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Hopes for The Future

The world has truly gone to crap, hasn't it? I never really thought I'd be written a blog post about the world being on lockdown, our country on the verge of quartering all of us in our homes and me working from home and socially distancing myself from friends and family. It's quite a scary place out there right now and I among most people have had my fair share of moments of doubt, over-thinking, freaking out and well, crying, I'm not going to lie, but I am a pretty positive person. Whenever I am going through something scary, sad or upsetting I try to find the silver lining, I know, most people would say it's cliche and being a positive person in times like this just isn't feasible, or is naive, but I think it's important. We need to be reminded that there is still good out there in the world, there is brightness ahead, there are good times still to come. I've been trying to think of what society can take from this, the positives I hope we as a world take into the future with us, here is my hopes for the future, post-COVID-19. 

- People are more grateful for life
- People continue to be efficiently hygienic 
- People have a new lease for life
- People continue to take care of those more vulnerable than them
- People appreciate the time they have with loved ones more
- Fast fashion ends
- People travel with much more caution 
- People appreciate the places they travel to rather than sit in hotels and experience through phone screens
- The NHS does not go private
- The appreciation for our health care system and those who keep it running continues
- Over-consumption becomes a thing of the past
- WFH becomes a regular thing that employers allow for disabled, pregnant and other people who need it 
- People continue to indulge in new found hobbies and interests 
- We appreciate our health and wellbeing more than ever
- People continue to run, walk, hike and do things that isn't sitting on a phone or laptop (ironic ikr?) 
- Children go back to school happy and filled with stories of their time off
- People are happy to go back to work and find love in their jobs
- Restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs open and we celebrate life once again
- Everyone gives the loved ones they couldn't see the biggest hug and kiss

There are a million more I am sure, but right now I am tired and I still have to be up early tomorrow for work... even if it's from the comfort of my make-shift office in my bedroom. I want to enjoy the rest of my night disconnecting from the real world and the chaos that's happening by watching some tv with my mum on Mother's Day, something I can do that many can't right now and that I am endlessly grateful for. Before you worry, I live with my parents and have no choice but continue to stay here and both my parents are quite young and perfectly healthy, so don't fall into the category of vulnerable and I could not be more happy about that and grateful for it. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. 
I Don't Want the World to Turn Me Hard
I'm not someone to share my life on the internet, which is weird right, after all, I call myself a blogger (even though this is my first blog in 2020... oops), but I am pretty private. I always thought it was because of just that, I am a private person, but maybe it's more. Maybe I am scared of people seeing me differently. I struggle with emotions, which is a pretty weird thing I guess, I struggle to show emotions or express them or to admit I even feel them, it's bonkers, right? I mean if I didn't have emotions I would be a sociopath, but for some reason I see emotions as weakness and not just the "bad" emotions, the good ones too. I struggle to be affectionate with those I care about the most, which often leads them to question my feelings towards them, which I hate.

I don't really know why I am like this, it's not like I have ever been told this is true. I think it's because I want to appear "strong" to people and on some weird level to me being strong is being disconnected, not letting anything phase you, being obnoxious to some degree. I took the "sassy" thing too far at some point and now I just look like I have no feelings, which is not true at all. In fact, I am incredibly soft and sensitive but I only really allow a select few people to see that side of me and by a select few I really mean a select few, as in less than 3 people. I think if I am cold, if I am cocky and stand-offish and don't express how I feel or share my emotions with people that they won't be able to hurt me, but that's so so dumb because despite my exterior I am soft and I feel, I feel strongly about well everything. I am an all or nothing type of person, I never feel or do anything half-heartedly I am either all in or not at all, so isn't it so dumb to expect not to ever be hurt? by people, situations, life? 

