser hair removal. On the 30th of July I went for my consultation and then last Wednesday I got my first course of treatment on my underarms. This is how it all went…

I decided that I wanted to start a bit of a series on here of blogging tips and tricks, from html to photo editing. I thought I would start the series with photos since it tends to be the part of my blog I am most frequently asked about. 

Next month I will be starting university and what better excuse to add some beautiful pieces to my wardrobe? I decided to share a bunch of items I am lusting after with you. All items are from my two favourite online stores ASOS and Missguided.

MAC Mocha lipstick, white fluffy Ikea rug and Marilyn Monroe book
I have always had a bit of a problem when it came to lipsticks. I could never find the perfect nude that complimented my olive skintone. Everyone was obsessing over how perfect MAC's Velvet Teddy was and how the nude tone suited everyone, but I felt the colour was too pink for my yellow undertones, but then I seen Mocha and I found my match, a dark nude tone. 

A question I am frequently asked as a blogger is "why?", "why do you blog?" the answer for each blogger is a completely different one. My answer may be similar to someone else's, but for me, it's a very complex answer. You see the reason I actually started to blog is a completely different one from why I continue, my blogging story is a rather odd one.

I am a huge fan of eyeliner, it is a product I use every time I do my full face of make up and I have been doing a signature cat eye since I was around 15. This being said I have accumulated a rather large amount of eyeliners and knowledge on the subject. So let me tell you the best eyeliner types, brands and tricks of the trade which I have discovered along the way.

As a beauty blogger people will always have misconceptions of who I am and what I stand for.  The biggest is that I am egotistical and all I care about is how I look and how others look. This isn’t true. Yes I like wearing make-up and having nice skin and I adore helping others to achieve a nice complexion and find products that they will love just as much as I do, but that isn’t all there is to me, or any other beauty blogger or vlogger for that matter.
Last Sunday I attended a personal training session at AGFitnessTraining with my friend Ashley. We were invited along by the owner and trainer Andy and had such a great time. We done a half hour session and weren't worked too hard, but trust me, I felt the burn!

How is it already July? I swear it was only new year like yesterday! I have to admit though, I have a soft spot for the month of July, the weather, the food, the atmosphere, I really do love summer. I also love to test myself and improve upon myself as a person, this is why I decided I would create a few goals of thing I would like to achieve by the end of July.
On Monday I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Magnitone Lucid. A Magnitone Lucid is a deep cleansing brush and an extremely popular product across the blog-sphere at the moment. I have now used the product for 7 days and have created a small diary to give my opinions of the brush across the week.

As summer makes its appearance many people head out on their holidays. From sunny, warm destinations to cold, snow-filled ski trips, where ever you go, you need some travel-sized beauty goodies to take along. This Benefit skincare set is packed full of mini delights for you to take overseas with you, or if like me you aren't off on a luxurious holiday, it's the perfect way to sample one of the top make-up brand's skincare collections without breaking the bank. 
I have an obsession with buying things I don't necessarily need. I like to try out new products, formulas and types of products all the time to find the perfect one. Cleanser is a big part of my skin care routine just like everyone else's and I love to try new cleansers especially types. So far I have tried micellar water, mousse cleanser and gel cleanser. 
I've never been someone who has stuck to a routine with body lotions and moisturisers. I've always had a skincare routine for my face including some sort of moisturiser for as far back as I remember, but I've never cared for the skin elsewhere unless there has been an issue. This all changed when I discovered Palmer's Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion.

On Thursday I attended an event I was invited to by Label PR and Transform. The invitation explained that there would be non-surgical procedures performed, a Q&A session with the practitioners, canap├ęs and a goodie bag to leave with. Of course I was intrigued.
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