I mean take my job for example, I bloody love my job. I am in the minority of people who can truly say that and mean it. I love what I do, I am passionate about my job, I love the opportunities it gives me and I adore each and every person who I work with, but I "quit" a lot. Yes, it's an on-going joke, a laugh and my boss knows I am not being serious, but why do I do it? Because if I can say those words it means I look like I am not as absolutely crazy about my job as I really am. my boss knows I bloody love my job, trust me, I tell him all the time, which is why he allows me to make these jokes, but it's annoying me, like why can't I just be up front and like "Hey, I am so bloody lucky to have gotten a job straight out of university that I absolutely adore and never want to take for granted."? 

It's something about myself I have grown to really dislike. I feel like I hide my soft, sensitive and emotional side, my affectionate and caring and humane side to make it look like I am strong, unaffected by anything, no one could hurt me or have a major affect on me, but that's not true. I used to hate that side of me, the side of me that was sensitive and showed people I could be upset by their words and that being insulted or made fun of hurt my feelings, but now I hate that I have become some weird emotionless robot (okay, maybe not that dramatic), but I want to open that side of me back up again, but it's a little hard. I'm kind of scared of becoming too soft and looking too emotional and people using that against me or people seeing their words and actions can affect me, but I mean it's human. 

There's a song, a beautiful song by my queen Marina called Soft to be Strong and just like most of her songs, I truly connect with it. She sings about realising that the only way of truly showing your strength and being strong is to be soft, to be kind, to show people how you feel and let yourself be emotional and have emotions. She also sings about knowing how hard it can be to get to that point and there is a lot of fear in allowing yourself to be strong, but it's a beautiful song and it made me realise I need to be soft to be strong myself. I've started to really dislike part of myself that I can change, that is faux anyway, that is a cover up for what I am truly like, so why not just change it? I want to be soft, to show everyone in my life how much I truly appreciate them and how much they have helped me become a better person and to just allow my emotions to exist. If I want to cry then I'll cry, if someone upsets me I'll let them know I am upset, because keeping all of this locked in is really doing no good for me or anyone else. 

I don't want the world to turn me hard. I don't want to be someone that people see as emotionless or harsh. I am a good person, I am, but I need to be good to myself too. I want to one day have a daughter who will be happy to cry in front of me, who will know that the world is good and bad and that's okay. I want to be able to show my future children one day that nothing in the world matters but happiness and love, that everything else is a facade and that it's okay to be sad, to be scared, to feel lost or hurt or unsure, that it's how life is.

I said I'd use my blog like a diary, a place I can come and write a load of rubbish that might not mean much to others, but means a lot to me and this is my first attempt at that, and being soft, I guess. This is a bit of a brain dump, a little piece of writing to help me become the person I want to be, but if one person can relate to it, if one person can read this and think "yeah, I want to do the same" then to me, it makes me being over here sharing a major part of my life with the internet all worth it. As a society we have some how made it hard for people to admit to their flaws, to admit they want to change aspects of themselves, we see people admitting to not being okay or 100% happy 24/7 as a bad thing, I won't be part of that. This is me, admitting that I am flawed just like every other person in the world and that just like everyone else I want to better myself. Life is not an Instagram highlights reel, its real people doing real things and struggling with real problems. 

Wow, that was a lot lol, I'll probably do another blog post in 3 months, see you then. 
Back to Basic | heythererobyn

I used to really enjoy blogging and then I didn't have time, I got a job and most of my time was spent working or socialising or sleeping. I kept trying to come back to blogging, but I had lost my love for it. I still enjoy writing, I still enjoy reading blogs but I feel disconnected from my blog. I always thought it was because I had become lazy and just didn't want to spend my spare time doing anything other than Netflixing or sleeping, but it's not true. I think I've out grown the topics I blog about, in a sense I think I've stopped feeling so passionate about the content I was posting. I started to question, was I blogging about beauty because I really wanted to or was it because it was one of the topics you had to choose from? You see in blogging you are kind of categorised into one of three categories; beauty, fashion or lifestyle, but I don't want to be and I haven't for a long time.

I don't really think I want to be in a box, I don't want to say "Oh, I am a beauty blogger" or "Oh I am a lifestyle blogger." I'd much rather just say "I blog" and that be it, but you get the response "what do you blog about it?" and once again you have to pick one of the three topics above or go for a more niche subject like sex and relationship, business etc. It's almost like your blog becomes a column in a magazine and you're set the task of writing about this one topic day in and day out, but what if I just want to write? That's when it hit me that maybe I need to go back to basics with my blog, maybe I need to revisit the reason I ever wanted to blog and find my inspiration, my passion and my love for it all over again. 

I first fell in love with the blogging world back in 2010, maybe, I'm not sure of an actual date, but it was so much different to what it is now. Blogs weren't polished, online fashion magazines, no one blogged full-time, no one really had a strict topic they stuck to and most people took their photos on their iPhone. I read blogs that were online diaries, people chatting about what they did at the weekend, some mention of the beauty products they used or the clothes they wore, sometimes they offered career advice, sometimes they gave tips for getting your eyeliner just right, but in essence people blogged about their lives. I think that's what I want to do. My life is far from interesting, but I sort of wish I had blogged more about the past year of my life. I got a job, I met someone, I let go of negativity and toxic people, I got over fears, I travelled... it's been a bit of a whirlwind and I wish I documented it a little more than some Instagram stories. 

I mean, I won't be talking about every aspect of my life and my day-to-day interactions, but I just want to chat, share things, yeah maybe there will be some beauty, fashion, lifestyle, work things all mixed in, but I don't want to put myself in a single subject box. I mean I'm sure my life will interest very few, but then again I have a steady Instagram following, most of who view my daily life updates on Instagram stories so maybe it is interesting. I mean, we live in a world where vlogging and Instagram storying are major elements of people's daily lives, people share everything online and we get so caught up in and we love to watch it, we love to see what people are doing in life, it's interesting, so why wouldn't my blog about life be interesting to some? And if you're sat there thinking "ugh, what a stuck up bitch" ... you're reading this so clearly you have some sort of interest, no? 

I began re-reading one of my favourite books The Vanity Fair Diaries again this week, in an attempt to spend less time on my phone I have begun reading on my commute and it inspired me. Tina Brown documented her life through diaries she kept in her younger more worldly and active years, she had no idea one day she'd turn it into a book that would sell millions of copies, she wrote for herself and that's what I want to do. Sure, my blog probably won't be read by millions, but it's a nice way to document my younger years and maybe entertain some people along the way. I've always enjoyed reading about other people's lives, I love a good biography and I guess it just makes sense that I'd want to share a little of my own.

So, congratulations if you made it this far. That was definitely a bit of a ramble, but I guess that's what I want my blog to be like now. I have written blog posts stating that I am making a comeback more than once, I say how much I want to come back and what I plan to post about and my schedule for blogging, but this time I'm not going to promise myself anything, I just want to go with the flow. So maybe this is me coming back to blogging or maybe it's not, but I just want to write and be happy with what I am writing and what I am putting out there. 
Life Update and Making a Return to Blogging

Hello, it's been a while... I feel like I've forgotten how to do this. I haven't blogged in about 2 months, which is a pretty long time considering I was blogging three times a week for three years beforehand. Life got in the way but in a good way, I haven't had much time for blogging over the past few months because a lot has changed, but I am excited to hopefully be making a return to blogging now... hopefully. I will be lowering my posting days to twice a week and it may be a little shaky here and there, but I am trying to get back into it. I absolutely love blogging and I miss having my little corner of the internet, so what better way to come back to the world of blogging than a little life update? 

So, I don't actually have all that much to update you on considering it has been two months since our last one-sided conversation. I signed my new contract with work which is exciting. If you don't know I work at a social media marketing agency as a community executive, I absolutely love my job. Not just because I work in social media and actually enjoy the work I do, but because I honestly work in the best place, I absolutely love hanging with my colleagues daily and I just think it is such a fantastic environment to work in where we all feel like a little family. I feel so lucky to have grabbed up this job before graduation and watching our little family grow. It's been wonderful and I guess it's a lot of the reason for the lack of blogs, getting into the swing of working full time, dealing with an actual adult sleeping pattern and a constant exhaustion, while juggling the gym, a social life and family, fitting blogging in has been difficult but I really want to try again. 

Life Update and Making a Return to Blogging

I also turned 23 earlier this month, which was quite a shock for me because I have been living in denial for two years that I am not still 20. I mean I still feel like I am pretending to be an adult and winging it, but I think everyone really is, right? I mean I still spend way too much of my money on things I do not need, yup, that does mean a bunch of makeup and skincare reviews and posts are coming your way because I just can't stop shopping, I am still living with my parents and plan to do so for at least a couple more years, so yeah, still over here faking it but what's new? 

We are almost five months into 2019 and I just had a read over my Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019 blog posts from last year and I cannot believe just how much has changed in that short time. I feel less wrapped up in my emotions, I feel freer, I feel happier and I have begun to just do things that make me happy and stop over thinking every little aspect of my life. It's been a very good couple of months since we last spoke, from falling in love with my job all over again to meeting amazing new people and putting myself out there more I honestly feel so content right now. I guess it's partly why I want to come back to my blog because as I feel happy and content in life, I also feel like I am missing something and that something is definitely my little creative outlet over here. I have missed sitting at my laptop and tapping on the keys for hours on end just writing and talking about things I love. I feel overcome with ideas and I am so motivated to get content out there. 

Probably a very boring life update, but that's me, I do have another lil thing going on in my life right now that I'm not going to share on here for now, maybe ever, I don't know yet, not sure if he wants to be shared on here, but yeah my life is going well and I am really quite content, so hopping back on the blogging boat. I cannot wait to get started writing all of the ideas I have because trust me, there is a lot of them swimming around my little brain.

So, what content are you want to read? Comment below or let me know on social media:

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston


A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to check out the newly refurbished Grahamston restaurant and bar within the Radisson Blu Hotel. If you haven't already noticed by now I absolutely adore checking out the new places around Glasgow. I spend most of my life in Glasgow, surprisingly enough, I actually don't live in Glasgow, but I tend to just say it is where I am from because I work in Glasgow, I studied in Glasgow and it is just where I have always spent a large portion of my time. So whenever I find a new place to go out with friends or that sells some amazing food in the city centre area I am in my element. 

The Raddison Blu Hotel on 301 Argyle Street has been there for many years, in my opinion, often overlooked as just another hotel. The same old interior, the same old food and cocktails made by the same style of staff as any other city centre hotel. If you had stepped into the restaurant before the refurbishment your expectations wouldn't be particularly high at all, but not anymore. The Grahamston has modernised the traditional looking hotel restaurant. Think marble counters and tables, gold and copper accents, beautiful cobalt blue stools and chairs with massive booths by the glass windows showing off Argyle Street outside. The Grahamston gives a traditional hotel a millennial makeover. 

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston

Upon entering the hotel it was obvious this was a glamorous space which would entice both older audiences and millennials. Our coats and bags were taken to the coat room, allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief as I was popping by after a day at work with a bag big enough to carry three small puppies in. We were given an absolutely delicious gin-based cocktail, the bartenders at this gorgeous hotel know exactly what they're doing when it comes to coming up with exciting, delicious cocktails. The first thing you notice as you enter is the bar. It is positioned right in the middle of the main section of the restaurant with bartenders taken orders at every side meaning you get your drinks fast, with ease and well still keeping an eye on your table. 

The restaurant is absolutely huge, however, as you slip past the bar into another large, open area where there are both smaller booths and larger, long polished wooden tables for larger parties. This section of the restaurant is much more atmospheric with a bit of a duller light to it, perfect for a romantic, Valentines date night or just for a bunch of friends to hang out after a long, hard week at work. There is then another small box area at the far end of the restaurant, this I imagine will be the place for reserved tables, think work nights out or large birthday parties. It has a much more private feel to it than anywhere else in the restaurant. During the press night in this section was a wonderful Charlotte Tilsbury girl from HoF and a barber. I think these were both perfect touches to the evening as it gave a view of the fun, adventurous side of the restaurant, proving the youthful side of things at the newly improved Grahamston. 

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston

When it comes to the food and drinks of the night I must say I had a weakness for the large selection of cheese at the event. I adore cheese and if there wasn't a man manning this section I may have just walked off with an entire block of cheese. My lovely friend Ashley (hiyaitsashley) seemed to adore the fish they were serving and the lovely Pinja (Pinjakk) adored their vegan avocado dish. My favourite part of the night was the espresso martini, which was absolutely delicious and left me wanting many many more. 

All in all, I will definitely be returning, I just love the young vibe the restaurant has well still keeping its sophisticated nature. I cannot wait to try more of the food they have to offer and get a feel for the restaurant while it is fully functioning. I think it is definitely a new hotspot to find bloggers wanting some picturesque photos with beautiful marble and cobalt accents, so watch out Insta feeds, you heard it here first! 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Glasgow? I want to know where I should check out next! Let me know in the comments or catch me on social media: 

My Top Five Books of 2018

Last year I read a total of 46 books. Yep, forty-six different books I read over the space of a year. It's quite the accomplishment if I am being honest. I am very proud of myself which is probably why it was so hard to pick just five to feature in a blog post, but it's a post I have been asked to do a couple of times, so I wanted to tell you all the five books I recommend you to read this year if you haven't already and some extra ones at the end that didn't quite make it into top five but that I still adore. My taste in books, just like my taste in everything is quite eclectic, I'd say thriller books are probably up top alongside crime books, non-fiction books, I even like a little chick-lit from time to time like Devil Wears Prada and Legally Blonde. So with that... here are to top five books I read in 2018: 

Anatomy of a Scandal was the book I most recommended throughout the year when someone asked me what they should read. It's a thriller written from a number of POVs and each chapter kind of chops and changes between the POVs. It is about a very privileged man who is accused of a horrid crime and the court case which follows. Delving into his wife's determination of his innocence and the certainty of the barrister who hopes to bring justice as she truly believes he is guilty. I couldn't put it down, it was definitely a quick read because it was so hard to stop reading, even when I had to. 

Tina Brown was once the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, the glossy fashion magazine under Conde Nast Publications. During her time as editor-in-chief, she kept eight years worth of diaries. Documenting her time working there, her time with her family, her socialising with the biggest and best of fashion and publication and even her pregnancy. Not only is this truly interesting to anyone interested in the fashion and fashion publication sectors, but it is hilarious and gives you such a clear understanding of what it must have been like to be a woman in charge in the 80s. This book is such an easy read and I could have read it all in one sitting if I had the time. It also reminds me of getting my job as I was reading it in a cafe waiting to head to my interview so I hold this one dearly. 

My Top Five Books of 2018

Okay, an oldie and probably one everyone has read, but I didn't read this book until last year. I adored Gone Girl and whenever I'd talk to people about it they'd tell me "you have to read Girl on The Train" so I did and I loved it. Girl on The Train follows a broken woman who has recently divorced from the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with and on top of that he married the woman he had an affair with. Her train to work takes her past his house every morning and evening, but she doesn't look because she becomes obsessed with his neighbours and their story. When one of the neighbours disappears she becomes invested, worrying that she's the reason behind the disappearance. It is a wonderful thriller that keeps you reading even when your eyes are ready to close. I have read it again since and loved it again the second time around. 

Now, I'm not one to really read books on anxiety but this one really took me by surprise. Matt Haig has such a beautiful way of writing that you get wrapped up in what he is talking about and are able to relate to his every word. He talks about the world around us and how the world is designed to create anxiety within all of us. I totally agree with everything Matt has to say on the matter and found myself truly thinking of the things which worry and cause me stress. Realising how much I allow the world to affect my mood I decided to take control and I have found myself looking back at this book when I need a little pep talk or reminder. 

This book is a really good read for anyone looking to one day start their own business or like me have a side hustle i.e. a blog. Maria is the creator of the luxury skincare brand Rodial and this book describes how she became an overnight success, which in fact, she didn't. It describes how there is no such thing as an overnight success and that there are years of work that goes into becoming an overnight success. I loved reading Maria's story and being inspired by how she handles herself as a businesswoman, her ethos, her passion and her love for what she does. She is a truly aspiring woman and I loved reading her story. 

  1. Flashboys by Michael Lewis 
  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 
  4. Into The Water - Paula Hawkins
  5. The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena
  6. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k - Sarah Knight
  7. Friend Request - Laura Marshall 
What were your favourite books from 2018? Did you set yourself a goal for this year? Let me know in the comments below or catch me on social media for a chat: 

Hello 2019: Goals and Aspirations

So, that last post I published was pretty heavy, I'm still quite shocked I actually hit the publish button on it, it's not like me to share my feelings so openly like that. I guess though, it's who I want to be in a sense. I want to be able to share my feelings more openly and stop putting a taboo on my own emotions. That's not why I am here though, I want to be less heavy with this blog post, I want to be a little more positive with this post if I am being honest. I know resolutions are a bit taboo nowadays, mostly because people totally go about them in the wrong way, but I won't get into that, but I actually really enjoy making goals, big or small for the year ahead. I feel like the new year creates a fresh, blank page wherein you have a full year to adapt, to grow and to take that step closer to who you really want to be. I've found it hard to actually write up my goals this year, all I could think of for a week or so was "be happy" so that's where I am starting.

This year I want to be happy. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? I mean, it's not like I am not happy now, not like I haven't been happy in 2018, I have, of course, I have. I just put limitations on my happiness in numerous ways. from telling myself I'm not allowed to be happy to going out of my way to look at things that make me unhappy. 2018 was the year I did a lot to make me happy, but I spent a lot of my year feeling sorry for myself, making myself feel bad, y'know how it goes, but I don't want to do that in 2019. I want to live more, do more, put myself first, take opportunities that will make me happy. I just want to stop walking on eggshells, I want to be happy and take more care of myself. 

Hello 2019: Goals and Aspirations

I know this one sounds silly, but I am as type A as they come for the most part. I worry constantly, I over analyse every single thing I do, I over think and I drive myself crazy and I am sure my family and friends are also driven crazy. It's pretty annoying actually so I'd like to stop that. I would like to do things for no other reason than I want to. I want to stop trying to have a "perfect" life and instead, I want to have a happy and carefree life. I want to think less, over think less, stop making up worse case scenarios in my head or thinking about things I can't control. I want to just relax for once.

 I know, kind of contradictory, but while I want to think less this year I also want to be more cautious about what I do and how what I do effects the world around me. I want to make my decisions based on what will help this world and the other people living in it. My personality type means I all too often put other people before myself and don't focus on myself enough. I want to do both though, I want to be more aware of myself and my well being but I also want to be careful about what my choices do to the world. That means being kinder to the environment, to people, volunteering, not giving into fast fashion, watching what I eat and so on. I want to be careful of the effect of my actions upon this beautiful but dying world. 

That's it. That is all I want to do, three small goals, everything else fits in between. I am excited for the opportunities the next year holds. I find it fascinating that this year could hold a number of possibilities and I am currently aware of none of them. Bring it on 2019, I am ready.

What are your 2019 goals? Do you have any plans for how you want to spend this year? Let me know in the comments below or find me on social media: 

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